“They Just Do Not Get It (Misguided Psychological Arousal)

“They Just Do Not Get It”

Many people Psyche is driven by a profound acknowledgement, alluring to a black or white understanding in the deciphering of things… elements… situations… factors…

The common mind has “No Real Value Or Substance”

Often unintelligible, uninterrupted, unfortunately misguided, very similar to another worldly known species…?

It is often examined as the “Misguide In Sheep Mentality”

Where many sheep will follow those in front to near death and danger, even following the leader over the cliffs edge, tumbling down a rocky mountain to a relighted allarming discovering. A discovery of a frighteningly perpetual gruesome end of life! Sheep being not intelligent, and the lesser of intelligence amongst all those adoptive of quadrupedalism!  Sheep will indeed follow a leader of a similar guise. Nonetheless and quite often the leading role can change quite often and unexpectedly from sheep to sheep. This has been observed as the unexpected change via the environment. Through obstruction or perceived danger from those at front, a separate sheep or any amongst the leading group may unexpectedly change the course of direction, setting a new path in which the herd eagerly oblige! The rampaging pack, displaying little individual prospect, always adopt the tightly guidelines of follow the leader… sometimes it can be to prosperity, but often in the wild, for such life, this negligence of self-regulation becomes the path to demise! As following others, the herd can not visualise the track ahead or any paramount detriment! All along via the perpetual journey the following sheep place all their prosperity amongst the guiding group of sheep. Amazingly all such trust… benevolence… fortifications… reserve are certainly placed upon the leading roles of the “ship” which guides.

The ship powered by a blind rowing crew in the lower decks, yet steered by the unintelligible commanders who by chance are both blind! This version of tragedy may have good opportunities or chance opportunities. .. For often also those highly unintelligible may stumble upon fine pasture to graze upon merely by chance… The following herd unfortunately do not subject their individual intelligence (what there exist of intelligence with in the private mind) to such quadrants of thought and practice. Sheep unwittingly do not bequeath the genius of creativity and singularity. More often sheep are suspended in the early infant stages of one life! This alluring to the stage from descending fetus to infant. Unfortunately for sheep, who rarely evolve outside this tiny stage of existence per life cycle (Birth – Death).

The early stages of all life are indeed the most significant to longevity. Where all learning is easily absorbed and understood more significantly, unlike the contrary to full-grown organisms, where it is indeed almost impossible to teach fully formed organisms, which have been existing as fully formed,  to incline to new information! The problem with sheep is nobody teaches sheep new information so they have perpetually existed as infants throughout their very own tragic history! Had early sheep, aided with the investment and with recognisable intrinsics of individual survival traits, we humans and other life forms would be presented with an interesting species, entirely contrary to that which we have known!

Humankind… the Psyche of humankind is incredibly and remarkably similar to that of the sheep… It is my provenance that a link exist between a family of sheep and humankind or the large majority of humankind! If you go out, you may notice the exact familiarity.

Familiarity Exist Between Humankind And Sheep In Some Prominent Facets.

No.1 Herd Mentality

You will find where ever you visit, the groups of humankind following similar to the sheep’s situation,  whether the familiarity and precision be of dress,  agreements, hobbies or just plain thinking towards things or elements or situations!

No.2 Where Sheep Mentality Is Easier Identified…?

To notice sheep mentalism, you will not have to inquisition far from your residence. Nonetheless, you may find it easier to administer inquisitions upon the alien cultures against yours. Study dress code, politics, food, traditions, language, politics, law & legislation, practice and etiquettes.

You will also notice the Paramount of difference between groups of classes in thinking and intelligence. .. Whereas intelligence is often a byproduct of quality genes from parents who worked and studied hard, while bequeathing the offspring into a formula of quality and prosperity!

 No.3 Notice how poor people often marry poor people…?

You will notice if you take some time to postulate and investigate the marriage and partnerships of your society. In the west for example, very really do poor and rich people mix or set a compromised coadjuvancy.

The main reason to this is via education. It is very difficult to have a long conversation with people who do not know that which you know or have learnt quite fortunately that which you have… Thus unequalled neurogenetics lead to the ultimate dilapidation of any coadjuvancy! Some things occasionally can mix for a subjected period, but some things can not survive for long before true elements of non-dilution are exposed akin to oil placed with in water, in such a mix the oils separate from the water and float as singular units… Unfortunately intelligence levels can not survive in distant dorment relations for too long!

But remember, not all Wealthy persons are well-educated in academic knowledge, although they are in-depth with social graces and etiquettes! As also not all people with great academic knowledge are wealthy…?

From my own intrigue and study, I have found that people with good academic knowledge… often have a host of plus points attributed to them.  This is akin to a device which is produced with the intention of a few main functions, yet advantageously it is surprisingly  combinatorial in comminatory adjectives! The stone which can be either utilised for cutting… scrubbing… cleaning! I find myself through my own experience of  life, completely, but utilising quality reports where necessary as combined with any experience of said article…. to acquire precision and further study of reason.

Again, people with higher intelligence output, are more constant in virtue to be of crucial importance to the world or many, whereas people with low intelligence appear to be just hitching a ride upon the giant rowboat named planet earth!

Those with low intelligence often do not learn adequately or learn much too late… akin to many prisoners who perpetually commit the same offence although, the offence was not necessary to begin with, especially that of stealing cloths or materials you currently own…? It is also affirmed that the majority of prisoners have intrinsic neurological disorders. .. this I can affirm as the gospel truth! Although it is very important to state, almost all of the prisoners do not validate themselves as mentally incapacitated. Akin to the sheep and sheep herd, if only these Psychological disturbed patrons realised they was/are affirmations of broken souls, maybe they could get aid or resolve their personal idiosyncratics, instead of denial! Thus perpetuate the sheep herd mentality into following once again and again and again and again, further crimes of behaviours of pariahs!

I spent quite a credible facets of time, to bring intelligence by way of study and knowledge to many ignorant and criminal minds, but it most certainly appeared many wished to discredit my efforts! The strange thing is I can guarantee with precise certainty, that the naysayers and disruptive misguide, will often become prey to the very criminals they aid in Misguide. The nature we abide by exist this way… Many are fortunate enough to have had steady intelligent parenting, who subscribed this teaching to their young…. while others were bequeathed with subliminal intelligence and prominence of guide! Myself I have witnessed, not everyone can be taught, the information, no matter how simple it is presented does not and will not ever register in some minds… “They Just Do Not Get It”…. They was not born to get it!…..

That which I came to realise, if you wanted to save yourself and you had reasonable intelligence, you should realise at some point of your very early to mid-life, that you have to break away from all possible adopted groups… affiliations… associations… orientations… mentalism… schools of thought…. The greatest organist in the world we know is that known as the “Mighty Germ” or “Bacteria”


Because of the kaleidoscope of adaptations in surmounts in the quantum of evolving moments…

Remember. .. Germs/Bacterium where spawned long ago… yet their recourses and resources are binding to their very nature. ….. The geometric premise and adaptations are everything simple or inferior…

Humans would only dream of acquiring bacteria like power! A power that is to guarantee their lifestyle for eternity. .. such mighty residential resilience for such a subatomic particle… Pound for Pound the bacteria is too powerful for any articles of artificial element, hence forth. .. if bacteria was measured in human life-size, a single bacteria could withstand all blast radius within a nuclear bomb!

Understanding such a subliminal efficiency to endure all changes, one would have to sugest bacteria has a certain degree of intelligence necessary to become prosperous, in which they are/do effective towards every other living organism!

I affirm without sufficient intelligence organisations and organisms do not survive longevity. Likewise if you require a successful partnership of any-kind, intelligence has to be the number one priority in the vanguard of the relative to prosperous type of liaison… everything else would be secondary…

 As an affirmed example of simple intelligence, would be the assessment of financial management and accountancy… 

Can people who can not manage their personal financial affairs, manage a healthy relationship…?

The obvious answer is No… They would be very unlikely to keep good accountancy of the finances in the relationship. ..

Financial competence being the intrinsic value to healthy relationships, whereas when finances are met by huge incompetence the relationship is destructive akin to germs trapped in acid. As the germs do not leave the acid, the germs are obliterated. .. Couples entwining in poverty become destructive to each other and the whole family unit….. often sometimes canceling each other entity out in an all out emotional war, which leaves no winners except foster children!

The true tragedy, becomes the future life of these foster children, who will nonchalantly or unintelligible perpetuate a similar relationship as future adults promoting the exact disturbance of life… love… companionship!

I have perpetually affirmed, the greatest gift a poor person can afford a child, is simply to not ever produce a child in the first place…! Those poor people (Men and Women) who do not produce the exploits of fornication into a breathing life, are indeed highly the more constructive of the earth’s poor people… Intelligence must be examined at some stage to affirm, whether the two protagonist can subject the subject to a prosperous life. Myself, I have never witnessed a prosperous life emitting from a degenerate lifestyle. Every poor person I have ever come into contact with has displayed severe attributes of draining society and never replacing that element of drain with a formal reciprocal affirmation!

Unfortunately poor women are the modern day succubus in this department… Often lonely falling desperate to the most destitute of male homo sapiens. Such nonchalantly male homo sapiens feed of the exploration with manly bravado and condensation. .. As we stated it is a sad shame those most ignorant and unpredictable unprecedented in proper-ness and formality have acquired the most babies…

I myself struggle to contemplate the sole reason for such existing customers of the earth.. I ask myself if only intelligence is the true deviding barrier between mammal and human, should the most competent then formally sterilise those most analysed as having animalistic breeding behaviours -(The perpetuation of breeding life in dire circumstances)..?

I myself… I am in stringent favour of mass sterilisation.  The greatest problem to human survival is not just those who breed nonchalantly, but also all the devised groups who appear to encourage this wicked behaviours and destruction of mass breeding of the human genome to the earth!Bad habits S Memo_430 20150430_222539 20150430_222504

Thank you…. and be well. … some how akin to the mighty germ… the earth always fights back and survives all exploits of the feral inhabitants. .. The earth shall continue to do so, While the longevity of the species relies upon the intelligence of the species…

Where animals breed unceremoniously. … it is vital to register with in the human Psyche, that Humankind should not mimic the characteristic of animal or insect kind!

Be well….. faithfulls

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