That Which Was, Inevitably Shall Be! As That Which Shall Be, Once Again Shall Return To That Which Was?

“History Always Repeats Itself”

S Memo_200 War of the species in galactic travel S Memo_218 S Memo_197 S Memo_145

As mankind often do not learn from the errors of their ignorance, sufficiently and adequately!

Humankind often strives by grandiosity, and quickly displays abhorrence to the past without, trusting the complete comprehension of things. This abhorrence becomes the hinder, for full and genuine true maturation!

Such office manifests as a trap for fools in the encore of human development! Such non steadying metamorphosis is that which directs all wars of indifference. This harsh precinct of authority will one day see the undoing of humankind to ashes!

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It maybe a fact! That if all of life and existence since before the big bang, is nothing more than aย “Revolving Doorway”. Then it should indeed make an abundence of sense, why we never learn before we destroy ourselfs!

S Memo_80

Possibly even the last big bang orย “EACH BIG BANG” is a direct result of intergalactic warfare?! Since humankind was born from organisms, humankind has perpetually inclined its thirst for want, intrigue, curiosity, in due/undue diligence, desire, unsatisfactory and much much more!

Lava 3_1

It should be no surprise that a form of humanoids eventually creates theย “NUCLEAR BOMB OF ALL INTERGALATIC BOMB’S” to destroy the multiverse (Multiple universes and galaxy) rending space time back to square one, in perpetual fashion of, big bang explosions which end and continue space time?!


This is my theory behind the big bang as presented above. I am yet uncertain how matter constructed itself the very very first time in existence! This will continue to elude all!

Yet still my hypothesise is what I stick by.


“Khalil Aliy” can only hypothesise, that after a time unrecordable in absolute emptiness, nothing or empty space gradually over a period un-state-able and unimaginable! Emptiness somehow via stagnation of emptiness evolved the most basic desire of intelligence! That basic intelligence was “Be” or to “Become”. In which the tiniest unrecordable element became something, atomically to infinitely small to register, but slowly grew of equal time!

With in the abyss of absorbed absolute abandonment. ..Arrived the unexpected instinct to be. Fashioned from a period akin to the entire length of a past ย eternity. Arose ย from nothing such thought to be!

Creases in time occured via the extraordinary positionings of nothing existing as nothing. This is indeed a miracle of soughts for the human mind to comprehend. Yet remember after all ourย cerebrums are but infinitely nothing in comparison to intelligence of galatic substance! So to understand something came from nothing is to much excruciation for even the most intelligent cerebrum to comprehend!

Yet this is exactly what occured, the very first time being came to be from nothing to something!

NOTHING! Strangely Presented with an unimaginable length of elementry period became by thought to be, then grew into something else, as expansion. ย Many many empty extraordinary lengths of the unit of what we now call light years past away. This past presented, the ideal time period for nothing to form something. (Remember, I am referring to a period as long as a past eternity) for nothing to become something. Upon further extraordinary lengths of period time past again and again and again, before this something became something of unimaginable infinite smallness in size. This tiny agent became more and more and once again, more still and the tiny agent became value, over the unrecordable length of time! Fore many light years (in ratio length of light years and not actual light yet) past before a spark so tiny formed, that can not ever be recorded, this formed the original ignition of light from the nothing! (Whether this ignition occured via an anxious vibration, akin to frustration desiring to be or not is unclear to me of yet!


What is clear, is to state such a happening, would indeed occur, over a period in time so long, one could not possibly fathom?!1414942290292

In extraordinary lengths of time past… Created folds in such emptiness.

Eventually more time past before it became definite, which later form element, vibration, particle, atom etc etc. so on.

Once life existed as multicellular organisms, equal unimaginable lengths of light years past untill, forms took shape.

Again equal light years past untill the next stage was set.

This very construction paradigm is unimaginable long. To the point it is hazzardous to contemplate!S Memo_151 S Memo_215 Pheonix flight_1 S Memo_108 S Memo_237

Physicians the world over have it wrong about theย “very first ever big bang”. Without any grandiosity I am very confident my analysis is true to the happenings of first existence.

That which the modern physicians are correct about is the repeated big bangs! That is a direct consequence of our nature to destroy things as I have already previously explained earlier in this particular blog! That would be a collaboration of exploding planets and dying stars. We are not sure why a star dies except because its energy fades, this could also be due to over drained resource from inhabitants. ย It is quite confirmed the sun planets burnout per usual, but earth bound planets are usually drained of energy, or die as a consequence of their star sun.


Mars could actually be a star sun which indeed met its natural burned out period or it could be a planet drained of all resources and then reduced to the size we understand it to be today?!

The repeated big bangs and the speed of the vacuum are a direct result of the gas, energy, mass, electrolytes, matter and chemicals which already exist post -(Afterwards as a consequence)ย ” initial Existence Theory, of how life very first began in space time (1.0).

All the perpetual big bangs which have arisen, in sequence of unimaginable occasions, are not akin, nor do each big bang mimic the original formation, of the first intergalactic intelligence from the stagnation of nothing to be -(become something). The so call first big bang, which I do not agree with! -(I do not agree with the hypothesis of the “theory” towards the very very very first growth of life I.E “big bang theory”).


The continued big bangs are a direct result of dying star planets and the inhabitants relation and destruction via the most violent anatomical destruction not yet visualised by future beings, not yet in existence. Though in future would exist a “Hybrid of the human genome” just as uncle homo sapien is a biological acquaintance of/with all anthropogenic beings in antiquity. The new galactic being with be a cross bread of galactic beings bread in galactic space in the same way early ancestors evolved by cross breading here on earth! Cross bread millions of years ago occurred between separate species of anthropogenic form. However in the antiquity of prehistoric ages, via further evolution rose the conquerors of the domain. ย The dominant humanoids! Their ingenuity to adapt, and instruct, galvanised their prosperity, habitation and goals. They were never ever complacent. Like we are not complacent today.



The only problem is this double edge sword of curiosity, indeed brought war of a magnitude we regret. Thus such as it is included in human idiosyncrasies, it will prevail victor in the final moments of the future in order to restart the big bang trilogy!


Maybe one day that future species may do something different, when they realise this affirmation?!


Thank you sincerely


Khalil Aliy


a84d6842cd065b3451dd457bc0c68688c44958edWhat ocean sand looks like - magnified 250 times.

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