illumination Be one’s Greatest Gift, Such True Effervescence!

“Illumination Be One’s Greatest Gift and Such Amiable Governance of Effervescence!”


Ones light and restoration sits like an alternator in a car which has the steady but mechanical robotics to charge the battery, whenever the car ignition and throttle is revered! So we can symbolise such mechanical status to that of the human phylogeny! The heart is alive and switched on while never resting, instead continually deploys blood throughout the arcade of the physical entity, the brain sets the orders of instructions, the heart chambers are akin to a sophisticated gear box and intricate sophistry which regulates the velocity of blood pressure. The brain is the sophisticated core at the core of the power engine! The dashboard are all the senses inside the anatomy conected to specific instruments externally, head lights -(Iris *Sight) Exhaust -(Anus) Limbs – (Wheels *Touch) fuel tank -(mouth *Taste) suspension calibration -(synovial fluid *joints) Car seats and upholstery -(Flesh and Fat) Car shell -(Skin) Car alarm and warnings -( ears * Hearing) ย Leakage and damage -(nose *Smell) ย The dashboardย  -( electrics *Six Sense)


As all manufactures of automobiles consistently prepare all ownerships of their product to employ the beneficial and correct fuel and most effecient and suitable for such machines, like wise, the body is most certainly no different in finding the most necessary and efficient fuel for its consumption and necessary longevity!

Just as a bee’s inquisition galvanises its search!image

Just as nature requires a steady supply of nutrients, air, chemicals, water and photosynthesis to steady its growth, living anthropology of humankind requires an equally sufficient steadfast of relations to continue the cycle!


The well trained varied nutritionists, would be eager to point out the most beneficial of food groups, “weight executive control” energy, sleep and stability to a participant and thankfully so!

The cardiologists would be more than interested to replay by demonstration the correct form -(Alexander Technique) to maintain healthy structures, muscle groups, bone density and longevity to participants!

The neurologist would be keen for one to undergo mind mapping techniques -(Enhanced thinking skills) a patients therapy in psychoanalysis, reading and exploring the vastness of ones cerebrum and the purity within the cortex?


S Memo_45

Undoubtedly Remains also true for the last and supporting important segment of phylogenetics!

S Memo_44

The spiritual competence reigns dividends unto the geometry and geographical precedence of the said phylogeny of the host organism and its multiple organs! Benefitting each organ mimicking a domino effect of cause and causalities! Distributing up up and down the mainframe of the bodies various streamlines and connections. Host of neurons pass on the anointing to their next of kin and is reciprocated in conclaves of unisonous fluctuations!

While announcements of rejuvenation to the membranes feature titillation and enliven the such live firing wires, the neurons and such cells which govorn sponanuity and cause and the effect of the blood pools lava!

Such communication allows the state of the body to be privileged toย VIP Presidential type response and importance of well being of the unity, triglyphic, trigonometry of said host!

When such amiable communication is dwarfed by interference, encrypted from foreign sources alien to the body and its organic and natural preferential aids, there ends benevolence and longevity of the organs and overall organism!

Such as the demise of the organism! Which a duplex of functions immediately become back seat passengers or juvenile delinquents in the boot or under the vehicle, oppose to experienced engineers piloting a great vehicle! While alerting the nervous system of dangers to the immune system!

ย It is possible to lay waste in this mannerism by not carefully nourishing, abiding by with spiritual nutriments, nurturing with the spiritual biography intended to be whispered to the phylogeny of the organism, and touching with healing of the spiritual cardiologists -(which can be initiated by one’s ownself to one’s ownself) no such need for anyone one else, but close ones can incorporate it into a lifestyle practice with or without ones aided company once all aided information have been eagerly excepted and divulged, personal attention to ones ownย “Scalar Quantity”, “absolute value”, “magnitude”, “direction”, “absolute radius” & “parrallelogram of forces” can be unearth and radiated quite competently!

S Memo_34

Our personal “Dot Product” be ones favoured goal and regulatory register in the scheme of evolutionary importance!

Such of this equation is marked by understand andย “ACTUALITY”.


(Sixth post down Immanuel Kant)




Our personal differentials,ย “Nabla”, “Del”, “Gradient” and “cures” are sure to us a product of our every inch of living entity space… our Auras be our true symbiosis of our wonder and connection in the sperical trigonometry of our spaces to the awe aspiring bountiful ofย “Nebulous” “super Novas”, “pulsars” & “The magnanimity of all illustrious luminescence amongst the red dwarfs far and beyond in the galactic empire of existence and travel!”

S Memo_40

I hope you have enjoyed or taken anything of value from this post!

I myself often feel as though this journey is a huge learning curb to share and gather information, one can not survive on bread alone and needs as much armoury to continue the everlasting trek!

Where or when it will end is anyones guess, yet I fear the consequences of not nourishing your soul in the big scheme of existence, far out weight any other consequence one can ever conjure, imagine or predict!

I have long romance the notion since infant, that my spirit has walked before,


Your guess is as good as mine?

Yet I know more than I feel I should or at least more than compared to modern day citizens, who frantically shy away from such notions which govorn ones existence!

So if my hunch is wrong either way… what have I lost, nothing, even an improved cleaner life than the ordinary life, is still my benefit I have always though!

Whereas the nonchalance of the opposing spectrum may not be so nourishing and beneficial!

Rather a contrast and consequences I can not fully fathom, but appreciate an opposite contrast should the notion be correct!

Instincts, clarification, cognizance, clear voyagers of unconsciousness, clairvoyance, premonitions are all possibities and stand quite honestly for more then mere wide eyed notions.

But possiblyย “Premature Manuel Scripts” of something bigger to come!

Child stars

ย 20140621_193143

“Peace be on to you”


*Child stars

Always leave a light for guidance, to those who shall need a touch for the journey and subsequent road ahead!



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