The “Mental Block”

I find the importance of knowing, incredible and the most important element of personal evolution one can ever acquire to represent and completely compliment the self!

I decide to mention this in my recent post, as I have found this to be a rarity, an obscure attribute of humankind! Unfortunately I must declare that people adhere to acquire so very little in the conundrum of vast anything and everything, one could easily suggest the height of human intelligence may have already arrived and long since past with the antithesis of antiquity in renaissance!

The chronostratigraphical unit we abide by governs a world of confusion and mysticism, as well as the factions of facilitating factuality, aswell as the faculties of falsification and proclivities of propagation!

The world we have made for ourselfs in modern times and antiguity, truly double binds, as a order of extreme confusion and strange mysticism for many and much who only seek a simple road to appease the mind & hearts!
The truth is such, that we as members of the human race are more than likely to be misguided by chronic falsification, than honest benevolence of elemental knowledge.
This anochronism, the chronological errors in the un-earthing of factuality has displaced much of humankind true identity and direction!
Only enabling the modern participants to adapt guesswork to who we are and what our purposes are for?

“To only live to feed and propagate”

Some may say, while others proclaim a free will of wine and debauchery against the thesis of theology and doctrinaire!

Whatever path one travels, one can only be further lost as the truth was never clearly directed to the children of the earth! For once power and rule poked out truth, the anaesthetized populous fell akin to a lamb to the slaughter, one by one!

“One Ring to call, One Ring to Gather, One Ring to bind, One Ring to Enslave and One Ring to Slay them all”

Governed by one order!

History now formulating as a mysterious “anagnonsis” and ruminating in many who wish to find meaning, are left shy of the bowls of antiquity and precursory by true “anamorphosis!”


To hopefully find direction and support is probably the greatest aspect towards alignment with real manifestations of antiquarians!

“A true guide are those who shine a light when the path is deep and dark”

“Khalil Aliy”

A book, A prose, A metaphor! Are all symbols of direction setting and guidance, by those who shun a shinning light for your troubled journey and tortured brow!

“So go in search of the books, proses and metaphors, for thus, in the search one may find true meaning and importance”

“Khalil Aliy”

Words are displayed a bountiful, in stories of antiquity and precursory administrations! Yet the realisation of thought has not penetrated the cerebral cortex of many a lackadaisical subjects!
Many of the old and new have acquired such actuality of realisation and performed for the maderate folk and delivered passages of reason and guidance, yet it is often neglected for the rise of such as the “Instant Gratification” acquired by substitute of the Narcotics, delirium of faux-pas via the kaleidoscope of misdiretions!

I often wonder why do people choose these foolish moronic juxtaposition, But I am always met with the realisation of “Instant Gratification”. A simple pleasing to themselves with full relegation and relinquish of actuality and facts!
You may have remembered several of my blogs explaining the paraphrase of “Instant Gratification”.
This adheres to as the primary and 1st level form of self delusion which encompasses the ultimate state of ignorance to be bequeathed by any member of humankind!

โ— The next level of self delusion into the ultimate form of ignorance, adheres to as “Imprint” or “Imprinting” plural!
Which ones again I disclosed to meaning of in a blog titled imprint, latin “imprimitur”.

“Mental Block” is that which I am disclosing with the readers as this moment, is dubjected to withstand embracing knowledge, Factuality, Actuality or realisation!
A mental block is by far the worse out of the three stages of self imposed imprisonment via self delusion, the measure of a species ignorance!

A “Mental Block” prevents one from learning at all, in the instance, and is difficult to reverse such a dettrimental state! A state which will cripple the cerebral from all notions of actuality and prevent one from evolutional benevolence.
Unfortunately not being taught or relegated from education differs from a mental block!
You will come across members in such communities that have encompassed a self imposed mental block, which prevents one from full growth!

The exact opposite to becoming brain washed! A state of being where no information derives and is allowed to enter the Cerebral Cortex!
A state of the mind becoming severely closed by elusiveness of acquisitions of knowledge and study and excellence!

Many have adorned such a passage and are without awareness of their state!
Thus causing severely hazardous misdirections to many and a young in such communities and their homes!
Advice oftenly betrays the mind, for the affliction wills the determination to refute wisdom!
Such is the inclination most are unawares of the acquired behaviour, which often preventions growth of a organ or element into fruition!

“How can one be an angel, when all around him behave as devils towards one”

“Tupac Shakur” 1971-1997

“As I lived amongst the people, There hearts where turning one way, while my heart was turning in the opposing direction, There souls where grinding against the wheels of my soul, which was turning in the opposite direction”

“KAHLIL GIBRAN” 1883-1931
From Treasures of Kahlil Gibran
mandarin philosophy

I trust you will educate yourselfs, for there is no greater crime in this world, than an empty mind refuting knowledge.

I trust you are well and have indeed enjoyed the blog

farewell but not yet good bye


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