Figs Be A Nutritional Source For Nourishing The Self!

Earlier this amiable morning once the sun was in full view, I participated in early morning foraging for some figs in my back garden!


Figs are packed with fantastic nutrinos to boost the anatomical properties of the phylogeny!


A few hand fulls of figs each day is a quoted blessing upon ones health!



Figs are a great source of carbohydrate and sugars, and define a great morning burst of vitality and energy to see you through your day or training sessions!

Fortunately our most loved earthly recipient craves for the fig juice aswell for stored energy on their quest for nectar!

The Humble Bee!

Is always acquaint with a fig or two!

So I hurried to pick a few amiable figs before they where insect eaten by our neighbours the bee and birds!

You will often hear the birds dancing in the trees at the sight of the gorgeously approved figs!

I love figs and have researched one great reminder of healthy apetites!

Gather your figs bright and early, try to consume them straight away, as figs deteriorate in quality rapidly!

Wash your figs with covetousness and gentle care, as figs are extremely delicate to the touch when perfectly ripe!

Now that you have your figs, make sure you have prepared your honey, or purchased some which is indeed great deal easier and safe!


Let us not forget toast, as we are talking of honey!

Have your toast ready and at lighter shade of the brown on bothsides, amiably!



Get some great tasting honey, natural unprocessed is best-(organic)


As the “process honey” has the pollen removed, when cleansing the honey of any stray debris, accidently scattered by the amiable honey bee!

Now! Have your safe sharp clean knife prepared and ready to slice the fig in a complete half- (have one whole fig per pair of toast slices).

Now collect your clean spoon and prepare to cleanly scoop out the whole contents of the fig, from each half your sliced opened fig, with your safe knife!


With your scoop of freshly fig, empty the spoon of fig you scooped onto the warm toast, then spread the fig all over and evenly on each slice of toast!


When you have done that get your honey-(I prefer to use clear honey as it does not flicker or lump upon the toast! Then with a clean normal clean knife used for spreading, apply your beautiful honey onto your warm light brown toast!


When you have completed the speading of both the fig and honey onto the toast!

Place both sides of toast with the fig and honey on top back into the grill to warm the contents sitting upwards upon the toast for a short while-( about 30 seconds while you must watch carefully!

Now instantly remove the toast at 30 seconds and place together as a sandwhich and slice into 2 or 4 triangular sandwhiches!

You can also have a small pot of fruit yogurt dip your toasted fig and honey sandwiches in..

I usually do with an amiable cup of coffee cream tea!!


ย Always remember figs do indeed go off quickly when you see them sprouting, try not to waite to long!

Thank you and enjoy..

Bon epetite from me!

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