“A Before & After Point!”

“With In The Crucial Division Of Evolution & Personal Autonomy, The The legislation Of Awareness Sits Very High In An Echelon Of Pure Value”


How can one simply have true evolution if one can ย not visualise… notice…. understand… conceptualise. .. have cognisance of… comprehensively a before and after point………????

To Know… is truly to grow…. as also to grow is actually to know!

Never physically but intellectually and metaphysically. .. One can grow physically as often children do, without any internal growth, spiritual growth, intellectual growth! This is the ultimate hazard.ย A subsequent hazard which divides Man from beast ( Human from primate whether male or female ) …

Understand the natures of beasts, wild, uneducated, gluttonous, contaminated, undemocratic, un domesticated, greedy, unscrupulous, vengeful, un-pious, overly proud, prowess, hasty, nasty, selfish, un-poet, unsolicited, watchful, jealous, sabotaging, feast full, creepy, predatory, woeful and ungovernable!

These are also strong characteristics in people who lack faith and practice of spiritual values and principals of ethics! It is as much the mechanism was not installed inside the character of the organism. Forfeiting the organism to be a true whole example of that which we have maximised as human characteristics… otherwise known as etiquettes!

Many lonely and desperate souls have exchanged their etiquettes and their iodous, their basic synchronicity of elemental values for, common deception and crowd applause, for fear of being alone.. One can never truly be happy or free this way. And so all such folk of this path shall indeed share the same misery, addiction and empty loneliness in later age! As their just fate….

A special form of “ionospheric disturbance” is necessary to reactivate and realign this frequency to moral code and autonomy! This special superheterodyne code… is in actual fact the frequency, utilised to chanel thoughts, feelings, senses via the atoms through the cosmos for reactivation, boost, reciprocation, elevation, charge, evolution, understanding, community, communications and servitude!!

Understand… that every generation produces these toxic fevers that walk amongst us… they mathematical are possibly the majority… and are also happy to be the inferior life force, the corrupted/corruptible/corruption life force of earth space and the cosmos!

Very really can they endure their own space and self, but endeavour to create animosity and dystopia by degrees… motioning characteristic dysphemistic linguistics and vile!

The more one breathes such contamination, the further one damages their personal lungs. Such verbal spread is physically/emotionally/spiritually and prosperously un beneficial to your life force! No good has ever been awarded to such decrepit derisory and deceitful characteristics anyone who makes collaboration with negative forces!

“Damage Limitation!”

How much of your personal wreckage can you live with or salvage… The truth is you may be lucky to be amongst the tiny few, who will survive the negative certainty from this world! While restoring healthy autonomy. ย If you are surviving, your health is average, you can eat, I would suggest not to complain as you are further advantageous over the majority of earthlings! Becareful and hold on to your personal profit/autonomy (spiritual values) as it can dwindle from the abhorrence of negativity!

S Memo_290 S Memo_332 20140824_133340 Clean ears friday_1 Wash mouth saturday

Be well, and always remember… the devils are nurturing hatred and misery for you!

Destroy that which tries to destroy you…

it is your life… so protect it well and never hand a negative spirit a weapon to harm you with… Teach and transmit piously with spiritual etiquettes and retract!

Believe not what you have not fully witnessed!

Trust nobody… for even the rich are ominously evil!

Such jelly beans and meat eating slimy organisms feed off each others misery! Whether male or female!

Protect yourself from them!


Be well in faith and prosperity…


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