The Four Actuations Of Affirmations

★  When Folk Inform Another/Others To Disclose Information To Them With The Truth Or Of The Truth?

1. Tell me the truth (Tell me what I want to hear only)

●That which they are really asserting and postulating, is for others or another or yourself to tell/say to them which they want to hear and can take/listen to and handle! This often will not be the truth but instead a comfortable lie of their appreciation/grandeur and comfort!

Because this (The lie that is) will support their theory, prejudices, ignorance, learned understanding, belief system, association, comfortability, stubbornness, ideology, reasoning, escapegoating, stance, malice, brutality, evil ingenuity, characteristics, behaviour and actions!

Remember! It is almost impossible to change old habits and degenerate cerebrums of this level of behaviour.

Hence! You can not teach an old dog new tricks!

This lie becomes their personal licence to preach hatred or treat others or another with ill will! The comfortability of their personal zone and core of their true self!

Let us disect a small example!

If for example you constantly placed accurate assessments in school curriculums, in which your work was so accurate that other teachers use your work as an example to teach some curriculum to the wider majority!

Yet your head teacher always marked your work down, even lower then those who were actually copying your work and handing it in to the head teacher as their personal work, yet they copied the work from you!

Here we can suggest! The head teacher was not becoming truthful in his assesment of your work, while forfeiting honesty was aligning an ulterior motive for his prejudices! -(which could be a number of things about you the student which the head teacher is prejudice against?).

if the teacher questions you about your work, stating they do not believe it is yours, here we can state the prejudice has been disclosed by the teacher. In which the head teacher wants their very own satisfactory answer which would align as a  Satisfactory Falsification appreciated by the teacher!

Summary! The head teacher wishes for you to lie to him/her to make them feel happy about their personal discourtesy via mismanaged misunderstanding and comfortability of emotions!

S Memo_267 S Memo_266

★  When people state they know another/other/person/topic/thing etc

2. I know them… I know that…. I know her/him…

●  That wich they are really affirming is they know of. This is truly entirely different then actually knowing!

Know of, is only barely to acquaint with a story or rumour from a source or chain of parties, maybe even to pass acquaintance on an occasion or two without earnest reciprocation! If any ever at all?

Summary: As I explain before to know something or someone can truly only be measured by acknowledged and measured reciprocation by both parties or personal study of element aligns you with proximity to assertion!

S Memo_263

★ “KARMA” What goes around comes around!

3.  Sincerely do unto others as you would have others done unto you!

●  Sincerely almost all do not understand that which this means except high ranking noblemen and women of practicinf faith groups!

Whereas the average partisan is only casually concerned with this old affection and affliction of life! If one turns their head to the right and blows harshly from their lungs through their mouth.  At some stage in the near future a harsh gesture will be met by them of equal propensity! Equal to that which was felt by the outside agent not the inside agent -(What you may degree as nothing or fun can be felt harshly consequential by others or another)

Summary: One should aim to tip toe through life as not to harvest to much bad karma! Imbeciles never ever tip toe through life, and in doing so manifest constant degradation for their offsprings heritage and luck! 

Even to destroy nature, insects, flies, bees, other carnivores or ungulates without regulation, necessity, professional assistance, paradigmatic procedures is but a heavy burden you will indeed wait to witness!


It is a balancing act as also, you will not face bad karma for misinterpretation, misinformation, misunderstanding by others of you to you! This is not your business if others choose to manifest such ignorance. Only ignorance will be returned to the misunderstood by other ignorant parties, while you are not in presence but in peaceful surroundings!

For ignorance begets ignorance as benevolence begets benevolence!

S Memo_262 S Memo_264

★ To be “Enlightened” is not to walk in fancy robe or live in the middle of nowhere, or hold open a spiritual manual, or to simply partake in yoga! But to truly feel deep down such essence of understanding and energy for thus life, an awakening can be both pleasurable and miserable… Ultimately this is the cote of understanding “Enlightenment” not a false pretentious misgiving of one emotion, but understanding all emotions exist and will be used like every single part of the anatomy! “Understand?” Because to understand is to comprehend! As is to raise awareness!

4. Awakening, consciousness, consciences, under standing, Stepping back, perspective, perception, insight, wisdom, knowledge!

●  Awaken from a state of sleep or from a state of another or other subcontractors. To become the sole subcontractor and beneficiary of the self. Then to send out all beneficiary data collected from experiences in various subcontracted environments including the self!

Summary: To be aware and share every molecule of this awareness with the world! But just to openly talk without prejudices or hatred. To manifest the experience to everyone as to enlighten the burden of the ignorant freely! Yo explain and disclose routes, doors, traps, tricks, afflictions, methodologies and benefits from personal experiences and deep inquisitions!

Never to mention matters you have not spent at least a decade in either professional, curriculum, private, paid or personal study and analysis with subsequent data! The data can be in your memory banks if your are indeed sure of personal experience?

Thank you sincery for reading the 4 actuations of affirmations. This I conclude if not met with reissued realisation becomes ones falsification.

Try to always analyse your view, All information, why you believe it or not, why you want to believe it or not, why you enjoy believing it or not, and that which you get out of it or not?

Also explain to yourself why you have spent time studying that which you study and how it can enhance your life and benefit you, not another but for you!

And be well…

Well wishes!

Brought to you by K.Aliy

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