prejudism is usually ignorance over everything. .

gPtFFDCE9eyNqEyvscVpKxkgWji6lQDFg-norFp6JlwThe most common form of prejudices are probably via culture or identity. .

The poorest of society who are quite uneducated are seldom appreciative of eclectic polychromatic variations in cultures…
Often degenerative via birth…

Only to coexist in a degenerative existence, untill finally apprehended by death, with the degenerative disorder still in tact right to the unfortunate resting place!

Often the poorest, of society’s who do not intricate with other cultures and the outside world, have naive world views so ignorant it bares resembles to artifacts derived from ancient history!
The lifestyles are often skewed and prosperity is a word never fathomed by the degenerative of a society!

A lot of aims/goals/potential and ambitions are not fully suggested within the membrane of such owners of an ignorant juxtaposition towards cover seas cultures..

Learning is a major degenerative within the family unit..
In many cases multiple factors arise for such an affliction, often not fully appreciated by those with nonchalance towards eclectic affiliations!

Fear over understanding is one factor: The fear can be inherited via family values within ones designated family, either adopted, natural birth, conceived via collaboration of the personal family unit…

Such a skewed ideology, does not actually benefit the unit in the long order, but may actually encumber the unit with difficulties along the road. As realisation advances life for the unit encumbers much problems…

The world appears a much bigger place by the cerebral state of the perspective from such prejudices.

The unit will feel threatened constantly by advancing technology, which will make the unit feel resentment at not being able to adjust to constant changes in the age of evolution…

A proclivity to remain the same as past generations doctrinaire, is of a proclivity juxtaposed by the unit, who struggle with adaptation!
This can also lead to difficulty often finding work, finding environments that are aligned with the thought pattern of such a unit can be an upheaval task, As a lot of work environments seek an improved body of work ethics outlined by majority of states!

One who has a company would often prepare the company to all get along than personal rifts in the working environment! disjunction of liaising colleagues, often lead to dilapidation work ethics, production, sustainability, health, moral, confidence and investment by the business as a whole collaboration! “Together we stand divided we fall”.

When investment is not made to rectify such nonchalance towards cultural acceptance, the working unit can either encumber effects of demoralization by abusive colleagues…

Negative crusades by prejudice affiliations juxtaposed by colleagues to one another out of hatred, fear, jealousy propagated by prejudism! Such and the juxtapositions of a unit will never succeed in the business attained, but would be an example of failure to structures in an ever expanding environment (culture).

A pack of wolves constantly attacking each other without leadership, will one day fall victim to the own device…
probably an unseen attack by emerging wolves may apprehend the disputing pack by an agitated alarm, sending the wolves scattering off guard and off formulation!

“One for all in all for one”.

The family unit can differ greatly from a working unit as they are yielded together by blood! Even if the family fight they may still be force to collaborate by a common interest;- that being of blood tie!

A family of fighting wolves can survive an apprehension, for the common bond will guard the lifes of the other wolves in the pack! A modern-day racist family maybe very strong together but are incredible subliminally weak apart.

The need for constant affiliation with like-minded cerebrals, is always present as fear of outside influence forever encumbers the cerebral state!

If family interest are not in vicinity. .. then the proclivity to affiliation with the nearest of such incredulous doctrinaire is a priority for the racist!

“Devided we fall together we stand”.

The factions of racialism ideology, would not ever want to be seen alone for paranoid delusions, which may stem from fear of attack. This fear stems from their very juxtapositions and proclivities. ..

Human nature often encumbrances a deep continuation in retrospective visions, portrayed from the very own cerebral state..
projections of their irony!
The very own path the adopted towards others..
usually betrays the peace of mind inhereted by such ideologies from racist…

“Live by the sword die by the sword”

A truly unwanted practice equivocated by the sensible liberal section of the human species..
To live freely and be able to go wherever one wants to go to is a benevolence of the heart mind-body and soul!
For one can never suggest to be wholly with such strong prejudicisms to others of variable reasons!

“Do unto others as you would have others undo to you”
And your love ones!

The neurological pathways in the brain can cause unsustainability of understanding and patience, if not regulated by good examples of behaviour from suitable guardians!

Between the ages of 6months old to 3years of age, Is the most regenerative of any cerebrovascular and neuron chromosomes cells! The rate of growth is the fastest of the life existence to the species! Quickly forming the identity and formation of the chromones to align effective order in process for the challenge of life!
The geometric rate is several billion per second! This occurs as all future identification for the outside world is being assembled in a fast track type process! Cells quickly in sn anatomical rate adjoining and structure life apparatus of stems and vascularity! Hence:-

” Anything you teach your child at birth will be the childs natural ability as it becomes an adult! ”

Parents who take the time to give their children a skill are in actual fact doing 5 things at once, in the life of that child!

1. To give that child a natural talent that would hortatively benefit the childs earning potential, as the child would have a natural ability over normal individuals!

2.This would protect society, from a future delinquent of immoral substances juxtaposing a malignant menace to society!

3.This would save the society millions just from one life of crime, As the average criminal affiliated often never contributes but rather subtracts from the society it is born in to! Costing legal fees… judicial fees and rehabilitation substantial cost along the demise of such characteristics!

4. A benefit to the parents who saved a life rather than the norm who just give a life then give up… in trying times of the entities existence! Such parents would be blessed for not torturing but teaching a child the benevolence of good living, oppose to parents who allow the child to learn everything the hard way! “A wasted life”.

5. An amiable benefit to the child, that can be used to teach other children or adults, while a blessing to the child! And not a unfortunate fate detested by modern families of another persons child or life! Such a child can have amiable kids and pass on the doctrinarian ever lasting in return like a lapsing rainbow! Recitations of reciprocation for the earths pleasure and inhabitants!

Such admiration is deserved of such parents who follow all the etiquettes to raising perfect children to adults (perfecting meaning a non menace to society).

Parents who poison the embryo of the life are in all doing the works of an Abomination to say the very least! As life being the greatest phenomena should not be taunted… broken… misdirected.. or poisonous bequeathed by ill practice of nurturing whether Physically… Psychologically.. emotionally or Spiritually….

“For it is harder to teach old dogs new tricks”

You may find challenging adults of authority, and simple bad etiquette towards society aligned with that of a aggressive ungulate..

A form of Anthropogenic  degenerative earth dwelling inhabitants! A meat-eater of subliminal uneducated constructions! Quite abusive and discourteous in mannerisms and character!

A parents failings can be a childs unfortunate inheritance not realise where or how untill old age arises and the offspring is forced to accept realisation of ones encumbered and travesty! Idiosyncratic. .. ingratiating skewed…cajolery and sycophantic!

Such ingratitude poised on an earthly being is a horrendous gift for human kind… one the realisation of how far one has travelled to get to their present juxtapositions. .. is a heart-felt appeal for order from such pariahs who give births to such Abominations of the phylogenetic-ism!

My Cri De Couer ; To Single woman thinking of having babies would be to inform them not to at once for their gratification maybe the worlds horror come into being! The nurturing of fashion over education is the most paramount mistake, a parent can administer to humankind!

This later becomes an addiction and a prelude to crime when the child grows up, then identifies money buys what you want but inherent instant gratification skews the life pattern towards earning money! Hence!

“The road less Travelled”

Most individuals will have a skew thinking on life anyway by pitfalls and evil ingenuities, aimed towards them by prejudiced entities!

The addition of incapable parents is an additional assault on the child’s life! Resulting in the invasion of future psychologically disorder… Possibly passing down a chain of psychoses one onto the next like a link of chains! “So the chain must be broken” Many will opt out off having children and rightly so… in order to protect life… society and the environments!

A point raised earlier in this thesis was the formation of the brain cells, This is important and should not be damage in any way while formation is under construction! Brains cells can be eradicated by anything traumatic from sneezing to head injuries…

After the age of 3 years old the brain cells slowly reduce the regeneration of cells!

As age takes hold learning can be more difficult… as we grow intoxication helps to eradicate billions of brain cells at a time! If there is a dilation in cell degeneration information will be lost!

“Amnesia”  Remembering occurs when cells duplicity is in effect of each other!

INFORMATION is stored by the vibration movement of neurological chromosomes! Amazingly sophisticated engineering of the genetic apparatus!   Not to be wasted or diluted with misogynistic rational!