Thursday’s Money Saver (weekly)

“Remember, There exist a correct way and an incorrect way to perform tasks”

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In teenage age years, I loved the endorsement of cash and all that it aided aspiration to! I never even noticed jealousy at that time in my life, because one was so busy chasing money! I remember still, my first part time job at the age of 11 years old! I worked for the local news agent “John Menzies” delivery early morning news papers, one hour before school started each morning! The morney was not great but it certainly came in handy, as I never use to get weekly pocket money! That job lasted for one whole year! Before I went into delivery of “The Evening Standard”. Which I worked for 18 months! Once again money was necessary for my life at that age, as was everything I saved for, including money from relatives! I then moved onto work for a larger company called “Gate ways” subsequently are out of commission now, as where franchised by somerfield, who are now the “Co op branch of food change!

succession of jobs perpetuated right through school and untill I left home and punctuated the college campus, universty and then full time work!

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The financial experience of such hobbies can appear as theft from the spender to the franchise, as most garments do not cost a great deal to produce!

But for the lable many will often reluctantly or ill advised to spend great figures on simple attire fashioned from simple cloth!


“When one looks in retrospective order”

It is clear to me where most of my money went! I was a keen lover of expensive clothing, anything from sports wear to the latest custom designs, and eye catching exclusive labels!

I can still remember spending ยฃ110 on a pair of trainers when I was still in school! I wanted to be the first to wear these trainers, back then as a child! I can still remember the feeling I had for owning something which was not due out in tbe country for at 7-8 months! Young people as myself back those days where labelled earners!ย “probably equivalent of todays Ballers of that age” flashy people!

I do not regret spending large amounts of financial income at that age, when I look back. I really enjoyed the buzz, the ownership, the originality, the hype! This trend continued for years, with expensive clothing labels, trainers, shoes, suits! I have been quite fortunate to acquire relative intuitive skills and presentation of earning money as I grew! If I was to calculate how much money I spent each year on labels, I realise I could have bought a car each year in the height of my endorsement of fashion!

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The last several years money and fashion has not been my top priorty or concern, but I have been greatfully appreciative of any endorsement which I came into contact with!

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One major factor I realised not too long ago was that my weight has hardly changed from years ago to now!

I Have always kept a good shape, and kept my body in a firm physical specimen (Mainly as a result of my sports fields & careers and love of training).

As a result has kept my body often slender and toned!

Strangely enough, when I give advice to people about loosing weight and keeping weight down, I always reiterate to them the benefactors of this by way of financial savings!

You see! In fact people who put on weight, are at a loss financially! As this will increase ones spending on new cloths each year! An acquaintance I knew, would increase a dress size on average every two years! She endorsed her food fanatically! I guess it was just her personal way ofย “Filling The Void”. I would feel very sorry for her as I thought she was the most beautiful person inside and out!

But for all the advice I reiterated, nothing could penetrate the unquenchable desire for food!

Believe lots of people have this type of fanatism, with absorption of food and as a consequence is costing them a fortune each year to afford new clothing to fit their ever increasing weight!

“My sincere advice to all who wish to save money, first if nothing else, try to keep your weight down, like me you will safe a fortune on not having to purchase new cloths to fit your increasing size each year.

Be well and thank you!

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