Agriculture and Organics

Harvesting, Freshly Governed Organic Produce!

“Always Has Been An Intriguing Symptom Of Mind To Nourish The Self With Better Than Average Stock”

Oftentimes Quality Stock Actually Cost More Than Even The Fast Un-organic Produce, Consumers Hastily Crowd For!

Oftentimes, One Pays Quite increasingly on this synthetic absorption of mere aesthetics, guised as produce-( For Un-qualified Stock ), Inwhich Most Of The Pricing is Due To Packaging, Tansportation, 3rd, 4th, 5th Parties Who Negotiated With Pricing Along The Steady Chain Of Corporate finance!


Nevertheless and unfortunately by the instant it reaches stores, stock can be unafordable and expensive! For this type of marketing characteristics, one can identify how the poor, are always undernourished-(never starved, just simply lacking in nutrients). You can often visualise and perceive on reasonably close inspection, in many who have poor diets the affects of lack of neutrinos and beneficial factors, when one can not afford from the organic tray!

I always feel it is better to almost go without, then to eat and feast upon garbage, I would rather dress poorly, not have a car, have nothing but eat well! Food preparation and competence of nutrition is an important factor of the self, one can not be inform and in physical or psychological competence, if you are for example on a spiritual benevolence, but eating in quite a hazardous fashion, and in heavyweight quantities also!!!


Condition and nutrition should not be opposing parallels, as one often paralyses the other! A matter of decision making catalogued into compromising compulsions for the benevolence of your personal matter be your interest and gain!

Everything one chooses to indulge, should benefit them on the whole, rather then the amiable glance of their neighbours. For this to take full governance, some steady reseach and computation of nutrition needs earnest investment solely for the comprisal of said agent!



The Botanic Garden…

One does not have to grieve upon their meals in misery or curse upon a meager diet, but to invest chronologically in earnest knowledge about what is best for self! As people often rightly differ in chemical balances, you may find some who need more salt in their diets, to those who need more sugar chemicals, to those who need more acidity, to those who require more iron, to those who demand more sulpher, to those who first for more magnesium and so on and so on?

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Biology of the state is wholeheartedly complex, and individually we do not align, so the personal requisitions of monitoring such personal requirements for steady gain has to be a must!

As explained accessibility of affordable stock is not easy! So simultaneously arranging personal stock, maybe the way forward for now! -(Eating that which you can afford, will not allow you to squander, considering one invest in the opportunity to produce it from early stage to ripening accomplishment! This be the accessories to a good harvest leaves one feeling more than satisfied with whatever is produced!

6 produce I grow, potatos, beetroots,  Onions, Lettuce, Raddish, Rhubarb!

6 produce I grow, potatos, beetroots, Onions, Lettuce, Raddish, Rhubarb!

Uprooting these rhubarb stalks makes good biological profit, when skin diced and blended with honey and my other fruits for tasty beverages!

Uprooting these rhubarb stalks makes good biological profit, when skin diced and blended with honey and my other fruits for tasty beverages!

Grown this year, ready succulent and devoured, a portion at a time!

Grown this year, ready succulent and devoured, a portion at a time!

Myself as such a generator of achaean practice and the love of botanical fruit, which only seriously started this labouring practice of growing my own fruit & vegetables several years back! But have enchanted my benevolence with such amaible practices, as the antioxidants our biology needs is wholeheartedly acquisitional from fresh produce straight from the earth! These polychromatic sources of andioxidants are the spice of human life and needing harvesting to enrich the bodies of such bounty!

The Particles, red and white blood cells, which make up our great immune systems are dependable on such acquaintances! Such a rendezvous of high spontaneously galvanising mediation from antioxidants to the blood cells, work as reinforcement of labour, love, life, house, nursing, tutor and guard!

One can see such an amiable sophistication of intricacies when illuminating study is exposed of the methodology of such particle behaviour!

Every medicine is bound by nature, as nature to us is medicine! For example remove the bee from this world, and no plants will survive without pollination from our best friend the “BEE”


REMEMBER! No plants means no life for humans quite simply so! So it is best to not use aerosol cans and anything which kills bees an insects, each manifest their own personal benevolence inwhich mankind is only now globally discovering-(Not a minute to soon but rather late) As we are aware Bee quantities are falling each year because of manmade substance and substitutes! When all along such pharmaceutical subsidiaries are not needed if we simply take care and be more informed of our personalised practices!

The photosynthetic structure of this world harbours all natural cures, antidotes and remedies for each and every affliction witnessed! Our phylogenetic phycomycosis blends and actual metamorphosises with that of biotic culture, no artificial stimulations are indeed needed, as patience is a virtue upon health and sturdy study!

The phonation of our immune system is built in the biotics of organic matter plain and simply undeniable!


For good health, better mental stability, money savings and long life… One should become accustom to a partial fixation with mud, in order to grow your own food!




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