The mechanism to understanding any environment, is best served by decoding in retrospect the earliest known epochs in antiquity to which it survived? ©Rafn_Sig_-1855waterfall-kayak-935huge-waterfall-kayak-935volcano-erupting-clouds-935 Such of an intriguing chronological epoch… would undoubtedly reveal the truest nature of its modern cousins! THE GREED IS DEEP WITHIN THY BLOOD Not a single hero or heroes can withstand its calling its very might! The segregation is based upon physiology… Biology… and millions of years of cultural conditioning… The cradle of civilization, approximately commenced in the deepest hottest regions of the global hemisphere, in A chronostratagraphical  epoch when all was but far from sophisticated and benign. This location otherwise recorded as Africa! has witnessed abundance of distortion over the millions of centuries.   Before the whole planetarium started cracking to form various regions and zones… In this period of this special undertaking of magnanimous twists and the galvanization of the shifting of the tectonic plates.. facebook_1343394515ab581309-5cd8-4bbc-9aeb-13f239e13b12lava-flow-2-935x600 Today’s species of humanoids started slowly commencing phlegmatic alignments with evolution.

This metamorphosis, took approximately millions of years to undergo under extremely polarized conditions to that which we experience today. After what has been recorded as over 30 million years of this great divulge and entwined  phylogeny. bushesblured branches.. Now after more than thirty million years the black gene is set in stone greater than a rock of cemented minerals and will take ominous power to undo this incredible feet of natural engineering. So great is the shift, that it will take easily as long as it has seen to devise the original contract of the phylogeny. Modern day nationalities escaped the chronicling of the tribal wars, after condemnation within indigenous tribes waged war upon each other. This threw sects into different parts of the hemispheres, trekking through the global land on foot before the juxtapositions of the then galactic parting of the planet! Now cultures were demonstrating identities through rituals and early ideologies, patterns of fixed behaviors and strange rituals drew fashion via their simple believe systems, thought up by the heads of each clang. Markings for tribal appearances, indicated where participants belong to… while indigenous hierarchies adorned genetics, fashioned straight from the dead carcass of their prey (skin and bones which rested as the remains of their meals!).

Subtle changes galvanized the rise of identities and further illustrated the power of inclusion exclusion by association! female_warriorimages (7)images (4) By the turn of the most important event of the world’s history… The parting of the lands for giant oceans to sail through! Cultures was finally set and with by the vehemence of each founding believe system. Africa was the far dominant and richest continent of all the continents at the time, with a worth of Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Pearls, Sapphire and a a host of other priceless and exclusive materials to become the prized materials of the then modern world! Between the 30 million period to slowly begin forming communities of their own, in each and every part of the globe, also to understand this great change one might understand the upheaval task to change the Black mentality to a western mentality? Understanding it has been 30 million years in the great fires of forging such identities! That which is even more interesting is when our earliest European cousins finally landing in what is now The land which is separated by the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean… Eastern Europe. Which in such chronostrataghraphical epochs was very cold and harsh, in which the lands was quite Barron in freezing cold temperatures… not witnessed before from these trekking humanoid species, who journeyed across the globe. bas_10005104 images (1) images (2)   This pursuit for stability and nourishment, favoured early indigenous homo-sapiens to that which we are familiar with as the further afield European Land, trekking across the European hemisphere in-search for lush and fertile soil in  fairer conditions for habitation, natural agriculture and the magnanimous pursuit of photosynthesis of biotic production! images (5)download (10) After many millenniums of searching, dying, breeding, starving, cannibalism, compromising, digesting disgust and impurities of the bodies cavities. Early indigenous tribes took great initiative to engineer hosts of trickery and by their evolved talent of machination was able to slowly learn the guile of invade, scrape, trick, conquer, steal, pulverize, harbour, trawl, snatch, win, destroy, battle, forsake, cheat, loot, fight and greed!  Such ingenious artistry gave early Homo sapiens the greatest power any invader to conquest and steal from another tribe could ever desire! “The ability to master a deceiving plan!” 400px-BarbariansBarbarians-Box????????????????? “It appears life is never present without THE HINT OF  irony! Be it fortunate or unfortunate irony” The scent of the aromatic metaphoric sensuality, of EVOLUTION symbolized “Law Courts proceedings in Session”. For a new dawn was awaken, not for the mere flint and stone, but for the hungriest and most innovative of minds, the most hungriest and those desperate beyond any measurement in any chronostrataghraphical alignment, since and before! Brutish species willing to do anything for necessary nourishment of the digestive systems. Killing and eating the enemy was not off the radar, no laws prevented early Homo sapiens, from administering actions as they did, brutish and barbaric species, of omnivore tendencies  at the very least who would feast on children as part of their diet from enemy tribes, was a far superior delicatessen than their very own human feces!

“THE ALMIGHTY BARBARIANS” 288_realsizecanstock5331004canstock1633500canstock7942779 THE DAWN OF A NEW WORLD FORCE… “THE VIKINGS” canstock14501437Defense, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with swPeace, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with sworViking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with sword, bearPeace, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with swor From the many centuries of invading foreign lands, the early indigenous tribes grew in considerable size and strength, first from inbreeding, later from kidnap of females of enemy tribes who were abducted or taken in battle. As fornication was rife the population grew and no age was prohibited, regularly children would be used as all form of adult duties from fighting to breeding babies, education was succinct and communication was at its bare minimum, The symbolic manipulation of sound waves gave orders or directions. Sounds broken by breathing directed simple patterns to govern speech. Words where not even formulated yet and the rise of barbarism was the fashion of the day akin to modern-day heights of fashion! Before the early barbarians chased game, flesh was an old delicatessen! However as intellect grew over many… many much more millenniums, traits of harvesting and cultivating carbohydrates came into fashion much after the feasting on vegetation which was also brought over to once Barron lands of present day Europe! This information is highly important to understand by all modern races whichever culture you identify with? The understanding of how, where, why, who, with, what, when, wrong and right? is highly educational for humankind’s existence, though there are an abundance of growing adolescence who can not be taught anything… there are a tiny few who can be taught history and shall amiably one day grow up to be fortunate enough to create betterment in their chosen societies! download (25) download (22)download (23) download (3) download (18)images (44)  THE EMPORER GHENGIS KHAN” ” IN ORDER FOR A SPECIES TO TRULY EVOLVE AND KNOW WHERE THEY ARE HEADING? THEY MUST FIRST BE PREPARED TO EXCORIATE ALL MYTHS AND KNOW WHERE THEY HAVE ORIGINATED FROM?”



 400 ANNO DOMINI”images (50) images (56)images (51)images (48)

“IN 1585 THE SPANISH AMADA BEGAN AN 80 YEAR WAR!” images (17)images (9)images (8)images (23)images (32)images (29)

I can understand how European intellect evolved so vastly? They simply had to engineer their resources, unlike other cultures who had their resources in front of them and only had to devise the hand-made tools to catch their supper for survival of the tribe to persevere. “FRENCH REVOLUTION” download (2)images (17) “THE ENGLISH COLONIAL WARS” images (25)images (21)images (30)download (27)images (34)images (20)     “AMERICAN WAR AGAINST RED INDIAN APACHES” download (28)   “FROM AMERICAN CIVIL WAR TO IRAQ WAR”   download (4)     download (15)download (14)images (39)   FROM THIS EARLY EPOCH BEGAN THE DAWN OF CONTINUOUS BLOODSHED AS HUMANKIND FOUND THE OMNISCIENT 



Take and greed grew to such proportions of the machination and authority of Machiavellian characteristics the world has repeatedly witnessed, every now and again rising like a weed in the fertile lush land, to drain the earth of its pious beauty and quality! A new order of the day arose like a dark distant cloud measuring misanthropy upon the simple-minded folk of the epoch. The world turned on itself… as every tribe was NOT SAFE UNLESS WARRIOR MEN WAS ASSIGNED TO THE VILLAGE TO PREVENT WIDE SPREAD LOOTING AND TRAWLING BY FOREIGN INVADERS!  As epochs passed and the species evolved further with better intelligence into modern-day Homo sapiens, the Embellishment grew as authority became the new desire named power, no longer was feeding the self the tribe or the village enough to imprison the human thirst for satisfaction but an insatiable appetite festered among-st the choir of the inner human beast… IMG_90956219392069 Unleashed from its pit among-st the aroma of corpses in all metrication of the uncharted hemisphere Greed… Sloth… Envy… Vanity… Lust… Jealousy and murder! Are the reverberations from the fore fathers left in inheritance for the children of the earth! cablemask..   Humankind’s awful awakening and hidden agenda? The sole obligation to desire that which is not his… The  Illustration of a kleptomaniac… The acrimonious detestation of a pig and the guile of a heartless monster to determine his greed over the life of the poorest and kindest! water-spouts-lake-michigant-935-185085719-2storm-chaser-9-935x600-1-1   SHAME… SHAME… SHAME … ON YOU HUMANKIND!….. ONE DAY….. THE EARTH WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY!…. bluredbushes...


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