The state of “Realisation” latin route word “Energeia” for actuality

download_20131110_141959Here I would like to emphasize the identification of the use of the words “Interpretation”
And “information” Via “Realisation”

Two pre – modern theologist who were skilled in the way of interpretation, “Aristotle” and “St Thomas Aquinas” .

Both admired for well renown interpretations on a school of thought laced out by previous scholarly theologists!

Both Interpreted the realisation of the self quite importantly!
As was stated by the two in many years apart that;- all things derive from an agent internal or external!
All realisation of form needs its agent, all verily achievements of natural being is, complementarity,something’s doing… forecast… retaliation… response.. provocation!

However! ” Aristotle emphasises reality as the end point of some process of change in which something that was only possible has now become actual ” (a process of change which is some agents pre-vocation or juxtapositions… influence.
Where as St Thomas presents the order being manifested by internal factors… someway the self… “a state of actual being resulting from such a procedure as itself” Internal realisation that was accompanied by some agency (force)?

Very very compelling, neither for the soft minded or non-thinker to comprehend!

Such a realisation St Thomas assume must have an internal realisation to accompany the realisation!

Aristotle emphasises the synopses of natural things differ from artificial live stock, by way of an internal entity (self construction! As “Monod” would say!)
Where else artificial elements depend on an external producer or composer to construct the element/elements of realisation!
Artificial elements or dimensions depend on an external element to them known as a producer to orchestrated the artificial element according to “Aristotle belief” coined “his artifice” (producers artifice).

however St Thomas retorts “Both elements receive their form from external agents, but a natural thing receives its form by way of itself” exist ;- inhaling elements to self construct its own personal dimension and identity, for its self in its natural habitat to survive.
where else an artificial element receives the form by which another element is directly constructing its form and dimensions, exclusive of it self!

When Aristotle calls the state of “REALISATION” energeia-(Latin) or actuality, the word stresses a state that was only previously possible is now actually present!
when St Thomas addresses this as ” Actus ” -(Latin),
The word further stresses that the presence of the state is not only the production of influences but also the influences of another further!
The manufacture of an agent?
ST Thomas stresses further the importance that all being is production (doing) and if the production itself is also an environmentally favoured realisation or achievement of an otherwise merely possible agency?
Then it to needs a producer as a realisation!

The first agents production must be via a production of a second agent (separate agent) and so on, or as far as we can comprehend I personally state!
However.. a state of “ad infinitum” would have allowed the element to become intrepid & intransmutable.
However because we have a process of processes we can visualise a producer or an agent this equaling realisation of product or element!

We can continue on in favoured agents untill we get to the agent (Ultimate) which needs no favours from another.. others… elements etc…
So to the magnitude that every other doing. ..
Every other production…
Every other element, must be the favoured motivation from the one such planner… Sculpturer… Producer… Doer… Agent… etc…

Moment of realisations is a procedure of thought! Intricate juxtapositions of the neurological chromosomes in adventure of formation towards presentation of a device or order… back to the body or throughout the body to transmit a product!
Awareness… Understanding… Perception… Epiphany. .. Clarity… Transcendence… Intelligence. .. Perception. .. Etc etc…

One could construct the notion that all things have life… even artificial elements could be seen to have life.
If one endures to add to an artificial element everyday in expansion the element equates to life of its own…
The feeding environment for this life is the agent which created it or environments which created it!

A painter painting a painting of a painting is rehearsal life by giving its new creation life, by adding to it every time with a dimension of paint… thus metamorphosed!

A plant being fed water is also alive in the same way a painting comes to life by the instructions of the outside agent!
Thus the water will add dimension to the plant…

An Organism which is intrepid still has an agent or producer though there will be multiple agents or producer working feverishly for the benefit of the Organism.
Multiple organs may consist inside the organ but should not be the producer..
however could be if the producer as we may apotheosis is an agent nothing like that of we could imagine?


Realisation demanding or daring to come into being… Realisation altering fabric of pre existance to know…
Realisation conveluting… twisting… shifting… metamorphosis ingenuities. ..
Realisation Juxtaposed to understand existence…
Realisation exporting to understand as had no such formal tutor so creates scenarios for the purpose of understanding!
Realisation magnitude to collect all such information!
Realisation magnified to infinitum to realise. ..


Thank you dear comrades and astutes and deep thinkers… I hope my current blog will indeed broaden your horizon and unearth the wonders of existence!
Not to be dictated to or align ones juxtapositions with such of dictatorships…
Just the free spirit roaming the void expanse of the Realisation -(Existence)
Through the personal intransmutable Intransigence of the self!

I hope you will join me not in presence but rather in journey into the abyss of ambiguity of existence via the ultimate conditions of our Intravenous invulnerability of the cerebral!

Allow the cerebral to investigate and learn the wonders of existence!

I hope you have enjoyed my recent blog… I bid you fare well but not good-bye…
take care…


Source material

A. Kenny, ed.. Aquinos: A collection of critical essays 1969

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