The mechanism to understanding any¬†environment, is best served by decoding in retrospect the¬†earliest¬†known epochs in¬†antiquity to¬†which it survived? ¬©Rafn_Sig_-1855waterfall-kayak-935huge-waterfall-kayak-935volcano-erupting-clouds-935 Such of an intriguing chronological epoch… would undoubtedly reveal the truest nature of its modern cousins! THE GREED IS DEEP WITHIN THY BLOOD Not a single hero or heroes can withstand its calling its very might! The segregation is based upon physiology… Biology… and millions of years of cultural conditioning… The cradle of civilization, approximately commenced in the deepest hottest regions of the global hemisphere, in A chronostratagraphical ¬†epoch when all was but far from sophisticated and benign. This location otherwise recorded as Africa! has witnessed abundance of distortion over the millions of centuries. ¬† Before the whole planetarium started cracking to form various regions and zones… In this period of this special undertaking of magnanimous twists and the galvanization of the shifting of the tectonic plates.. facebook_1343394515ab581309-5cd8-4bbc-9aeb-13f239e13b12lava-flow-2-935x600 Today’s species of humanoids started slowly commencing phlegmatic alignments with evolution.

This metamorphosis, took approximately millions of years to undergo under extremely polarized conditions to that which we experience today. After what has been recorded as over 30 million years of this great divulge and entwined ¬†phylogeny. bushesblured branches.. Now after more than thirty million years the black gene is set in stone greater than a rock of cemented minerals and will take ominous power to undo this incredible feet of natural engineering. So great is the shift, that it will take easily as long as it has seen to devise the original contract of the phylogeny. Modern day nationalities escaped the chronicling of the tribal wars, after condemnation within indigenous tribes waged war upon each other. This threw sects into different parts of the hemispheres, trekking through the global land on foot before the juxtapositions of the then galactic parting of the planet! Now cultures were demonstrating identities through rituals and early ideologies, patterns of fixed behaviors and strange rituals drew fashion via their simple believe systems, thought up by the heads of each clang. Markings for tribal appearances, indicated where participants belong to… while indigenous hierarchies adorned genetics, fashioned straight from the dead carcass of their prey (skin and bones which rested as the remains of their meals!).

Subtle changes galvanized the rise of identities and further illustrated the power of inclusion exclusion by association! female_warriorimages (7)images (4) By the turn of the most important event of the world’s history… The parting of the lands for giant oceans to sail through! Cultures was finally set and with by the vehemence of each founding believe system. Africa was the far dominant and richest continent of all the continents at the time, with a worth of Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Pearls, Sapphire and a a host of other priceless and exclusive materials to become the prized materials of the then modern world! Between the 30 million period to slowly begin forming communities of their own, in each and every part of the globe, also to understand this great change one might understand the upheaval task to change the Black mentality to a western mentality? Understanding it has been 30 million years in the great fires of forging such identities! That which is even more interesting is when our earliest European cousins finally landing in what is now¬†The land which is¬†separated¬†by the¬†Norwegian Sea and North¬†Atlantic¬†Ocean… Eastern¬†Europe. Which in such chronostrataghraphical epochs was very cold¬†and¬†harsh, in which the lands was quite¬†Barron¬†in freezing cold temperatures… not witnessed before from these trekking humanoid species, who journeyed across¬†the¬†globe. bas_10005104 images (1) images (2) ¬† This pursuit for stability and nourishment, favoured¬†early indigenous homo-sapiens to that which we are familiar with as the further afield European Land, trekking across the European hemisphere in-search for lush and fertile soil in ¬†fairer conditions for habitation, natural agriculture and the magnanimous pursuit of photosynthesis of biotic production! images (5)download (10) After many millenniums of searching, dying, breeding, starving, cannibalism, compromising, digesting disgust and impurities of the bodies cavities. Early indigenous tribes took great initiative to engineer hosts of trickery and by their evolved talent of machination was able to slowly learn the guile of invade, scrape, trick, conquer, steal, pulverize, harbour, trawl, snatch, win, destroy, battle, forsake, cheat, loot, fight and greed!¬† Such ingenious artistry gave early Homo sapiens the¬†greatest¬†power any invader to conquest and steal from another tribe¬†could ever desire! “The ability to master a¬†deceiving plan!” 400px-BarbariansBarbarians-Box????????????????? “It appears life is never present without THE HINT OF ¬†irony! Be it fortunate or unfortunate irony” The scent of the aromatic metaphoric sensuality, of EVOLUTION symbolized “Law Courts proceedings in Session”. For a new dawn was awaken, not for the mere flint and stone, but for the hungriest and most innovative of minds, the most hungriest and those desperate beyond any measurement in any chronostrataghraphical alignment,¬†since and before! Brutish species willing to do anything for necessary nourishment of the digestive systems. Killing and eating the enemy was not off the radar, no laws prevented early Homo sapiens, from administering actions as they did, brutish and barbaric species, of omnivore tendencies ¬†at the very least who would feast on children as part of their diet from enemy tribes, was a far superior delicatessen than their very own human feces!

“THE ALMIGHTY BARBARIANS” 288_realsizecanstock5331004canstock1633500canstock7942779 THE DAWN OF A NEW WORLD FORCE… “THE VIKINGS” canstock14501437Defense, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with swPeace, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with sworViking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with sword, bearPeace, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with swor From the many centuries of invading foreign lands, the early¬†indigenous¬†tribes grew in¬†considerable¬†size and strength, first¬†from¬†inbreeding, later from kidnap of females of enemy tribes who were abducted or taken in battle. As fornication was rife the population grew and no age was prohibited, regularly children would be used as all form of adult duties from fighting to breeding babies, education was succinct and communication was at its bare minimum, The symbolic manipulation of sound waves gave orders or directions. Sounds broken by breathing directed simple patterns to govern speech. Words where not even formulated yet and the rise of barbarism was the fashion of the day akin to modern-day heights of fashion! Before the early barbarians chased game, flesh was an old delicatessen! However as intellect grew over many… many much more millenniums, traits of harvesting and cultivating carbohydrates came into fashion much after the feasting on vegetation which was also brought over to once Barron lands of present day Europe! This information is highly important to understand by all modern races whichever culture you identify with? The understanding of how, where, why, who, with, what, when, wrong and right? is highly educational for humankind’s existence, though there are an abundance of growing adolescence who can not be taught anything… there are a tiny few who can be taught history and shall amiably one day grow up to be fortunate enough to create betterment in their chosen societies! download (25)¬†download (22)download (23) download (3)¬†download (18)images (44) ¬†THE EMPORER GHENGIS KHAN” ” IN ORDER FOR A SPECIES TO TRULY EVOLVE AND KNOW WHERE THEY ARE HEADING? THEY MUST FIRST BE PREPARED TO¬†EXCORIATE¬†ALL MYTHS AND KNOW WHERE THEY HAVE ORIGINATED FROM?”



¬†400 ANNO DOMINI”images (50) images (56)images (51)images (48)

“IN 1585 THE SPANISH AMADA BEGAN AN 80 YEAR WAR!” images (17)images (9)images (8)images (23)images (32)images (29)

I can understand how European intellect evolved so vastly? They simply had to engineer their resources, unlike other cultures who had their resources in front of them and only had to devise the hand-made tools to catch their supper for survival of the tribe to persevere. “FRENCH REVOLUTION” download (2)images (17) “THE ENGLISH COLONIAL WARS” images (25)images (21)images (30)download (27)images (34)images (20) ¬† ¬† “AMERICAN WAR AGAINST RED INDIAN APACHES” download (28) ¬† “FROM AMERICAN CIVIL WAR TO IRAQ WAR” ¬† download (4) ¬† ¬† download (15)download (14)images (39) ¬† FROM THIS EARLY EPOCH BEGAN THE DAWN OF¬†CONTINUOUS¬†BLOODSHED AS HUMANKIND FOUND¬†THE¬†OMNISCIENT¬†



Take and greed grew to such proportions of the machination and authority of¬†Machiavellian¬†characteristics the world has repeatedly witnessed, every now and again rising like a weed in the fertile lush land, to drain the earth of its pious beauty and quality! A new order of the day arose like a dark distant cloud¬†measuring¬†misanthropy upon the simple-minded folk of the epoch. The world turned on itself… as every tribe was NOT SAFE UNLESS¬†WARRIOR¬†MEN WAS ASSIGNED TO THE VILLAGE TO PREVENT WIDE¬†SPREAD LOOTING AND TRAWLING BY FOREIGN INVADERS!¬† As epochs passed and the species evolved further with better intelligence into modern-day Homo sapiens, the Embellishment grew as authority became the new desire named power, no longer was feeding the self the tribe or the village enough to imprison the human thirst for satisfaction but an insatiable appetite festered among-st the choir of the inner human beast… IMG_90956219392069 Unleashed from its pit¬†among-st¬†the aroma of corpses in all metrication¬†of the¬†uncharted¬†hemisphere Greed… Sloth… Envy… Vanity… Lust… Jealousy and murder! Are the reverberations from the fore fathers left in inheritance for the children of the earth! cablemask.. ¬† Humankind’s awful awakening and hidden agenda? The sole obligation to desire that which is not his… The ¬†Illustration of a kleptomaniac… The acrimonious detestation of a pig and the guile of a heartless monster to determine his greed over the life of the poorest and kindest! water-spouts-lake-michigant-935-185085719-2storm-chaser-9-935x600-1-1 ¬† SHAME… SHAME… SHAME … ON YOU HUMANKIND!….. ONE DAY….. THE EARTH WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY!…. bluredbushes...




Many will pretend only to lead you astray for selfish ingenuities, as we have discussed already on numerous occasions,¬†(INSTANT GRATIFICATION, AN¬†APOCALYPSE¬†OF THY CEREBRAL…, WE ARE NATURES SHATTERS MIRRORS, MENTAL BLOCK, IMPRINTERS, IF¬†PHILANTHROPY THE SIZE OF A MUSTARD SEED… ETC…

To every guiding light which has illustrated a healthy paradigm to me another thousand have illuminated to me a substantial engraved danger! This revokes the notion that many people are wishing you well when really it is obvious the opposite is more concurrent with the truth! As I have stated in forums this should actually be common knowledge in this chronostratagraphical unit by the majority of non-indigenous anthropological homo-sapiens! I have always believed in study and professional etiquettes, research, actuality, factuality and precision to data. Undertaken myself to the professional expertise of those in the know for my whole life. I have become acquainted with the rights of correct passage and benevolence of healthy perseverance, over lifes that are portrayed against the backdrop of inclining pestilence via unhealthy perseverance!


(Khalil Aliy)


It is in such substantial levels of pestilence, that the importance of mere folk who wish to persevere take advice from only two types of people…. while I will disclose to you who they are!

1). Exclusive to successful people, or those who you may envision as themselves are successful in your chosen field!

I.E if you wanted to get into business or open your own business it would be totally beneficial to take advise from a careers advisor who could put you in-touch with business owners or etiquette competent management… to explain to you all the necessaries & attributes one needs to become successful in a particular field, this you absolutely must do! As it will waken your synapses to that which is truly possible over that which may not realistically be possible for you per Se! Definitely never ever align your aspirations with others…¬†” As what maybe possible for others may not be possible for you or yet, while also remembering that which was possible for you may never be possible for others, (¬†QUOTE FROM MY OLDEST SISTER MANY MANY YEARS AGO). This I know to be fact, and I also believe that it is a strong reference indicating These¬†Three aspects…;- 1) Circumstances… 2) Talent… 3) The¬†Amiable¬†“Window of¬†Opportunity!”

“WHY?” ¬† \(-) (-)/ ¬† “VIGILANTES”

Wide iris dilated to better ones clarity if not corrective spectacles, which aid in recognising the future disturbances that prevail in your demise! You must administer time saving resources to get you from point “A” in your personal chronostratagraphical unit to point “B” in the most efficient period possible without “Burnout”¬†or “Abnormal Degenerative Health”¬†which unfortunately is bequeathed upon most people within our galactic period! Keeping ones eyes open is totally important, while never ever being side tracked by jealous, envious disturbances of human made nature!¬†Thus the real actuality of the subliminal nature is a guiding light, and i have come to swear by it, how it has given me blessings, even removing or prevent poisonous spirits to reach my soul, the toxicity of such can not enter my soul, even if at times it reaches my surrounding, before long it is expelled! Purity of soul and mind is fundamental to success of your business, as nobody will go near a business which is lacking in etiquettes or a business which seems to playful, nonchalant and lackadaisical!

“Any toxins must be cleared from your life before real success can be administered!”

(khalil Aliy)



(Khalil Aliy)


As I have mentioned above¬†“There is a right and wrong way to do any and everything!”¬†So take advice wisely, Without ever meeting you I already know you have had thousands of spilled advice from jolly individuals who do not have the slightest clue what they are talking about, I have had this also my whole life but I am wise to it now, and that is the only benefit of it!


Because it leads you to nowhere but a complete vacuum of your time and energy, I would even go as far as to say it could be made a criminal offence to give misleading information to others, in actuality, as it could easily fall upon the area of¬†either “Child Abuse”, “Vulnerable¬†Adults” as multiple examples of lifes¬†will¬†definitely¬†fall upon the advice given out by either¬†encroachment¬†of¬†narcissistic…¬†intoxicated… character disordered… un-heralded¬†mischievous¬†identities¬†masquerading¬†as the¬†pious ceremoniousness of chivalrous coagulation.¬†Or simply by the detriment of well wishers who do not have the expertise or professional coalescent of a legitimate codification! Such is the detriment that all exploitations do damage to those who look earnestly for a better way, Truly administering personal legislation, without proper factuality is truly misleading and corruptive, advice is only worthy when administered from those with efforts in such paradigms!

“I have been fortunate to spend years in multiple¬†divisions¬†and subdivisions of class

Believe me when I disclose to you that there exist more than the familiar few classes made popular by main stream media? You may believe that there rest only the Elite class… Wealthy class… Middle class… Working class & poor class! But this is vehemently wrong in today’s galactic period!


Simply multiply the list by¬†Ten, and you will have 50 total classes of separation of wealth and not merely just 5!¬†Ten extra classes per contingent! Each class trying effortlessly to leave the very class they are in to one above, while for those who see no room for elevation… succumb to the top consumers in such a resume of the class below their class! You may also witness a peculiar phenomenon amongst the varied degree of poor classes!


“Desperate¬†people do¬†desperate¬†things, while those¬†desperate¬†of all do the unthinkable”

“Verily¬†in their¬†desperation, such as the¬†desperate, who are forced to eat each other to survive!”

(Khalil Aliy)


I have been fortunate/unfortunate to come across many tales from real life indigenous tribes, who have disclosed of such information!

That which i have come to understand is never keep a greater volume of desperate folk (if any in your acquaintance list), then you have non desperate acquaintances!


I.E long time participants can indeed advise you on any pitfalls as they may have also witnessed and participated and have knowledge about pacific interests, including that which does not work, as such advocates may have since experienced or experimented with such notions or pathways! All this information is heralded in the scope of factual advice, as this comes from three main areas,¬†1) My experiences.. 2) Tutoring to me… 3)¬†Professional¬†studies….

It is professionally known not to take advise outside quality sources, a multitude of entities must be vehemently coherent for any such advise to register as factual actuality! I use to give advise to poor peer groups but i would often see the information wholesomely torn, convoluted and skewed like a feasting barbecue sometime later! The way humankind intercepts… Incorporates… interoperates information is totally out of our very own hands! We can never do anything about this but just simply keep to our word and keep our level of education so high, that it will fall out of the reach of the nonchalantly lackadaisical of neurogenetics of humankind, who indeed subscribe daily to misinformation!

Your work can be guarded by the fact it will always be incoherent to those who have a very low appreciation to literature, as their intelligence is incredibly low! Wording should not be lost so it is of magnanimous importance, that one either administers investigation thy self, seek trustworthy professional aid! This being a necessity in the error of universal social malfunctioning, where the truth is lied about and the lie is portrayed as the truth in replacement!


Self employment to the un-appreciated of knowledge can also be a total waste of your time, as many people in our chronostratagraphical epoch are simply inebriative… via a personal “Instant Gratification”,¬†choosing to characterise oneself of idiosyncratic ineducable ineffability! Often the message is lost in such units by the unfortunate cerebral state of such individuals. Knowledge is precious and should be kept out of the hands of the fabricating minds of the mischievous!

From past experiences… I can see giving information to some indistinguishable persons is equal to talking to a goat!

An old Arabic quote reads!..

“Giving valuable information to the wrong people is like giving precious diamonds and pearls to a pig!”

To understand this quote, allow me to summarise!

1). What will a pig do with precious valuables?

2). We can conclude that had the pig understood the value of the precious gift. …? It had been given, the pig could have set it self free and all its family species in history!

Knowing this famous Arabic quote, most can agree that the majority of humankind is in actuality NO different from the pig!

Thank you, and I trust you are finding my blog of use to you, there lays a world of knowledge here as nothing tops experience in this world! I trust you have a good evening good day to you and yours!

Thank You


AN APOCOLYPSE OF THY CEREBRAL! “IF You Can Bare To Hear The Truth You’ve Spoken Twisted By Niaves”



What is the meaning of truth or what is truth?

May we realise further, the detrimentation of the depth of understanding and acquisition of know, and actuality! I am forever disappointed at the level of the average cerebral to actuality which is mostly lost in many factions within current chronostrataghraphical units. Such is the depth of nonchalance to factuality that it can not be stated perpetually enough for the establishment of thy closed-minded cerebral, in precedence! I have ruminated on such degenerated states in modern times, we can quite confidently asses the degeneration is a course and side effect of the home entertainment facilities.

This is the direct attribution to present day time management, expelled on “Instant Gratification”¬†as the detriment of this disease! (The perpetually closed cerebral) Such which needs the educated side of society’s to relinquish¬†and unlock such as the curse of a dormant mind! This present day phenomena, is in actuality the equivalent to the fall of Babylonia in Biblical Scriptures”.¬†

The chronostratagraphical unit set in antiquity, often produced a kaleidoscopic array of the worlds most seasoned minds, in perpetuation of constant transcendence, soaring through actualities and realisation like a well skilled craftsmen embroidering intricacy onto a work off art! In continuum of high intellect which crafted so many genius minded folk of the day, this undoubtedly had an improving benevolence on the average partisan indeed, and dramatically inclined vertically the local bar of excellence a notch in Wisdom! Everything from the literary fields (in which science a philosophy were entwined as one subject) to industrial labouring, every craft and discipline was well appreciated as the etiquettes of ones nobility. We can also postulate that the propositional competence, was beneficial by time utilisation, such benevolent prejudices benefited the average cerebral!

This movement of spending hours into years into decades solely on singularity of trades produced the most extraordinaire of craftsmanship. Others who was advantaged by social groups could adhere to further studies which indeed would benefit their cerebral and the benefit of the family traits! One can quite easily illustrate how intelligence is gifted in antiquity transported down the genetic orientation within the close neurogenesis of familiarity (GOOD STOCK/thoroughbred/healthy alignment).




As i have stated previously IN BLOGS, the greatest crime ever undertaken by an agent is to refute from all education while replacing thy void, the empty digest of soul manifestation¬†with mere aspects of “INSTANT GRATIFICATION”.

Truly a postulating vermination! which indeed never benefits the sole agent which relinquished thy self to the practice of vegetation! Thy book being the substance “the cure to thy disease”¬†the anointing ointment and benevolent proclivity to destroy the¬†disease, the virus which prevents the cerebral from know!

TO TRULY ACQUIRE OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE ONE MUST BE PREPARED TO UNDERSTAND THE PROGRESSION TO ADHERING A TRUTH. ALL SIX SENSES IN TRANQUILITY HAVE TO BE IN COMPLETE ALIGNMENT TO THE PROPERTY BEING EXAMINED BY THE EXAMINER! The knowledge is the decree of the insemination research.Thus! Realisation occurs, the prelude to¬†Enlightenment! Thus… The journey of metamorphosis of acquisitions… Empty to complete… Standardised to description of nothing to something… The route to realisation and factuality.

The Learning To The LearnedRelation to the RelationshipPost Structualist to formal Graduate of postulantsDiscovering to the Discovered.

The ultimate process of knowledge is aligned on the parallels of the tested… The formation in synchronicity of objectives or tasks recorded! Often in perpetuation for consistency and understanding of all possible alternations! To acquire knowledge is to acquire something tangible or intangible for the benefit of the cerebral cortex in present and future condition, To know something is to field a selection of tests… Studies… Records… In longevity, casuality. The metaphysical approach would oppose a serious of questions where by testing would be deployed to equate to the raised questions.

A study in which a metamorphosis of abstracts and illuminations occur to produce insight or actualities of the proposed objective! On multiple repetitions of exact outcomes realisation can be manifested on agreement of complex results which proposed same identification compliance of instrumentation identified by identifier. Pattern of results in the metamorphosis of the identifying object by agent, either failed/failure still results in actuality of the properties of the elements identification!

Thus knowledge registering as the element of certainty of information! Either failed or succeeded by identification of the senses in recognition of course! (Preferably all aligned would substantiate a state of actuality).

* EXAMPLE 1;-  We are aware that, the large african elephants which humankind has observed, Can Not FLY!

* EXAMPLE 2;- ¬†Humankind ¬†is also privilege to the realisation… That¬†many mammals require botanical substances to survive!

Such acknowledgement is a cause of progress through illumination, through¬†Thought… Question… Inquisition… Identification… Critical Examination… Test… Result… Test.. Result.. Test.. Result…¬†Eventuality…¬† Realisation & Actuality! THUS! All “TRUTHS”¬†lawfully request such a paradigm to cause,¬†ACTUALITY!”

The factuality is this system of identification will not always manifest in critical actuality, which is a major dramatic frustration in the consistency of information in longevity! This is a substantial problem which often can not be eradicated! The sole criteria to this convoluted measure of distortion of information solely depends on the consistent competency of the identifier to the object being identified!


The true measure of the populous in humankind who are competent enough to cause actuality is probably less than 1% of the population of the world! Most people i have come across have even mistaken the words i have spoken in the instance right in their very presence, which has caused an immediate reminder of facts, such as the facts i stated! Such facts are often dangerously lost, WHICH HAS CONCERNED ME, DUE TO THE OF THE PROPENSITIES OF THE HUMAN NEUROGENTIC!

The issue arising from, not every cerebral cortex is stable! We as visual material creations place over concern on the optics… Which often simply manifest as an illusion!


For information on valuables relating to the properties of information convolution! Such information convolution can find its way into the realms of lost or forgotten, by accident of the self biasness or prejudism or even poor health or lack of competence by the received party/agent from source or element!

Example of successful information reciprocation/interception/interpretation!

Usually falls responsible to the agent receiving the original information to pass on the identical format, yet though this appears extremely easy, It actually is evasive of all participants rescheduling the information, this becomes the ultimate trivia, it is almost impossible by humankind, as multiple alien devices of trivia always seem to significantly emerge into the original information. Unfortunately elements are misguided by personal emotions/perceptions and personal experiences to the interpreted or interpreter?

THUS! Distorting the original information by personal prejudism or mistake!

EXAMPLE 1;- Dimensional Analysis performed by person (A) may result in a different measurement against the result from person (B)… Especially if a system of units is not administered throughout the exercise of each participant?

IN Actuality the example mentioned can take effect in any given subject from any given mediator! Thus! knowing this, one needs to ask themselves how much information in the world can you actually trust? Information about strangers?

That is not too important unless you are the one spreading the information, then you need to be sure, before you tagged & reported for abuse! you know that which you declare, before such adheres to as propaganda/unlawful fabrication/deception/malicious hate/fascism/sexism/gender-ism/racism/slander?

There are individuals who i never ever take information from no matter what it is, because i have studied their behavior which takes time to pin point their very pattern, I now know from intense personal and professional inquisitions, also how the neurotics of species can easily be effected by many causes, including substance abuse.

Such is the detriment that it destroys the neurological chromosomes for life, resulting in declining function of the cerebral cortex, the element which controls all the senses in Identification/Interpretation/Understanding/Realisation etc… Such is the induced detriment, often if speech is not slowed right down, brain functions abnormally and can not register exact data the exact way it was originally displayed! Training the brain, may somewhat improve memory by intense reading, writing and drawing.

Artist have been recognised to having exceptional memories! However it is important not to get misleading intentionally with misinterpretation unintentionally! One proprietor, never acknowledges the correct information because the brain is not intellectually capable (stable)! While the other proprietor chosing not too except correct information for personal bias or prejudism!


Thank you for the time to gather some important facts for your own personal journeys, all my experience and knowledge has derived from my own personal journeys, in which the summary so far is that the increasingly disparaging majority of those who have self-knowledge, is dilating further and further apart from those without knowledge and intelligent consciousness of self, society and etiquettes!!

I trust you are taking interest in my essays and have found these blogs, some what interesting to follow.. by yourself and trust your instincts always..   Always feel free to leave a comment or any interesting alignments facts or advertisement.

Kind Regards k.Aliy


IMG_9064402862331IMMANUEL KANT


“Act in such a way that the maxim of your will could always hold out the same time as a principle of a universal legislation” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† The University of Konigsberg (German: Albertus-Universitat Konigsberg ) was the university of Konisberg in East Prussia, Germany from 1544-1945ad. The University was founded in 1544ad¬†as second Protestant academy¬†( after the University of Marberg ) by Duke Albert of prussia, and was commonly known as the Albertina.

Following World War 2, the city of Konigsberg was transferred to the soviet Union according to the 1945 potsdam Agreement, and renamed Kaliningrad. The Albertina was closed and the remaining German population expelled, Today, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad , Established in Russia, claims to maintain the traditions of the antiquities on the magnitude re-establishing the Albertina. The history professed to a one Albert, the former diligent Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and first Duke of Prussia since 1525ad, had purchased a piece of the land behind Konigsberg Cathedral on the Kneiphof Island of the Pregel River from the Samland Chapter, Where he had an academic gymnasium (school) erected in 1542 anno domini. He issued the deed establishing the foundation of the Collegium Albertinum on 20 July 1544ad, after which the university established the inaugeration on August 17 of the same year.

The university¬†juxtaposed¬†as a faction of the¬†Halded Cracow Academy in¬†Poland, In which the heralded juxtaposition of the newly established Profess duchy was a Fiefdom to¬†the Crown of the¬†Kingdom of Poland. The first rector was the poet¬†Georg Sabinas¬†1544-1547ad,¬†(¬†son-in-law to¬†Philipp Melanchthon. Lithuanian scholars Stanislovas Rapalionis and Abraomas Kulvietis¬†where amongst the initial professors to the university. Every professor obligatory to a sworn oath which legitimised the¬†AUGSBURGH Confession.¬†As the association surmounted in the confines out of the jurisdiction regarding the grandiosity of the Holy Roman Empire,¬†Imperious statues of their hierarchies¬†Charles V and¬†Pope paul lll¬†dissertated spasmodicalness spartanism and dimidiated to bowdlerizations in personal favour and monotheistic monolithic’s.

Nevertheless the Konigsberg Academy enfranchised to the royal extramundane by King Sigismund ll of poland in 1560ad Mach 28.

Immanuel Kant born in Germany 22 April 1724 and died 12 April 1804.

Mr Kant¬†who facilitated modern philosophy of the epoch, was a bright student of the magnetohydrodynamics nonclassicals. A most formidable energetic enthusiast, the young¬†“Kant”¬†displayed little measure for play. Such as the young¬†“Kants”¬†measure for endowed philosophical benevolence,¬†Kant¬†was enrolled onto the magnanimous illustration of prominences by his induction onto the¬†Konigsberg University, at the tender age of just 16 years of age,¬†in which the young Kant studied theology, philosophy, ethics, epistemology and sciences in social and economics and physics.

IMMANUEL KANT, At the age of 8 years old , entered the Pietest school, to there  young Kant was taught Latin for a further 8 years, by his pastor in which Kant became spell bound by the delicatessen of Latin poetry! Such was his adornment from his application. Dominant material juxtaposed by the ambitious young Kant, that he was acclaimed by his heralded teacher Martin Knutzen, in which the philosophy of Christian Wolff and Newtonian physics was bequeathed upon Kant. When in 1746 Kants father died, he spent 9 years as a tutor in various families, In 1756 KANT returned to konigsburg as a unpaid mentor tutor.

Later he was illuminated as paid assembly, in which the coming years heralded the administrations of his philosophy on a plethora of subjects from astrophysics to matter condenseness.

Kant¬†evolutionary thesis¬†“Allgemeine NATURGESCHICHTE und Theorie des Himmels” (1775 universal Natural History of the Heavens)¬†In which he proposed a nebular system which the Sun and PLANETS condensed from a single gaseous cloud, Independently advanced by¬†Laplace in 1796ad, subsequently¬†was illustrated the¬†kant-laplace Hypothesis.


I myself, subsequently and further more… than a multitude of years ruminated on the earth rotational spin and have a hypothesis of my own.

In the centre of the earth lays its core value, which I fathom will represent an equation totalling 1% ratio of condensed core matter to 99% ratio of earth matter.

The¬†1% ratio core condensed matter in metrical appearance would equal the whole metro-logical circumference of the United States of America. As we already know in quantum physics is that the further compressed the¬†contentment¬†becomes, the heavier the object will be! This 1% is so¬†tightly¬†condensed¬†that it actually¬†out-weighs¬†the remainder of the planet! The condensed core matter is a spinning¬†ball of¬†metallic¬†matter compressed of Irons,¬†Magnesiums,¬†Sodiums, Crystals,¬†Plutoniums,¬†Carbons,¬†Gold,¬†and all¬†pressure¬†minerals. The matter (Dark Matter, Space-time & Ether)¬†in the cosmos keeps the planet afloat (to fully explain this phenomena, we will¬†have¬†to¬†surrender a few moments to field of Quantum Mechanics…) To understand the behaviour…. we will attempt to explain below.

 (The behaviour of ATOMS ).

In more than just superfluous speculative gesture, we can attain to the fact that there existing is a multitude formation of atoms, one inside the other commencing in a reduction in size. The atom travels at such velocities they appear as a solid object or force field barrier, appearing larger than each atoms actual property.

EXP;-¬†I F YOU COULD IMAGINE A TENNIS BALL MOVING IN A CONSTANT DIAMETER, BUT NEVER ORBITING THE PERSONAL DIAMETER, THE¬†SIZE¬†OF THE DIAMETER WOULD¬†EQUAL THE TENNIS COURT IN RATIO TO THE TENNIS BALL! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†So any object approaching the field radius which the diameter has set would be blocked by a field G-force to prevent any object entering the diameter, the approaching¬†element¬†would be rejected and¬†rebound of the¬†radius¬†like a ball bouncing of a solid wall. This is akin to a force field the tennis ball has set by¬†its¬†juxtapositions¬†to form this diameter. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† The diameter¬†the tennis ball has created would be given a name?….. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†LETS CALL IT¬†Tennis-ball¬†Diameter 1 (TBD1)

In actual fact it already has a name? it is generally assumed as ATOM” (To which specific identities are labelled for different functions, due to size) ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†¬†The tennis ball would be assumed as the “Small¬†ATOM”

Nevertheless that has a name also, and admirably each one inside the next mimicking a trick surprise parcel wrapped around each other with¬†“30” or so assorted variations of wrapping paper represents each atom particle inside the next, with the same properties of radius as the tennis court ratio and tennis ball ratio, (Atom & small Atom). But instead of just one atom inside only one atom, further atoms may consist of higher numbers as they propose separate formalities, realising a bountiful of atom life apparent to a shopping mall of people, a congestion of bodies in one environment moving phenomenally at high velocity to create compact structures and forms that foreign particles or bodies or elements can not emerge or submerge into each particilar vortex, as if invitation had reached capacity from the beggining!

These atoms feed from carbohydrates left over from carbon dioxide and oxygen combination CO2, while the Hydrogen & oxygen attributes to sustenance (H2O which gives them an increased energy supply (E) For speed of travels proposed by Noble Prize Laureate 

Dr Albert Einsteina-roundgif (1)

In a famous formula of Energy Mass Speed (E=MC2

ATOM life span is only 1.7 seconds per average ATOM existence, However if ATOM was the size of a human adult Atom would live for 1,000000 years (1 million years)

Multiple atoms exist inside one another to great G-FORCES of balance and counter balances.

These balances and counter balances are named as Particles & Anti-Particles, Every Atom MOLECULE concists of such structures.

The luminous particle under photosynthetic photophosphorylation proportions a radius of 1.33 of the validated radius,  the exact correlation of Entanglement radius to centre sphere.

When ATOMS are tightly bound and compressed together they greater matter, in which the weight is phenomenally heavy for its proportion.

Every planet and star has a ANTI-GRAVITY POOL (This is the compressed matter inside the planet and star….

This anti-Gravity pool is a Phenomenally superhetorodyne frequency



As in all things in life are found with pairings of opposite and negatives so do the fields of science which indeed more often than can imaginably believe to compliment one another. Comparisons between structures are often a vehement resemblance, that it is more than strikingly shocking! One only has to look in a NASA telescope to realise the twin CYTOTAXONOMY¬†between the “COSMIC NEBULA”¬†¬†and the “HUMAN IRIS”


How strangely extravagant for life to care so much to perfect these precisions of duplications, in organisms and organs with a full communication between the separate agencies!

animation; thunder lightning

Something, Some Agent, Rule, Thing, Element, Order of purposeful sentiment or idea, Law, Universal Legislation or be it superior influence…? Appears to be Mimicking itself upon all the creations… throughout time and space known to exist!

Some communication, or intelligent device must be self aware in the cosmos!

This Isolation, this Instrumentation of its own management synchronises unparalleled, to anything isometricated by intelligent life in the antiquity of existence known!

Chronicling the “OCTET” which mediate as an artificial sub-particle binding matter together¬†to replicate a design of the astounding “Honeycomb” formation.

The magnetism which binds these particles in effect is a superheterodyned frequency, Isochronously magnified for maximum nuclear & subatomic energy.

Baryon is identified by the way the particle isospins in formations 1/2, 3/2, 5/2, 7/2, 9/2, 11/2 etc.

“Meson octet” isospins complete isospins, like a spinning top on a table, by isospins of complete rotations of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. This Octet resembles an¬†“SIX Sided Pyramid” from a plan view “looking down on the octet”

” The BARYON DUCUPLET ” resembles a triangle with 9 even sections, basically by adding “3 more triangles to the octet you have a decuplet!

The “core”¬†in the centre of the earth and all other super-compressed solid condensed matter based ¬†planetariums, isomorphically complete¬†“Meson octet” isospin formation.

By this juxtaposition the planerariums deep core suit¬†“The Baryon Octet”¬†transfers the quantum “Chromodynamic”¬†magnet “Gamarays”¬†(PULSES) ¬†¬†To The Adjacent conducting field and Attraction, The Opposite and Negative Polarities course mutual attraction but not to pull in to the extent of collision as a separate force keeps the planets from crashing into the sun star!

animation; thunder lightning

“QED-M” proportions from the “Star-sun”

EXAMPLE;- Would suggest attachments of a rope around a vertical pole, and attaching a ball to the opposing end, and swinging the ball around the tree!

The G-FORCE expectation from the gravity of the subatomic particles would balance the planetarium in circular formation as the “SUN – STAR” pulls the earth planetarium AND ALL PLANETARIUMS closer, the subatomic particles ” STANDARD QED) prevent the planetariums from crashing into the sun!

This demonstrates how all life produces the positive and negative pulses existing here on earth, entwined throughout all mass and relations! The most critical cohesive conundrum iodous, is to locate the parody in human nature before you are torn apart similar to matter floating towards the sun. I have been Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Financially unfortunately to ionospheric reflection.


“What is good for others may not be good for you, As what is good for you may also not be good for others”

2013 ‚ďí


This statement being disclosed to you, i merely hope you can or have already worked this simple format out?

If you can not understand this statement, before the action of your very own demise..? The truth is you will never really understand crucial moments that can alter the prospectus of your life. For the reason why i openly display such sentiments, is my bias towards allowing those to be bigilant of biligerent traps often unforseen in life, hence… because many a human beings continues to make the same mistake over & over & over again, the worse are those who spend pepetuality in and out of prison, rehab, hospital for their simple failings… of repeating their trauma over again.

Our lives duplicate the “baryon octet” do you remember how it spins in 2 thirds of each section going over formality but without full choice, suggesting gross perplexity, and also the “MESON OCTET” going around and around, contentiously in complete circles like a frantic perpetual schizophrenic.

The most detrimental device that will effervescently derail your life, path, choices, love, dreams, desire, career, family, friends, happiness is that of poor advice! This is very crucial to understand!

This can unexpectedly kill your life, “The road less travelled”.

Listen to nobody but your heart, it is there for a reason, please use it, You understand!

I can rember my big sister use to tell me “THERE ARE MANY WAYS THE DEVIL KNOWS HOW TO KILL YOU!”

This is a metaphor, against the most cunning people you will not even perceive such a determinative transgression approaching, consequently from your philanthropy you commence sending money to the perpetrators for something, only out of kindness, maybe perpetrators want you to believe them for something, “they want you to endorse something from them” “most desire that which they can deceive you for” often after aid one may feel victimised and insulted. Incidents can skewed to benefit the perpetrator over the victim. While few may believe your version of events.

A distant relative, named Andrew, once told me as a teenager, not to trust anyone and reiterated with vehement affirmations¬†“are you listening, i mean this for life!”

I can swear to you now those words are true!

I have seen that movie too many times, and i am tired! Save your energy, as you will need it for much more trying times ahead of you my friend, you may unfortunately realise life is not so fun.

The world is nothing but full of odd ball characters, who would do society a favour if they was never born, these are definitely men and women to the equal amount unfortunately! Many people, fortunate have not experience these particular pitfalls of life. The spot light that endorses life, is not all that it seems, when i was a boxer i use to retrieve an unequal amount of hate, this does you no such favours in life when one arrived from an irregular up bringing, with personal problems in the backgroun!

Andrew was right! there is much more evil in the world than philanthropy, i come to realise as the gospel truth! Just be-careful who you make friends with, Life only gives you one chance, and that is often a fate of no mercy… especially for those who are nurtured from a skewed parenting. Most fathers are fine, but women will destroy a father to child relationship for jealousy, unfortunately is a female trait, and the most powerful emotion in the world reiterated from a profession solicitor, unfortunately my close pals are dead or lost in this version of evil.

It is a strange world we live in, to the tune that even a brain dead participant of ignorance can addressed an educated person as an  ignorant person! very very strange world indeed.

Good luck but not good bye

thank you for reading my chapter , i trust you are well in continuation.



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KHALIL ALIY 22nd january 2014



Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

A profound philosopher Born on the 27th August 1770 and lived to 14th November 1831, died at the age of 61.

Mr Hegel a German national by birth endeavoured to instruct a comprehensive, ¬†frame-work of philosophy and what is illustrated a system of ¬†“Absolute Idealism”, to account ¬†for an integrated and developed structure for the relation of mind and nature, the absolute taxonomist juxtaposing variations of realisation, essentially ¬†galvanizing a ¬†substantiated nomothetic of ethics. Hegel’s consistency to engineering dicotyledons of philosophy for anthropological astute’s. Hegels authority of narratives to bring great realisation of all parallels and existing populous to an agent or polar,¬†to the dilettantism and diligence with the “absolute idealism”. “Hegel” a man of a superior understanding and measure, sought to bring sophistication and vision, introducing ¬†dilatometrics of the “Absolute Idealism ” to the unresolved of esoteric factions! The antiquities of the past entwined with present day was an immaterial substances imprinting the minds of the greatest linguists and illustrated idiomatic theoretic’s. “Hegel” amongst a golden few of a noble generation of the spoken arts of subliminal understanding, reasoned thus of elemental entry to realisation… integrated compositions of contradictions also, for freedom and nature as transcendence and immanence, science and nature, philosophy and doctrinaire, earth and space, water elements and fire proportions, believers of faiths and non-believers where united in¬†un-equal fragments of the same proposition in the totalitarian of the “Absolute realism”.


Thus suggesting that a possible crippling of measurements slightly dilated their personal reasoning, but that may be the only separation in personal growth between the elements of humankind’s personally education.

“Ilushin” pronounced “illusion” meaning scientists and “Geist” pronounced “Gist” meaning spiritualist are examples of separative concepts of “Hegel’s” forecast for “the absolute realism”.

Understanding the “Absolute Idealism” requires one to make an abstract de-cloaking of the mind, to formally refute that which was taught for a complete life time and be prepared to enlist fresh all-encompassing non-partial or limited data to the confines of the cerebral hemispheres of personal know! Quarantined by the feverish of fresh data.¬†To combine all elements as one, to submerge all factions, ideologies and heretics from each -Ism to -Ology to -Gical to -Ally to -Istic to -Tions and Sions, to -Ise to – to all-encompassing nouns and distinguished meanings of linguistics and phonetics incorporated indeed in the fraction of all-encompassing data towards the “Absolute Realisation” of elementary existence!


Such ideologies are to big for mere mortals to comprehend, as we understand the average anthropogenic being only utilises on average 3% of their totally cerebral capacity per life time. While the greats of humankind utilised approximately 15% of their brain capacity, Existing mostly in an auto mode which derives from release of self-governed negotiations.. I.e…. relinquishing power to another mechanism or agent to negotiate all menial tasks and objects for your self perusal, your entire existence! Even the subconscious actions of driving while resisting the awareness of other dangers to non-concentration per tasks and conversations, but the mere inclusion of blind support to unregulated repartition juxtaposes¬†a total exclusion from repetitions of actions all manifests a strong projection of 100% subordination illuminating further un-awareness and self UN-governance.


The automatists… of secularity who would oppose notions of what may have been deemed “FLIGHTS OF FANCY” or “Notions of grandeur” by the “PHILOSOPHER” ¬†such as “Mr Hegel” by his seasoned speculative “logic of reason”, for such as the dominance of ” G. W. F Hegel” juxtaposing such a remedy as the “Absolute Idealism” which illustrated the path for all eclipsing automatisms who broke of branches from while furthering such personifications as Phenomology.. Germenology Existantialism.. Psychosis.. Marx-isms.. While even the pontification atonement of such a polyphemus status of “Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche” ( October 15, 1844 Rocken Germany – August 25th, 1900, Weimar Germany ) who fashioned much by endeavouring… illustrationing, ¬†physicotheological suffragettism.. polysyllabically!

“Hegel” , His Idealization, fluctiferously contorts the “Absolute Idealisations” should also distinguish from the subject.. ¬†formalism, conformism, reformism, franchist-ism.. suggestive… compounding.. refluxing, refractive, regardant, re-actioning and simply opposing each linear object and sanction. A true metamorphose of existentialism!

Thus you can appreciate life is not a reboot of a robotic programme though highly alluring sensitivity… profess such a profound suggestion that, the magnanimous magnitude of intriguing intricate precision and components existing of a distinguished mimicking assembly.



Acknowledged in the field of physics the nuclear power of “Atoms”, that a recorded ratio to size to speed implements, If atom was the size of the average human being, “Atom” could travel from here on earth by setting off to a destination of planet Mars and return back to Earth and then set of back to Mars and reach it in a record time of “1 Second flat!!” This illustrates profoundly the exact true nature of the hyperactive Nucleur reactive power of the atom found in all chemical compounds.

A the most powerful single element of existence identified in the fields of physics by all scientists. The “ATOM” so unfortunately useless by itself as a singular agent, metamorphosis spectacularly into a living “GOD” when accumulated with the infinite quantifications of multiples of likely agents.

The formality of an “ATOM” behaviour, rendezvous very similar and influentially to the illustrious metamorphosing of a aquatic swarms, should you wish to engage in observation to gather “Realisation” of “ATOM” property and behaviour TO OTHER AGENTS OF EXISTENCE! I would most certainly endeavour to suggest all below links, are formatively very intriguing in their personifications, of affirmations which shockingly are indeed mimicking patterns from luminosity to enchantment, communication, fragmentation and formation!


We as intellectual inhabitants together produce a cogent conclave, and can substantiate reasonably with the ratificatory of pacification, towards any previous heralded concatenated automatism, but to digest and include reason with, rather than against for auxiliary know! And to assemble all intransigence variables to herald a concave of perceptual variability in the botanic arcades of magnanimous realisations… As all life is meaningful, regardless of whether the agents inquisitory factions realises or not! It shall remain as no difference to both entities agent and element., simply undressing the fact, the fact that all botanical life force entwined with all natures life cycles from the Co2 to the H20 to the Co2+HO3 to E=mc2, and this relays only as the juxtaposition of the scratch surface alpha! I.E “nothing” in the all-encompassing gravity and relativity’s entirety of existence is ever wasted, ever, at all!

I.E “nothing” substitutes for something, and something is always relative in “HEGEL’s” “Absolute Realisation”.

An element may appear useless, but for the agent it would appear the quintessential contrary. Agents may produce elements for use like a flower excreting pollen from its buds. The pollen playing the role as the element needs to find its use, and needless to say it has many uses whether it is aware of its waves or not, just simply makes no exquisite difference at the least whether it is self-aware or not, because it omits such desirability for an abundance of host in separate organisms and organs.

“Therefore , if what is meaningful may be useless due to our ignorance of it, indeed our very own ignorance may serve us purpose if we retune it, before others “IMPRINT” ON IT!

The meaning of “USEFULNESS” is not general, but subjected to the element and agent and environment, not subjected to expiratory only ignorance and circumstance.


All transferability via existentialism evokes nurture and nature for usefulness. volcanoes, dust, matter, boredom, life, compromising attributes all contain a use somewhere, somehow, some-place, with something, a lock and a key, all mannerisms of insect life serve as food to something or someone else’s selfish purpose! Alas!… It is in the “hour” such elements forsake to find its use, before something or someone else, collaborates finds a use for it! Which may demise structure and property of the agent or element and its true value?


We all are it appears, though we never knew our worth!


“To study the encryption properties of matter, I became totally self-aware and realise myself everything has use, and that it is absolutely impossible for anything in existence to become “”useless”” ¬†KHALIL ALIY*


In “CHAOS THEORY” which was founded by Dr Albert Einstein at the turn of the 20 Century, but named as relativity. Relativity is solely the interaction and observation between forces of singularity, to and against identities. The curvature area around an object reflects as relativity, the mutual attractions and intercessions of bodies and mass, particles and anti-particles, frequencies and subatomic oscillations in and out of super-thermodynamics and thermoluminescence. Example would be the linear radius frequency beside the moon or planets, the fluctifer-ification/unification orbiting the focalisation/localisation of an all-encompassing fluvioterrestrial ¬†hydrological force/equinox!

* Here the Chaos theory actually takes a step further, which was juxtaposed into fashion around the turn of 1953, reflects the highly important substitute that regardless of priority every entity is important regardless of size, weight, compound composition or measure. From tachyon molecules to the biggest giant Quasar Clusters ( which some stretch 4 billion light years across in diameter! ). Every tiny insertion and particle has a relation or rule and property and insertion into another porthole or programme of existence, declaring its meaningfulness and importance and relativity.

“what is mimicking itself?”





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Thank you for following my blog, with sincere courtesy i hope you have indeed enjoyed this rather revealing and thought-provoking assessment to assistance in such ¬†“Realms of Realisations”..

KHALIL ALIY* Monday 20th January 2014*

Dr A. Einstein, Essays in science, philosophical library, New York 1934

Dr W. Heisenberg, physics and philosophy (Allen & Unwin, London, 1963

Bloomsbury Theasaurus; Betty Kirkpatrick 2 soho square W1V 5DE

“Why waste your oxygen In Entertainment when the original joke devised is on yourselve”

"Frying the brain via electromechanical gratification"

“Frying the brain via electromechanical gratification”

Never a sensible idea, to labour fruitless for nor in ones demise!

“Think about!”

Such of the ignorance of the majority in existence, they unfortunately do not/have not realised, the tactical juxtapositions of their governors deployment of the most paramount device of enslavement by the numbers!

To ensnare the mind by remedy of impulses of desire and lust, cravings of acquisitions and greed all to often do lead, into an unhealthy demise of a degenerative state akin to a zombie!

To turn of the television but for a period in your life, Is to enhance ourselves in every way possible…

The majority of those in existence are akin to a slightly evolve Neanderthal with the indulgences of excessive inducement of euphoric cortisone features.
This stimulating the impulse to act first, without the chauffer mechanism of thought. secondly if not at all!
This often results in degenerative generations abusing and excreting what may seem the verbal juxtapositions of their intestine!

“Diarrhoea Juxtaposed on the Internet”

All too often, we will at some stage interact with the emptied cerebral of multiple degenerative, defecating on the posts!
An abhorrent antagonistic malign guise as civil, rather than the true nature later discovered of the ingenuities of the partisan crowd!

The nihilistic virtues of such archetypes…
The accommodation of mind by such anarchists world view is aligned quintessentially with…

“Tell – Lie- Vision”.

Such as the mind control of the television, that it impacts and influences that who comes into contact with the superheterodyned influential mechanics of the;-

“Degenerative cerebral apparatus”

Otherwise known as the;-
“Modern Mental Eradication Device” (MMED)

The superheterodyned output from such devices, often and can distorted the brain waves…
As two separate frequencies are being fused!
Something paramount has to give at some stage, And The M.M.E.D or D.C.A do not have organic structures to be affected by the electric frequencies of the human phylogeny!
However the consequences are startling in reverse, as studies into radio magnetic frequencies by mechanism of magnitude eclectic of human architecture, Corrupts by interference;- correlates the neurological chromosomes of species!
(Often frying the brain)
This correlation is to all species not just of Anthropogenic!

Such of the frying of the brain, this prematurely introduces chromosomes to toxicity;- the personal phylogeny if the organism or cerebral organs.
Such if lucky may escape such trends… while others will in the long run will identify with cancers throughout the body!


We are all born with cancer!
These are called ” free radicals ” in the blood stream.
Their job and priority is to eradicate surplus,

“Free radicals, which supply the energy the organism utilise for perpetual sustainability, also eradicate gradually cellular structures and apparatus.
Thus aging the proprietor/organism correlating aging cell degeneration!
This diminution is the juxtapositions of the inherent deceased!
Prophylactically… proprietors are proscribed a multitude of elements!
which can only disguise such Abominations to the organism!
Dimensions and external appearance, from features to measurements can be distorted or destroyed… from cellular dysfunction!

“Better To Refrain Then To Repair”

Alignment with avoidance of Violence evades vengeance of A Vocation of Violations!

¬†QUITE simple and quite intelligently…

Thus a healthy Mind is A healthy body…
Thus a healthy body is a healthy spirit…
Thus a healthy spirit is a healthy soul…
Thus a healthy soul is a healthy organism of the evolution of society as a remedial proposition!

Though mutations of the body are a sign of the cancer alignment of the organism…
Some retrospective mutations caused by free radical malign, have aided the organism to survive via evolution.
Altering the dimensions of the organ into beneficial advantages for the organs in multiple environments!

Anthropogenic restructuring for the advancement and alignment with environments and domain proprietaries!

“Master ruler governor”

Once identity of elements which hinder the evolution of the species are manifested quite clearly, evolution rate will galvanise all properties of the organism!

“The underlining disturbing truth”

Your EMBLEM is your Mentality, as your Mentality Dictates your Behavior, Sectarian Ignorance, Symbolic of your Juxtapositions!

How society’s media can fool you so, into skewed realisation, via too much drugs and intoxication for the cerebral, often leave people over ignorant!
Enlightenment often falls on the abused and uneducated far to late either to render the malice from total dominance, eradicate the organism it cohabit in!

“Could you ever Image a fool! calling you a fool?”

One must now realise the serious level of degenerative effected by the brain washing system!

Dictating to billions at a time the understanding of words, Customers, meanings informally by way of skewed representatives of the paid emblems!
To formalities by way of illustration and guides!

A simple misunderstanding between two separate factions is the understanding that they are both worshippers of a cult!

Religions and atheists are the closest factions the world identifies.
Both opposing denominational evidence for the partisan crowds and pariahs.

But honestly are but one and same… In the opposing beliefs lie the ultimate identification!

All accommodating rules and habits of there separate religions!

‚ėÖ Attire… Cloths adorned to symbolise group identity (Nike… Adidas… Prada… Jimmy-Choo… Timberland… Ugg-Boots… DKNY… Calvin Klien… Hugo-Boss… etc)

‚ėÖ Aromatics. .. After shaves scents and perfumes for the cloths (CK… Joop… Versace… D&G… Jean-paul-Coteur… Armani… Eve Saint-Laurent… etc..)

‚ėÖ Places of worship… Recreational gatherings and fellowship! (Parties.. clubs… Snooker/pool rooms… gentleman’s associations… members unions… affiliations associations… groups… etc..)

‚ėÖ Belief systems… Subjected practise… inherent symbol of affiliations… mental agreement of group…
(Do and do nots… sex after marriage… prohibition of affiliation with infants/minors as adult… virgin honour chastity…Snitching/grassing… talking to police… federal affiliations. ..)

‚ėÖ Pillars of faith group… Strengthen beliefs… practices. .. group interests. .. group hobbies. . Group identity (prayer… players… philandering. . Masochistic affirmations. .. Misogynistic ideology. .. Sexual rituals. . Idiolisation of forms.. obsession of body)

‚ėÖ Affiliated Building…. Dwelling of representation… (Hall… Home… Club… Disco.. Gym… Church.. mosque… Area of use… permitted unit for practice.. etc etc…)

‚ėÖ Deity… God, Power, Energy, Object,Ultimate representation, Monument, Carving, Symbol, (Television… Radio… Music… Cloths.. Sex.. Oneself… Universe… Sun… Mother/Father… Friend… Books… Cars… Materials… etc)

‚ėÖ Belief systems. .. Organisation traits… Organizational manifestations.. (The word… The Gospel… The umrah… Revelation… Talk… Whisper.. propaganda… Slander. .. Malice… Corruption… Spread… Hate… Envy… Gossip.. etc )

‚ėÖ Faith Book… Book of indoctrinations… ( Noble Qur’an… Holy Bible… News paper… Love Novels.. Romance fiction… Autobiographical content.. Journals… Feeds… Blogs… Forums… Profiles… etc )

‚ėÖ Prophet…. Idol… Protagonist… Supporter… Founder… Administrator… Embassy emblem ( Pop-Star… Film Star.. Author.. Poet… Preacher… Hierarchy. .. Priest hood… Director… manager… Football Star.. Rap Star… Model… Politician. .. Activist.. philanthropist… News presenter… TV Host…
TV presenter.. Celebrity… etc)

‚ėÖ Union Emblem… Symbol of group… Tag of group.. (Nike sign… Sporting tag… Fashion label… Crucifixion. .. beads… Tattoo… Symbol of unity… cross… etc)

‚ėÖ Union appearances… Image of affiliations… (Beards… Scull hats… Hijab… Scarves… Hot-Pants… Fashion trends… Knee high boots… Trainers… Lycra.. Hair Styles… Jewish Hats… etc.. )

‚ėÖ Modern Respected Protagonist… Imam… Priest.. (Television… Radio… Internet… etc)

‚ėÖ Purpose… Reasons¬†for group… desire(To go to heaven… To have fun… To live without constraints… etc.. )

‚ėÖ Belief … Understanding… Acknowledgement. .. (Here after… life after death. .. heaven… Earth… Nothing… Have no belief… etc )

“A mind is a terrible tool to waste”

Figuring out the true alignment of your experience is quite an interesting blessings. ..
To stay ignorant is possible the biggest disturbance of an uneducated cerebral!

Thank you for taking the amiable time to read my thoughts experiences.. learning and education..
I can only hope you find something useful in this a thesis that will ultimately encumber you from such predicaments, of preditorial encumberment!

“For the chains of life are forever bound to our minds and not to our feet”

source Information;-

Dr Maria Fiatrone
Research center for aging at Tuffs University

Dr James F.Fries
Standford university