Knocking On The Misrepresentation Of Heaven’s Door

Knocking On Heaven’s Doors… While Lost In Misrepresentation. …

As we have finely reiterated in previous chapters regarding language and the etiquette use thereof, “Language of phonetics… alluring to an incomplete syntax of symbols, meanings… expressions… descriptions… and explanations in the communication of various respective socio heterogeneity…

Nonetheless, communication alluring to the incomplete synonym, is slightly derailed of precision in the actuation of expression of emotions or felt sense!

I.e “The Words Have Not Even Been Invested For Suggestions Yet, In Any Contemplation Alluring To Inventing Syntax & Phonetics, Which Decipher, Such Subatomic Felt Senses”


“Our Feelings And Our Bodies Are Like Water Flowing Into Water. We Learn To Swim Within The Energies Of The (BODY) Senses!.”


“Just As Perseus Used His Shield To Confront Medusa, So May Traumatised People Use Their Shield -(Equivalent To Sensation) Or The FELT-SENSE!” To Master Trauma (Traumatic Experiences). The Felt Sense Encompasses The Clarity, Instinctual Power And Fluidity Necessary To Transform Trauma”

From Peter A. Levine’s “Waking The Tiger”

According to ‘Eugene Gendlin, Who coined the term “Felt Sense” in his book -(FOCUSING).

“A Felt Sense Is Not A Mental Experience But A Physical One. Physical. A Bodily Awareness Of A Situation Or Person Or Event. An Internal Aura That Encompasses Everything You Feel And Know About The Given Subject At A Given Time -(Encompasses It And Communicates It To You All At Once Rather Than Detail By Detail”.

Peter A. Levine Also Suggest (Which I Agree, And Have Expressed With Illuminated Inquisitiveness Here In Earlier Chapters)….

“The Felt Sense Is A Difficult Concept To Define With Words, As Language Is A Linear Process And The Felt Sense Is A Non-Linear Experience.  Consequently, Dimensions Of Meaning Are Lost  In The Attempt To articulate This Experience. We Define A ORGANISM As A Complex Structure Of Interdependent And Subordinate Elements Whose Relations And Properties Are Largely Determined By Their Functions In The Whole. Therefore The Whole Of The Organism Is Greater Than The Sum of The Individual Parts. In A Similar Way The Felt-Sense Unifies A Great Deal Of Scattered Data And Gives It Meaning. For Example, When We See A Beautiful Image On Television, What We Are Seeing Is A Large Array Of digitized Dots Called Pixels. If We Was to Focus On The Individual Elements (PIXELS), We Would See Dots And Not The Beautiful Image. Likewise, In hearing Your Favourite Music You Do Not Focus On The Individual Notes, But Rather On The Total Aural Experiences. Your Experience Is Much Greater Than The Sum Of The Individual Notes”. – Every Event Can Be Experienced Both In The Duality, Singularity, As Individual Parts, And As A Unified Whole. Those Which Are Perceived in A Unified Manner Through The Felt Sense Can Bring Revelations About How To Undo The Trauma. We Must Be Able To Identify And Employ The Indicators Of Trauma That Are Made Available To Us Through The Felt Sense”.


As I myself have witness (K.Aliy) these (above statements) accounts to be true in wholesomeness and actuality, It makes sense to state in seeking redemption from tragedy or illness, the route to autonomy derives from a complete analysis of the synopses. Realising this strength and allowing/deploying the synapses to flow naturally manifest forms of enlightenment, while euphoria arrives to medicate any debilitated states in the self of the organism. This organic state of existing via the self sense, is after all an organic primary state, which should not be relinquished or relegated for synthetic senses, or unprofessional expertise or misguide.


Learning comprehensively, the facets of the anatomy ought to be a fundamental importance of any organism striving to survive/evolve. Similar to escorting to administer longevity from any product or device. Also one would be in favour most often, one who absorbed the literature of such an important manual. Deciphering safety protocols and system safeguards to protect the self from obliteration, hurt, danger and degeneration, is an importance to sustenance within the virtue of autonomous longevity! Understanding all systems become weaker aligned with age will elude from the duplicity of fortitude. A special resolve which often has relegated to degeneration, via slow debility -(Like the steady waters which proclaim monotonous wearing away of the sharp edge rocks along coast and in sea beds of titanic oceans!) Is necessary for resolutions of traumas. Traumas will indeed later manifest as cancers and other debilitating illnesses, by way of subjecting the anatomy to shock and instability. Such unfortunate growth of trauma only bequeathed the anatomy with illness via the unsteady relations of subatomic life. That is the… (((Particle Life))) see Quantum Mechanics, Physics And Education & Relative Categories At The Foot Of Each Blog For Further Understanding!

Thus, as we have discussed in Health & The Various Supporting Categories Regarding Vibrations,

The Shocked Atom becomes the Unsteady Atom, thus disrupting its nearest next door neighbour or cohabitees out of pious subordination and the autonomous organic habitation of corroboration within each organ/organism. An organ can be upset or disabled by poor vibrations or unsteady vibrations….


Quite simply insubordination of atoms is caused by, feeding the immune system -(Anatomy) poisoning!

Poisoning Of The Cerebrum: Often will occur via threading toxic or malicious manifestations or vibration to the six senses -(Hearing… Viewing… Touching… Consuming… Smelling… Nervous Intuition… Such poison will disable the primary functioning of atoms akin to receiving wrong information/direction/instruction via telecom communication. 

Poisoning Of The Heart: An organ subjected to a steady supply of abuse, perpetual confusion or unfamiliar foreign idiosyncratics, will debilitate the functioning of such an important organ, which regulates passage, traffic flow of the atoms liaising in interactional communication and purpose, similar to international traffic lights in which Green lights prompt go… Red lights administer prohibition… while Amber display caution and alertness. 

 Poisoning Of The Senses: Disrupts communication to the brain and vice versa, resulting in instability and disfunction of the genome.

Poisoning Of The Lungs: Poisoning of the lungs interferes with all substantial sectors of the anatomy as ready oxygen can not be administered in primary mode.

Poisoning Of The Shell/Skin/Outer layer reduces protection of organism and longevity and strength of organ. 

Thus all major factors communicate in quality health will communicate advance signals via correct vibrations, while degenerate facets communicate broken signals that disrupt the system. These disruptions mislead function by sending incorrect information -(This unsteady flow of atoms sending communication in the nerve system is equivalent to misinformation distributed by the senior fire chief to lower staff employers on the ground, via various offices then departments. When the wrong information is received by the fire crew it will be acted upon, thus creating error and damage. So as the atoms receive incorrect information not realised will also lead to mistake and error).

This is why we have inexplicably versed that cancer is ultimately a self-inflicted illness. When one takes the understanding that there is no safeguard, such souls protect their anatomical structure at all cost always.

Unfortunately those who believe or leave the duty of care of their very own anatomy in the hands of others/other/medical proficiency? Such folks will not take care or proper procedure to protecting their very own anatomy, for they shall always believe the actuation belongs to that of their respective government, social welfare reform, medical practice, general practitioners or even the public.. Everything but themselves….

Thus you will be familiar with the quantum of ill tragic minds in social heterogeneity around the globe… Often born out of illegitimacy to perpetuate the exact same future circumstances for young life. We can see disturbing trends in multiple broken minds from disenfranchised and broken groups… many substance users or over cravings which ultimately destroy the self. Youths often destroy the self… as do the poor… the spiteful… as do blacks. .. as do the non-educated people… Uninitiated and the greedy…

ULTIMATELY. …. only the self is highest responsible for the longevity and restoration of the self…

There maybe interventions from other nobles… Including heavenly authors… Cosmic subsidiaries. .. love and cosmic subordinations… higher facilities… Synchronicity… Flowing polyphonology of high fidelity/Autonomy/Polytheistic annunciations.

Thank you & be well non-haters… Truth tellers… Light Workers and non mockers….