Ionospheric Disturbances Of Our Cultures

“Euphonic Symphony”

We shall attempt to preserve some basic understandings of fruition and autonomy today…

As you have been aware, we have travelled… engaged.. evolved and sculptured the cerebrum and our personal automation for preservation and pious.. We shall not destroy the body… But as you have been keenly aware we have freely taught you the survival instincts, in order to best place harmony in your world on earth. We shall endeavour whether your ionospheric disturbances become broken or not. Every year a child is born… every man or woman becomes of age, in which the necessary arrangements are needed for survival. Therefore we have to continue employing the knowledge, As indeed, there will forever exist an identity who is unfamiliar with the principles of autonomy wherever they shall be….?


Unfortunately. .. It is much more difficult to teach an old dog new tricks! As the old statement is mentioned.. we are aware via numorous multiplied numorously in experiments, amongst scientific data researched in laboratories around the world of the patterns of neurological behaviour. . I have also discussed with you on numerous occasions the dilapidation endured by the mind under foreign stimuliย (Narcotics, Intoxicants, Smoke Inhalations, Hazzardous substances, substantial fumes). All these dangers course major danger to the anatomy… nervous system with in yourself… Once these disturbances arise it is impossible at that period to percieve clearly at all.. The correct process is to slowly slowly, retract away from the toxic affirmations which disturb the anatomy… Indeed there exist professional practices which administer aid for the recovery of the fatal anatonomy.

Yet we are aware medicated substances are not enough to remove such ill traits within ones body. As we reiterated the body is a superheterodyne ionospheric disturbance, collaborative with matter density and polyphonic carbonate structures..

In simpleton terms… The anatomy is quite the genius it self! A musician that can read the most complicated rhythms. .. A poet that can prose the most eloquent tale… A mathematician that can sum intricate configurations… the writer that can construct the most treasured love story…. the painter that can created the most polychromatic display… the aerial astronautic that can manoeuvre precision abound… the great columbus stratos that can guide any wind surfer safely… Thus, the body be a feat in living life!

Understanding the nature of the body is not even close to surviving toxic effects of the world unfortunately. .. It is also not even nearly close as I have reiterate to you via information again and again and again and again in late 2013….

Indeed… you are probably not even nearly close… but only one day you maybe???

For now we will continue to explore, dissolve, arrange, attempt, share, solve, undertake, comprehend and hopefully if not too ignorant… we may also appreciate the level of necessities needed to shift the toxics from our natural ionospherics!!!

As we have stated a multitude of characters causes the disturbances and misalignments. .. Basicly each all and everything causes effects… and to be in prime is to be 100% aware 100% of the time… For one reason… That is so important. .. occurs when our immune system needs the necessary fortitude to apprehend the disturbances, we may be in a formidable position to sanction action against these foreign bodies that destroy our well being?

One of the strangest suprises which needs mentioning, is the greatest threat to your health….?

Can you guess that which it identified as this threat?

Do you have an idea?

Lets us carefully think about it for a brief minute… while we breath at ease…..

At this moment clear your head of all disturbances and ill thought, as we have previously discussed in heart… mind… ear… mouth and eye cleansing posts!!

Take your necessary 5minutes or so in deep breaths… then think back on your life…

Well! Now it is indeed quite simple you see… you probably have the answer already.. in just 5minutes of ย steady breathing exercises…

The answer you should have in your mind of the greatest danger to your longevity and autonomic inclines isย “False Information”… period!

As we have discussed again and again and again… and we will continue to do so…


Not because of others machinist attributes. .

Not because of others hate or prejudices…

Not because of Neurological debilitation by authors…

Not even because of ignorance…

But rather because one and only one single fact… that fact is againย “Relationships”…

Onesย “Relationship” to the aspect. . This means one’s understanding of the aspect… or we can state one’s identity to the aspect. The relativity!

Einstein’s relativity. I hope you have understood by now what this means… if not read Up on relativity please!!

“Salvaging the paradigms to your beautiful existence” @>>>

This blog post as much as those in the education category will indeed aid your understanding of many and much things… such information can aid you in understanding the life around you and other peoples perspectives which are often totally useless to you as a separate entity!

I have realised that each and every species from the higher frequency ionospheric polytones are equipt with sharing better advice to one another in times of crises then the average human… That which I have realises is humans only talk for human euphoric… and often their data is unfactual and totally incorrect. .This is done for pure pleasure. .. or that which is commonly stated? “Let us kill time”.. This assertion illustrates let us do anything… or whatever where ever… let us just talk for talking sake. .. You will see this occur everywhere you step where people abode? Often not communicating precise information or true information?

I am certain you can not except information or advice from such lips… Unfortunately many have… many still do… and many will continue… to endulge this disease…

Why do people alert to wrong information?

There are millions and millions of reasons… Some are obviously personal reasons…. The most common is to fit in with a body… person… identity… fashion… trend… for fear of loneliness… For many people anything is better than alone for many this is the worst thing about life…

Therefore many will subtract their intelligence. .. peace of mind and possibly honesty and integrity to bypass aloneness, to keep company of all skewed behaviours and moments which keeps them occupied away from truth!

As expected this naturally passed on again and again untill a generation beliefs it as fact!

So the fumula here is read…. as…

“Boredom + Lack of intelligence + Fear of Aloneness = Search for dire company + Desperation + Misery = Lost ร— Confusion / Filling Voids With Inaccuracies and woeful information!

There are many ways to combat this disease… Through practice I have realise that reading solves most of the problems. ..

why does reading solving the problem..?

No1. Reading first exercises the brain cells

No2. Reading boost confidence and passing on viable information. ..

No3. Reading teachers you how to communicate and use language correctly. ..

No4. Reading teachers you how to research and problem solving…

No5. Reading teachers you the art of conversations. ..

No6. Truly reading is just perfect!I would also add one who wants to begin reading books to start of on simple stories.. then try to appreciate evidential information? Study the information?

“If thou hast gathered nothing in thy youth, how canst thou find any thing in thine age?”


If you need aid or advice or feel you are surrendering to much of your intelligence to unfactual unintelligent disruptions of toxic ionospheric disturbances?

I can surely effort to aim to get you to a better frequency level them the one you are suffering upon..

All is done just simply by sharing knowledge. .. information. .. studies. .. and ideas…

Problem solving is built upon brain storming for personal autonomy. ..

Remember we are ultimately different yet the same… many things will never work for you as many things will…

Find the autonomy of yours. ..S Memo_362 S Memo_3 S Memo_72 S Memo_80 S Memo_130 S Memo_133 S Memo_138

S Memo_364

S Memo_139

Thank you and be well in your search for truth and reason… truth bearers and truth seekers….. Light bearers and light shearers ignite the torch of illumination as light sabres. …

well in earnest truth tellers… and non wispers…

Be well….

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