“A very Chilling Thought”

13 - 1 (3)13 - 1 (87)AIpctpHIug67qYIuVTfBmEhw1XxoO2TX0P0EWWtY0qyUWith all the admissions of recent scientific discoveries. … The realisation of the “Tachyon molecule” and the fields of ether, A Extraordinary admittance into further fruition of clarity stursย suspicion and intrigue for existence…

The souls always knows something the heart senses and the mind struggles to confirm!

Some dreams, further juxtapose to us, a realisation of past events!

Sometimes we travel to destinations for the first time, with a severe sensation we have been here before!
“How spooky and chilling” quite eerie to say the least!

The amount of times I have been to destinations which I thought was the first and felt a strange admission that this was not actually the first time I may have been here!
Countries… overseas areas… cities… continents….
Even the spirit of people who might acquaint can feel engagingly familiar!

The Tachyon molecule

Is amongst the newest findings of atoms!
Its Properties are quite astounding to say the very least!
“The Tachyon was observed under a powerful telescope named the wiffle or waffle telescope! -(you may personally care to investigate the name of the telescope by search engines for spelling!)

physicist reiterated;-

“The Tachyon under extreme observation, appear before its starting position when travelling”
“Such of the light speed of travel that it reversed its juxtapositions”


“Tachyon molecule travels its mass at the speed over light by 1.8”
“In which causing a reverse action, observed by Physicians!”

This article is over 6 months old on Tychon phenomena!
however this has the most fascinating implications to the phylogenetic-ism of not just the anthropogenesis but every life form, from cosmic collation to micro organisms!

The realisation that in the degeneration. .. collapse and fluctuations of cellular deformation. …
A restructure of the entity can reform in a separate or unfamiliar form,ย alien to its previous identity, but possible with a tiny potion of its molecule structure engaged to its new form!
Resulting in familiarity of its environment!

If cellular structure is broken down as per normal on death of an organism!
Where the organism lays, no matter how long a period, whether decades… centuries or millenniums!
Even if the architecture of the environment under goes the most extreme metamorphoses!
A hint of “De Ja Vu” can remain present in the identification of the surroundings to the identifier!

Resulting in A “De Ja Vu” or “Realisation” “Enlightenment” “Clarity”

The nihilistic order of chaos is such that nothing can be truly predicted of matter outside non control of organisms!
Control would be to dictate… monitor and manage… the process of…

Chaos has its own law’s differential to that of organisms and organs!

Chaos can spring into any force or structure or destructure at any variable… Resulting in collisions. .. mass effects… metamorphosis. .. combustion… etc…

“Understanding thy Self, thy Entity, thy Formation”

It has been stated that many people can not stand to be alone?

“THIS IS INDEED TRUE” I have noticed!

Reasons suggesting is that dome people(singularity of self preservation), have been very fortunate for whatever reason to have uncovered the realisation… the acquaintance of self from childhood, Which others unfortunately will for whatever reasons will take much longer to come to the admissions of realisation!

Unfortunately such is the detriment, that such will be unable to live a life alone and will suffer in the unfortunate existence of old age!
Simply from,ย not spending enough time to get use to the wonders of singularity at youth…

Such an awakening, is indeed a modern-day PHENOMENON discussed between health authorities in the western globe!
More and More overseas nurses and professional care workers, are being drafted in from the African and Asian Continents because of the dramatic rise in Suicides, From loneliness etc… the over intoxication from self medication -(drugs, drink, on-line medication)

All of this is due to a major lack of education of the self in the western continents!
The western Continents, teach their young how to make money, but not how to preserve the self!
For this you must pay and look outwards towards middle eastern faction of mysticism!

Unfortunately, the western daredevilry have escaped the health warnings and chastened themselves to a frivolous live of debauchery and chance!

Such as the dettriment!

Would not be a problem, if nobody had to pay for the mistakes of the individual/individuals… which often lead to a multitude of concerns imminent, progressive and inevitably perpetually!

Such from, not properly maturing the self can render a life full of misery untill old age, full of regrets and torments!
As a species from the anthropogenes of indigenous folk who thought, I thought also when instances allowed clear clarification!
I, Wasted too much time giving philanthropy to poisoned negative genes from unhealthy inhabitants of Mind, Body and Soul..

Nevertheless, The soul always called while I reasoned with it, but truly sciences are proving all, and such well recieved information, of that which I kept on guiding when many belated my madness…

I.e he is “mad” he is “crazy” etc… etc… He is talking “shit”.. when all along I was indeed correct!

“Wow” even more than I could know!

For now, most who dismissed my affirmations are either suffering from cancer or some other debilitated encumbrances!
“Oh how the voice of reason is your only true friend,my friends!”

So I suggest to you “Always trust the voice of reason inside yourselves”

This voice of reason, ” Actually knows more than you or I will ever know in a life time”

The only technicality, is the fact you will probably have to stay sober, more often than most, for it to register clarity, a little drink is ok but not on the verge of everyday! As that definitely will only skew all attempts of realisation from significantly presenting awareness!

I trust this finds you well where ever you are!

Stay true to self…

and live long and prosper…

Alone or with company!


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