Vanguard of Spiritual โ™พ Infinity

If one visualises intensely, a sentient version of rhythm is experienced.. in a stained glass payne…

The experience echoes fluctuations in perpetual movement, perceptualise this arousal; A performance perhaps of side to side. Rhythmically orchestrated.

Multiple levels of dips arises on this steady motion, while the slightest sways promote a constant rhythme of pronounced motion over the course of impaired balanced. However the locomotion is experienced as a gentle rhythm, complimenting the mechanics of our biology. An evolved super- registered sophistication and perhaps “updated version” ?

Swaying in a subtle guise, a gentle inclination and a thought in a particular documented environment.

Of crowded spaces, other times the contrary. Often a slight bump of crowding, pleasantries and fermentation, textures and moisture.. Obscurity mixed with insecurities?

Perhaps a slight motivation provided a synopses in the glare of a stained glass payne… The looking payne?

Forced one to lean their form, against the metal hinge of the old door frame..

Respite from the Jerks of falling. Hopefully we have not yet fallen on the path least favoured, be that, of the floor?

Noticed the stains of smudges, dirty fingerprints amongst debris upon the square Payne door..

Imagine the bereavement of the one who’s task was made, attempting to clean this daily chore

No, not a feature I would relish much with either love of chore nor dispiriting flaws.

Memories of a cat hurrying across a floor impeded the moment, A sudden deprivations, this momentum skewed the present thought.

Mmm.. hmm

Time to hurry… specifically.

The hordes of commuters…

Staff, professionals, students, catalyst of their destinations. Their synchronisation, ritualistically transporting their private cargo to and from..?

Tendencies galore; Private and personal, the episodes of poor idiosyncratic.

The epicentre for anything of nursery…

Habitual affairs.. thus; Que, a long reminiscent gaze is disturbed by an immediate instant, thus ; Realisation,

Perhaps, post abnormal reflection arouses the ambient senses.

A taste of a moments breeze, not quite fresh air, a mixture, the wind appears broken and spoilt, of stale particles these are shared equally to all attendees. First come are served the same.. little longer, little use?

Manufacture the modern circulation-vent system. Gla gla be the echoes of throat clearing in the immediate surroundings.

Sombre at first for so longing, in the distance.

Conversation is slightly heard at the intervals. Concessions for the empty and unaccepted. The weary are unappreciated, often full and inebriated, many empty yet still forlonged

Greyish : Advanced… Stained glass paynes, finger-prints, hair, specs of saliva, lip gloss, Journey velocity against a tiny flea remains sticking to the payne.

The squashed debris of a fly with the wing in perfect tact.

Plus, intriguing fluescent lip stick smudge, remnants of old discarded food, breathe, tissue, fungus, dna, bacteria… and habits.. thereof

All this, contribute to the participants of a watered journey.

A little etching and words of graffiti

Dust… a different world..

Air?โŒ›โœจ๐ŸŒป distinctively..

A separate world..

Yet, the same for sure.

Brought to you by the poet otherwise known as the artist aka… K Aliy ยฎ๏ธ

Titled : “Vanguard” ยฉ๏ธ



Maasaiยฎ Love by dying Fate

 Some people or rather many people, assume the faithful ‘MAASAI’ ยฎ will now meet their doom! ๐Ÿค”

The ‘CREATOR’ ยฎ of all things has a power, which is un-perceived, a measure which is unmeasureable, a plan which, which can not be registered ยฎ nor realise!!


If we will place our optimistic emotions away, and concentrate on the barbaric patterns of western government coups/schemes/spying tactics, you may realise what people are talking about? ๏ค”

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Almighty Omega

For those that stand to postulate much, whom understands maths, speed, object ratio’s, distance and comparison, this may intrigue you a little? ๏ค”

This DATE was not ment for HATE
They examine to exaggerate..
The wicked will, Perpetuate…
Those who align attempt to imitate..
For Existence shall surely illuminate..

Those whom attempt with conjecture and postulate..
Whom are emancipate watch existence Liberate…
Such a feeling that is so innate outstanding and appropriate..
Presence congratulate…
The Almighty’s dawn is immaculate
It is too LATE just to try AND RELATE
For many will simply attempt to impersonate…

Spying upon from afar, while we simply Demonstrate…

Personification of existence

The all inspiring “Alpha to the Omega”

Knows whom to update, for what, when and why?

Swifty manoeuvres all things, becomes all things, strikes all things.. Leans, protects, shields, stretches and Resonates upon all things..

Twist, turns, pressures, annihilates to form all livings things.. Revolving and storming to the precision of measurements, climaxing great speed upon all things..

Determined, shall flex a detrimental detonation upon each and all things..

The Pending may illuminate.
Together shall be a fateful mate..?
Seniors out late on a weekend DATE.
Soul – spirit united in race…
A living journey of seismic sophistications..
The outer world inwhich we once originate..
Inner World state: One and Two gathered to create..
Outer world state: Three and four brought tomorrow to cremate.
The inner regions determinate..
The outer world lines exterminate..
The boutiques be joyously closing their GATE… Hell have no fury like those whom were eliminated..

Bereaved in the flames of those terminated

Excoriated in the ashes of those exterminated

This prevalent behaviour is the implement.

Deferment, aligns the path to meditate..

The mind, skates along a fracture, Skipped, fixed, rendering eternal.
Prayer that never hesitates to Mediate..

The Mediterranean Sea of meditation.. The soul everlasting abyss..
This pace and grace was awarded to some from a mighty place…
Gathered and bestowed all hail be the author of an enchanted Maze…
The tutor of a mystical fate…

I Be.. As I belong…

Yet I belong Not to You, whom are formed from a wicked fate..

This Slate, shall wiped new…

From beyond a distant Race..
From the “From the Alpha to the Omega”
Which hails from a mighty Place..
Presents gifts are a kind gesture that resonance from far away
behind the almighty, one almighty Gate!

Thus: Fate of humanity rests, upon an unusual #Plate?
while individuals of solace find hostel in an unknown kind of Embrace.
In the corners of their estates comrades band, bend, bow, kneel, Trace to incline upon a prostration therefore shall indeed, Meditate.
what you do and Slate are meansย  of your very own Fate…
Unfazed unfortunately unfaded..
Such Gates of requiems…

Have lead to an awful extended maloncholy fate.

One day I will be long gone from this unruly place…

Existence shall not erase my ever lasting pace.

My hallmarks shall last the test of motion & space…

The metamorphosised of benign.
Those of you who existed in the same date…
Will recall to trace my lasting phase..
for history mistakes my exacerbated face…
Sociรฉtรฉ pending to contemplate upon the mistreatment of a most personal solitude, of any individual State! ๏ค”

Come one, come all…

Human types shall challenge to erase this lasting case..
Yet all faithfully, sincere nature shall embrace, praise and trace my effervescent lace..

Stretching throughout time & pace..
When I am gone existence shall relate all that has taken place…

For all of you whom do not believe,

Eagerly can not perceive…

All praise be the the Almighty “Alpha to the Omega of existence.

K. ALIY ยฎ

In existence we grace” ยฉ
2021-Infin-8-ty ~~~~~~~

Privet Dorogoy

Privet, dorogoy, ๐ŸŒน

Velichestvennaya pevchaya ptista.

Vy skazali, chto vas zovut Yakhna?


Myagko proiznesite


Snova! Eto deystvitel’no krasivo;

Eto tak krasivo, Kogda ona vydayet svoye imya v atmosferu …..

Kak sladchayshiy aromat, vkhodyashchiy v atmosferu…. Deystvitel’no, “Mindal” Prikhodit’ na um….

Kak ptitsa, ukhazhivayushchaya za kryl’yamii gotovyashchayasya k poletu!

Kak “golub” zadykhalsya, medlenno raspakhivaya kryl’ya….

Akklimatiziruyas’ “Rasprostraneniye orla po polu” Kak I proslavlennaya “Zolotaya….”

Paryashchiy sredi gor Apalachey… Krasivyye orlinyye glaza, takiye zavorazhivayushchiye…

Rezhisserskiy I manyashchiy… Navigatsiya po etim nebesam.

Eti vysoty…

Kak gory, yesli “Novaya Shotlandiya” Kak gory, I Kogda mne interesno…..

ty I my iz “Novoy Shotlandii” ๐Ÿ”๏ธ๐Ÿ•๏ธโ›ฐ๏ธ๐Ÿž๏ธ

Kak estetika skol’zyashchego v dvizhenii “Lebedya” Raschet mestnosti v transformatsii dlya posadki..

Kak zolotisto-korichnevyy zakat v letniye mesyatsy….

Zolotisto-korichnevyye list’ya, plyvushchiyes derev’yev. V vesenniye mesyatsy. Orkestr Robins, Kompozitory zari…

Osobennoye oshchushcheniye zolotisto-korichnevogo tsveta: Vozmozhno optimizm, Sklonnost’, Period ozhidaniya ili znaniye…?

Predvkusheniye takogo randevu,s letnimi volnami…

Yeshche raz.


ty Deystvitel’no, Tak zhe krasivo, Kak vashe “lmya”

A, iskrenniy kompliment oboim, tak zhe, Kak tvoya sushchnost’, proizvodyashchaya takuyu buryu,

Po suti napominayet mne o vechnoy Krasote, Takiye Kak efirnyy vid…

Ty…. “Yakhna” “Yakhna” Ty….

Nazvaniye “Yakhna” ยฉ 2020 K.A ยฎ

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