The idioglossia of one’s idiochromosome


Lava 2_4

This is the degree upon the west, who by decree cause yet nothing but ill will upon the earth and natures inhabitants. From the invasion and destruction of innocent microscopical  the life to contamination of the insurmountable!

Blood be thicker than water

“I often question how degenerate a mind can become, as to not even consider future dangers untill it has risen, often to late”

This suggests would suggest genuine characteristics of the utter stupidity of the homo-sapien that hales out of the west!”

Never Ever Believe The Police

Long since, have I contemplated the mental degeneration of folks from the western shores. Often realising such idiosyncrasies, formed actuation of drug inducement, but rather I did not inquisition nearly as deep enough! As upon further introspection it is evident most individuals who have inhabited the western north Atlantic ocean, have evolved quite unexpectedly crudely in all metrication and dissociation away from sophistication of antiquities pure geniuses! The last of the Renaissance men are all but dead! If you by chance so hapoen to spot one? You will be indeed blessed in your life! For such relics are banished accross time space and energy as rotten cattle are from organic farms!

The lords name in vain

Living in the west neither  cooperates/produces/indoctrinates to  lawful earnestness out of citizens in this unfortunate epoch. By comparison the existence for those citizens is to feed the upper classes and be a product for the livelihood and prosperity of the “upper tier class”. This is including a pony for the police office to ride, while Pershing the path of least resistance for maximum profit. A cow to be milked so financial organisations can send their offsprings to an expensive indoctrination. A universal fraud so the wealthy can raise their succinct replication in a costly manner.

The malevolence is even displayed through the youngest members of this unbenign environment right to the law enforcers and beneficiaries! Ironically  law enforcers are cut/gathered and prepped from the exact impoverished  clotha those who they arrest/frame/false testify against.

United Kingdom, England at that matter, to seek residential status is not something I would ever advise in all earnestness to anyone anywhere at any given time, ever!

The blood of the west is fashion_1

What England may offer anyone seeking residents in financial categories is dwarfed by what you unintentionally will receive to foster in mental dilapidation, misery, victimisation, stigmata, affliction, internal robbery and exhaustion if not “anatomical combustion”- a phenomenon of recent decades past in which old age pentioners would burst into flames from the mass distortion of chemical corruption internally entwined in organs;  Namely stated as “God’s punishment” for a wicked life lived via ill will to others, adjacent with a malign host of other weird and obscure bombardments of turmoil the body can engross!

Lava 2_2

My earnest hypothesis is the cancer bartered by most is nothing more than the ill –  will emotionally displaced either secretly or openly morgaged upon others life?

How can one feel sorry for such a malign fate when all around are the most evil of species by way of human version of a black widow- (the western mentally) crooked, selfish, greedy, envious, vengeful, spiteful, nasty, grotesque hate spawned from masses of medusa! (Ancient Greek Mythological figure; A women with snakes on heir head, while the lower body was of a python)


Myself born and bread here in the west, chose not to have children, for too much evil roams here in England! It has become a natural phenomenon that every agent you lay your eyes upon is engaged fanatically in some saught of scandal or other! Money laudering, drug trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, mental or emotional abuses, fraud, sexual or sexuality abuse, theft or robbery. Along with “defamation… falsification… purgery… slander… propagation… misinformation… misrepresentation… deceptions… trickery… evil engineering… corruption… scandal… honey traps… malicious ingenuity… cheat… Indecency… filth… lies… hate crime… sabotage… all heinously employed by all, even some who often attend church!

S Memo

The most distinguished and disappointing attrition to this, is the fact that the greater the longevity in this region for any entity, premises or association the greater the decline in your ability to remain pure and succinct in yourself. The values of many in England spoil and rot away long before your fibres will be cast from your corpse, when leaving your open casket decay, to infest upon yet another akin to a contagion! You will be remembered least, forgotten quicker than the last one before.

England I compare to rather a plague legion, to end all plagues and everything else!


You could easily imagine the future quarantine of mass civilians, infected by such a hedious transparent plague, which degrades the self irradicates the will, distorts the features of any one  elemwhom eastheticonce echoed easthetically – (Farrah Faucett the hollywood actress, died in 2009 from cancer while sufferring for ten years with a home made video). This intrigued me very much so, how something so attractive- (as she was voted one of the most beautiful women of the century) could end up this way? 

This was an incredible parody on a subliminally fortunate career and talent, an amazing women and one who I enjoyed the previous feature entertainment, consequentially this indeed appeared more than ironic and soul destroyingly, while tragic at the very least!

Reminiscence of an amiable entertainer I use to love watching as a child, who I grew up to notice in real life!

I felt quite in love with paula yates as a school child! I can recall running home from school to switch on Channel four on t.v to view, what I believe was called the “Word” or something or another?  A good vibes music and arts programme steared at the young and fashionable! Probably similarly to that which focuses on music and entertainment in present television! – (T4/MTV etc). Sorry but i do not really watch t.v much anymore, so unfortunately I am not upto date with the world of the misinformation and disinformation, plus un-etiquettes portrayed for the eagerly excepting unfortunates!

Yet as the brilliant Mark dwain expelled magnanimity in this subliminal quote!

“If you do not read the news papers, you are uninformed.  If you do read the news papers you are misinformed”

Such true take on the abstractions of hedonistic life in the western frontiers!

While the darkskin ethnics are relinquished internationally as being amongst the most misinformed meat eating mammalians of the civilised world which ever existed so much so, to sell their own prisoners as slaves while allowing foreign invaders to help themselves to Africa’s gold, land, women and resources?

Suggests gullibility extraordinarily and easily vulnerable to whitemen and women! By the realisation Africans are the only people who would destroy their own heritage and kins, at the order of any Caucasian or Europeanist value system!

I questions how cheap such a people are! Probably one could assume such endogenous creatures existed as dis-advantaged slaves, if they enjoyed the business of abusing their own? (Race) “Twits” blacks are indeed!

Or is it rather the case as stated by the “Willie Lynch Document”?

“The Nigger-Mother” did her job far too well and broke every black spirit she could, for life???

For I have always loved yet another dynamic quote, for someone was uttered? “THERE CAN BE NO SIN WITHOUT SINNER, AS THEIR CAN BE NO PRODUCT WITHOUT PRODUCER- (IF there is a product, there must exist a market or demand for it to truly exist and spawn longevity).

Hence! such as supply on demand!!

14 - 1 (17)

So back to my crush on the late Paula Yates, who I along with probably millions of the young boys, found her curvy natures very appealling as an adolescence!

Plus her wonderful bright eyes!

Anyway those were indeed, but just starry moments in my young life!

However strangely enough, it appears fate always has a date for some of our thoughts!

Much later in life I took up a job, in which my colleagues spoke of how they saw paula yates, to my then surprise I could not believe them, they even told me the road where she lived!

As a fan I had to see if I would be lucky to set eyes upon my childhood feature! Yet weeks flew by and I must have been the only one out of my young colleuges who did not notice her!


Once I finally forgot about noticing her, as I was not even sure on the exact door of her home? Later, I was actually walking on the road that she lived on in westbourne grove Wc1, west London. Finally I actually recognised her, though she looked the same I noticed how sad she looked, I never had the nerve to approach her back then and unfortunately i missed my opportunity to say hello to this famous beautiful celebrity I use to amiably race home to view on t.v.

I noticed paula yates but I never had the nerve to say hello! But I would the next time I laid eyes to her!

The following week, I walked along paula yates road but strangely enough I noticed there where men wearing the white uniforms you would often see on the t.v detective forensic dramas when a body had been exhumed for autopsy! At a certain adress!

I thought nothing of it and just assumed an elderly person had died which occurs often from loneliness!

About a week later I was off sick, when I returned back to work I was transferred to another office in a new location which needed competent experience staffing to manage. I took the placement- (not that I remember having any choice or say in the decision!

I was excelling they needed me and I had to go to their aid! Anyway my destiny with paula was cut short as I would not be able to make a hello trip rendezvous from an entirely separate area!

I retrospective order the memory has been kept pristine of the moment I saw a celebrity I felt admiration for!

“Yet strange thing life really, yet a curse doubling as a journey to experience”

I came home one day.. cold tired exhausted from a lond day at work! It must have been close to a year later! I remember swiching on the news, I almost droped my cup of beverage to that which i layed on the box!

“what?!” “WHAT IS THIS?!” I remember reiterating…

The the iTN news reporter stated that 37 year old paula yates has been found dead at her west London home, and she leaves behind 2 kids!

It was a tragic ending to yet such a richful life, truly a beautiful women I thought, the worse part about the report was they stated that, they believed it was due to her partner who subsequently took his own life the year before?

By the same method- (Hanging on a rope attatched to a door) 

I believe the boyfriend was the musician from navanna, i think they stated, but I am not too sure about those minor details, huchince or something? A suppose iconic figure in the environment of that type of music scene one should know- (a very famous musician in that rock genre of music) but forgive me for my endulgence for music is not my priority here in this matter!

I could not see this ever coming while I have been near perfect in prophesies of events to come!

I always wondered about my only encounter with her from a distant, I do not know if she ever notice me or not, but I have always faulted had I had spoken to her, it may have made a significant differnce to her! Life is really that strange! I was doing quite well then in life for my then young age! Nothing at all compared to her standard, I always thought to myself I could have invited her to see my next competition bout?

But I remember how inappropriate it all was back then, different age, race, religion, class, finances, , appearance, etc etc.. probably may have been subjected to a police profile for a rapist or robber?! By parishes of ignorance and racist affiliations!

The worse thing about this regret was the fact that post news broke that she had been suffering from depression! I thought to myself back then, “we even had something to talk about” had I had the notion to first introduce myself  to paula yates?! But sure anyone can understand, when you are much lower than another in standards, life experiences, class, finnance it is not quite the norm to talk to others of separate status! Though i am sure via safe nurturing of child to adult, that it maybe possible to break away from stereotypes.

However! I knew and understood where my devils lay later on in my emerged state, to acquire my own antidote as did my pragmatic genius sake and the ultimate alter egoist fusion and subliminal Fictional character kept running and searching for his medicine state, “The one David Banner aka Incredible Hulk!” As I to had my demons- ( more to the 2001 film and updated version than the original comic book story!).

My mothers benign was well suffogated in my genes as well as tortured in my anatomy and physical state while growing up with a lunatic for what of a better word than a thing!

My mum undertook severe physical beating too!. Back in her day in that region of the world unmarried women of religious backgrounds, was never going to get away with being pregnant at 14-15 and not sufferring the consequences of such young and personal undemocratic malign to the sovereignty of a strict household and coagulation by cultural coadjuvancies!

Decending from generation to generation akin to a rock rolling down a hill top at velocities and momentum!

Yet who, what, where, When, how and why? Was such an instrumentation of such barbaric archaic commissions even introduced to the learning of a simple species!

why? Ahhh yessss… hmmmm but of cause, yet them again! Hmmmmmm… Forever and always were there lays invest there lays power! Where there lays power there lays threat! So after all it was the whiteman who taught my ancestors to beat each other so savagely, as to protect there only interest in capital from the slave trade and breaking of the nigger mother! – (Outlined in the willy lynch document)

And for this we must be greatful and love you as we would ourself! Ok!

You should be aware you have destroyed my family,? Mother miserably insane, drove my father to leave this country- (although he was a school teacher and taught you well from that which he was educated with).

All my families efforted to bring benevolence while you sabotaged will for ill! Most of them took out their issues on me! Yet I am suppose to thank you for this?! 

My poor mother carried me when she was continually racially abused, I realised now all her ill health was passing onto me while I was growing in her womb, the lack of support she recieved and stress as an ethnic then must have caused my own conditions to manifest!

The lack of adrenalin, cortisone, and positive hormones that a women’s body produces when she is stressed gets passed down to child!  While premoting poor genes and health issues I have studied to understand!

In which that child will be born difficient of something and will always exist ill!

All my sicknesses are hereditary from my mothers inheritance of racial abuse to her and my father!

Thank you for the pain and suffering you have caused my family and thy, for it shall not go unpunished for aslong as I live!

“What goes out to see, inevitably circulates back to the shores”

I always remember feeling sorry for her ex husband as he certainly endurred hell (Bob geldof)

Only for one of the daughters of the late Paula Yates to also commit suicide this year by mimicking  andher mother mothers lover!

This life is wonderfull hell!

For the children of the slaughtered may karma manifest back to those enslavers plainly for all misery endured!

For the children of the slaughterers?

Cancer for the cancerous. …

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