The Missing Planets On The Solar Belt


























The mighty solar system a minute dimension in the galaxy we harbour…

The mighty Sun boasts as the orthodox attraction of the solar system we harbour. Orbiting the Sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,ย The Kuiper Belt Which harbours an unquestionably destinct plethora of debris, these deposits are situated between Mars and the Jovian planets. A tag allocated for the larger planets outside the kuiper belt, that are gaseous in nature instead of the rocky surfaces acknowledged in the four earth like planets within the kuiper belt. The jovian planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The Kuiper belt is made of asteroids, rocks and metorites which are very large and dense rocky formation! Pluto which orbits upon the Kuiper belt is acknowledged as a dwarf planet, because of such relatively small dimensions in comparison to it’s larger neighbours in the solar system. The Kuiper belt is a large ring which orbits with alignment of the solar system. Multiple dwarf like planets waltz along the belt, Eris, Haumea, Makemake, Cerus… These large rocks are rocky dwarfs or astoroids which have been rounded by orbiting the solar system.


If you can imagine a vortex of extreme heat in the centre of a ring, with objects spinning and orbiting that ring, akin to meat on a skewer being prepared for a kebab feast. The rough edges are smoothed off and melted by the intensity of the heat source.

There exist a strange hypothesis for the Kuiper belt which rings closer to a legend. The Kuiper ring itself, has a strong possibility of actually existing as the remains of an exploded/imploded planet. Either the destruction occurred via intense chemical misuses of the resources of such a mysteries planet or otherwise, war was a constant in the quadrant. The planet for this auspicious hypothesis is intriguingly known as “Krypton”

The Kuiper belt which holds the remnants of planetย Krypton is amassed with metal debris. Probably the sole attention Krypton was assigned title for this mystery planet. The metal extremely dense and dark in hue, orbits within the belt! Remnants of this metal have found their journey to earth. Some segments dating back approximately 65 million years in age!

I am in agreement with such a natural hypothesis, it appears clear to myself, that this is the sole reason the kuipler belt even exist. Yet the event is not so easily acknowledged. Something of possible science fiction to the unimaginable of minds. But not impossible for a war of some form to have taken place. There appears no life on the planets in our solar system or if life had existed? I suggest it is not much different from our own. Otherwise it may have visited earth. A restriction of a particular kind exist for other life on the solar system. This I believe was born via the explosion of planet X which destroyed all life in the solar system when planet X exploded/imploded sending rays of meteor showers in every direction of the solar system. It is very probable that life existed upon every planet in the solar system until the great explosion of planet X approximatelyย Sixty Five million years in the great age of cataclysmic events. Each planet inhabited life, evidence shows that water droplets existed in separate areas of orbiting planets.

Just for a moment… Close your eyes and imagine thus scenario:

If you can imagine quite clearly and confidently? A world war in space between at least one planet which resulted in a nuclear device so powerful which imploded the planet sending rays of meteorites to all neighborring planets in the solar system! Imagine the cataclysmic explosion of planet X, which was indeed the culprit for the emptiness we have come to acknowledge which exist in the planets which orbit our solar system. It is quite possible that the effects of the meteor shower did not render earth totally obsolete of bacteria. This might be due to the size of the meteorite which impacted earth? It is indeed quite probable that earths neighbouring planets were indeed all bombarded by far larger meteorites, which annihilated the complete biosphere and climate from the first hit… Upon each of the planets in the solar system. In other words, maybe earth just got slightly lucky in that respect regards the level one exstinction effect. The meteorite which hit earth approximately sixty five million years ago was large enough to wipe out all life but not large enough to wipe out the micro organisms, which exist below the earths surface of rocks and marsh lands!

These minute micro organisms existed underground and resurfaced to reignite life once again at a later date upon earth after the meteor strike which exhausted the dinosaurs. We could also asknowledge that possibly the life upon planet “X” was of a menacing gradient… Possibly… even, one of extraordinary development in the grandeur of machination and nonchalance, a greedy fulfillment, insatiable in appetite, possibly Psychotic in nature, perhaps unempathetic, domineering, agely juvenile, wickedly, deploymatic but chillingly evil, characteristic of aristrocratic politics, judgemental, sneaky, spying, sociopathic, hypocritical, unsympathetic or empathetic, warring, devious, uncapable of resolutions, scientific, genious, ingenuity capable of hosting weapons of mass destruction???

“Weapons of mass destruction!”


“The Weapons Of Mass Destruction!”

Here holds a candidate likeness to that of the modern day society of the western ideology and methodology here upon our earth home. If this is indeed the true case? which has already been mentioned by doctors around the world, whom have reiterated the following: “White people as a complete organism, are not from this actual planet earth” (In which we reside in). Then this realisation stands to good reason and simple logic… as the certain link to their original history and origin of life for the white homo sapients”. (Please see previous blogs regarding the origin of white homo sapient…)

The link is below (kindly view the first video at the end of the blog, spoken by a physicist of anthropologist.

From that particular blog you will indeed understand the demographics of the white homogenous history and the difficulty of natural alignment to planet earth.

This message also sheds sound resonance to whyย #geoengineering has become a perpetual top priority in the hosting of western affairs. http://www.geo http://www.geo

Somebody or something is systematically ordering for the rearrangement of our climate for their personal interests?

This is also to the detriment of the complete diversity of native species of earth. It appears nobody else benefits but white homogenosised traits.




So if my and many others hypothesis is indeed correct, it should not be to far in our own distant future when the race of war fuelled hybrids, exact and rekindle their Renaissance with world explosions.

It appears a leap frog locust effect is on the horizon for the white homogeneous society… Who will indeed strip the entire resources of that which they come into contact with and empty the contents of whichever planet they become visitor/guest or host to…

It is also important to acknowledge maybe just maybe other societies of species in the galaxy are previleged to such information. Thus, already sustained the necessary aknowledgement of the white Psychopathic blood hunger that has stalked and savagd our planet. This fact of a superior civilisation may have well prepared for the rendezvous…


Thank you and shine a light at night!

Peace be upon friend














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