The Analogue of intent, or be it wisdom!

Author and world renound professional Psychologist “Dr M Scott Peck” Produced a series of educated materials on the presence of modern Psychology!

One highly mentioned and noted as “The Road Less Travelled!”

Such a title sold close to a million copies worldwide in the 1970’s

Fortunately for me it was re released and relished again in the 1990’s. In which the republished version surreptitiously found its way to my quarters in 2004… And eagerly acquired my timed enthusiasm for such material!

Which I embraced with an open heart and mind for the fullest and upmost appreciation!Image

A highly thought provoking and enlisting paradigm into the modern world of Psychology, in nihilistic traits, characteristics of character disorders, mental deficiencies, selective incapacity, Psychopathic features, anarchist perceptions!

All from the view, armchair, surgery and experience of Dr peck via his multiple examples, stories, patients, patience, experience, education and practice as a leading Psychologist of his erra back in 1950 onwards!

A fascinating analogy arose in one of the earlier chapters, which always illuminates my inner consciousness, whenever my personal conclave of ruminations surface!

The reservation of my personal research, is forever and always illuminated by such amiable projections by the expertise of Dr Peck, in this coming analogue!

An explanation of diverse importance!

*** “An inexperienced child who rides his bicycle, upon an unexpected event, is unaware but learns quickly!

As the ride unexpectedly and imminently becomes diversified, by surprise of a sudden decline!

The inexperienced child aids the momentum of the decline by assistance of pedal power to the speed of the slope!

Unfortunately the inexperienced child does not perceive to deploy negotiation with the momentum of the hill which, juxtaposes the child into a ferocity of velocities while descending at determining speeds of chaos and jeopardy to the childs safety!*


*Via euphoria and adrenaline, the enthusiasm of the child inflates, as elation is vehemently manifested by the child’s non affiliation to any negotiations of temporary adjustment to verify velocity by adjustment to management of current momentum!

*It is inevitable to an adult or experience bike rider that the inevitable occurs in due course, and negotiations is paramount for safety, longevity and management of journey!

Nonetheless! Displacement consists of the nonchalance to negotiations as the child does not notice an impeding bend at the bottom of the declining hill!

Thus! No such negotiations are deployed as the reservoir of the childs experience sits upon euphoria rather than educated experience!

Unfortunately, the inevitable occurs as the bend approaches, because as an ever most danger, so apparently, unwelcoming an unfortunate demise for the child spectator of injury!

Time has elapsed for all negotiations to be of service as the, protagonist can no longer steer the apparatuses to a safe management! Competence was over ruled by elation and the childs nonchalance to negotiations juxtaposes a nihilistic close to the euphoria!

The child crashes the bicycle into a large tree at the bend, insuring Injuries to self, the duress damage to the apparatuses!

The childs jurisdiction was based upon the “lore” of euphoria over safety to ride upon another day!

But as a consequence looses both!

This is named as “Crash & Burn!”

(By renound Psychologist, Practitioner Author and councillor Dr M. Scott Peck).

Who communicates, that many adults crash and burn, as they do not adjust adequately, for preventive measurements to unfold for the inevitable!

Oftentimes, an adult, alternatively drives a car at speeds which under the influence of substances, will inevitably cause the damage and destruction of themselves, any life in the path and hazzards to others!

Yet is worthwhile acknowledging, this analogy is rather an analysis of any danger in any situation or circumstance!

I.E. anything which you do not perceive or prepare for… Has the magnanimous capability of rendering one to the aforementionedย “Crash & Burn”.

Such a phrase, should typically but saved, rather than listed as a frequent phase in one’s life!


This can also be reasoned that the energy stored in each of our personal reservations does not, will not, can not and is not capable of lasting the test of ultimate chaos or combustion!

We are ethereal beings!

Guided by light and proportional amiable characteristics of existence in the commission of the cosmos! Yet as a simple evolving life force we are still vulnerable to nature and nurturing chaos, Both for ourselves and others!

Fuel never last forever, so it must be concluded upon each participant in existence to be sparring with their energy! For when it is depleted, it most certainly is deleted!

Thank you sincerely. .

Regards KAโ™ก aka the poet

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