“Enlightenment!” The Internal Eternal Organic Internet

“Awakening To The Wonders Of The Existence”


For modern partisans, reaching a state of benevolence is difficult indeed, many who have built a lifetime upon the fancy and the razzmatazz the artificial world offers, will pass away the opportunity of a steady relationship with “,Enlightenment the ultimate realisation”.

For the artificial as nice as it appears is constructed from the fibres of the official and leases often a trail of havoc vocations to the organic fibres of the world!

Be careful of that you waste your money upon! For it shall never benefit the earth! Whats more if you can not afford such trouble of synthetic structured artifice, then one may exclume you are indeed in favour of not trashing this hour another minute more!

“AS the Earth Thanks You once more, For Your Personal Special Benevolence of non acquisition of unsecured materials for recycling”

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See category# education# 6th, 7th and 8th post down! On my site!

For such who unfortunately lack the benevolence and are increasingly handicapped by the ills, spoils, oils and grease of this world, which permits them to redundancy of a higher echelon of the human evolution, will forever befall upon trouble and strife!

The slippery slope most travel upon is the majority slope, which endows them “NOT” with etiquettes and tollerance bequethed for human evolution!

S Memo_28

For example I have met many people who I did not see in years, but on a short period of re-acquainted unforgettable tragedy, I came to the reality that the person standing in front of me had not spent any years on personal evolution and as a dettrimental consequence had not matured, as one was suppose to given the length of period since our last encounter!

( As a side note to this, it is regrettably informed that the majority of poor folk in the western world are living stagnant as a flaw of this consequence).

Thus! Will not move forwards in life towards progression of the self! ย Also by this they can not forsee others evolution and have set their very own personal chronograph to a time that stands still in their cerebrum! -(ย This is sometimes the reason why some people laugh at your attempts for success while others are just plain scared to be left to lonely in low quarters of life by themselves and regrettably I must state “THAT THE TRUTH HURTS” )

S Memo_97

This behaviour is aligned to a child or infants cerebrum when accessing the world and can not fully understand superior brains which evolved through trial and error!

Because of the pain of realisation, most of the western doctrinaire has evolved into an unusually unique conglomerated congealment of spiritual degradation and that of a conccubbine fashion by falsehood of reality, anything which makes them feel good is becoming their truth, some will even attempt to frame others or make others appear bad to make themselves look innocent and allure others from their dark cupboard of ills and past sacrilegious and abominable behaviours!

Sadly and unmistakeably enough, that which sits in deposits of the anatomical construction, projects upon the agent in all mannerism

Sadly and unmistakeably enough, that which sits in deposits of the anatomical construction, projects upon the agent in all mannerism

This appeasing of falsehoods to themselves by themselves is akin to the greatest madness and distortion of mind, body and soul and constructs as a personal killing machine devised from the self to the self!

But this still is not very hard to believe when you realise, that every single soul in the western hemisphere is sincerely not independently happy or satisfied!

As when one in the westen hemisphere tastes a drop of goodness they want to acheive the same state they felt the first time they tasted it!

But however can never acheive it within the same dosage! Now as an unfortunate consequence to embark on a greater amount to surmount the initial titillation!

But yet each time the agent wishes to reach the titillation has to embark on a higher dose time and time and time and time and time yet again, untill almost no measurement of the source can titilate the insatiable appetite to the source!

This is an expedient growth of poisoning in which the west have become the “In Current Indispensableย Indisputable Heavyweight Champions Of The World!”ย Towards destruction of self and others neighbouring!

This be the universal abiding by such destruction and contemptuous confriction contemporaneousness is that of a special requiem within their unity!

The tragedy is that they are Pepetually effortlessly de-enriching emotionally advanced natures and cultures with their personal skewed informations of benevolence!

S Memo_94

Also many illiterate cultures follow accept and abide by such poison chalices of indoctrination offered by the West! Such once indeginous tribes, accept for barterring produce and tools and as a blindfold, do not know that which they are being offered and accept the baits as did the “unfortunate wolf”

*See category/finance/ for metaphisicology is for the astute wealthy hierarchy


I do not and have never lived within the confines of the westen spirituality, mind and emotion as I have witnessed its evil prowess upon such lifes! Those who do are nothing short of barbarians and will endeavour to use you or whoever they will to entise further their personal exploitations, everyone is not to be trusted white black, male female, old young, religious non religious, criminal non criminal, sane insane, professional unprofessional, trust at your own unfortunate sacrifice!

Hence! ” I Lived Amongst The Villages And Witnessed The Evil And Maliciousness Of Their Ways, I Noticed That The Wheels Of Their Spirits Was Turning In The Opposite Direction To Wheels Of My Own Heart, It Was Then I Realised I Was Not One or Amongst The People!”

*(KAHLIL GIBRAN) From Treasures Of Kahlil Gibran.

Competently for myself I have travelled to foreign lands in poor nations and witnessed the real benevolence of meaker peoples who by casuality shine a brighter illuminiscence upon the earth!

S Memo_1

Some peoples application towards life is one of inverse progress -*regressive state of non-bearance to evolution of the mind!

Anothers application towards life is a perpetual manifestation of competition to others lifes -(Even without the said others awares of such people competing against them).

For example; The teenage girl who secretly wants to be like her other friends, or the mother who dresses like her daughter, or the young male who strives to forge the ultimate body, while yet another attempts to race every power driven motor vehilce he follows, in his mere 1.6 litre engine!

Oftentimes even and strangely enough fully grown men would attempt to trick his associates fiancee into bed just to feel slightly better about himself, or anothers lover or ex! -(Often such and such exploitations is wholeheartedly petty and quite sad).

For humankind as a species have lost all direction of personal lifes!


What is worse they have convinced themselves that others care about what they are doing, oftentimes nobody cares what another is doing if it can not benefit themselves also, so the effort goes without saying, “It was wholeheatedly a waste of your time if you was attempting to get the attention of your intended target via your actions!

This often is a huge error and attribution of said ignorance, by sole parties of materialism and earth bound characteristics, such will display via emotions and lack of etiquettes in such a hemispherical domain!

Often they are the least and last to know anything, and when handed a peace of information characterise as though it occured recently.. not realises it may have occured several generations ago!

S Memo_84

ย The west contribution to youth is to behave young! Yet there is no greater obomination upon the world then to see a fully grown adult believing they are young and prancing like an infant!

There confusion is of a sad one, as the wires where lost in aย “Great Chinese Whisper” of titanic proportions! Youth of body soul and mind does not mean drinking like a teenager or wearing teenage attire or conversing like a child with child jargon!

Youth is truly well being, health and vitality period!


“As A Consequence such incompetence of self Will Suffer By Themselves If Pepetually Competing Against Others, Fore When They Are Old They Will Not Be In The Classification To Compete With Youth-(The Fountain Of Benign)”.

Often you may come in to contact with said properties, who will get everything wrong, and will display a total contrast to the actuation of an event or happening! -(This can also be a prohibited result or a “Mental Block” & the characteristics of “Imprinting” all similitude roled into one notion of “hightened ignorance” and incompetence of self and mind!

*This is not and never and attack but a door to realisations, as actuality is never easy to accept!

Many can never and will never accept they are first weak, incompetent, wrong, A liar, repetitive of false and incorrect information!

When you look inside yourself, you come to know oneself, then if enough years has passed by since first enlightenment, you can use this formula to understand others actuality also!

***(As a side note it is important to state, the official handicapped persons and paraysed physically and mentally of this world via birth or accidents can not be at fault for any actions, such with severe mental illness also fit into this arena, and as a matter of importance are not at fault for there characteristics and behaviour)

Yet it is affirmation to also declare many and much should try as they are born able with able minds, that should not be fashion upon A beverage everyday!

S Memo_81

Importantly enough, once again the west idea of this attribution and practice, to such societies paradigm behind it, such a mistake as this will only allure to further fabrication and skewed practices by the fast forward approach and “Instant Gratification” to everything! Oppose to patience and steady inquisitions!

Often answering without carefully contemplated etc etc etc..

The west base everything upon emotions and are always quick to jump to a position of personal mind without proper reason!

Fascets that allure to this terrible malign are an attribution of an unsteady society from the inside out not the outside in and unsteady people!

Materials do not give confidence and strength but rather spirituality gives confidence and strength!

S Memo_85

All the rigidity of the religious practices in the west to not, and I reiterate “Do not acquaint to even as little as a group of religious practitioners from the north of the hemisphere!”ย 

This unfortunate practice is due to a multitude of factors!

A least of factors of the skewed representation of spirituality governed in the west!

1) Money -(Which often prohibites ones personal time to reflect and practice as one is often Psychological occupied, by the material behaviour of such trade of money)ย 

2) The behavioural practices of those who chase money -(This can also govorn an agents life if his associations, family, acquaintances are driven by more money! Even his neighbourhood will effect the way he treats money, can I spend on nice materials for fear of sabotage or should I move to a better neighbouring environment-( which often cost more money, which leads to more hours spent at work with shrewd unbenign folk ) This type of coajuvancy is akin to a coagulation of your benevolence -( limited to that of a blood endured patient of the cerebrum, hence! “Blood Clotton” and stuck in their tracks!

S Memo_87

You will find as I did the further I travelled up the ladder of spoken beneficiaries, the acquaint clarification illuminated motives and ideologies which was not to my neurological structure!

Often people at the top are cold hearted, and as a previous Psychologist ruminated, “You will discover that bussiness people are Psychopathic in nature!”ย 

Which is evidently true I sported! -( meaning displayed as in communicated or spoken ).

*The business person’s sole trade is to make himself as much comfortable profit as possible in that which they harbour! All sense of humanitarian basic traits often automatically denounce and detatch, like that of the leaves off a tree in the autumn!

The business persons characteristics are that of a fearful creature trying to protect their spoils, they fearfully have no room for regulation of benevolence so opt out and make others appear as negligent and incompetent as possible to remain in a high position of wage, earning and power!

For example alot of my work is good over the years as is others but, to put your foot in the correct space for progress is something else when fear realises you are alive!

often people have the type of fear which will prevent you from success, people of white and asian complexions are not really fearing (in the same stance and fortunately for them) ย as darker skin homo-sapiens are frequently feared and shut out, even to the point darker skin homogeneous traits fear one another, and will do anything to subdue that fear, even administer fake jokes, bogus stories, and petty nonsense to makethemselves “A dye in the wool illiterate” and such an unspecified illiterate often feels less obliterated by a possible supperior force of nature! And more becoming for his casting of aspersions against another who is really quite superior and endearing!

This type of cloak and dagger “tack tick” is often juxtaposed by such fear and traits of weaken mindedness from the western coajuvancy.

Often hindered behind retorted smiles, which turn into grimaces when you are doing better in your life!


Thank you for reading my blog, may this benefit you in some way today!

Peace be upon you well wishes!

I bid you good day…

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