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“Many Are Wide Awake… Yet Are Fast Asleep! While Many May Appear To Be Asleep, Yet Are Wide Awake!”

While You May Come To Realise, That Many Are Awake In This World (Only In The Physical Realm) And Can Neither Perceive… Realise… Visualise Any Affirming Actualisations In Current… Previous… Future Chronological Periods…?

There indeed exist some, few (Few In Ratio To The Capacity Of Human Life In The World) That Are Sleeping And Quite Heavy (Heavenly… Explicitly… Soundly… Quite Quiet,  Comfortably) Yet Are Wide Awake… (Having An Awakening, Quickening Of The spiritual Soul… A Heavenly Bliss, Consciousness Of The Subconscious… Enlightenment).

I hope you can follow this detail… As it is not always easy to learn new things, especially as one gets older… (You may have noted the mention here, from the unravelling of notions in earlier chapters… Yet I digress). 

We can observe the many who are quite feverishly…

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The bark of the harshes testimony

The evolution of the genome… has delivered nothing short of a mere roller coaster ride for all reciprocal species…

Imagine if one was an old oak tree… rooted in the millenniums of human phylogenetic’s? 

Just Imagine the sights one would have engulfed… behold the horrors embraced by the elements of nature, from the subatomic to the vastness across the landscapes…?

Sense the turmoil which had/have/has indeed poisoned our friend the earth… our landlord the earth… our regulator the earth… our sustainer the earth… our helper the earth… our mother the earth!

From this understanding one has to admit, surely it is not an advantageous prospective to abuse the mother which gave you life from her flesh, lungs and oxygen!(Life being the historic metamorphosis of our genome). But just as important as the child not engagingly abusing the mother, it maybe more severe if the mother takes total liberty in her abuses to the said child. For what the child learns is directed straight via the life which spends the early years with said child… You may have notice this briefly mentioned in an earlier chapter regarding untrained parents! The untrained parent is none other than the future historic abuser of their own children or their children’s children… or any such child which comes into contact with their children as adolescents or adults! This will occur in a quantum figure of abused children but certainly not all, which can be broken by the rarest of luck in a fortunate circumstance… I.e successful  marriage/business/education/health etc etc… (Unfortunately it also must be disclosed that broken children often will indeed evolve into non other than broken adults)

Within the original genome or origin of species, our basic premise was set. In this… that it occurs of superior significance to have a basic comprehension of who and that which the human phylogeny exist as and evolve with/into..? Such questions have enduringly been long proposed to the intellectual of homo sapient from great antiquity to date. Arousal for the intrinsic values have been set, fought, spread, shared, lost, torn and shattered untill all that remained was identified as undeciphered by mere mortals. Through the ages… the epochs… the great change of surface and the associate of power, men have worn fear (especially those in power) akin to a fashion or protective lotion. The fear inbred in humanity is relative to the average cerebrum (intellect/actions). For we witness the more fear one has the weaker the being is… and ultimately will never benefit the synopses of a conclave, recipients or group/s. This fear can be either a solitary manifestation within the identifiable specimen or entwined in the life’s of the sentient beings… The quality of the mindfulness can shed a metamorphosis from a state of “philosophical qualia” to the human theme of uncompromising fear and hysteria! The echelons of the subsequent malevolence that exist within the domestic being is in steady proportion to the individual quotient of the particular being! Each being is available for further programming or reprogramming (memory wash or sabotage).

If a sentient being is programmed, directly and accordingly…? Such will be accommodated with a pious outlook for the coming decades, even in turmoil and matters concerning bilious nature’s. ..

If the sentient being is programmed impiously by first original tutors.. (that being the untrained guardianship endorsed by a corrupted methodology) the young offspring will then be at a position of troubling mercy throughout those years and throughout. A necessity by intervention or mere luck can aid a pious transformation in patterns!

For this we can state it is of great significance to not allow even one single Ill made mother or parent to ever raise a child or baby.. The contamination and consequences are of the magnitude that detail quantum figures in society’s acknowledgement! The apparatus which subliminally identifies this motion is maths…

You see, one plus one equals two (As long as the individual units remain in total separate identifiable states). Again two separate units of individual units, plus two separate units of individual units, equals four individual units in total!

One can consistently endeavour combining this fundamental scale of addition untill we reach a quantum figure… of individual units identified and grouped!

This figure is non other than an infinite figure of future additions to the said sociology heterogeneity. The initial or the commencement hails as the original pairing of spiteful partners. These unfortunate pairs who will indeed oblige the misfortune and lack of prosperity by ill advice and proclivity to baby making factories.. will certainly endeavour on with the forceful habituation of vitriolic idiosyncrasies juxtaposed to distract and disable each offspring. The offspring’s oblige their early tutorial by providing the dismal ritual in future adult relationships, by mimicking the haphazard & faulty application of parenting skills bequeathed to child/children!

Whether the I’ll nurturing is the detrimental affirmation of good intention skewed or just direct purpose-built skewed intentions..? Neither is profitable to the young life… adult… society… etc…

The worse is yet to be entwined with in the dusty dirty fabrics of societies destitute. Such societies, who promote on the vanguard of ethical promise for the promising quotient… The very societies find it troublesome to punish the parenting technique of such unprepared folk, without raising their head to stare hypocrisy in the eye!

Yet it is too unfortunate to behold, for without the deterrent there can be no heed in a detrimental consequence! For we witness daily the mothers who share nonchalance to etiquettes in child/infant “qualia”

Such as the unnatural disturbance, is a relegation… which will last a futures period if not wholeheartedly breaking the organism in full growth!💔💣.

As we have stated short of numerous… there exist a correct affirmation and an incorrect affirmative to proceed with everything everywhere always!

Unfortunately the poor are of severe debilitation in which they are highly likely to formulate poor associations from their inferior inclusion of metric zone and social surroundings and appeal. The poor in their eternal desperation are more than likely to seduce poor kinship and friends which metamorphose and evolved into partners… relationships and families. .. Unfortunately the herd will not have bequeathed the correct contingencies to bypass political depredations in any state or society! More often than most non-habilitation awaits all future dates… The statistics of such offspring’s who outlive their parents and perpetuate a pious life is extremely grime and unprofitable to the nations which indeed support their interests! Most of poor offspring’s may live on to commit suicide…

It has been recorded that one single broken child, can live out a life of crime in which a quantum of one thousand (1000) lives can be destructively destroyed from the illegitimate child-birth till it’s death?

This is totally unprofitable and unrighteous ethical to support one life of many life’s!

Unfortunately the lonely mother walking down the street is the true prosperity of your life and mine…

In fact all our lives rest on the prosperity of her loneliness… If she is happy the baby will be happy and grow up to be a pious member of any society…

Yet if this lonely women is ungrateful… miserable… or holds bilious sensations…? Then one and many a life will indeed be ruined, commencement begins with the child’s.. then the mothers in which after all who come into contact of the growing adolescents will indeed be amongst the catalogues… of unfortunate statistics to the growing venom spawned from the mothers scorned!

It is known the world over that those who are poor will often not raise well-rounded offspring’s in rich societies, as power and money animates a person’s status or fame even well-being falsely for as long as the monetary value exists in their personal volts.

Black mothers are situated at the pinnacle of the distribution of disproportionate prosperity…

With in the Afro-Caribbean genome exists the propensity to destroy the black genome from the insight out!

Strange as it is, it is certainly an intrinsic faculty of the black homo sapient! Fear… certainly contributes if not wholeheartedly situating as the complete synopses of the demise of the black genome! Once jealousy is punctual you can most certainly foresee a future evil, perpetuating vitriolic methods. This will occur from within the black unstable table of misfits and degenerative programming to debilitate any quality etiquettes that which they have not been blessed with!

Thank you and be well and faithful

Those who walk in the temple of truth.. light… mindfulness….

Agricultural Longevity (Blossoming & Biochemistry)

Summer reaches out to all life, the heat drains fluid from all organic compounds… The protoplasm engage in water retention. The biotic substances are starved while dehydrated. .. You are busy or pre scheduled with multi tasking duties…

Now! Who will feed the plants…? As you may have forgotten… Not to mention you spent a considerable amount of time in previous occasions, rearing your beloved polychromatic symphony of decahedrons.

Such bouquets sit as your prize possessions. .

Yet it maybe costing you a substantial sum each month in maintenance. ..

I.e If your collections of exotic bliss, is costing you in the region of fifty pounds (£50) per month… You would have spent “six hundred pounds” (£600) a year!

Again, if we multiply this by ten (10 year period), we calculate the sum of 600 multiplied by 10 ( 600 × 10 )

Six hundred (600) multiplied by ten (10) equals the sum of six thousand (6,000).

Now lets multiply the sum by twenty (20, which relates to   “A 20 year period” of maintenance cost, of your plants)

Again, the yearly subscription cost of maintaining fifty plants…  (50 plants… is approximately six hundred pounds (£600)

Let us multiply six hundred (600) by twenty (20) equals twelve thousand pounds (£12,000)

Now these valuations set out, are the expenditures of flower/plant maintenance, considering you have approximately fifty (50) plants in your garden or elsewhere. ..?

Now… how to save twelve thousand pounds and still give your wonderful plants, a better (Minus twelve thousand pounds) treatment and nutritional supplementations!

No.1 First collect and save all your empty bottles… plastic or glass is suitable for this event… (cleaned and washed) Have a bottle per plant pot or per 1 square metre… if your plants are in the ground…?


Any bottles are fine for usage in this event, a lid will be important but not necessary (Regarding a lid, will explain later in this chapter..?) Remember the size of the flower pot is relative to the bottle size… I would suggest for large flower pots over Twenty litres in metrication (20 Ltr), to use the size of a 5 litre container, available for this event!

For flower pots of volume Ten to twenty litres in metrication (10-20 Ltr). I would sugest one uses a container of approximately 2 litres in volume..? For a plant pot under Ten litres in volume… one should utilise a bottle container of under a litre (500ml-750ml in volume)


No.2 collecting debris and organic matter..

Now that you have your bottles ready per plant pot or ground square meter allotted space.. Collect all your food waste… news papers, papers, magazines, cardboard, wood chippings, twigs and branches, leaves and dead flowers, very small stones, bits of metal, screws, nuts, bolts! Anything which can be used as compost is vital for this event!


All left over and not consumed meals, dishes, snacks, breakfast, etc…


All Dead and dying plants…


All twigs… leaves and branches and bits of chopped or splintered wood… even saw dust is appropriate!


Segments of metal, cut pieces to fit in bottle or container…? Do not place plastic inside container or bottle as it does not devolve or dissipate!


Crunch or break the snacks into small pieces…


Chop any old fruit or disused larger food wastes… do not put plastic rapping in bottles…


Now that you have collected everything mention. ..?

Step No.3 Placing items in the bottle.. (NOTE: Remember! You will only be required to fill the container with the contents once every twenty years (1 occasional for 20 yrs duration)


Carefully placed items in mouth of the bottle/container. .. (You may have to break into segments the wood, twigs and branches, before feeding the bottle or container for easy fit!

20150618_15142820150618_151825 20150618_150030 20150618_150143



You notice the bottle/Container becoming slightly mucky on the outside if your handling skills are a little to eager to fill each container… (Note: it is best to take ones time in case of disasters and spillages?)

Step No.4 Adding liquid to breakdown the substances (NOTE: Remember! The liquid only must be replaced only when the liquid is spent via the nuzzle (Drain) into plants approximately every week…? 


Take each bottle/Container to the nearest tap, one at a time… You can clean the bottle/Container just as you filling the bottle/Container with water… Actually any liquid will do for this event… That includes cooking oil, olive oil, food oil, juices, milk, dirty water, rain water and all organic liquids.. (Tea and coffee etc)

Do not use hazzardous materials for this… any toxic chemicals may destroy the plants. .. do not use car fuel or any such cleaning agents or any hair products or chemicals…

Now that you have enjoyably filled each bottle, place the located cap or bottle top of each container in the correct position of container nozzle?

20150618_153603 20150618_151907

IF…. You locate…?

The type of container which has a easy fit lid with a whole or screw in cap with a flip up lid exposing air flow and liquid..?

Then you will not need to perforate any wholes in the cap!

Otherwise, advised to perforate two small wholes in nozzle cap… perforation wholes should be quite small, the size of a thin nail or smaller is about right, depending on rate of flow you prefer?

Locate and utilise suitable instruments you can engineer in to stabilised devices for your feeding pod, to rest upon, while tilted upside down…?

20150618_153632 20150618_153703 20150618_153927

Place your bottles as instructed, correct size bottles for pot space etc…

20150618_153910 20150618_153709 20150618_153823 20150618_153738

Now sit back and save your twelve thousand pounds each twenty year period….

Watch your lovely flowers blossom year in year out…

Just like mine….



20150616_164914 20150616_164854 20150616_164719 20150616_164632 20150616_164603 20150616_164648 20150616_164641 20150616_164454 20150616_164439 20150616_164432













“With Sincere Courtesy” Idiosyncrasies!

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Relationships of familiar personal digest and entwining, have long been the heart of civilisation…

The strength of a species and it’s separate part..

Without insinuations towards the alignment of a specific culture or society…. We can realise all prosperity arrives with the cohabitation of the prospective land one wishes to occupy… abide by and surrender servitude to its doctrinaires and customers…

The overall success of non industrial cultures manifest via the autonomy of the general public…

“Understand, how can a ship deliver safety to the passengers, if turmoil is present, through out the admiration of the crew?”

Competence of such a project exist without competition and selfish compromise…

Hence! “One for all and all for one!”

You will have noticed many land mines waiting destruction, as well as the beautifully adjusted to temperament and the curvilinear of negotiations for longevity. .. A slight comprise is necessary on such ground… for a…

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“Alpha To The Omega” The “G”reatest “O”rder “D”emonstrated

Must read★★★ The most important read of literature since THUMMA THEOLOGIAE

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How do we even try to describe the supreme being… The one which started all existence…

Fore the word “GOD” is too far inferior, as such a disruption has been too far tainted and ruined by mankind and mainly via the newest international language set upon the earth! That of the ENGLISH language and the multiple meanings per word. Such a language is still inferior to the comparisons of “ARABIC” for instance which is millions of times larger and more accurate.

RATIO between the two languages is vastly NONE comparisable

example No1.

For instance, if we was to measure the entirety of the ENGLISH language…. by symbolising a measuring instruments holding water?

The measure tool we will obtain will be a cup?

Please go and retrieve a large cup for this precision of this experiment… Thank you!

Now that you…

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“The Triviality Of Concerns”

Is it not quite interesting, how paradoxical agendas are treated or manifest issues of concern..

One could not quite help but to notice the triviality of one groups crusade oppose to more detrimental issues across the atlantic!

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“Mean while, elsewhere in the unbelievable world of quintessential polar opposites”

A separate story unfolds, one of unnecessary importance and headlines. Niether of tragedy human debilitation or injured life!

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Be well and take care

Thank you

Regards the poet..