We Indigo Child Heart’s Live In A Natural Zone Under Threat By Poisonous Venom!

S Memo_315“Thy Super-enhanced Indigo Zone, Never and Not A Delegate of Deleterious Dilettantes”…

“Autonomously Amiably Spoken… The Actuation Of Earnest Trust & Know… But The How?”…

“But The All Encompassing Wonder To The Undisolved, Unsolved, Unsolicited, Uncaring, Dislodged, Those Who Lack In Advantageous Attributes Of Understanding, Shame, Etiquette, Decorum, Thought, Often Unintelligible & Highly Corrupted/Corruptible”

Never be fooled or lulled byย the appearance of such souls?ย 

For often appearances are not always exact! But it is advantageous to study the thought process…. If one is not attributed the freedom to study thought.. then trust your heart… (unless you are sure your heart is not poison). If such hearts are poison you can not trust your own heart because it will indeed lie to you.. as it has long been corrupted and confused!

The mess of the mass will grow and breed as they have been witnessed to do so, akin to weeds in a wild forest!

“We Indigo Child Hearts Exist In This Natural Habitat… This Once Lush Forest Abound With Beauty And Promise, Abondoned By… By heritage Of amphibious Man… Now Poisonous By Homogeneous Traits Spawned By The Devilish Homo Sapien Man!” The Greedy Contagious Insect Beast That Ravages Our Natural Beautiful Lands”

Spoil & Conquer. .. Spoil & Conquest. .. Spoil & Conquered. .. Spoil & Congress. .. Spoil & Conservative. .. Spoil & Crime… Are That Which Is Bread, From deep in the chambers of Homogenous Hearts…

Is indeed time, the rightful heirs of the planet took back their earth… all nature stand as one together and embrace the land from poisoning inclinations spawned out of homogeneous traits. Dilute or drown such poisonous traits with the spirits of nature to be encouraged and enchanted with the vision and spirit of the forest. .. nature and all residing encouraging tenants of the planet… The Bee.The Wasp… The Elephant.. The Tortoise. .. The Shark.. The Whale… The Antibodies. . The Virus… The Subliminal Nature…

Comprehend The Thorn Around The Rose?

What would you have to do to protect yourself if you was a rose? Would You Use A Gun… “Too Difficult For A Rose To Handle”

Would You Utilise Armour Of A Form? ย Perhaps Thorns?

Yet You May Not Be Eager To ย Negotiate Mobility… So A Form Of Protection From Other LifeForms Would Indeed Be Just…

A Gun Kept In A Safe Place Is Not A Crime For The Reason Of Self Preservation… Any more Than Thorns Adorning Beautiful Roses… Yet A Rose In Motion With Beautiful Thorns Becomes The Opposite.. Akin To Carrying Weapons On A Journey… Which Would Be Chaotic In Free Flow Environments!

“Any Spite Or Venom Which Indeed Leaves A Soul Or Organism… Is Fault Of The Organism… ย Notice The Thorns Do Not Leave Theย “ROSE” Ever!!!!!”

Akin to the hedge hog or other creatures who have the sculpture trait of defensiveness evolved via their phylogenetics!

“Defensiveness is wholeheartedly healthy legislation in the quantum of existence”

Never ever be fooled by bias or prejudicial arenas or systems of folk! Anybody touches you go straight to defensive mode and become a hedge hog, a rose with sharp Thorns or a legislator of your life? Nobody Can Care About Your Life More Than You! At The same Time, It is wise to Ignore Incapable Souls Or Those Intoxicated… They Are To Weak… Via Mental Handicaps, Emotional Handicaps… Spiritual Handicap… And Handicaps Of Intelligence!!!

listen… Understand… Comprehend…. Be Quiet… Be Silent… Do Not Make A Sound… Unless Your Life Is In Violations By Other/Others/Force/Forces/Office/Offices etc etc…

Protect Your Life Always… You Are A Rose… That Was Given Life By The Highest Measure Of Legislation Ever Existed In All Eternity. .. How Can Another Life Be Allowed To Remove Your Life Without You Trying To Stop Them… Do Not Be Careless About Your Life. It Is Not Anothers Authority.. Always Remember!

Think… Listen…

The Earth Is A Life.. Yes It is Indeed A Life… That Will Destroy You If You Try To Destroy It… It Shall Protect Itself From Malice, Harm, Abuse, Exploitation, Misery, Distraction, Annihilation, Destruction, Spoil etc etc…

contemplate. …

Imagine… you are indeed a mass… body floating in space… you give life… you have an ecosystem. .. you have adopted many life forms on your mass… for billions of years…

Then one life Form perpetual evolves ahead of the rest… starts to implement ridiculous legislation. .. in which its own species feel the measures in depredation… suffering and annihilation. To you this evolved species is nomore than an evolved parasitical entity… aย VIRUS that wishes to control you and everything else.

This ignorant viruses deplete your natural resources from your mass, in which all the other tenants and life forms… species suffer and die… in thousands and millions… that is millions of other species dying…

now!! Ask yourself what would you do!?

1. (A) Would you aid this quantum evolving species which is destroying your other life forms and ecosystem and tenants?

(B) Would you send other viruses to destroy this malicious evolved species?

In our body we have such poisonous viruses… that will destroy many folk.ย Irony has it this way!

For also we are or many are the exact sameย replica in super scale version of this malicious virus against the planet earth!

Happy birthday viruses.. be no more the virus! AS YOU HAVE BEEN FOR SO LONG!S Memo_328 S Memo_327 S Memo_324 S Memo_325 S Memo_326 S Memo_323 S Memo_322 S Memo_321 S Memo_320 S Memo_322 S Memo_321

Unfortunately many do not acquaint with.. or have ever acquainted with such pious folk or family. . If like me… You have searched the hearts of people and only found the bloodline ofย “Hippocratas” “Judas” “Cain” ย while other disenfranchised spiritually ungifted emblems roam with in homogeneous Kinds!

Do not worry.. maybe your are indeed fated to not be a follower… at all… Ever!

such dishonest and disgusting rituals set by homogeneous traits!

Indigo’s be well. .. light bearers be well… do not encourage the wrekage!

If you have bias.. you are not a light bearer but a fake or fraud!!!!! Which will be exposed and rebuked in time…

S Memo_305S Memo_303S Memo_301S Memo_308S Memo_306S Memo_307NewMemo_26122014_230837S Memo_311S Memo_309The bartered non pardonedS Memo_312S Memo_313S Memo_316

S Memo_314S Memo_321S Memo_317S Memo_322S Memo_321S Memo_320S Memo_325S Memo_326S Memo_323S Memo_328S Memo_327S Memo_324S Memo_273S Memo_288HeelsS Memo_28920141108_171155

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