“Esoteric Wisdom” The lonely children & divergence

“As A Child Growing Up In A Lonely Home… For Several Years Living As An Only Child… I Inquisitively Roamed The Dwellings In Search Of Adventure Lonesome Days… When I Was Permitted From Stepping Outside In The Dark Pouring Rain In Winters!” Even afternoons from mornings were dark and dreary… As it appeared life had seized to ferment the streets beneath my window overlooking the down stairs neighbours luscious garden.. Such a garden blossom in summer… which the footballs of children I played with regularly bounced on the hedges and exotic flowers. .. the echelons of plant life I came to realise as an adult away from such environments! Strange how for all those years I lived right above exotic effervescence without paying true heed and admiration to the eclectic sophistry if such well taken precision if biotic beauty and life. The dichotomy of sincere established etiquette aesthetics… lured me.. but my young ignorance of flowers would not permit such early interest in the discotheque of such decorative posture and ambience.  The deco hydrocarbons…  The beautiful dicotyledons.. such an array… The family bliss of eclectic splendour in biotic growth un-till now escaped mesmerism! It is no wonder that first sight can indeed rumour later explosions of interest and suppress inhibitions! I can still relatively comprehensively locate thoughts and feelings of such times.. Often poor and boredom struck at home.. Alone I could not afford to travel so I located objects to fix and understand in the confines of this home. Books was around.. so intrigued fermented…   A Blue Old Hard Back Conveniently Logged Between Several Books Which All Appeared Unimportant! The title appeared of interest, but what was such a title doing in a 1 women govern home…? I mentioned to myself… I thought it might belong to the teacher my father left to my mother… I now later believe it may have been placed for me… For this coming quote rides high waves of autonomy in life’s perpetual volumes of trial and endeavour in existences! “You Reap The Seeds You Sow” “That Which You Plant Is That Which You Will Grow! Picking the harvest we have grown… is a paramount I have come to acquaint in this life” I thank God. .. and my father and mother for that book… For it most certainly opened my eyes as a lonely child… to the world of prayer and possibilities! “As An Adult I Have Come To Know Many Families… Mainly One Woman Households Parenting And peppering Their Layer Without A Hint Of Literature In Sight! No such room held any literature! Disgraceful.. and Very dangerous… This had to ferment as a hostile home and indeed it did! The iodous of life aids inquisition via growth! The ionospherics scintillation for our existence supports such growth! When you enter a vicinity, everything in nature supports our being and those who have searched the lands and graced the nobility of literature deserve everyone’s applause for he/she who leaves clues for your benefit….? Will aid our prosperity and are indeed true kinsmen/women! Children sit at such an important dimension of your evolution.. That which you keep in your home becomes their personal “SALVATION!” In time this will become their second nature and everlasting ethereal trusting companionship, to aid them and whoever shall need them! You do “NOT” just save one child, you save a whole generation! As you do not just destroy one child… you destroy a whole generation! Many single mothers have no books in their home.. This becomes an instant tragedy.. as the child when bored runs out of interesting things to do..Then turns to bad habits and sabotage… Lying… Breaking… Stealing… Losing Concentration… Making up falsified Statements… Even drinking and smoking around the home amongst drinking and other prohibited avenues children should refrain from! These nonchalant actions become traits of the child to adult (Man child) This disturbed adolescence is now truly traumatised and broken.  The seal has been set, now the world will indeed watch the broken scaffolding fall beneath its structure killing scolding and structure slowly together! The “Dreaded computer console” has become the modern book, but only cast shadows upon reality and growth! I have walked into many women’s homes who I dated to only see shelve after shelve of DVD’s and computer games! I have also come to understand this lackadaisical phenomenon appears to only occur in poor women’s home from the west.  I have also noticed many poor black and white women do not read or keep books in their home.. especially modern women who constantly follow fashion! These women teach this to their children quite naturally! In turn it is passed via generation to generation! Set a new breed of homo-sapiens! You will notice there exist echelons of ignorant people.. which is evolving in numbers worldwide! “The new version of plague is the single mother without literature in her home” For this sentinel being on the vanguard of their free rights and rights to be free to be ignorant, while raising ignorant children, is indeed a bequeathing of future detriments abound!S Memo_339 S Memo_340 S Memo_341 S Memo_345 S Memo_346 S Memo_348 S Memo_349 S Memo_351 S Memo_350 S Memo_352 S Memo_358 S Memo_357 S Memo_361  Extreme conditions trauma S Memo_341 Be reading well… and always investigate that which you are told… for machination is the explicitness of cunning folk! Thank you kindly and be well friends…

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