part1 superheterodyned “Spatiotemporal”

Part1. Superheterodyne “Spatiotemporal”

Quantum Leaps… Black Holes. .. Time Warps. .. Atomic Speeds. .. Proselytized Nucleaus Properties. ..

Pulsating Variables… Galactic Travel. .. Sonic propellers… Intensities. .. Distant Stars… Super Novae. .. Bubble universes…. The Ether. .. Dark Mass… Ethereal. .. S-Matrix… This Gravity… Puissance… Galactic Mass… Hatrons. .. Cosmic velocities. ..Tachyon… Parodoxic… Expansion. ..

All random drives and I stumbled across access to multicellular elevating gate ways…

My detriment; It is between 2212 -2220AD..

The digital diaristics are skewed and shimmery, I barely read a faint of what appears 17:00hrs but I can not be sure… I do not know what day it is, not that this should make an impression on my cutrent predicament. ..

I awake… with you in my head.. I am in the bed I layed in on earth I dreamed.. with you in my head…

I pause and play each moment of my life on earth…

My memoirs of the distant past.. now over governed by the light years that devide my reality from my life…

I exist in this refractivity…. No other life force in my craft.

The dream fades I remember. ..

You have been at your desk for hours again.. a Polytechnical chimes draw my attention… as I flutuate to consciousness momentums.

I dream where I stood with you with me.. drinking from crystal ware. ..Here we have been sitting for days and conversing.. In a ever changing world, where time evolves as metaphysics of thought come to fruition..

This ever changing world through yielding evolution and space nothing can deliver me from space time…Via all encumbrances space and dimension, Age and continuum…

Through my journey through civilisation through evolution. ..

My existance in tachyon world.. In and out of space time collecting data. . The craft is lost from route.. orbiting far away milk aways in search for reason and existance.

Try as I might I do not want to remember my route to the toxications of the distant past!



All though I know now my journey was set to let me free encumbrances of history bearing down on my soul!

To be Continued

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