Modulation of monetary denominations

“The Law Does Not Concern Itself With Trifles” (Anonymous)

“The Good Of The People Is The Cheif Law”      (Cicero) 

“Laws Grind The Poor and Rich Men Rule The Law”                                                                    (Oliver Goldsmith)

“If The Law Supposes That, ‘Said Mr Bumble…, Then The Law Is An Ass- A Idiot” (Charles Dickens ‘Oliver Twist’).

Regarding laws and the intrinsic vehemence that governs all species, unfortunately and often do not align with man made laws, humankinds legislation and ethics! I often sense on individual assessments, that legislation often endevours to make a progressive step farword, while simultaneously taking two steps backwards! Possibly this fluctuation which attempts to pitch the two most powerful protagonist of human contingencies head to head in mortal battles, of ethics and morals verses mortals. Legislative practice for the majority! Strange as it may be no one coadjuvancy is superior, as often epochs and geography can dictate proceedings of chronology! Such chronicles can stain humanitarian issues quite detrimentally even if such as the philanthropy of the humanitarianism emerges as dictator!

“We can note that civilisation would not have made it this far without the aid of the rigidity of the religious transcripts and the governance of those who subscribed to such teachings. Yet the modernisation of society via the aid of science is equally as important!” As Fritjof Capra states ” A more general framework will have to be found, and in this new framework some of the concepts which are at present accepted without explanation will have to be ‘bootstrapped’; they will have to be derived, that is, from the overall self-consistency”.  According to Geoffrey Chew, these might include our conception of macroscopic space-time and, perhaps, even that of human consciousness: Carried to its logical extreme, the bootstrap conjecture implies that the existence of consciousness, along with all other aspects of nature, is necessary for self-consistency of the whole”

This analysis combining spirituality and science is as good a analysis as one could ever support regarding the correlation of suppose opposites! The unfound truth which sits as subjection is a realisation that all manifestations truly combined multiple facets! If one can sponsor such thought and spare reason it is quite reassuring to note all possibities of benevolence awaits sometime in the future of humankind! This type of supportive legislation to comprehension of the humanities is needed in the cerebrum of all earths humanoids! Neither one objection/subjection can succeed. .. What is indeed required is the coadjuvancy of both legislations. The deep moral intrinsincs of human nature governed by the regulative order of socialists prosperity! Socialist prosperity is something which needs to be under the most sophisticated inquisitions by all, including poorest to richest. Each under the umbrella of moral and financial value and constraints. A system where the poor can not be left like rats in a field to fester uneducatedly, roaming and breeding unquestionably, unreasonably, unrestrictively, unrestrained, unregulated, unanswered, uneducatedly and unambitiously while unrighteously unhealthily!

S Memo_229

This type of neglect to the poor, forsakes the poor to multiplex of inbreeding and family discourse and detrimental health issues. Often the family will be left homeless and to acquisition with the contagious afflictions of a modern bubonic plague- (Abola) Who knows where this disease made its introduction first? Yet we can not help to speculate if you brave very poor degenerate species of mankind to their own devices, what will you have? The answer is a revisit to the medieval ages in all actuation!


This travesty of chronology witnessed by every ancestors, the period over 1000 years and prior, in which humankind was very ignorant and the poor festered around as mice without education or restriction of decision! Layed the ultimate catalyst to fever, detriment, abuse, disease, horror, carnage, death on a international scale.

Yet for many centuries improvement of societies gained momentum. Yet it appears again a slight intervention of ethics, morals, intrinsic statistics of that which the monopolies of societies can afford to construct in order to save the majority of the human race, thus saving humankind per se.

The monostatic of illegitimates, who give birth upon birth are far from understanding, that which it takes to raise a family.

For those who in adolescence, were never ever taught by monopist type parenting…  Need such.

In order to fulfill adequate benevolence in family prosperity, such pillars of this coadjuvancy needs to be adhered to:

No1. Seek education first, before you even think of fornication.


Complete necessary understanding of skills to enhance work capability (This relates to being self sufficient and able to support yourself and a future family or immediate family)


Find stability and be grounded. (This relates to housing and accommodation, one can not truly sponsor a family if they do not have a home for the intended family, this is never the responsibility of another or overseas contracts of aid etc).


Not a good idea to seek a love interest, with bad ethics and character, a thirst for greed and emotionally instabilities (Such faculties will indeed often bequeath down to any children you incur from this union).


Always seek relationship with those with ethical or some form of spiritual or moral values (longevity is always honoured via such benign traits in companions of such kindred spirits).

S Memo_221

When we analyse the detriment of unhealthy relationships that are spawned from unhealthy relationships. It is clear they too… manifest into further nurturing of perpetual unhealthy citizens of mind body and soul. We could also state that, “all of the worlds main problems is solely a result of over production of unhealthy relationships that bequeath infants that will not succeed in the world or even benefit the world!”

S Memo_208

The problem, is a fact that, sadly so… unintelligent people do not realise, is the resource capacity on the world is not infinite. Yes this is true, every single produce in the world takes effort, time, energy and further resouces to produce the resource in the first place. This worlds resouces can not produce stock at the same rate life is being born. The difficulty is educating the less educated to understsnd this affirmation. Often media has skewed the uneducated souls vision of reality to the point, all true understanding has been lost to such people. Unfortunately this skew on life, has become the dettriment for us all on earth as a consequence on earth. Now that poor generations perpetually give birth without hesitation or restriction of the impact on earth, to their neighbours, infants, life, humanity, resources, other species, global vegetation, earths produce and vertilisation of resources.

This selfish act by the modern day homogeneous, is nothing short of the destruction of humankind. While the epitomises the nonchalance of their neighbour and the life they wish to raise.

S Memo_183

The more humans that are born the more earths resources and energy is under threat, from global intake of resources to support the additional lifes.

It is common sense, that if you keep adding numbers to a space, metric unit, area or geography, a few hazardous actuations will undoubtedly occur?

S Memo_196

Over crowding, disease, suffering, lack of quality, crime, hostility, abuse, destruction, ill health, etc.

No human being should continue having kids when there are already billions of kids who are suffering!

If it is the most evil act one can administer in the 21st century…? Then I do not quite understsnd the necessary to give birth when one can easily adopt a child.


Addition to any equation leaves little room for quality. This I suspect is a version of greed. One of the seven deadly sins. Greed, Glutton, Vanity, Sloth, jealousy, Revenge & Murder!

S Memo_177

In which the world has also become strained, from rich individuals who will manipulate and exploit the most vulnerable!

Both the rich and the poorly uneducated are exploiting the world in great units of trickery each and every second around the world.

The greatest irony is those, who are increasingly careful and calculated of financial protection and worry about the life of children… often do not have children because of this understanding and sincere value of life!

Yet they are the exact citizens of any society who should have raised kids, reason being, is… in all actuality such folk have the necessary care and foresight of realisation to premote and nurture the greatest in stable life for induction into this world!

Realisation of earth should bring, fear, care, compassion, reality, reservation, intuition, study, comprehension, subtleties, moderation, hesitation, intelligence, self nurturing, patience, skill and benevolence. For these are signs of the benevolent.

Never haste, greed, scorn, hate, glutton, selfishness, rush, instability, confusion, laughter, mockery.

For these are signs of the ill trusted and unfavoured bilious vitriolic idiosyncrasies of the self-catering monsters…

Be your good self

Be well✌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💯🎓✔

The Death Of The Renaissance Period, was the beggining of the end!

Upon an intriguing inquisition and the ruminations exported via an echoed ramification layered transgression, relayed by pariah and dilettante relinquishing virtues and morality!


Letter to almeria_6


A possibility for acquaintance with eugenics!

Once again my cerebrum awoke with a quadrature, scalar quantity and parallelogram of forces & spark laden epiphanies, all lecture symptoms symmetrically equating world issues and estovers of mass nonchalance and discord!

“My cerebrum had been set on fire this time with the ablution of thought and message”

It was my early morning rise, that bathed the way for the succession of anagrams of realisations through the vortex of my cerebrum and the armageddon of understandings!

It has become my belief that the world is suffering due to a statistical actuation of un-benign over the benign!

“The truth unmeasurable, that needs sky bound attention is as follows”

The ratio of competent folk in the world is dwarfed by the ratio of uncompetent folk by my approximation of over and under five hundred thousand and under one million to the ratio of just the one competent folk!

I.E the stupidity and foolishness of the modern participations of modern homo-sapiens are at an all time high and forever growing with tangible afflictions for the succinctly formed moderation of the enlightened- (this present day version of enlighten folks, may after all be nothing more than the normal everday folk, if they were transferred back in chronology) Yet this epoch of enlighten folk are today quite extraordinarily so aware of such faculties and behaviours, that they appear light years ahead of the brain dead majority!

If one aspires to carefully adhere inquisitions with sublime due diligence, of the necessary realisation, equations and the understanding of the sociolinguistics offered to comprehend such blight, one may be yet bathed in the true horror of such a juxtaposition in this epochs perpetual demise!

The stratosphere harbouring the modern day fools, the imbeciles, the twits and the stupids!

Man/woman, round or small, attractive or not the imbecile is where you will find them!

Neither the once rich/poor devide is either attributable as once before! Thus matter as significantly as did previously! For nationalised education is nomore the extraordinary deviding cliff, which was utilised to keep parties from communicating freely. As such was humanised by crushing much a deviding cap, actioned since the tripartite Act of 1954 in England and Wales!





However, where the problem arises on our modern dynamics of dilettante parental invasion, maybe due to the exploite of the childs toy?

Namely “The Barbie Doll!” and other expensive predecessors afford to little children as a utility tool to aid their compassion! These manufactured symbols of baby child rearing, may have aided the explosion on pregnant teenagers dumping their children just like litter! In which the child now a real life mother mimics her very own understanding of raising a baby!- (Her earliest lessons was to dump the toy when she got bored, throw it upon the floor, if parts did not work or function adequately?) Kick, stamp and bang the toy if she became frustrated! Except now it is no longer a toy, but actually a real life baby, that has earthed emotions/fear and bleeds and feels pain and transgression!

Had only the mother as a child, been taught to love her toy baby, she may have raised gentle her own! Yet as a consequence modern mothers are quite disenfranchised with their litter as the fostering of education was ill adviced in the mothers own twilight of youth and spiritual growth!

So now her off spring stands no chance as mother treats baby as broken barbie doll or worse!

We can see this problem up and down the country, abroad and further afield.

I would state quite openly it is an epidemic of world wide importance! As the human race depends on much needed resources to tackle such an epidemic!

The epidemic drains all natural reservoirs, in a similar fashion to the format locusts exploit and loot natural resources of field corn etc! A total blight upon the harvest of the land, situates an epidemic of such proportions!

The proprietors often are nonchalant and do not actually understand the seriousness of task to hand of raising children! For this many including myself are 100% in favour of legislation governing children and unsuitable mothers to even get pregnant let alone have a child in the first place!

Child birth or rearing is certainly not a right of way which should be allowed to all parish and participant of earth! But rather an excluded suitability programme, taken by students in order to pass examination suitability for rearing life!

As I grow I witness more and more people who are clearly not suitable for raising life, in which testing before hand would have been appropriate! Obviously some will squeeze through just, as state security for such divisions is as fallible as any other division- (Once we understand this appropriation, after all humankind is a huge work in progress).

Yet such a long lasting debilitation of resources has to be eagerly opinionated and aided for the benevolence of the other species if not the echelon of homo-sapien anthropogenics!

This often appears to me that some of the worse mothers of all time have children, exist in our chronostratagraphical zone and even flourish across all geographics in pepetual generations- (as mother as child as parent again,8) that suggest, such an enterprise of family demographics entwining via generations is the sole reason why? There exist a quantum scalar quantity of such dilettante child rearers in our epoch!

I remember my years in captivation, in which at different times the question was raised quite rarely in that lengthy period of the quantity and ratio of competent folks who dwelled in the institution!

Each participant I ever conversed with about such a topic- (which was only less than the fingers on my hand) only gave a rational ratio of about 1/1000, in prison population who was of competent mind, I always thought that was genuinely generous!

As I thought the ratio was a little greater, plus on a world scale I believe it does not differ, people outside of incarceration are no more better and actually seem emotionally and characteristically distraught and damaged, yet probably even more devious– (Especially if you care to check up on statistics) which is often unimaginable of crimes against others, crimes against children, sexual crimes, fraud, etc and those never solved all of this will suggest the ratio of criminal practice per percentage of person is about 90%.

S Memo_93

As a child a statement I heard relayed in a famous action movie always came to mind!

“Who do you trust? Me! That is who, me”

Was the famous words uttered by actor Robert De-neiro in movie “untouchables” (If my movie guide history is dare correct?)

I always understood that statement as basically you should not ever trust anyone, regardless of who, why or what they say?

It came to me in such places of incarceration, that such following collaborations , because of these childhood exploitations by greedy manufacturers, extensively weak minds, ill afforded parenting, lazy minds was the reason for this outbreak of the death of the intellectual!

We will never see another renaissance period or even 1/1000000 of a rendezvous of such astonishing greatness again!

It is obvious to me now, that men and women are just not built that way anymore! The way we was once manufactured via a multiplicity of earthing has been lost via the electrical cables and software programmes of recent millenniums.

The embryonic type suffragists that produced that special formation in an epoch of dicotyledoneae- (eadicot, dicot) type individuals of special blossoming and polychromatic brilliancy, from artistry to free hand masonry, to high fidelity, to literature has long since been dead and buried from our realisations and genome!

The paraphylectic status needed has also been vanquished from the cockpit of the sperm banks and possibly relegated upon a wax work relic at madam tussards museums!

Not a dilettante_1

So we are only left with the dust and the hinder of a brilliance from an after thought of previous millenniums, for no such millennial pursuits can reestablish the greatness of what has been exchanged via the electric age!- (the death of the brain wave).

S Memo_87

Just as one physician broke into new echelons of science the world waited to suffer, on the laziness it afforded us from his brilliance!

In hindsight it actual was a curse, for the instrumentations of one mans genius, has aided nothing but left the remainder of the post generations of Idiots, twits, fools and imbeciles to ponder a life that will not afford them the same creative geniuses!

Thank you and be well!

“COSMIC COLLATER” The light refraction and the earth bounds!




Jealousy ~ Jea > Jay 78 Birds > singing, perching. 565.4 Talking!

Lousy ~ Lousy > 82.12 Verminous, 618.4 poor, 622.8 unclean, 754.10 shoddy, 862.7 Evil

In actuality and technically speaking, we can reiterate formally that!

“JEALOUSY” = Singing Verminous!

“JEALOUSY” = Talking Poor! Talking Unclean! Talking Shoddy! Talking Evil!

We can also concluded without equivocations, that defamation, slander, evil genuine ingenuity, propaganda and malicious intent is an unfortunate demise and morning, afternoon and evening supplement of the truly weak indeed!

Lets us more than merely suggest, as we take time to ponder and submerge the deeper intellect of the cerebrum in inquisitiveness of such mirrored characteristics, to that of a most peculiar insect!

“THE Misbegotten, misapprehension, Miscalculated, Miscarrying, Mismarried, Misconcieved and Misconstrued MOTH”

“The Moth!”

Human nature mimics the moth in a kaleidoscope of arrangements be it mismanagement!

The moth is a type of miscreant, ungracefully disgraceful insect in its affairs of legislative practice, it’s very culture, ideology, methodology and practice!

Its pillars of religious affairs appear to resignate from any light source, while its main concern is to set its legislation aligned with the illumination of effervescent light!

The moth which has conventional characteristics of the butterfly, less aestheticism in amiable  governance from the “Moth” which lacks the polychromatic juxtapositions of the effervescent butterfly!

The moth highly ungracious but totally lustrous to its desired addiction!
The moth highly addicted to the theatre of light!

Such an Insidious creature would do anything to get to the light, even forgoing its very own safety and life to acquaint with this effervescent entity!

Extraordinarily so, that which mimics a light refraction will be the sole objection of the moth, forgoing all safety to reach the pinnacle of its affection!
Whatever emits the reference of light, whether it be Fire, Heated sources, Hot lightbulbs, Open flames, Halogen objects, the addicted moth will forego its very own safety ignoring any last micrometre of measurable intelligence, to reach the light, a possible more often then most, unfortunate death sentence or an insatiable desire for adrenaline?

Will not redirect the moth to a saver zone! And by default will be killed by the love of its affection and desire!

This light refraction is the moths heroin, in which for a dose wired to its neurons is willing to forego life its very self!

Meet the human counterpart!

This type of counterpart craving is akin to the very human nature we speak of here!

Unfortunately there are real life moths living and breathing in the world!
Unfortunately I have met and known real life size moths, walking around using those who have the light around them, in order to steal their light from them!

Yet the light can never be stolen from those who have the light!

Fortunately and blessing… it is not as easy to saturate the light from another as it would be to take their money, property, wife or family!

To effort to saturate ones light would be a certain definite improbability, to be honest!

As the light of another is their life, as when they die the light leaves with them, and can not be sold, exchanged, bartered, borrowed, swapped, reignited, challenged, restored, reincarnated or mimicked!

*One light for one person!

Nobody can mimic or redistribute ones personal light!

*No other can claim or stand in ones light!

As a personal light is to powerful to behold,  if it is not ment to be your light!

Do not force it or forge it as the power may consume you!

Spiritual souls live in a spiritual realm, they see their personal light aswell as the light of others!

It is worth noting, the non emergencies of light exist also, as those who do not incur the light struggle to live in a dark world without light, and in so, cause friction, mayhem, jealousy, defamation and hatred upon all immortal beings who carry the sacred light!

The soul is an immortal porthole, the body is mere physical presence and matter, nothing more than mere cosmic collateral collaborating as cosmetics… For and to the mortal earth-bound dwelling!
To franchise and mistakenly misconfigurate over!

*It is not the real self!

Be careful of harlots in the night, these forms are earth bound devils in disguise, plainly perpetuating their masters evil concurrent affairs!

Concoctions and subliminal affairs!

An abomination of soughts!


*Evil, Slanderous, malicious and deceptive!


Take amiable care faithfuls who ernestly live without hate for others!

you can not waste your time trying to appease devils or evil spirited folk (nomatter what their personal affiliation to, greed, class, or origin)


Be you good day!


with sincere courtesy


khalil Aliy