“The Ever Intriguing Estrangment”

“Hello Goodbye”

With in the “Holy cemetary of concise mischeif In waiters who may oblige you of your tickle and fancy… possibly for free…

Relationships be an intriguing estrangement in the core intrinsics of our chronostratagraphical band! As many may have expected from the evolved legislature of modern homosapien desires! Modernisation, Capital, Independency upon Egotistical Genomes have indeed supported the steady incline subsidised by every possible conceived wish. This has indeed broken a once formidable aliance between two essentials… who now appear most unfavourable via all this!….. That is, this misdirection and misinformation for chance ladened participants of miscengenating fortunes! One has to wonder how minds can be so misconstrued, where indeed the once lovable frame has relegated to an off-key miscengenation. Such profoundly dis-secluded misalignments to the miscasted coadjuvancies of the benigns of miscegenations in generations,  often juxtapose a misanthropism in society. The tide of mirador from independent ministerial minstrels, may add to such delegation of skewed agendas! The modern misbehaving agent of occultation and liberation, are indeed a tragedy as a performance of a double sided sword! A modern day “Romeo & Juliet Tragedy!” Often the mass are appropriately offered the architectural bounty of miscellaneous from their epoch, yet the tragedy of misandrousness forbids the Final appropriation in the bounds of rightful sanctions. This volatile procedure bread in society,  actually miscast prosperity into multiple factions of mislocation and non-prosperity! 

The misogny emerging from such dis-obligation of society further feeds the misogynistic platforms that even further concludes in either misogny, mischeif, malevolence, shame, nomenclature, machoschism, abuse, violence, psuedo affection, misogynistic traits and cultivating hideous abnormalities towards both  groups of unhinged gender dysphoria’s! The untamed society has indeed embellished its lost roots and discipline necessary for the profit of a stable coadjuvancy between the two main protagonist! Which in turn profit by enriching the society they abound in, with competent offsprings capable of fertilisation of that with in the ovarium! Such a need for the ovulation is equaled in all earnestness, by the need for appropriate candidates to aid the prosperity of the owner and co host! This union is indeed reciprocal, yet must be nurtured via birth in substantially successful societies!

Such societies are indeed far and few between! As a hoste of broad materials, from finances to education are industrially negotiated throughout each lawful contingent necessary for beneficial evolution of the society!

We are aware that history benefited the family unit in a form, which it struggles to create in this certain epoch! This loss ignited by liberation, has witnessed more failed relationships then any previous error! Where Females once illuminated via feminism appears now to be en grossed via personal crusades! Gentlemen once nobility donning top hats and cane, have eagerly disenfranchised their sophistication for common ego and gangs!

Now the modern facilities of family… Is that guided by father Gang banger, and mother Gang banged….

It is a realisation, the modern homosapien is in devolution from autonomy and true self benign inclinations!

Antiquity brought two necessities to the coadjuvancy of the miscengenates! Dependency And financial support! Females often married young and stayed in such coadjuvancies, this wholesomeness profited the male with an abundance of life via a supported partner, engaging in the fundamental necessary to keep the foundation from total wreckage!

We can visualise such an account was common in the previous centuries, in which homes where commonly viewed as a mans castle, supported by the wife! The wife who often could not find financial profit from outside work, supported and raised children with the precious element lacking in todays society! ONE PRECIOUS ELEMENTRY INDEED!

That precious “Element” is non other than the faithful “TIME!”

For our modern day families whether behemoths or sucinct, lack time! Earnings which are non substantive towards the environment one exists in. Now this awful contrive… eagerly forces each agent of the house hold model to check into over time to feed and support the family contingencies! Working rituals in terms of hours are often negative and honestly unhinge once durable family contingencies!

The delicacy of the misandrousness, I believe has juxtaposed the feminine/homosexual movements! This liberation itself… I am not against (As I believe in free will and rights to all “Crack on to you sir/madam”) I declare!

But I am concerned of the substantial misanthropism it occurs in the ramifications across relationships. Such a chaotic misemployment of liberation can cast disastrous afflictions for future generations. .. as our epoch has bequeathed! Mothers who purposely raise kids in mislocation, often ill and misdiagnosed while subsidised by free flow profit to continue in such a fashion! Modern mothers are not a good role model on their offsprings. Yet that which appears further disastrous is the outfits they chose to walk their newly own prams and push chairs! But seriously now.. often females will choose the most brain numbingly candidates to father their children. It has always been obvious to me, If a unintelligent homosapien meets fornication with the opposite yet unintelligible homosapien of equal Individual Qualities, then their preposed offspring will be no better but even worse!

This is clearly evident in our chronostratagraphical band! Up and down the country it is evident, in the mannerisms, conduct, behaviour, characteristics, interests, amusements, hobbies, kicks, arrangements etc! The lacking of etiquettes is highly evident! In all genders! This is not an illustrated illusionist sketch but an invasion of mismanagement of the whole self by such unfortunate choices made by the weak individuals in society!

This truth needs addressing and ownership of such uncomfortable truths!

Often women will feel alone, and in so believe the answer lays await hidden in a child, their offspring!

“NO” “NO!” I state again… No such amount of children can or will ever fulfill the ever empty cascade with in yourself! That void is an affirmation of personal instabilities. Which necessarily need affirm address before any such life should ever be ever ever ever… allowed to be propagated into actuation! Once a sense of well being and address has indeed been actioned. Then a suitable partner of reasonable age should be sought. Such a partner with reasonable prosperity and genetic benefits for the proposed! Such a gent with etiquettes and conduct to match! A women should not short change herself, as the consequence relegates to the child’s instabilities who will be enduring a life bowing to destitution and criminality! Who in turn will only produce such offsprings.

 So I say indeed, you have now the opportunity to change your path, maybe you will never be rich financially? Yet that is ok… As richness can be managed also via the soul and spirit if not the mind?

This is why we need many open eyed little people like the “The Little Prince” from Antoine de saint exupery’s wordsworth classic story and play!

 Such amiable open minded souls are necessary for the next chaptors of humanity! For followers still need open minded leaders… or those who can visualise the truth!

Again, akin to the little boy in ” The Emperor Has His cloths On!”

Once upon a time in antiquity, a well groomed gracious and quite fanatically vane Emperor, would always hail an event once yearly in the village town center! In which all of course from near and far. .. would surrender their chores and working obligations to witness the Emperor in all his fine golden robes and splendor!

 each year on term time for one day, the announcement would be eagerly pronounced and excepted, by the immensity… thousands of on waiting supporters that the great amiable Emperor saluted as he would graciously pass by each participant of the crowd… then greeting the supporters. ..

  “Oh look” one supporter stated ” How handsome our great Emperor looks in his fine robe and gown “

“Oh yes yes indeed!” Another stated…

“How proudly gracious our great Emperor…appeasing in his fine threads adorned!”

 Up and down the village many would shout out to the Emperor of how wonderful he looked in his garments!

Apparently so, this strange arrangement perpetuated for decades… as an old tradition past down from king to Emperor in millenias! Such sophistry never lays await without the hint of “Irony”

 Upon a chance happening a little inquisitive boy was sent to stay with his distant relatives… as his mum was too poorly to continue raising him. The mother informed her long distant relatives that “the boy was very sweet, but intelligently demanding so they needed not be alarmed”, yet to be warned “The child is very observational and never over looks a single point!

Needless to state, her auntie thought she had seen and experience all there was to intercede in terms of raising such autonomous earnestly honest energetic adolescent young souls!

All in all, when the little child arrived to his new family, the child was his normal grandiose persona. .. larger then life and entertaining. The little boy was the new town mascot and eagerly loved by all and each who met him. The old was mesmerised by his honesty and intelligence while at play.. and the young where equally fond of his generosity to aid them in work duties!

Yet nobody saw what might have appeard as a minutiae in the matrix of their collectiveness!

  On the forth coming event which was heralded as the turning of a new millennium, in the chronostratagraphical band of their history. It would be an extra exceptional occasion.  Reiterated by the Emperors guards. That the Emperor desires for everyone to appear again and would meet each person in person.

Posters were indeed placed on the boundaries of neighbouring villages and towns in very initiative fashion!

 it would become the magnanimous advocate of the community!  In which sufficient efficiency was needed to orchestrate such a dynamic yearly event!

 On the usually inconspicuous morning of the Kings dignified arrival. The whole road was indeed full. In which the little boy could not see past the unsurpassed crowd. The king was driven in on a golden horse and coach the caretaker shouted!





Crowds screamed and shouted,  in which people where indeed crush by the rush of the pressure from surmounting crowds as edges if feverish consistencies!

The little boy screamed and cried “Yet I can not even see the emperor and his wonderous cloths, I want to see, please let me see?”

His aunt replied “Boy I am but old and too frail to lift you up, I will have to describe to you the robe”

 Which the little boy asked “Tell me the colour of the robe”

The aunt replied “Yes my little Child the robe is red with finely green and gold emeralds on the collar and sleeves, there is specks of white on the back of the robe to compliment the emperors beard!”

“Wow!” Said the little boy… “Tell me more…  I want to know more”

  In which the sweet auntie graciously obliged “Yes my dear, He is now approaching the crowds in which our  emperor is turning around and bending over to bow while the public touch his beautiful silk red robe with green and gold emeralds and the specks on the back matching his white beard!”

“Why is he bowing I have never seen a bow before… please can I see the emperor please…..”

 The aunt replied “” lovely child I am ill and can not hold you up for fear of my ailments… dear “”

Just then as the little boy commenced tearfully wailing. .. a member of the guards heard the little boys tears. ..

The guard asked if the boy ” could climb upon his back? “

The boy immediate climbs upon the back of the guard and sets eyes upon the emporer….

The boy stares in all shock and surprise to what he is witnessing. Then looks into the crowd to witness hailing and applauding as the emporer bows and gestures honourably to the crowd with his right hand in a posturing grandiose ceremonial suggestion!

The boy immediately “Shouts from the top of his voice “But the Emperor Has Not Got His Cloths On?”

The crowd immediately stops and looks at the boy!

One on looker said “Who is the child!”

Other states “He is the new town favourite and he is indeed intelligent!”

“The crowd all look at the emperor investigating his attire… Then all… one by one they realise he is not wearing his cloths so they engage throwing fruit at the emperor…

The little boy gets down from the guard and runs to the emperor who is being pelted by an assault of fruit

The little boy protects the emperor who is layout on the floor hit by pelting fruit. When the emperor finds consciousness he is at his bed with the little boy holding his hand..

 which the emperor says ” thank you ” to the boy for his brave act of protection, while promises the boy anything he wants…. for as long as he lives!

The little boy agrees to the agreement and makes a silent wish…

The king asks the boy to “Disclose to him the contents of the secret wish”

In which the little boy refuses “As he is afraid the wish will not come true”

The king lays back down and sadly utters “Oh I see”

The little boy says good bye to the king and leaves for his auntie acustomed by a guard for safe journeying.


The king slowly waves as he falls asleep. ..

This renound play and literature is a formidable story I learnt at primary school relayed graciously by then school teachers… which I feel happy to reinstall to the membrane of any who has forgotten or unfamiliar with this tale!

The moral of the story is following others can and will often blind you from the truth, which sits right in front of your very eyes!!!

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Thank you and be well

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