Deciphering Your Individual Illusions

“Just A Mirage”

Hazardous to personal realisations, many folk exist in life by a complex feature of the imagination! Sometimes disturbed oftentimes flights of happy fancy… While attributions abound to divisions of intricate synchronicity nurtured by pretend of “False Realisations” & “Make Believe”. This type of danger and route awaking by earlier believers can shatter the personal mind! 

Often redundant, leaving the mind estranged from reality and relapsing into unknown quarantines, where no individual has dare set foot before! These types of imaginations, flights of fancy, make believe are wholesome in individual tastes. They are created soley by the agent to forfill a need or desire, void or emptiness. A childhood story or an emphatic wish or desire. Even a jealous affirmation aimed at another, can and will indeed play out in the cerebrum of the instigator or imagination of the party-inhabitant advocating such poor thought pattens? If the thought patterns are aimed at others another, than it can hold very disastrous contributions of piecing afflictions for that or those it is aimed at? While this persist the party under threat, quarantine or suspion adheres to poor treatment not as a result of fact,  ” But quintessentially the contrary! ” The party or individual direction of image indicated is aimed at? Unfortunately may be the party assaulted as a result of this heinous fictional imagery?

The indicated imagery could be started of by one soul individual, then fashioned by the individuals followers, friends, family, colleuges or anyone either seeking embrace of need from a desperate void in their personal affairs or lonely life! It is indeed important to mention here that alot of false thought derives from over thinking without the attributions of “Intelligence!” Hence! There are indeed crucial divisions of personal chronology when the earnest of deep inquisition is necessary and then their is complete fabrication and heinous destruction!

For example a race was informed that another race of dark pigmentation and large features where subliminally inferior to the pale skin race. The pale skin race was also informed that they should never ever treat this new dark pigmentation species as equal. The pale individuals was told “these dark species!” was “never and not identifiable as human!” and “did not belong in a home or church!” and “could not perform adequately!” and this was affirmed, by their religious leaders for sometime in antiquities! The unjust suffering was prenounce in effect a certain will from the lord above by dictatorial high priest and those men and women of ownership!

Strangely enough we can vision the parallels in modern times, by viewing a hoste of scenarios, which are administered upon multiple minority groups of separate agendas and genres. This…. I will leave to “” The Intellect Of Your Personal Imagination “” hopefully maturely and uncompromising and safely?

Also in such disappointments of disastrous rendezvous with the then captors of quaternion epochs… Unfortunately layed two tribes side by side who lived in peace for generation to generation, untill one tribe was told by and overseas visitor conducting medical experimentation on anthropology that the fact was stated as: “Investigations has conclude via our pristine physicians, who indeed concluded those with the bigger head size via metric measurements, where indeed conclusive unequivocally as the evolved and superior tribe, and further more must control the adjacent tribe!”

Unfortunately this passage lead onto the greatest tribal nation slaughter in the history of tribes. Theslaughtering ocupied the better parts of a 4 year decade… in which the ramifications from the quartenary efficaciouy felt by the grandchildren in modern chronology!

Please take time… to/for you, in order when utilising a portion of genuine intelligence to think about that, which can be proven accurately? Remember thinking is not a high depth velocity pace, and spending valuable time in the prescience of degenerate cerebrums can inflict much in the stance of perpetual harm for the soul agent… plus the fact of ” directing the cerebrum to the state of nothing ” but decrease your own intelligence perpetually!

“The most heinous and disturbing aspects?”

Often align to the fact small and young bodies are directed to think this way, even often for capital and generosity gifts from establishments of governmentally approved coadjuvancies. Such almost imploy such visions of imaginations to give their personal and authoritive businesses momentum!

Remember?! “If there exist NO client, there shall unlikely exist a product, a bussiness, a exploit, a suppose victim, a plan, a deception, an the idiot?!”

The “Idiot” being the main cause of concern! “Idiot” without intelligence remains idiot, but add intelligence to idiot you altermatically erase the idiot from the being…. now resulting in a steady soul minus the idiot division of the soul!

There needs not too a great a deal for sophistication in the encore of upcoming comments, as it is. … too vital to affirming…. the idiot from intellect!

“Remember!!!! In this world we all live in and beyond, everything has been made simple but we have slightly taken away from that via fashion and misdirection! Words become fashionable so often people use them inappropriately or become over offended by the truth!

If the truth hurts you then you are indeed ill… and by all means necessary should seek immediate professional aid… After I would most certainly, (as I do not by words but by physicality)… Nonetheless any pain via truth is a calling to seek professional competence and benevolence and never a cause to shoutout or shutout yourself from a life…. or at least not when well?!

As so forth I must administer my Cri De Cour as I have indeed witnessed the horizontal expliots of the Midnight idiot spread eagle in view of revellers and partisan alike when travelling late in the evening.. Who often wonder why they are idiots male or female!! Yet the idiots behaviour is not just bequeathed with this type of contorted exploits of the physical prowess! But in every single exploits of the cerebrum, the idiots whole vision upon life and their juxtapositions align not with human benevolence but rather with “Immoral affirmations” and such “etiquette handicaps” of being citizen. This area of intrinsic introversion often needs deep expertise via time and investigation, in order to make sure you are indeed viewing not a replica of idiotcy but the actual concrete affirmation itself!

I myself often do not take others to their world of words regarding story telling and incident reporting! I myself have realised everybody has an agenda? Often the agenda can be both negative and positive or one or the other? Through “Forfeit” of others lifes I realised I could not listen to many others anymore, unless their language was of real intellect and truth-(not because they/other/another affirm it is truth, but rather because I recognised its truth via study of that which they reported?)

Another aspect of the idiots code of conduct is those who believe what ever they are told/hear/given etc… These is an affirming abuse of the evolution in each and every personal  intransmutable metamorphosis of anthropogenic organism. The total lack in the intransigence segmentation of the self illuminates via woeful lack of will!

To just give in to any thought is to be a beast and truly!

Deep thought separates human from beast whether male or female it is the same animal conduct if you can not think cohesively as an unparalyse agent! But instead regulate ones own abreviation to anothers beliefe along with everything you are told without proof is quite animalistic in terms!

I believe if you think dirty thoughts about strangers then “Truly and genuinely perhaps you are a dirty person!” In the guise of a modest or moral person!

I believe that the majority both male/female is still in beasts territory from the lack of intelligent intransigence! This I attribute to the characteristics from substantial insubordination/abomination/detrimentation Intumescented by such ill affiliates of the human species! Often the emperor/emperess will induce the family unit with that which they have genuinely perceived via society wrong or right! You may witness or notice if an individual views a concession as a warrant/order/legislation/law they will feel threatened/abused/cheated if the intended concession has either seized/refrain/nullified to exist? And will feel betrayed by the organisation prohibiting the transaction/deal that no further exist!

Even to the point the quarrying party may take matters in their persona to get others to build some percent of a faction against the organisation. Usually by first recruiting family, relations, love ones, friends, comunity, etc etc. Often may raise a partition solely from a bruised “Ego!” Such life is often shamely a bruised “Enigmatic Genome!” No more no less!

Even against individual parties or other workers, the personal “Trip wires of jeopardy & machiavellianism” can still manifest for the dub-jects (ignorant subjects who lay naively of the which hunting, yet will embrace unashamedly such woeful toxications?)

One after the other akin the parish and party who abait in the quartiles of such nonchalance to education… The ambassadors of idiosyncrasies from the conclaves of antiquities quaternary epochs!

I also am a witness to actuation that this testimonial is an actuation of govermental procedures to power and abuse. Often recruited by the hate mongers of society… the partisans… the quatre of unsophistication…. The parry of disfunction & disfranchise who administer such adversity upon the world to relieve themselves of misery. Yes those often aquaint with happiness via distriction, prohibition towards….. whether anatomical or subatomical some appease the release of friction towards and upon others! This is why you will find those most poor will abuse anybody they can and even use them as a stepping stone to betterment of their frail lifestyle! Often and ashamedly the respective governments around the world perpetually supports/funds/reimbursings of such practice and synchronicity in this grotesque affair of advocacy by contortions of information! This support does neither earnest good but enrage and encourage more of this malevolence in humanity. The greater increase you give the partisans, the more they will increase the addiction to this behaviour for profit and security!

we live in a decade in which telling lies to authority can reimburse you for unfortunately being born poor. Unfortunately it is mainly executioned by females more then men, as their is truth to some of the stories but certainly not all who seek monetary value and security!

It has now evolved into a legitimate working practice to deceive by any means necessary for monetary support! The genuine are difficult to decipher as all are almost involve in some scam or profit margin engineering!

“Who Do You Trust”

I trust no one, and if you indeed sensible you will do the same! Do not either wait to become a victim and do not allow others to tell you who you should be!

I truly believe either a rascist or a brain washed rascist of any colour will state “You to be other than yourself!” Do not worry it is only the highest fear shinning through the party who wishes to stigmatise you?

“””” Believe this so! You are indeed a million miles ahead of them, as it is impossible to see anyone behind you but we can all see those infront of us, because our eyes face farward as we move farword!“””“””  in the effective late illumination of this life!

Go farword and spread light and truth whenever and wherever it is needed… You are indeed a gate keeper if you have earnestly thought and studied my writings with intricate depth and vision. If this hails true to you.. go forth spread in abundance everywhere…

You are never alone. ..

Take care… be your good self against agents of wispering machination… yet do not be a fool by not protecting yourself anyway you can!

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