“It Is Highly Virtue To Autonomy, That One Can Be Truly Measured In Appreciation, With A Degree Of Pre Trauma Available To Reflect upon”

By this statement… what I advocate is due to the tacit facet of the necessary fluctuations in the polar degrees of the spectrum in hostility and calm, we can  analyse circumstance, wealth, well-being or health… of a participant or agent…?

The earth (World) for instance, has a large degree of autonomy which is measured by the fluctuations in chaotic worldwide weather bombardments. .. Too much of these chaotic weather bombardments, then the earth as a complete organism, would probably fall into a dilapidation. None of the chaotic weather bombardments and fear would not exist to represent a universal law of order for all the inhabitants, who exist only to feed and grow superior to the environment and boundaries, “If a universal law of order was not necessary to contain the aspirations and greed of each species!”

Every agent is universally facing a type of metaphysical imprisonment… This imprisonment is solely due to the acknowledgement of a higher order… the higher order we are currently governed by is the world. Yet the earth (world) is not by any means the highest order known or imaginable in current existence… Quite the contrary, it is by and large… the smaller of the known phenomenons in the existence of force and power. It is quite a phenomenon to acknowledge and even further to acknowledge, all the other wild species having the same acknowledgement of this supernatural premise!

Each and every mammalian… Avialea… Equatic Marin … Specimen in existence comprehends order and power… Life and death… beginning and ending… Start and finish…. Then and now… Today and tomorrow. .. This understanding negates towards big and small… Superior and inferior… Which slowly gravitates towards understanding and realisations in the complete synopses of life, functionality, limitations and existentialism! Without due understanding of such order, life would exist quite chaotically and truly disturbingly for each and all creatures to the point. .. Only the hybridisation of creatures would exist, as each species would mate in a totally randomised and wholesomeness in not breeding with in the format of specimens and type.

If such universal order did not exist, that which we would be in existence of is a universal unchallengeable mating regiment, in which the most odd and peculiar of species mated with each other, and continuously altered the face of each and every known species that ever existed. Equatic marine would regularly mate with Avialea. .. While mammals would mate with that of anthropomorphic traits. A complete free for all in as many diverse species as there exist cubic measuring metrication on earth!

If order did not exist, neither would fear! Fear from group species… Fear from family species… Fear from abomination. .. Fear from chastisement. .. Fear from attack… Fear from solitude… Fear from universal laws… Such laws via a superheterodyne metaphysicality, communicate universal understanding and ethics of right and wrong. Thus species should not interbreed or create abomination. ..

It is known that wild animals kill their new-born if they are not in agreement of the product as a species… Often animals are raped by other larger animals of a separate species. .. Often these embryonic pregnant species, will immediately attack and kill the new-born on emergence of descending (birth). Often carrying a cub or embryo which was never excepted or agreed upon can be quite traumatic for the survival adult… which often refuses to acknowledge the cub or new-born as a reference of rebellion to the product or instigator…?

Often one may lay their eyes upon a cross-breed (hybridisation) which may have been created out of genuine excellence and honorary exceptions…

I can understand such species will be left in the wilderness, throughout and will not find akin or likeness to the personal self of its understanding and similarities! Such species will feel very alone and in constant solitude. Fighting alone… hunting alone… living alone… sleeping alone and existing alone… Such species would not naturally find a likeness in a mate or partner throughout its natural life in existence! Such as the increasing levels of torment endured by such species would first resonate as realisation. .. understanding and enlightenment…. Enlightenment to itself as a one entity all alone… Further throughout time this acknowledgement will indeed reignite as the ultimate realisation. .. in actuality of pain… joy… suffering. .. love and hate… in the balance of life. A life well understood of necessity and elusive of perpetual harmony…. Escaping in and out of multiple hazardous habitats… Flushing out its prey, while avoiding various captures… For often the predator is also a prey to another species in the formidable change of capture and devour. Such a charge is hidden between the long pauses of silence and glares witnessed by observer and observed! The living is understanding, understanding of the necessary, the necessity to longevity in existence… Ultimately this I call the supreme balance. Balance of any two extremes molded together to great the autonomy of both extremes.

Now Understand!

Autonomy does not mean happy ever after… Unfortunately autonomy is not your average well-played “Love Story” to life.

Autonomy is created by polar opposites which are often combined to create a sub erected division… Not prejudice enough for it to reside at either end of the joining.

“The Warmth Or The Warm Zone!”

The middle ground in a dispute… The compromise necessary for understanding to be presented between two separate coadjuvancies manifesting their premises and personal reservations!

Autonomy is never and not joy or constant happiness, but rather the stability to endure constant. The personal authorisation to approximation of adjustment necessary to survival in un climatological environments…. Foreign environments. .. Alien cultures…. Untraditional cultures… Nations of unfamiliarity. .. Relationships of inconvenience. .. Work of unsuitability. … Foods that bare taste of bitterness… Situations outside ones power… Circumstances of unforeseeable circumstances. .. Are all professional and expertly met with the application of autonomy… or earnest compromise!

“First Notice”

Two young people alluring to the ignorance of their youthfulness. .. playing. .. entertaining mischief. .. calamity… rudimentary affirmations in civility… crudely at mercy of pestilence…. the abhorrence and repugnance of grandiosity displayed via various prejudices. .. Such life will not allure to the necessity of autonomy by their personal choice… not soon… not yet… maybe. ..!

Fore not at least without the necessary trauma which often subjects a life to burst into understanding of the necessary pain and pitfalls of life. Such felt by life may wish to alter their personal characteristics and set upon molding their outdated idiosyncrasies to better suitability of current demands sought by their age and society. Without such trauma experienced by these abhorrent youths in question, the autonomy required for acknowledgement in their respective societies will not be met. Such trauma may arrive by a number of ill fates…


Often can and will render the afflicted thoughtful and more understanding to life.. Often people who have lost a relative automatically become good listeners of others who are sufferings from debilitating illness… Including taking on important roles in their communities or schools… often Liaoning between troubled children and authority.

No.2 “Life Threatening Incident”

Often it has become fully acknowledged, that in this field of Psychology and trauma, the more experts that educate the masses the more awareness is felt in society of social needs and individual conditions, which many are totally ignorant towards. When one has recovered from a personal injury of huge deterioration. Often grievance is met by jubilation and  thankfulness. This may evolve into a state of awareness and giving of knowledge to the less advantage and ignorant who often cause mischief to the unfortunate!

No.3 “Victim Of A Crime Or An Abuse”

Most people who are a victim of a crime whether recent or historic are often able to foresee future problems from personalised experience. Often such experience is well appreciated when traded with ears (listener, learner, advised, patient, debilitated) for the knowledge given (Advisor, voice, protagonist, supporter, philanthropist, educator).

understand… The trauma is totally un equivocally a necessity for education… growth… autonomy and calm.

Such souls who do not face trauma, never take heed and always crash and burn from that which they can not visualise. Even in my relatively short life I have witnessed many already who have crashed and burned. Such will not come back and rise from the ashes of their assessment hence forth!

Take note of any who you are sure will crash and burn, to witness how simple the reality is. Sure you can give aid if you have the relative knowledge and confidence. .. or simply direct them to wellness of advice!  Or this blog is sufficient in waking the sleeping soul of mortal fiends!

Yet, I say take note of any you are aware of who may be slipping on slippery slopes!……

For sometime in the distant future you will acquire the information that such the casting has incurred a debilitating illness, which will most probably terminate their present time on this earth.

“This Catastrophe”

Often this unwelcome prejudice is met with surprise and trepidation, disquietude and perturbation, consternation and apprehension. .. for fear arises in the most unprecedented unpredictability of scenarios. .. often unimaginable! Yet I advise and have acknowledged evidence that CANCER is no more than a court in relation to the longevity of the sentence opposed.

“Fatality is final”

This measure is the final count and highest priced payed for exploits and actualities administrated by the hostess/hoste not previously court for…. while in good young health.  Unfortunately neither did a fortune of trauma pay a visit to the newly afflicted. If trauma had been present throughout ones life, cancer would never have existed in that personal body!

“Lord Janner The Former Mp”

Lord Janner has severe Dementia. .. Anyone who knows about suffering and illness will undoubtedly be aware that this illness is one of the worst and shamefully hostile illness to humankind. All afflicted, by dementia are existing in a 24 hours hell day and night. This affliction is far stricter than any sentence (death sentence) one could ever imagine.

Karma! If the exploits are true then quite, if not then another separate exploit exists hidden in the depths of the historical favours to such brands in lords and titles!

Understand this version of torment witnessed is available to all earths inhabitants….

Protect your good self non haters and life without the possibility of being judged by the sole original court of death/afflicted punishment/sentences in existence…

The cosmos. …


Peter A. Levine

From his book Waking The Tiger (Healing Trauma)

States “Disease is the anatomies Dissociation with Ease”

Finely and superbly put, one can agree in wholesomeness. Every single profession in the medical industry has perpetually endeavoured to reveal all concerning phenomenon of illnesses, including symptoms, cures and catalysts!

When we say catalysts, we are not subjecting reference to the how…?

As in… “how did so & so catch the flu…?” Or how did they break their leg… Or worse yet, how did they lose their life or that of their child…? It is not only such a question which is necessary to acquisition in the prevention of further injuries/illnesses! But also the often unescorted why?

Why did a person catch the flu…? Why did they break their leg…? Why did they lose their life or that of their child…? These questions are often infrequently motionless in the vocational aspects of medical practitioners.  All have assumed and rightly so, that the afflicted did not purposefully collaborate to beckon the affliction!

Most diagnosis are diagnosed from the comprehension of the material three dimensional realm our interwar/dimensions exist and collaborate with! Almost zero or nil physicists arouse the allure of the superheterodyne superphysical superpositions of the human state, to the realm we exist under. From each competent Lecture and professional practice to the patient in person, alludes from the actuation of the injuries/illnesses/diseases/traumas proposed by a super cosmic disabling or dis alignment. The dis alignment or breakaway from such alignment of the omnipresent, liberates the personal unit (the body) to become freely open to bequeathed by all future evil entities, malfunctioning, disproportion and failure or weakness in the anatomy. In simpletons terms and in language molested by the minds of the majority…“We can be certain that all illness is a result of the self disorientation to the alignment of positives and such pious attributes, harmonic and autonomous benevolence!

The more a saboteur and mischievous inclinations persist on or upon the self from with in to outwards, and the malfunctioning to ethical behaviour, moral codes of conduct from the organism administrates and affiliates to in its environment..?

Then the more certain ill-health and degeneration will be bequeathed upon such a life form… In it’s existence! Previous eras of medicine and science existed at an extreme end of the spectrum in relation to health. In such eras science was deemed the work of one sole agent alone!


Associated and depicted as a very mature caucasian powerful manlike being who has law and dominion over all life. Such a being was thoughtful and displayed unique earnestness to inquisitiveness of the star named earth! In which such a force was thought to have represented law and instruction to the faithfully abiding servants/organisms of such a vibrant star! Relationships were believed to have been a gift from such an omnipresent force… Health was believed to have been constructed solely from such an omnipresent favouring of casts. Wealth was affirmed as an ordaining from such an omnipresent. … Family was acknowledged as the optimum omnipotent gift to the most favoured optimum alpha males… In which the more children and wives hence families, one propagated… the more favoured from this omnipresent entity, the they/him/wife/family felt by this ground union of life!

You will notice this ideology amongst poorer nations and poorer folks still exist by this simple ideology… Many many countries “Foolishly & Fool heartedly impose such of the methodology, of archaic practice of sworn omnipresent beliefs that a full house (Navigating sexually for multitudes of offsprings) is the directing and the ordaining from such an omnipotence prescience and measure to the one bequeathed with a large family. Rather than just the desire and interest of the parents themselves..?

This modern module of science has mainly aimed to strip all possibility of responsibility from a possible existence of the omnipresent.. and stated “Here! We Put Destiny And Fate Only In The Sole Of Each And All Individuals Hands Or Paths!”

The unfortunate problem here is that people do not realise the full consequence of this cognitive liberalism. ..? When any unit releases themself from authority, as a consequence they release themself from all “Such Safeguards”

Which were previously instructed to protect the alignment of the instrument/organism. This is akin to removing all the safeguards from a security system, protecting an application because the user wishes to use this particular application more freely to feel “Less inhibited and less restricted while utilising the Dominating application procedure”

One can foresee that it is only a matter of time, before full failure penetrates the application which is not supported by a safeguard… Higher levels of destruction are foreseeable to the device, if also the device lacks safeguards. Fully culminating in the termination of the instrument or organism.

“Understand All Devices, Organisms And Organisations Have Inherited A Safeguard”

Notice the earth has a protective safeguard against meteoroid torpedoes foreign stimuli or disruption to the actual surface of the earth… Notice that meteoroids often commence eminent burn up into tiny or very small segments of granite rock at the subatomic induction of the earth stars atmospheric cloud!

“Understand This Is The Earth And It’s Safeguards Affirming To It’s Very Design And Structure” Science did not intercept or intercede to affirm this safeguard and instruction… Neither did a small white figure with a dusty beard learn on the proposal of indistinguishable acts from magic to protect the earth from meteor strike..

YET A SAFEGUARD IS IN PLACE… We aim on the vanguard of these inquisitions and detail closer to the cosmos as a whole complete entity… with everything in it’s belly… metaphorically speaking…. We abide in the belly of the cosmos, all the elements we view at night via telescope are the amalgamation of coercive components juxtaposed in undeciphered coordinates as of present…

The cosmos as a whole is the most complete entity ever existing from it’s alpha to it’s omega… none unto it and none before or after it… How one choses to acknowledge the existence of such a phenomenal author maybe indeed solely independent to one’s ability and Psychological competence!

How one treats other things in relation to the self is at the competence of the self’s Psychological competence and autonomy. ..

Mistakes from the self are only a result of privilege and fortune…. For example a blind sea-lion may not catch food aswell as a sea-lion with two good eyes for vision and survival. .. As a consequence the blind sea lions ability to feed itself will be a great threat, and not only will it make much error, but it will not survive long… This is none other than what most will consider most unprivileged of sea lions…. Somewhat of a poor sea lion… a sea-lion in danger and under great threat of survival, a very poor and unfortunate sea lion…?

I would suggest not necessarily for cosmic superheterodyne affiliations, with in the realm of omnipresence. .. “Neither fully understood by modern physicians… The Ideology Of The Achaics”

Land animals… Avialaela and aquatic life, utilise a subatomic wave propensity to communicate, sense and track prey… family… competition! We can suggest such life utilise a much deeper and greater awareness of a superheterodyne realm in which all things exist of pure energy flow and interaction… non forcefully measured. I myself believe because of their basic understanding of life and energy they have accidentally or purposefully affirmed realisation “Energeia” for actuality… Thus becoming ultimately Enlightened in their state…

Also understand and remember….

The more enlightened a species becomes… The more it will realise it has absolutely nothing in common with the norm of petty conversation and basic diatribe of the social idiosyncrasies from dilettantes etc… (simpletons academics and laws)

Man… Humankind and women have subscribed themselves and that of their disappointing offsprings to the low level toxicity of modern living… A beer… A Pop belly… And A prior into unduly unethical conducts… Far from ethical and moral conduct… Far from noble or saintly…. but rather the quintessence of fowl, inhabiting the candidacy construction of evil evolution!

For this self dilapidation at ground scales amongst bowels of the many, who have negotiated themselves out of contracts of safeguards and life’s security applications, a forfeit application is also present… Akin to those who may leave themselves in undue care from protection of danger… Akin to a bank without safety protocols. …

By our own eras of life we sabotage our own prosperity. .. We do not advocate presidential status or ultimate financial acumen is with in every entities grasp or belonging… As we do not assist that a nice long life is punctuated upon every living entity… But a little of enough to survive can affirmed via ethics and morals…

“Many Will Only Crash & Burn”

As their parents did before them… Many will be lead astray… As their parents did before them… Many will be purposefully misguided, also as their parents were before them… Then ultimately will perpetuate the rhythms for centuries and millenniums to come! Akin to the slave farmer in the heat of the day… scorched by the sun on the dreaded slave plantation. .. We understand that was not much of a life, as such folks were indeed fed what every story was fed to them… simply because they was being fed something to eat… This is equivalent of the modern day “Ethnics and Especially Blacks” who attend church! Unfortunately they can neither absorb enough of the falsified absolutes they are being fed at churches around the globe…

However I will administer acknowledgement of a higher power is far better than acknowledgement of nothing at all… even if you have some errors within the congregations… Errors can be investigated to realignment. ..

Animals (as humans reference. … them by) are not lead astray from that which they was created for, such creatures do not bicker on the smalls of the appearance or the brand of the cosmetics, the colour of the shoes or tie, the name or title! Such smalls are inheritance of inferior man not just modern Neanderthal man and Neanderthal women with the heavy plastering of fakes! But also inferior man and inferior women… who perpetuate cross hatch false justification, of envy and malice from with in the jealousy of personal hate… and discord..

This personal loan is of that of a sickness… a sickness which becomes paid upon the instigators misery in longevity. ..

“Varied Cancers” are the name of the sentences

The sentences differ upon the crime or type of ethical abuse… no human can judge the sentence, as the sentences are not calculated by the often mismanaged law of universal relativity… The sentences are indeed just, for what the eye does not witness… what the ear did not hear… the ambience of the cosmos swallows holly to calculate your just punishment!

“ULTIMATELY” This Is Indeed Rule No.1*

Never attempt to hide your malevolence or malice  from the cosmos. .. Your punishment will be administered as appropriately…

Rule No.2* 

There shall not be an appeal or subduction ((lapsing period)) , subtraction… Interference or equitably…

Rule No.3*

Attention To Others & Woes Of Misconduct Shall Neither Remove nor champion An Escape From Court. ..

This ultimately is the premise for insubordination cast upon every organism in existence. … everywhere

The laws of nature are indeed supreme… it exist without corruption… has existed without correspondence of corruption from the alpha and will continue on… Into the distance of the unforeseeable omega without correspondences of corruption and dilution!

In my studies of life in and out of the establishments estates… I have never met or come to know of anyone who was evil or subscribed to wrong doing, who remained upon the earth star to live out a profitable and healthy happy life ending… through till death…?

That which I am convinced of with my life, is the evil people do that we often do not see, is totally recorded by the galactic database of the cosmos in which every molecule of corruption from minor mischievous falsification to mass annihilation… will indeed  and is always sent directly back to the agent who carried the abrasion to another…

Lying mothers… who deluded their children of acknowledging the real parents of those children or adults… False statements by cheap folks made to imprison another…. Corruption from unethical officials of law enforcement… Animal torturers. .. All vile morally in-subordinates emotional & Psychological abusers… Landscape Destruction… Ozone Destruction Amongst the familiar evil manipulative idiosyncrasies of unethical and morally deprived nuances depicted by the phylogeny here on the earth star…

Physicians around the world unfortunately do not understand… yet what cancer really is…?

Maybe one day they will… And upon that enlightening hour they shall realise why they have been wasting their resources, in order to cure an incurable element and never a disease… But rather the most stable court, ever designed… in all of history. …

Cancer is with in all creatures everywhere that exist… it is alive in every organism and organ that exist in static or motion… polychromatic or monochromatic… polytone or monotone…

It is the actual fibres of all Deoxyribonucleic Acid everywhere throughout time and space….

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Be Well….  ★☆★☆★

“Alpha To The Omega” The “G”reatest “O”rder “D”emonstrated




How do we even try to describe the supreme being… The one which started all existence…

Fore the word “GOD” is too far inferior, as such a disruption has been too far tainted and ruined by mankind and mainly via the newest international language set upon the earth! That of the ENGLISH language and the multiple meanings per word. Such a language is still inferior to the comparisons of “ARABIC” for instance which is millions of times larger and more accurate.

RATIO between the two languages is vastly NONE comparisable

example No1.

For instance, if we was to measure the entirety of the ENGLISH language…. by symbolising a measuring instruments holding water?

The measure tool we will obtain will be a cup?

Please go and retrieve a large cup for this precision of this experiment… Thank you!

Now that you have the empty cup?

And fill up the cup with water, untill the water is exactly level with the brim at the top of the cup!

Slowly sit the cup on a flat even service! Now you have achieved this, just look at the cup. Understanding… this cup filled with water to the top is the measure of the whole of the ENGLISH language!

Please feel free to drink the water to empty the cup for the next experiment?

Now that the cup is empty? Place the cup back on the table. The next experiment will be a little to difficult. So as a result of this difficulty, I would ask you to only imagine you are doing the experiment, simply by first closing your eyes?

Your eyes are now closed!

Now focus on the cup (The empty cup sitting on the table). Image the “ARABIC LANGUAGE” is the water being poured into the cup?

To obtain an approximation in accurate measurements of water for this cup? The length of time this experiment would surmount, enters into days! The approximation of water necessary for this measurement to take place would be millions of gallons necessary!

That is billions of cups of water to measure the ARABIC language in its total entirety!

Thus this vast language can not be fully translated because it is the largest language in the history of mankind!

What we read in the ENGLISH translation of the ARABIC language, is equivalent to nothing at all… Absolutely nothing at all!

The Word Allah Does Not mean *”GOD”* It means much and supremely much more multiples by infinity!


The word “ALLAH”, let us try and explain that which it means in the inferior insufficient language of ENGLISH!


No1. A) 

“The alpha to the omega” Nothing unto… and nothing arrived before…, as nothing shall arrive after… Such as the authority acknowledged as the ultimate legislation of all existence everywhere. This magnanimous unequivocal unimaginable power, which governs beyond our understanding, beyond our thoughts, perceptions, visualisation and appreciation of such an authority in the outer space of existence, or the outer space existence/The cosmos it’s self ((herself?)) The originator of life being the first the last and everything! As also nothing is unto such behaviour but such… thus this living unimaginable entity is not a twin or son and has no father, superior or creator or government to report to, but SOLE essence of living entity (The Self) The depth of space-time measuring the/this authority… this author… this legislation. .. this power… this creator is totally unmeasurable… and will never ever be able to be measured in the quantum of all space-time AND any future super technology or supersonic distinguished atomical equipment or projections!

No1. B)


No1. C)


● < Understanding the word “Submission?”

No2. A)

SUBMISSION: To surrender to..

………    To Obey….

To Except with equivocation or dispute. Transform and agree acknowledgement.  Give into. To be in favour to. To align under. Be in appreciation to and apprehension under/of. Be under order and influence of. Befriend instead of oppose. Be influenced by management!

No3. A) will!

What is will?

“Will”: Energy of creation and life. :Also ideal and goal or intention.

:Manifestation and salutations. Light love and embrace.

:Spirit Soul Core… Enlightened. .. Fuel… Supplements!

No4. A) Muslim.

What is a Muslim?

What is a “MUSLIM?” Simply that which submits to the will of “ALLAH” (THE BENEFICIENT, THE MOST MERCIFUL THE MOST HIGH)

That which behaves in the structure it was originally intended for, In the manner it was created for?

So we can agree with any equivocations that a “STONE” on a beach is a muslim!

A “Atom” in existence is a muslim! 

The combination of “Hydrogen and Oxygen” is a muslim! As also Chemicals from the atmosphere… Dust… Light… Wind… Heat are all muslims! As indeed Earth Wind water & Fire Every known entity and substance is a muslim! All substances known or unknown to humanity? All obey the law in which it was created for! 

All substance lays worship and credelence to the creator in each natural form, by just excepting the form it was created in?

Forms can change from one basic form to another form in perpetual dimensional alteration from basic one object to another identity, as long as the essence of the form does not change that which it is suppose to change from or to? This as part of the universal legislation of the entity?

EXAMPLE: Dust will always have the essence of dust, regardless of what it is mixed with. It benefits many attributes from home, to soil. The application of dust has quantum value! This substance is ecletic, but it never loses it’s value as long as it acknowledges it’s form as a fundamental building essence. It is nomore no less! It (DUST) can not be anymore or less than it is? Dust can not be precious DIAMONDS or JEWELS! If DUST tried to be precious minerals it would be forfeiting its basic premise to exist as a muslim (THAT WHICH OBEYS THE NATURAL FORM IT WAS CREATED FOR?) Luckily the basic fundamentals is supremely negotiable.  

This steady negotiations created billions of life forms throughout each planet.. by simple DEOXYRUBONEICLIC ACID… This ingenious threads memorise each code to repeat the form in reciprocation of love and appreciation! The work is saluted by all who view the art or the entity… simply by acknowledgement of that which they are viewing! The phylogenetic code of each form is stored in the DNA of the organism. 1 Gram of DNA can store all the data in the world since the world began! Now imagine how many combinations of life have ever lived…? Are living in separate universes… will live?

I apologise I should not really be asking you the reader such a thing do to… As truly to think so deeply if you are not use to it is quite painful!

I must share with you I have been practicing my thoughts since the age of approximately “THREE” Years old.. I began with kids thoughts but as I quickly grew I became interested with the world and its issues. Unfortunately I never had anyone to talk to about such thoughts so would often talk to myself. This was how my mind grew expeditiously! I have been practicing these thought engagement ever since I was a child. ALMOST all of my life minus 3 tiny years. Now the simple minded have accused my apparitions and thoughts and geniuses of creating madness.

However.. that is totally ok.. as I knew they could not visualise that which I could visualise! It has scared me at young ages and times in previous years… to know what others kill themselves to know litterary..

I mean to advocate, most events systems and aspects appear to me as common sense. I think my fathers brilliance was passed down to me… I can not find any other result of my thoughts. My family are nothing like me to the point I wondered if I am actually related to them (not important)? I can only relate to my father and nobody else!

If you too are this way… you are not alone… it is not a fashion for us… nor did we seek it.. we just where born different and never tried to think differently. .. I would not be a muslim if I tried to think differently. .. you can not be a muslim if your initial fundamental behaviorism has altered from your genuine essence.

Nonetheless only you live with yourself so therefore only you will know who you are?

If you are trying to be something else that you are not then you are not a muslim… You will be breaking the legislation you was created for? My theory is my guess that if you are a women by nature but are trying to be a man? Then you are changing the legislation of your DNA so this relegates as a forfeiture of your essence! Or vice versa?

I think the same think is attributed to poor efforting to be rich and vice versa? This is why you will find many people surreptitiously are bequethed with dilapidation and misanthropy when they try to gain higher levels of the self? This is simply because they are propagating resistance to their natural biotic form and identity.

Example No1. A)

If a wasp endeavours to behave like a fish it will indeed struggle all it’s natural life untilll feverish death prohibits further life.

Also we can suggest that if a worm tried to mimic the life of a “ANT” or another separate insect, the worm would equally struggle in its life. This forfeiture is the ultimate hazardous juxtaposition for any life form or species. Fortunately most life forms have been fully educated enough to except full comprehension of that essence which they actually are. Study self to discover who or what you was created for.

Remember it is an impossibility that another entity separate from yourself can tell you or anyone else, that which you was created for. My words here are simple guidelines for understanding who you are. Ultimately only you will know what your essence was created for?

FOR some strange reason, humankind is the only essence of life which it struggles with it’s identity? There has been suggestion that this confusion is a direct result of our greed and level of intelligents. I am beginning to think our intelligence is not really intelligence if we as a species are existing contrary to how we was designed to exist?! We was created in a fully eco friendly system (we could call it a home, which we endeavoured to destroy). How smart is a species that perpetually destroys its own habitant… home… food… life…existence and planet?

The answer is not smart at all but rather the quintessential contrary. A dilettante of life. Not a professor of life but a delineation of delinquencies affirmed in it’s trails of destruction!


Three words

1. Allah        2.Muslim       3. Submit

This spells

1. Creator    2. Creation    3. Credence

No1. Creator = Oringinator… Producer… Composer! No2. Creation = Subject… Invention… Product…

No3. Credence = Believer. .. Conviction. .. Faith! The three words together translate to: “That which none unto or before or after… Namely The alpha to the omega… and all matter submitting to that which it was created for!

This is the translation I have translated for you… from a very well informed Imam named Muhammad, a great arabic schollar who has taught ARABIC FOR 50 YEARS IN YEMEN, in which I was very grateful to have the opportunity to have studied here under and taught arabic by… a long time ago!

Thank you Muhammed!

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Peace and blessings muslims world wide… the ant The atom the wind.. thr goat the human. ..





Ionospheric Disturbances Of Our Cultures

“Euphonic Symphony”

We shall attempt to preserve some basic understandings of fruition and autonomy today…

As you have been aware, we have travelled… engaged.. evolved and sculptured the cerebrum and our personal automation for preservation and pious.. We shall not destroy the body… But as you have been keenly aware we have freely taught you the survival instincts, in order to best place harmony in your world on earth. We shall endeavour whether your ionospheric disturbances become broken or not. Every year a child is born… every man or woman becomes of age, in which the necessary arrangements are needed for survival. Therefore we have to continue employing the knowledge, As indeed, there will forever exist an identity who is unfamiliar with the principles of autonomy wherever they shall be….?


Unfortunately. .. It is much more difficult to teach an old dog new tricks! As the old statement is mentioned.. we are aware via numorous multiplied numorously in experiments, amongst scientific data researched in laboratories around the world of the patterns of neurological behaviour. . I have also discussed with you on numerous occasions the dilapidation endured by the mind under foreign stimuli (Narcotics, Intoxicants, Smoke Inhalations, Hazzardous substances, substantial fumes). All these dangers course major danger to the anatomy… nervous system with in yourself… Once these disturbances arise it is impossible at that period to percieve clearly at all.. The correct process is to slowly slowly, retract away from the toxic affirmations which disturb the anatomy… Indeed there exist professional practices which administer aid for the recovery of the fatal anatonomy.

Yet we are aware medicated substances are not enough to remove such ill traits within ones body. As we reiterated the body is a superheterodyne ionospheric disturbance, collaborative with matter density and polyphonic carbonate structures..

In simpleton terms… The anatomy is quite the genius it self! A musician that can read the most complicated rhythms. .. A poet that can prose the most eloquent tale… A mathematician that can sum intricate configurations… the writer that can construct the most treasured love story…. the painter that can created the most polychromatic display… the aerial astronautic that can manoeuvre precision abound… the great columbus stratos that can guide any wind surfer safely… Thus, the body be a feat in living life!

Understanding the nature of the body is not even close to surviving toxic effects of the world unfortunately. .. It is also not even nearly close as I have reiterate to you via information again and again and again and again in late 2013….

Indeed… you are probably not even nearly close… but only one day you maybe???

For now we will continue to explore, dissolve, arrange, attempt, share, solve, undertake, comprehend and hopefully if not too ignorant… we may also appreciate the level of necessities needed to shift the toxics from our natural ionospherics!!!

As we have stated a multitude of characters causes the disturbances and misalignments. .. Basicly each all and everything causes effects… and to be in prime is to be 100% aware 100% of the time… For one reason… That is so important. .. occurs when our immune system needs the necessary fortitude to apprehend the disturbances, we may be in a formidable position to sanction action against these foreign bodies that destroy our well being?

One of the strangest suprises which needs mentioning, is the greatest threat to your health….?

Can you guess that which it identified as this threat?

Do you have an idea?

Lets us carefully think about it for a brief minute… while we breath at ease…..

At this moment clear your head of all disturbances and ill thought, as we have previously discussed in heart… mind… ear… mouth and eye cleansing posts!!

Take your necessary 5minutes or so in deep breaths… then think back on your life…

Well! Now it is indeed quite simple you see… you probably have the answer already.. in just 5minutes of  steady breathing exercises…

The answer you should have in your mind of the greatest danger to your longevity and autonomic inclines is “False Information”… period!

As we have discussed again and again and again… and we will continue to do so…


Not because of others machinist attributes. .

Not because of others hate or prejudices…

Not because of Neurological debilitation by authors…

Not even because of ignorance…

But rather because one and only one single fact… that fact is again “Relationships”…

Ones “Relationship” to the aspect. . This means one’s understanding of the aspect… or we can state one’s identity to the aspect. The relativity!

Einstein’s relativity. I hope you have understood by now what this means… if not read Up on relativity please!!

“Salvaging the paradigms to your beautiful existence” @>>>

This blog post as much as those in the education category will indeed aid your understanding of many and much things… such information can aid you in understanding the life around you and other peoples perspectives which are often totally useless to you as a separate entity!

I have realised that each and every species from the higher frequency ionospheric polytones are equipt with sharing better advice to one another in times of crises then the average human… That which I have realises is humans only talk for human euphoric… and often their data is unfactual and totally incorrect. .This is done for pure pleasure. .. or that which is commonly stated? “Let us kill time”.. This assertion illustrates let us do anything… or whatever where ever… let us just talk for talking sake. .. You will see this occur everywhere you step where people abode? Often not communicating precise information or true information?

I am certain you can not except information or advice from such lips… Unfortunately many have… many still do… and many will continue… to endulge this disease…

Why do people alert to wrong information?

There are millions and millions of reasons… Some are obviously personal reasons…. The most common is to fit in with a body… person… identity… fashion… trend… for fear of loneliness… For many people anything is better than alone for many this is the worst thing about life…

Therefore many will subtract their intelligence. .. peace of mind and possibly honesty and integrity to bypass aloneness, to keep company of all skewed behaviours and moments which keeps them occupied away from truth!

As expected this naturally passed on again and again untill a generation beliefs it as fact!

So the fumula here is read…. as…

“Boredom + Lack of intelligence + Fear of Aloneness = Search for dire company + Desperation + Misery = Lost × Confusion / Filling Voids With Inaccuracies and woeful information!

There are many ways to combat this disease… Through practice I have realise that reading solves most of the problems. ..

why does reading solving the problem..?

No1. Reading first exercises the brain cells

No2. Reading boost confidence and passing on viable information. ..

No3. Reading teachers you how to communicate and use language correctly. ..

No4. Reading teachers you how to research and problem solving…

No5. Reading teachers you the art of conversations. ..

No6. Truly reading is just perfect!I would also add one who wants to begin reading books to start of on simple stories.. then try to appreciate evidential information? Study the information?

“If thou hast gathered nothing in thy youth, how canst thou find any thing in thine age?”


If you need aid or advice or feel you are surrendering to much of your intelligence to unfactual unintelligent disruptions of toxic ionospheric disturbances?

I can surely effort to aim to get you to a better frequency level them the one you are suffering upon..

All is done just simply by sharing knowledge. .. information. .. studies. .. and ideas…

Problem solving is built upon brain storming for personal autonomy. ..

Remember we are ultimately different yet the same… many things will never work for you as many things will…

Find the autonomy of yours. ..S Memo_362 S Memo_3 S Memo_72 S Memo_80 S Memo_130 S Memo_133 S Memo_138

S Memo_364

S Memo_139

Thank you and be well in your search for truth and reason… truth bearers and truth seekers….. Light bearers and light shearers ignite the torch of illumination as light sabres. …

well in earnest truth tellers… and non wispers…

Be well….

“A Before & After Point!”

“With In The Crucial Division Of Evolution & Personal Autonomy, The The legislation Of Awareness Sits Very High In An Echelon Of Pure Value”


How can one simply have true evolution if one can  not visualise… notice…. understand… conceptualise. .. have cognisance of… comprehensively a before and after point………????

To Know… is truly to grow…. as also to grow is actually to know!

Never physically but intellectually and metaphysically. .. One can grow physically as often children do, without any internal growth, spiritual growth, intellectual growth! This is the ultimate hazard. A subsequent hazard which divides Man from beast ( Human from primate whether male or female ) …

Understand the natures of beasts, wild, uneducated, gluttonous, contaminated, undemocratic, un domesticated, greedy, unscrupulous, vengeful, un-pious, overly proud, prowess, hasty, nasty, selfish, un-poet, unsolicited, watchful, jealous, sabotaging, feast full, creepy, predatory, woeful and ungovernable!

These are also strong characteristics in people who lack faith and practice of spiritual values and principals of ethics! It is as much the mechanism was not installed inside the character of the organism. Forfeiting the organism to be a true whole example of that which we have maximised as human characteristics… otherwise known as etiquettes!

Many lonely and desperate souls have exchanged their etiquettes and their iodous, their basic synchronicity of elemental values for, common deception and crowd applause, for fear of being alone.. One can never truly be happy or free this way. And so all such folk of this path shall indeed share the same misery, addiction and empty loneliness in later age! As their just fate….

A special form of “ionospheric disturbance” is necessary to reactivate and realign this frequency to moral code and autonomy! This special superheterodyne code… is in actual fact the frequency, utilised to chanel thoughts, feelings, senses via the atoms through the cosmos for reactivation, boost, reciprocation, elevation, charge, evolution, understanding, community, communications and servitude!!

Understand… that every generation produces these toxic fevers that walk amongst us… they mathematical are possibly the majority… and are also happy to be the inferior life force, the corrupted/corruptible/corruption life force of earth space and the cosmos!

Very really can they endure their own space and self, but endeavour to create animosity and dystopia by degrees… motioning characteristic dysphemistic linguistics and vile!

The more one breathes such contamination, the further one damages their personal lungs. Such verbal spread is physically/emotionally/spiritually and prosperously un beneficial to your life force! No good has ever been awarded to such decrepit derisory and deceitful characteristics anyone who makes collaboration with negative forces!

“Damage Limitation!”

How much of your personal wreckage can you live with or salvage… The truth is you may be lucky to be amongst the tiny few, who will survive the negative certainty from this world! While restoring healthy autonomy.  If you are surviving, your health is average, you can eat, I would suggest not to complain as you are further advantageous over the majority of earthlings! Becareful and hold on to your personal profit/autonomy (spiritual values) as it can dwindle from the abhorrence of negativity!

S Memo_290 S Memo_332 20140824_133340 Clean ears friday_1 Wash mouth saturday

Be well, and always remember… the devils are nurturing hatred and misery for you!

Destroy that which tries to destroy you…

it is your life… so protect it well and never hand a negative spirit a weapon to harm you with… Teach and transmit piously with spiritual etiquettes and retract!

Believe not what you have not fully witnessed!

Trust nobody… for even the rich are ominously evil!

Such jelly beans and meat eating slimy organisms feed off each others misery! Whether male or female!

Protect yourself from them!


Be well in faith and prosperity…


We Indigo Child Heart’s Live In A Natural Zone Under Threat By Poisonous Venom!

S Memo_315“Thy Super-enhanced Indigo Zone, Never and Not A Delegate of Deleterious Dilettantes”…

“Autonomously Amiably Spoken… The Actuation Of Earnest Trust & Know… But The How?”…

“But The All Encompassing Wonder To The Undisolved, Unsolved, Unsolicited, Uncaring, Dislodged, Those Who Lack In Advantageous Attributes Of Understanding, Shame, Etiquette, Decorum, Thought, Often Unintelligible & Highly Corrupted/Corruptible”

Never be fooled or lulled by the appearance of such souls? 

For often appearances are not always exact! But it is advantageous to study the thought process…. If one is not attributed the freedom to study thought.. then trust your heart… (unless you are sure your heart is not poison). If such hearts are poison you can not trust your own heart because it will indeed lie to you.. as it has long been corrupted and confused!

The mess of the mass will grow and breed as they have been witnessed to do so, akin to weeds in a wild forest!

“We Indigo Child Hearts Exist In This Natural Habitat… This Once Lush Forest Abound With Beauty And Promise, Abondoned By… By heritage Of amphibious Man… Now Poisonous By Homogeneous Traits Spawned By The Devilish Homo Sapien Man!” The Greedy Contagious Insect Beast That Ravages Our Natural Beautiful Lands”

Spoil & Conquer. .. Spoil & Conquest. .. Spoil & Conquered. .. Spoil & Congress. .. Spoil & Conservative. .. Spoil & Crime… Are That Which Is Bread, From deep in the chambers of Homogenous Hearts…

Is indeed time, the rightful heirs of the planet took back their earth… all nature stand as one together and embrace the land from poisoning inclinations spawned out of homogeneous traits. Dilute or drown such poisonous traits with the spirits of nature to be encouraged and enchanted with the vision and spirit of the forest. .. nature and all residing encouraging tenants of the planet… The Bee.The Wasp… The Elephant.. The Tortoise. .. The Shark.. The Whale… The Antibodies. . The Virus… The Subliminal Nature…

Comprehend The Thorn Around The Rose?

What would you have to do to protect yourself if you was a rose? Would You Use A Gun… “Too Difficult For A Rose To Handle”

Would You Utilise Armour Of A Form?  Perhaps Thorns?

Yet You May Not Be Eager To  Negotiate Mobility… So A Form Of Protection From Other LifeForms Would Indeed Be Just…

A Gun Kept In A Safe Place Is Not A Crime For The Reason Of Self Preservation… Any more Than Thorns Adorning Beautiful Roses… Yet A Rose In Motion With Beautiful Thorns Becomes The Opposite.. Akin To Carrying Weapons On A Journey… Which Would Be Chaotic In Free Flow Environments!

“Any Spite Or Venom Which Indeed Leaves A Soul Or Organism… Is Fault Of The Organism…  Notice The Thorns Do Not Leave The “ROSE” Ever!!!!!”

Akin to the hedge hog or other creatures who have the sculpture trait of defensiveness evolved via their phylogenetics!

“Defensiveness is wholeheartedly healthy legislation in the quantum of existence”

Never ever be fooled by bias or prejudicial arenas or systems of folk! Anybody touches you go straight to defensive mode and become a hedge hog, a rose with sharp Thorns or a legislator of your life? Nobody Can Care About Your Life More Than You! At The same Time, It is wise to Ignore Incapable Souls Or Those Intoxicated… They Are To Weak… Via Mental Handicaps, Emotional Handicaps… Spiritual Handicap… And Handicaps Of Intelligence!!!

listen… Understand… Comprehend…. Be Quiet… Be Silent… Do Not Make A Sound… Unless Your Life Is In Violations By Other/Others/Force/Forces/Office/Offices etc etc…

Protect Your Life Always… You Are A Rose… That Was Given Life By The Highest Measure Of Legislation Ever Existed In All Eternity. .. How Can Another Life Be Allowed To Remove Your Life Without You Trying To Stop Them… Do Not Be Careless About Your Life. It Is Not Anothers Authority.. Always Remember!

Think… Listen…

The Earth Is A Life.. Yes It is Indeed A Life… That Will Destroy You If You Try To Destroy It… It Shall Protect Itself From Malice, Harm, Abuse, Exploitation, Misery, Distraction, Annihilation, Destruction, Spoil etc etc…

contemplate. …

Imagine… you are indeed a mass… body floating in space… you give life… you have an ecosystem. .. you have adopted many life forms on your mass… for billions of years…

Then one life Form perpetual evolves ahead of the rest… starts to implement ridiculous legislation. .. in which its own species feel the measures in depredation… suffering and annihilation. To you this evolved species is nomore than an evolved parasitical entity… a VIRUS that wishes to control you and everything else.

This ignorant viruses deplete your natural resources from your mass, in which all the other tenants and life forms… species suffer and die… in thousands and millions… that is millions of other species dying…

now!! Ask yourself what would you do!?

1. (A) Would you aid this quantum evolving species which is destroying your other life forms and ecosystem and tenants?

(B) Would you send other viruses to destroy this malicious evolved species?

In our body we have such poisonous viruses… that will destroy many folk. Irony has it this way!

For also we are or many are the exact same replica in super scale version of this malicious virus against the planet earth!

Happy birthday viruses.. be no more the virus! AS YOU HAVE BEEN FOR SO LONG!S Memo_328 S Memo_327 S Memo_324 S Memo_325 S Memo_326 S Memo_323 S Memo_322 S Memo_321 S Memo_320 S Memo_322 S Memo_321

Unfortunately many do not acquaint with.. or have ever acquainted with such pious folk or family. . If like me… You have searched the hearts of people and only found the bloodline of “Hippocratas” “Judas” “Cain”  while other disenfranchised spiritually ungifted emblems roam with in homogeneous Kinds!

Do not worry.. maybe your are indeed fated to not be a follower… at all… Ever!

such dishonest and disgusting rituals set by homogeneous traits!

Indigo’s be well. .. light bearers be well… do not encourage the wrekage!

If you have bias.. you are not a light bearer but a fake or fraud!!!!! Which will be exposed and rebuked in time…

S Memo_305S Memo_303S Memo_301S Memo_308S Memo_306S Memo_307NewMemo_26122014_230837S Memo_311S Memo_309The bartered non pardonedS Memo_312S Memo_313S Memo_316

S Memo_314S Memo_321S Memo_317S Memo_322S Memo_321S Memo_320S Memo_325S Memo_326S Memo_323S Memo_328S Memo_327S Memo_324S Memo_273S Memo_288HeelsS Memo_28920141108_171155

“Soveriegnty & Monetary Value Of Precedence”


Secrets in the wind you will love me relentlessly I shall not return your love to you.. not ever!

From there upon sits my beauty, fine, preciousness in delivery and always waiting.

magnitude hold no boundaries….

Laugh with the wind as my easiness attracts you… But I shall not give in to your charms so cheaply. You will fight for me… in which you will win and loose.

Rich to your delight, though shall quench your thirst as master feeds his hounds when hunting for spoil!

You shall and again shall savour the moments of longings for me.

We shall indeed sit and wine the evening through. A prospective moment you shall indeed ask for my hand in marriage. Then we shall laugh while drink the barrels empty till morning light arrives.

When I have taken all you have I shall leave you and you shall even watch me slowly walking. Yet quick I move in haste to a new love.

Smoother than that you wish to barter for me. Silkiest offerings I shall glimmer in light, be afraid as no man women or child can denounce!

Hands upon my flesh, you dream of me at night! Your conquests are measured by the volume of our encounter!

Hands upon my body allows grown men to smile, while the unfortunate dream for a pinch of me!

This beauty I have while nothing will compare, my silver lining thread dons my authenticity.  The gold in my curves simply promotes thy authentication.

Though shall indeed promise to kill, slaughter and behead for me. Dishonest Shall Your Daughters Become, “To Own A Piece Of My Power”. They shall also trick, lie, and steal for me as I shall own them from your barter!

Yet that is not enough as I want more!

You shall indeed give your first sons from Adam, Joseph, Izak & Abraham for a moment by my side!

You shall cry for me while your wives  watch upon you and weep!

I cause more concern then volcanoes, and blaze a trail that leaves more ashes than fires! I am the heat in you and reason for your pre longing!

Many shall die because of me as many shall live because of me. I am your alpha and your omega. .. You may kiss the sovereign that sits on my middle finger… I hold my hands out to you… Indeed you shall reach out for comfort… and again… even though you are aware I cause you pain, misery and regret!

You shall loose much of your life for an empty relationship with me. Though I have warned you of my evil and destruction to your life you shall still persist to chase me!

Through your desires I shall oblige you some of me!

You continue to love me half past and full time dispiriting and discouraged from your fall… though I warned you so.. as did your wives calling from afar!

Your love holds no boundaries as you persist relentlessly for me, though I shall give you consent I shall ignore you and abuse you!

I shall not waver my consent nor shall I ever ever reciprocate your dying love for me!

I shall enjoy watching you model whores of your only daughters for me…

My power and presence carries great sentiments down the ages…

My history is in the earth that you walk upon as many have fashion my likeness from all matter to barter.

Your trade shall bring you closer to me, I shall never know you name, yet your great grandchildren should speak my name upon their birth… as they shall come to understand my value… and raise kings from my precedence!

My monetary value abounds magnitudes of magnanimous misery, with many ministry abiding miscreants. The mistreated, mismanaged meagrely.

Thy who dare shall not win..

Indeed yet all will fall.

My name is hailed there in again and again down the ages through the hands of sages… though they warned you of my evil!

My names is written upon the buildings built you contain me!

As billions will die for me.. I shall watch and treasure how sweet I pity your kind.

I am sovereignty my name is……

“I Am Money”

I own this world, though I am only fashion from the paper you have created from the our forest to signal my symbol.

My symbol is power, greed and freedom.

I shall live indeed forever as you continue to breed and dream of money!!!

A poem by the poet…  khalil Aliy

Titled:   “Money”

All rights reserved since 2009