Thursday’s Money Saver Advice Session (Monthly)

Everyone has a plan, yet the majority of folks are often              Falling short of the actuation of their plans! Usually harboured by financial constraints, time, knowledgeable affiliates, experience, beliefs, circumstances, demographics, geography, culture, religion, acquaintances, health, education, gender, sexuality, heritage, identity, ability, aesthetics, vunerability, weaknesses- (kindness etc) etc etc….

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The truth is there lays a host of genres that prohibit you to acquaint with a life a little bit more beneficial than the one you adorn!


As I versed, there really exist a right way and a wrong way to do everything in this world!

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Believe me when I advocate, there is a right way and a wrong way to eat your food!

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While the unfortunate wise are born to suffer, one must remember, “There exist nothing in this world worth keeping which is bequeathed freely!” It is an absolute certainty that good things often come to the disenfranchised by difficulty! 

Remembering this…. There is a right way and a wrong way to cook your food!

There exist a right way and a wrong way to wash your food, keep your food and even collect your food- (whether this be exhausted by hunting or purchasing from stores).

This “Right Way & Wrong Way” actually existing in every element of existence per se!

The only problem arises in the actuation that, unfortunately, “you will not live long enough to learn everything right or wrong!”

HENCE!  “Learn From Others & Others Mistakes!” period!

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Some folks are so better off, that the requirements of learning, is not as detrimental to there progression, as they have literally, a plethora of contingencies via fortunate circumstances! (We are NOT prince charles, Prince Harry or any other benevolent successor to a mighty benevolent heir or empire!)

This reality is harsh, one that is too harsh to often think about! (This being an ultimate realisation of life, utters the profound affirmation, that we will not inccur unlimited lifes)

Remember! We are ethereal creatures, our biological time piece will be surmountable before all our desires and dreams are even half punctuated! This realisation of effort over time, is probably the most conclusive component to completion of project! Not all of your projects are achievable! Many of your projects are totally prohibited as of now or even then, some will be realised from prohibition when society evolves just a little further! (Yet unfortunately as the prohibition decreases other prohibitions are actuated)

As an example of interlocking prohibition I have set out in example 1.

Ex1. In England in 1920, poor school children could not afford to go to school, if their parents were not working and able to afford school fees! – (This was direction, the prohibition order by way of parliament, untill the magnanimous poll shift of the tripartite act of 1954, which allowed all children of lower class to attend schools in England and Wales for full time education nationally).

Now can you imagine all those children living poorly in England and wales in the early 20th century– (1900 onwards) Such children who were not afforded fundamental education, would not have gained the sufficient attributes to gain the prosperity of wealth, health, status and prosperity.

Many of those children unfortunately died in wars, so strangely enough had only one due instruction for their existence– (Live to fight/go to war to feed your family) such trends you can visual are far from fortunate, and fall outside of any type of prospects. 

This early example of your future- ( along with blacks who could not go to war or education before the amercan civil war in the USA, Poor White woman in England Who could not have decent jobs known as suffragettes, Mentally ill participants who where treated as demonic entities, Women who were accused of witchcraft, were all traits belonging to poor circumstances via chronological epochs! )  to your circumstances, it is only one of a plethora of suggestions which will cripple you before you are old!

This I have learnt is where time becomes the greatest acclimatisation! For time is never on your side. We have to acclimatise with time its very self. We are habituated by time and time is not our friend. All age  is at a grand mercy to this legislation, via suffering and discrimination of the great monster aka “TIME”.Ignorance blacks

Knowing this truth, makes it quite difficult to make a decision, especially from/with poor chances handed to one?!– (Some grotesque decisions people have to make out of such choices of, do we eat rattle snake or cobra?). Then have the unwanted trepidation, of catching the unwanted savoury!

Paths are so important, yet the greatest thing you have to learn as quickly as possible, is the grotesque realisation, that there really does exist a multitude of folk who, will discourage, misguide, misdirect, misinform you, and what is worse will enjoy it, laugh at you for falling into their trap and probably even brag about it by trying to shame you! While all indeed heavily wasting huge amounts of your time!

I can not save you all, nobody on earth can, I can only point out some of the errors in the world I came into contact with, that existed then, now and will do still tomorrow!

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This universal trigger and devil of messing with your prosperity has indeed a life of its own and has quite a simple name! – (This name is usually known by misguidance, the misguidance perpetuated by ignorance, envy, fear and jeolousy is often enough to keep you out of the redemption you crave and work for!).

My personal cue is, – (The devil is a conniving but smart psychopath, who has evil wisdom in the age of historically old antiquity of the dark arts, do not ever underestimate him/her or you will loose profoundly).

The devil has his soldiers who work feverishly day and night to keep you locked astray, the worse fact is the actuation that the devil is successful more times than he is not! “A record to defeat all pound for pound records” So hopefully you might comprehend that which I am reffering to when I advise about time for you an its importance to your very life!

Time is the most precious element we own in this existance!– (just contemplate for a moment………. the numerous occasions you have heard such a statement… “If I knew then that which I know now I would be so much better off”)

Hence! Time is a most precious commodity, probably the greatest commodity of them all! If you could sell it……. how much would it be worth???

or if you could buy/purchase time or shares in time, how much would you pay for time??? If you can answer this question with a figure/Sum €£¥$!………………

Then one day in your life….. You actually might understand what I gave you/or that which i am giving you?

Today I am giving you some “TIME” so you do not waste your very own “TIME!.

Via my life and examples of things that did not work, which I have tried and wasted! Although I was informed by others sworn advocacy and blood, word even some swearing on their life, their mothers life, even their childs life! I have even heard people actually say “They swear on gods life, that I should try it and it will work, on gods life”.

Not that I ever took their advice, but before as a child I did, too often, this was my weakness untill adulthood!

Now my one regret of life is no different to any other persons regret- (as you now know what the number one universal regret is as I mentioned before! Stated… If I knew then……. etc!)

This universal declaration of misery can be avoided by you, if you follow a very simple legislation!

This legislation is worth more than the entire weight in gold of your home!

The simple legislation which will always protect your future, your mind, your time, your finances is as follows!

No1. Always Trust Your Heart Over Any Voice, Whether that be even my words, your fathers words, your mothers word, your doctors words, your spiritual advisors words, Any spiritual/rigorous religious book or person/s… never ever actuate their advocacy if it does not agree with your heart?!

The heart is a ““”Heart”””  The “Extraordinary facillitation, Subliminally superheterodyned advocate, a matter of subatomical conscious  carbohydrated atoms entwine with the soul with pure intransmutable intravenous katabatic atomic subsonic consciousness!

One has not even fully calculated the real extremism of such awareness! This extraordinary organ actually inhibits a greater level of fact about you, your life, health then any scientists can instruct you with!

Yet I must disclose to you, with all competence arrives the component of almost opposites! For every strike has its misses, as every gift has its technicality!

Unfortunately this gift of the heart is never entirely free, and is paired by the price of your actually health!

The heart can not or never will be deciphered or trusted, if one is either intoxicated, spiritually or mentally fully corrupted!

No such physical condition will obstruct any condition or deciphering from the heart, but if the mind is intoxicated or severely mentally unstable all messages from the heart will always be skewed or misunderstood or not clearly totally decipher-able!

Take care of your heart and your time!

You often may only get one chance per choice to make the greatest decision in order to benefit you and save time!

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Be your good self and good luck!

Save your time, one day you will really need it!

You will see!

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