Peter A. Levine

From his book Waking The Tiger (Healing Trauma)

States “Disease is the anatomies Dissociation with Ease”

Finely and superbly put, one can agree in wholesomeness. Every single profession in the medical industry has perpetually endeavoured to reveal all concerning phenomenon of illnesses, including symptoms, cures and catalysts!

When we say catalysts, we are not subjecting reference to the how…?

As in… “how did so & so catch the flu…?” Or how did they break their leg… Or worse yet, how did they lose their life or that of their child…? It is not only such a question which is necessary to acquisition in the prevention of further injuries/illnesses! But also the often unescorted why?

Why did a person catch the flu…? Why did they break their leg…? Why did they lose their life or that of their child…? These questions are often infrequently motionless in the vocational aspects of medical practitioners.  All have assumed and rightly so, that the afflicted did not purposefully collaborate to beckon the affliction!

Most diagnosis are diagnosed from the comprehension of the material three dimensional realm our interwar/dimensions exist and collaborate with! Almost zero or nil physicists arouse the allure of the superheterodyne superphysical superpositions of the human state, to the realm we exist under. From each competent Lecture and professional practice to the patient in person, alludes from the actuation of the injuries/illnesses/diseases/traumas proposed by a super cosmic disabling or dis alignment. The dis alignment or breakaway from such alignment of the omnipresent, liberates the personal unit (the body) to become freely open to bequeathed by all future evil entities, malfunctioning, disproportion and failure or weakness in the anatomy. In simpletons terms and in language molested by the minds of the majority…“We can be certain that all illness is a result of the self disorientation to the alignment of positives and such pious attributes, harmonic and autonomous benevolence!

The more a saboteur and mischievous inclinations persist on or upon the self from with in to outwards, and the malfunctioning to ethical behaviour, moral codes of conduct from the organism administrates and affiliates to in its environment..?

Then the more certain ill-health and degeneration will be bequeathed upon such a life form… In it’s existence! Previous eras of medicine and science existed at an extreme end of the spectrum in relation to health. In such eras science was deemed the work of one sole agent alone!


Associated and depicted as a very mature caucasian powerful manlike being who has law and dominion over all life. Such a being was thoughtful and displayed unique earnestness to inquisitiveness of the star named earth! In which such a force was thought to have represented law and instruction to the faithfully abiding servants/organisms of such a vibrant star! Relationships were believed to have been a gift from such an omnipresent force… Health was believed to have been constructed solely from such an omnipresent favouring of casts. Wealth was affirmed as an ordaining from such an omnipresent. … Family was acknowledged as the optimum omnipotent gift to the most favoured optimum alpha males… In which the more children and wives hence families, one propagated… the more favoured from this omnipresent entity, the they/him/wife/family felt by this ground union of life!

You will notice this ideology amongst poorer nations and poorer folks still exist by this simple ideology… Many many countries “Foolishly & Fool heartedly impose such of the methodology, of archaic practice of sworn omnipresent beliefs that a full house (Navigating sexually for multitudes of offsprings) is the directing and the ordaining from such an omnipotence prescience and measure to the one bequeathed with a large family. Rather than just the desire and interest of the parents themselves..?

This modern module of science has mainly aimed to strip all possibility of responsibility from a possible existence of the omnipresent.. and stated “Here! We Put Destiny And Fate Only In The Sole Of Each And All Individuals Hands Or Paths!”

The unfortunate problem here is that people do not realise the full consequence of this cognitive liberalism. ..? When any unit releases themself from authority, as a consequence they release themself from all “Such Safeguards”

Which were previously instructed to protect the alignment of the instrument/organism. This is akin to removing all the safeguards from a security system, protecting an application because the user wishes to use this particular application more freely to feel “Less inhibited and less restricted while utilising the Dominating application procedure”

One can foresee that it is only a matter of time, before full failure penetrates the application which is not supported by a safeguard… Higher levels of destruction are foreseeable to the device, if also the device lacks safeguards. Fully culminating in the termination of the instrument or organism.

“Understand All Devices, Organisms And Organisations Have Inherited A Safeguard”

Notice the earth has a protective safeguard against meteoroid torpedoes foreign stimuli or disruption to the actual surface of the earth… Notice that meteoroids often commence eminent burn up into tiny or very small segments of granite rock at the subatomic induction of the earth stars atmospheric cloud!

“Understand This Is The Earth And It’s Safeguards Affirming To It’s Very Design And Structure” Science did not intercept or intercede to affirm this safeguard and instruction… Neither did a small white figure with a dusty beard learn on the proposal of indistinguishable acts from magic to protect the earth from meteor strike..

YET A SAFEGUARD IS IN PLACE… We aim on the vanguard of these inquisitions and detail closer to the cosmos as a whole complete entity… with everything in it’s belly… metaphorically speaking…. We abide in the belly of the cosmos, all the elements we view at night via telescope are the amalgamation of coercive components juxtaposed in undeciphered coordinates as of present…

The cosmos as a whole is the most complete entity ever existing from it’s alpha to it’s omega… none unto it and none before or after it… How one choses to acknowledge the existence of such a phenomenal author maybe indeed solely independent to one’s ability and Psychological competence!

How one treats other things in relation to the self is at the competence of the self’s Psychological competence and autonomy. ..

Mistakes from the self are only a result of privilege and fortune…. For example a blind sea-lion may not catch food aswell as a sea-lion with two good eyes for vision and survival. .. As a consequence the blind sea lions ability to feed itself will be a great threat, and not only will it make much error, but it will not survive long… This is none other than what most will consider most unprivileged of sea lions…. Somewhat of a poor sea lion… a sea-lion in danger and under great threat of survival, a very poor and unfortunate sea lion…?

I would suggest not necessarily for cosmic superheterodyne affiliations, with in the realm of omnipresence. .. “Neither fully understood by modern physicians… The Ideology Of The Achaics”

Land animals… Avialaela and aquatic life, utilise a subatomic wave propensity to communicate, sense and track prey… family… competition! We can suggest such life utilise a much deeper and greater awareness of a superheterodyne realm in which all things exist of pure energy flow and interaction… non forcefully measured. I myself believe because of their basic understanding of life and energy they have accidentally or purposefully affirmed realisation “Energeia” for actuality… Thus becoming ultimately Enlightened in their state…

Also understand and remember….

The more enlightened a species becomes… The more it will realise it has absolutely nothing in common with the norm of petty conversation and basic diatribe of the social idiosyncrasies from dilettantes etc… (simpletons academics and laws)

Man… Humankind and women have subscribed themselves and that of their disappointing offsprings to the low level toxicity of modern living… A beer… A Pop belly… And A prior into unduly unethical conducts… Far from ethical and moral conduct… Far from noble or saintly…. but rather the quintessence of fowl, inhabiting the candidacy construction of evil evolution!

For this self dilapidation at ground scales amongst bowels of the many, who have negotiated themselves out of contracts of safeguards and life’s security applications, a forfeit application is also present… Akin to those who may leave themselves in undue care from protection of danger… Akin to a bank without safety protocols. …

By our own eras of life we sabotage our own prosperity. .. We do not advocate presidential status or ultimate financial acumen is with in every entities grasp or belonging… As we do not assist that a nice long life is punctuated upon every living entity… But a little of enough to survive can affirmed via ethics and morals…

“Many Will Only Crash & Burn”

As their parents did before them… Many will be lead astray… As their parents did before them… Many will be purposefully misguided, also as their parents were before them… Then ultimately will perpetuate the rhythms for centuries and millenniums to come! Akin to the slave farmer in the heat of the day… scorched by the sun on the dreaded slave plantation. .. We understand that was not much of a life, as such folks were indeed fed what every story was fed to them… simply because they was being fed something to eat… This is equivalent of the modern day “Ethnics and Especially Blacks” who attend church! Unfortunately they can neither absorb enough of the falsified absolutes they are being fed at churches around the globe…

However I will administer acknowledgement of a higher power is far better than acknowledgement of nothing at all… even if you have some errors within the congregations… Errors can be investigated to realignment. ..

Animals (as humans reference. … them by) are not lead astray from that which they was created for, such creatures do not bicker on the smalls of the appearance or the brand of the cosmetics, the colour of the shoes or tie, the name or title! Such smalls are inheritance of inferior man not just modern Neanderthal man and Neanderthal women with the heavy plastering of fakes! But also inferior man and inferior women… who perpetuate cross hatch false justification, of envy and malice from with in the jealousy of personal hate… and discord..

This personal loan is of that of a sickness… a sickness which becomes paid upon the instigators misery in longevity. ..

“Varied Cancers” are the name of the sentences

The sentences differ upon the crime or type of ethical abuse… no human can judge the sentence, as the sentences are not calculated by the often mismanaged law of universal relativity… The sentences are indeed just, for what the eye does not witness… what the ear did not hear… the ambience of the cosmos swallows holly to calculate your just punishment!

“ULTIMATELY” This Is Indeed Rule No.1*

Never attempt to hide your malevolence or malice  from the cosmos. .. Your punishment will be administered as appropriately…

Rule No.2* 

There shall not be an appeal or subduction ((lapsing period)) , subtraction… Interference or equitably…

Rule No.3*

Attention To Others & Woes Of Misconduct Shall Neither Remove nor champion An Escape From Court. ..

This ultimately is the premise for insubordination cast upon every organism in existence. … everywhere

The laws of nature are indeed supreme… it exist without corruption… has existed without correspondence of corruption from the alpha and will continue on… Into the distance of the unforeseeable omega without correspondences of corruption and dilution!

In my studies of life in and out of the establishments estates… I have never met or come to know of anyone who was evil or subscribed to wrong doing, who remained upon the earth star to live out a profitable and healthy happy life ending… through till death…?

That which I am convinced of with my life, is the evil people do that we often do not see, is totally recorded by the galactic database of the cosmos in which every molecule of corruption from minor mischievous falsification to mass annihilation… will indeed  and is always sent directly back to the agent who carried the abrasion to another…

Lying mothers… who deluded their children of acknowledging the real parents of those children or adults… False statements by cheap folks made to imprison another…. Corruption from unethical officials of law enforcement… Animal torturers. .. All vile morally in-subordinates emotional & Psychological abusers… Landscape Destruction… Ozone Destruction Amongst the familiar evil manipulative idiosyncrasies of unethical and morally deprived nuances depicted by the phylogeny here on the earth star…

Physicians around the world unfortunately do not understand… yet what cancer really is…?

Maybe one day they will… And upon that enlightening hour they shall realise why they have been wasting their resources, in order to cure an incurable element and never a disease… But rather the most stable court, ever designed… in all of history. …

Cancer is with in all creatures everywhere that exist… it is alive in every organism and organ that exist in static or motion… polychromatic or monochromatic… polytone or monotone…

It is the actual fibres of all Deoxyribonucleic Acid everywhere throughout time and space….

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Be Well….  ★☆★☆★

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