The Catalogue Of Catalytic Catastrophic Isms

Oftentimes you may have realised, negativity versus negativity be the exercise of futility. You may often have witnessed such folk subscribing to such arrangements, exhumed in full! For if two entities exchange further negatives of their characteristics, the only outcome relates to cancellations, obliteration, annihilation!

S Memo_13

Oftentimes you may feel nonchalantly about the process of two negatives of nihilistic traits annihilating each partisan! After all it maybe to ones own benefit or not so?

“Whoever knows?”

That which maybe more common is the fact, two benignly filtered agents are usually witnesesed to progress further in existence as a beneficial quality of special personal evolutionary traits! ย The need for annihilation never arises in commercial community, communication, distribution or mitigation of any transgression! The negative force engrossing that of nihilistics have the capabilities of cancellation to another agent including the self- (In which a slow drama unfolds, ever so slightly, untill eradication is finalised from the inside to the outside of the agent).

Where else the benign entity can not cancel out another agent and as a consequence beneficially can not cancel out itself! But can steer other agents away from chaos and even has the superpower to redirect a nihilistic entity to prosperity! ย (Footnote; It is very important to remember there exists a multitude of imitations of such a benignly organic product).

Such products of life are in all earnest true works of nature!

S Memo_7


Every element in all existence from the alpha to the omega is identified as;ย matter/muslim/element/thing/object/energy/creation/arrangement/substance! – (“MUSLIM!”)

Matter or substance as many uses and can be used or uses something to fufill meaning or action or purposes/s. What this meaning is… Is, and can be very very hazy at time even between scholarly folk and astute graduates from well paid education! From the first entities in existence to those here in our epoch to a future inconceivable, my investigation has lead me to realise there will always be this doubt if reason and devision amongst that which has the ability to live as a fully functional entity-(Not a stone/rock but biotic organic multichannel cellular life).

S Memo_244

I used the “Arabic” word muslim above, as it is a justly word in the english language to express matter, object, creation, substance, element.

This word carries a lot of weight and meaning once you study it’s meaning and it’s potentialities! At the same time understand that the English literature is not sufficient to capsulate the Arabic language in all entirety in anyway shape or form. The English language is too small too knew too inferior to describe the arabic text and meanings and this is often the catalyst that dictates confusion, which arises in reading arabic content! The arabic syllabus and language is insurmountable in any language. This language of arabic is 1 million times more in measurements, meanings, precision, contents, volume, history and dated and age!

This should explain the insurmountable difficulty in true comprehension of the arabic language and that of the “Noble” ” Qur’an “.

S Memo_243

The truth I came into witness is the true measurement of many who did not could not understand the meaning of this magnitude of writing history!

When trying to read this famous book it is recommended that you have at least half a dozen expert arabic translators- (as even the translators continuosly differ in oppinion!-( You may understand why there are so many different sects and decisions/devisions etc of islam in the world, yet only one book for the followers of such a paradigm as islam). The noble book states there will be 73 sects in the final days!

Do you know how many sects there exist today?

Which is the correct paradigm?

“The Sunni ummah practiced by muslims, are the most favoured paradigm. As word has been mentioned though with equivocations of disputed paths opposed by -(shia, ismali, handbali, deobali, suffi, muslim, mystics, etc etc etc etc etc. Abu Bakr The successor of the prophet muhammad (s.a.a.w) who guided the sunni paradigm-(teachings and respects of prophet Muhammed-( Sought to keep in line with the practices of prophet muhammad –(s.a.a.w).

The main issue arise from the fact the approximation of Islamic followers can not even read and are illiterate. Those who can read can not fully understand the true meanings behind this incredible peace of literature!

Those who can read in arabic can not understand what the verses in the mightyย “Qur’an” are even illustrating, while those who can read The Poor English or foreign translations have been robbed of the pure true meanings. Thus! Where all misinformation, misguidance, Misinterpretation arises!

Remember! A practising muslim is different to a muslim!

That which is a practising muslim is that which is performing that which it was design to perform or endervouring to perform that which it Believes it was design and created to perform???

Interpretations to clarify that which the entity, substance, matter, thing, object, muslim, part, devision, is crucial to its existence and that of its future and salvation!

You may realise a practising muslim wants nothing more to dot than that which it was design to do.

Notice a tree, being in all just a tree. A bird flying and not behaving like a cat or a goat. Notice sand as sand. Notice separate elements who can construct to assemble multicellular devisions and chemical values, each taking on the full value and scope of what it was designed to be? The sky being the sky… Planets and supernovae’s illustrating in all metrication and astronomy their potentiality and value!

I believe from thus reasoning, we can equate that which sits quite comfortably with the elements in question is probably what the element was design to accomplish!

S Memo_238

Water being a manifestation of every element and energy comprised of one part oxygen and the two parts hydrogen, has the ability and agility to take on a kaleidoscope of multiple comprises!

“The magnanimous entity humankind has named water can take on a generous subdivision of extremes”

It is after all the quintessential epitome of multipurpose value existing. Just as sand it has an array of functionality! Even more so we could state atoms have no limit to that which they can transform into and embrace!

One could state indeedย atoms are practical practising muslims, attempting to carry out their very function ideals and authority in becoming with everything and in existence with everything not selfish dictatoring!

So understanding this complex value? Exerts we are indeed all muslims-(This translation of word mean subject etc)

Yet practicing means learning or improving, maybe striving or perhaps understanding!

So a muslim of design, a practising muslim would be identified as one or that which understood its object in this life/existence or aiming to meet such objectives and fufill it’s very purpose in existance!

Be your best version, as the majority of folk are far from acheiving that which they was design to be! I doubt being drunk and such flights of fantasia and laughter is a true emblem of the paradigm once accessed against the magnitudes of space time!

Wasting huge sums of finances on attire is also a paradigm shift, further allusions are constructed via the couch patato and bar room reveller!

The junkie or drug enduced or also exploiters of a wasted life!

Steer clear from vanity, for nobody but yourself will even notice such minor trivials in a damaged planet!

What others think of you is never important, just your very own journey is and that which you have given existence.

“Be Like Water! My Friend”


BE YOUR GOOD SELF…. Study… Practice. ..Evolve, Entwyned… RELAX!


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