Everything Is Bound To Be Loved By The Light!

Everything in “Existence” Is bound by the one sole legislation! The light source which holds no subscription elusive of prejudisms and the machinability of deception!


“Light Simply Endeavours To Love All”

Thus The Mighty Light!!!!!!!!

The light as we know of is a non disclaimer, and has no preference, or a switch mode, alternative sanctions for others! “Simply take me as I come, I shall love you as you stay!” Attitude of the Love from light is a blessing upon existence to be known!ย 

Simply shinning on everything with form in our dimensions!


Not and never a juvenile delinquents mimic! But an earnest benevolence of actuation for the cause, the self, the amiable unity, utility the coadjuvancy with every element which will ever exist! The cause for causation, the real in realisation, the actuation in actuality, the one soul light of all luminaries!

Light refraction, our greatest gaurdian, our nourishment, our benefactor, our reverend good spirited dictator, that blesses thy worth with life and growth, the touch, the light! For without as we are nomore, for food will not grow, a single harvest will never arise, for we would never have existed!

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Magnanimous Light, save our soul from the distant darkest that abides to disintegrate us so, Light! Your pepetual santity legislates life to be and is Light the benevolent benefactor!

“For We, We are loved, lived and exhumated over and over and again… for yet no wait, we shall not reflect our past days in distant forms!

We the mortal immortals are loved by the light, full time and increasing! We the servants of light are yielded by the light refraction to live and encourage ย for life it self! By further shinning a light on everything we come into contact with, for we follow our governing masters command not half past but full time! We where born in the darkness but forged but the light, Such amazing formations have become from thought of such light! The immortalised soul agent is the power that leads our salvation, no darkness shall ever dim the light, for we know as long as light exist we are loved forever and aday by the light!

For dear light sake, ย as your journey through portholes to pathways, you breath life into everything, you the choir symphony of majestic inheritance, who holds no prejudice or succinct practices & pettiness to any living entity, we love you as we would a gracious parent! Your prestigious illuminations to us are the original parent, for without your love, life would cease to exist dear light!


Your light, your mighty name is treasured and spoken casually, not realised by many that your govenance of all entities is a miracle light!

Your illumination be our moisturiser for our soul, when we are dry, you the sole agent producer of the photosynthesis to first life that eases our darkness! Your mighty crackle at lightning strikes, abides your arival, for sister moon is your creation as thankfull as we are, sun is your creation as delightfull as we are!

Dear light in such contemptuous darkness many are lost with out your bright! You hold no prejudice but shine a light upon the earth and existence!

Your juxtaposition is our Manuel for evidence life!

For we minute creatures equal that of ant power, ย when we bequeath every prejudice plus 1 million more, akin a matchstick alight!

The chronograph abides by your legislation, and so do matter! For we know nothing of your birth and true power, except you are the light and love of existence ย everywhere!

“For as long as we remember you the light, we remember we are ย loved by the light”ย 

1380206_417582481680470_1298986157_n (1)

For we, less of your light, are binded by death akin to unfaithful lovers in the midst of torment and suclusion, for we light of your light are that, withering away like dust to dust, death to death, ashes blown away by the poring rain!

Your illuminations bounds greatness as the light dilates, your effervescent vibrates ochestras of authority over existence!

For we know you are the light in a dark world and the light of existance that shines to the cord of mighty echelons and regions distant in existence!

Existence is your formation your home your dwelling, planets are your toys, while universes are your rooms, galaxies your furniture, while mechanical anatomical presences your creations! Life is galvenised only by your endearing sight your breath of light! Yet we the idiosyncrasies of existance do not pay heed to your credentials and authority! Yet your love has taught us piously, yet evidently foolishly amongst us will lay waste to synthetics, oppose to your nourishing value for longevity!

Your evidence is displayed inevitably, your love is un matched un outmanoeuvred and never outsourced!

ย Be your light!


For your governance, be to legislate growth and life!

Truly the greatest gift of all existence! (TTGGOAE)

Light Be thy Loved” (LBL)

“LOved bY THy Light” (LTL)


(A Prose by Khalil “The Enlightenment Bomb” Aliy)

*All rights reserved

Thank you sincerely with courtesy

I hope you have enjoyed the prose!20140722_211748

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