📯Generic Idiochromosomes Collide📯

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I have wondered upon many nights and dawns, of the differences between each ethnicity. The socio heterogeneity which illuminates my cerebrum especially and quite intriguingly, are the distinctive divide of the two polar hues of the monochromatic spectrum…. Black and White!

You may have also heard as I have experienced, from others in personal socio heterogeneities, this statement: “We are all the same”… “We are all as one” or “We are all from the same descendents” 

Maybe not, as not for thee, though through needing…. whom we have affirmed acknowledgement, descending from Neanderthal-anthropological generics!

Yet one has to acknowledge, convicted upon the above disclosure alone, the adversion that even Neanderthals would have evolved from taxonomic idiochromosomes from earlier chronostrataghraphical units???! 

Yet the idiosyncrasies displayed via each groups socio-heterogeneities economy, culture and abundance of generic immunity acclimatised via each historic existence to the taxonomy of the geographical and chronostrataghraphical units… clearly…

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📯Generic Idiochromosomes Collide📯

I have wondered upon many nights and dawns, of the differences between each ethnicity. The socio heterogeneity which illuminates my cerebrum especially and quite intriguingly, are the distinctive divide of the two polar hues of the monochromatic spectrum…. Black and White!

You may have also heard as I have experienced, from others in personal socio heterogeneities, this statement: “We are all the same”… “We are all as one” or “We are all from the same descendents” 

Maybe not, as not for thee, though through needing…. whom we have affirmed acknowledgement, descending from Neanderthal-anthropological generics!

Yet one has to acknowledge, convicted upon the above disclosure alone, the adversion that even Neanderthals would have evolved from taxonomic idiochromosomes from earlier chronostrataghraphical units???! 

Yet the idiosyncrasies displayed via each groups socio-heterogeneities economy, culture and abundance of generic immunity acclimatised via each historic existence to the taxonomy of the geographical and chronostrataghraphical units… clearly identify the position that separate traits of cosmic endorsements may lay responsible to this diverse invitation of anthropological evolutions! Clearly the intelligence in existence, can confirm substantial traits differ between the generic factors of species. These differences also have been established in the cellular sub-atomical level (molecular level). The molecular level of each species differs upon environment to enviroment, regardless of hemispherical environment and distance to neighbouring acclimatisations! Such as the cultivating apparatus of the organism and it’s various inhabited organs! Temperature, course, vegetation, atmosphere, particle behaviour and various inhabitants, collaborate to construct the species of any specific environment!

The synopses of the genome and in specific the idiochromosomes at work within each organ of the organism! Such as this identity and behaviour of interactive/non interactive molecules shapes/alterations/construct the behaviour in essence of the organism! Aggressive or regressive, intellectual or non-committal to intelligence and personal growth! Also the longevity, with,

health and attention to attractions and distractions will ultimately shape and steering the existence of each organism! The less or little the organism acknowledges… searches and is un-privileged to comprehend, then the further away from reason, good health, wealth, restoration and long-term benevolence the organism will become! This perpetual relationship between each organism and existence is a constant affair… the so called survival of the fittest, as we have often mentioned previously!

Thus, is ultimately the definition of the organism before nurturing of the copy code begin… (The role of individual to group identity or species or even socio heterogeneity). Such formations of personal relativity has been known to have been formed before infant stage of organism, often realised that true idiosyncrasies occurred with in the womb, before birth of organism! The synopses of the temperament can and will usually be formed after the zygote stage to descending fetus… If we refer to biotic life then the zygote would register as the seed in the earth being watered! Nurturing the seed, by the formation of the water or fluid present for feeding. Also the soil and other decomposed materials will aid the construction of the seed to plant/tree/life etc! Reasoning residents or ingredients will indeed nurture the possible temperament of the structure of organism!

“Feed A Life Poison And It Shall Become Just That!”

  • Often the nonchalance of unduly, undisciplined, unlearned, undeciphered and uncooperative beings, usually construct other skewed or broken beings! Furthermore, the beings who will endeavour to construct Ill persons, will not be aware or even admit to the faculty of faulty adherence in their wayward practices of nurture!
  • We can acknowledge the fact that, many un-appropriately licence holders of pets or animals, are guilty of faulty attitudes towards the health and safety of the pet or animal. As a disassembling from mindfulness, the owner will abuse the pet or creature to the point of no return, in which the animal becomes a monster or disturbance to all else, including the animal or pets own health and longevity!
  • We can often acknowledge, some parents should be permitted to embarking on a course of licence and education before being granted the opportunity to give birth. As we know there exist females who poison there very own organism (Body and fetus). Now reducing the synopses of the fetuses into a possible chance of long term difficulty in survival, as much as the mothers very own!
  • The poisoning can also be structured by outside constructions or constrictions, something which may impede the healthy growth of the organism!
  • By and large, it is important to note, many constrictions are actually devised out of purpose for a certain purpose! The purpose of some restrictions may be a maintenance of benevolence, while others maybe an occupational idiosyncrasy or ideology, from a severe division wholeheartedly interested in terms of management and manufacture of subdivisions and subclasses for controlling and slavery!
  • We can state that Europeans have aided the engineering and mechanics, behind the state of minds in the indigenous world and that of the offspring’s wayward growth and endurance for Europeanism… Such who are now available, know worldwide as the one and only “Negropeans!”
  • The substantial indoctrination and subsidiaries, have done little to accommodate the true “Afro-ethnic Spiritualists Identities and Graded Benevolence! With this stripped and buried the wisdom left behind by the ancients to the Afro-ethnics, have since perspired delivery upon the nurturing genome.
  • Now bartered for skewed mimicking, invented by wicked clergymen and insatiable nocturnal appetites… the false illusion and skewed religions are Manifested akin to robotics invested to be taught, solely for the controlling of the masses! 
  • Such programmed instruments often do not evolve out of the initial programmed station, without the aforementioned instructions of the dear rightful programmer/cooperation/sanctioning authority and owners. Hence, the direction of object is steadily entrusted upon the devised programmers to ensure all details meet sanctioned education. If it be a larger object which meets affiliations of programmes, such as society, the programmer initial rights of agenda and duties remain in sameness to a single smaller entity or device! Total cooperation for the interest of the owners or leaders, for profit or power! The sanctioning body usually reserves rights for their interest only and never or not the programmed, programmer or programme!
  • Those who fit the programme are bound by this fate, in which nothing short of universal aid can release them from such controlling misery, in which poverty is leased to the entire socio heterogeneity as a favour from the controlling party! Poverty-stricken identities and those with a perverse sense of financial management, should not have to be burdened with such an Ill fate engineered by vitriolic idiosyncrasies perspiring from the perspectives of such greedy Europeans. Nonetheless… simple mathematics and due care to personal decision making should be taught to each child by parent, in order to break the cycle of handicap.. greed or misfortune!

  • Interestingly lyrically… enough also, as we have routinely spoken of the pressures felt by each nation, due to the overwhelming stress placed on the resources available and affordability. Unfortunately the uneducated crust of a society, fail to realise the humongous effort and education needed to haul… harvest… exhume… produce… manufacture… barter and make readily available and affordable produce to their economy of residence! Food is neither free… privileged to the citizen of any state! Nor should it be if produced, then displayed to you for your convenience! The price of labour in all measurements has to be fairly attached to the product, especially in order to keep revenue at a reasonable state. If the product is far too highly priced, we recognise it has an effect on the buyers of the product and sellers alike… even the producers are effected (As we acknowledge  today, in the British lamb industry. Buyers and wholesalers are shopping abroad to import live stock, which although arrives from over shores, surprisingly sums up cheaper in bargains, when purchasing farming measurements of live stock!). The average citizen often does not care to pay much attention, to the where… how… when… and various attributes of reasonable business cost, which is beneficial to everyone all around, right from the workers to the consumers (fair trade). When fair trade is not actioned, a bad balance ignites throughout multiple areas. As avenues and outside connections are often effected, all the way right through to departments outside the original business trade. The connection between departments of businesses are often reliable upon one another to galvanise the economy of the state (Injection of prosperity and funds). As an analogy we can state: “In regards to mammals, If the body of the sprinting cheater, loses it’s natural biological engineered tale, the aversion to balance in velocity will be broken from this mechanical defect!” Understanding the aerodynamics in this shift, ultimately will broadenshape one single horizon to a multitude of interesting multicoloured multicomponentories in cultures customers… practices and business liaisons. When such citizens do not understand the formidable array of interactive justifications between all that is… all that is to be! An internal problem unfolds.

  • Wealth is not bottomless… Neither is wealth ethereal and everlasting… it does not stand the test of time akin to air and space mechanics! Wealth is truly subjective. Upon this subject it is quite elusive… unresolved and often damaging! Because of this perpetual greed aspiring from the homes of the western citizens, the citizenship’s across the globe in foreign lands suffer as a direct consequence of their very own resources, which lay under perpetual Rape and attack from shrewd businesses… European business exploits. Unfortunately this evil Rape tactic is the only way the European business agents can take control of the foreign resources at a rate, that will support the perpetual mouths of the hungriest in western! Let us remember and not disregard the fact, that western shoppers do not shop for need, but rather for ” Extreme Pleasure/Instantaneous Gratification “
  • To comprehend and think that multiple families in the poorest nations, are subjected to the harshest depredations, simply through the fact that the western ideology, supports the trend that shopping makes you happy, encourages further exploitation from foreign resources… in this… The level of abuse which is causing damage and Rape to the world viability of resources! The resources which was a regulation redesigned by leaders of foreign nations, who have been imprinted with western ideologies. Such ideologies that wholeheartedly support the western profile. This profit to the western Treasury allows the western cultures to live quite unashamedly fat and full of total consumption and fulfillment!
  • ” What they want… they shall have, without persecution on consequence or consideration towards others persecution and depredations from their reasons of seasonal profits “

Each female from the western shores, who embarks on this “Crazy behaviour” Unfortunately has not understood the “Causation” related to this diverse invitation of self-gratification!” The substantial impact redirects back to the poverty-stricken shores, who are consistently available for trickery from the hands of foreign behaviours. Again and again and again and again, again… are the poorest shores of the hemisphere hit by foreign political arrangements, which never benefit the synopses of the poor nations prosperity! Ignorantiquity is in abundance in the pockets of the genomes send in the leaders in the poorest nations. Unfortunately they arose from the antiquity of naivety and gullibility! For this, each householders offspring’s in the western hemispherical globe, shall be glad with smitten to be given fruitfulness in aspirations and gifts of play and of price! Little is acknowledge by the joyously displaying child, of the 1,000 or so children, further debilitated just from the gifts of the one child awakening to the toys and joys each day or on the special occasions and traditions!

The majority of females from the western world, programme their offspring’s with false information about foreign cultures. I understand this depiction may have been the guilty inheritance, they was bestowed with when in receipt of newly introduced gifts. Often western parents may indeed, falsify all behaviours, actions and characteristics of foreign people. Often as the most negative and morally corrupt of organism. This is often spoken possibly from the guilt felt, by the westerners false “Conscience, the rarely witness inner boutique of encratism”. 

In such a way that it perhaps…. bequeathed their cerebrum with notions of grandeur. The grandeur manifests as moral code to their cerebrum. Which informs them, they are not to blame, but are free from critic and blame. Even guilt, their guilt is sworn to the personal elucidation… the false believe… the propagation and assessment that they have done no wrong!

This believe makes stealing and acquisition under cheat very easy to obtain and live with, for the westerners.

President of Libya Maummaur Gaddafi was assassinated for this very reasonable,  along with every single prosperous leader… spokesman/woman official… president… T.I. …. activist…. cooperative… etc.. 

President- Sadam Hussein

Musician & Activist- Bob Marley

Rapper & Activist- Tupac Shakur

Leader- Shaka Zulu

President- John F.Kennedy

Official & Activist- Hailing Salessi

Spokesman & Activist Minister- Reveranda Martin Luther King

Musician- Marvin Gaye

Civil rights activists- Malcolm X

Are only a few of the activist who were assigned for assassination… in which the attempt was unfortunately successful!

Remember, such activist were actually assassinated by their very own people and culture!


Resume Consciousness

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“Many Are Wide Awake… Yet Are Fast Asleep! While Many May Appear To Be Asleep, Yet Are Wide Awake!”

While You May Come To Realise, That Many Are Awake In This World (Only In The Physical Realm) And Can Neither Perceive… Realise… Visualise Any Affirming Actualisations In Current… Previous… Future Chronological Periods…?

There indeed exist some, few (Few In Ratio To The Capacity Of Human Life In The World) That Are Sleeping And Quite Heavy (Heavenly… Explicitly… Soundly… Quite Quiet,  Comfortably) Yet Are Wide Awake… (Having An Awakening, Quickening Of The spiritual Soul… A Heavenly Bliss, Consciousness Of The Subconscious… Enlightenment).

I hope you can follow this detail… As it is not always easy to learn new things, especially as one gets older… (You may have noted the mention here, from the unravelling of notions in earlier chapters… Yet I digress). 

We can observe the many who are quite feverishly…

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Lyrical Vibration of the African humming bird

The African hummingbirds are a species of Alves (Birds) which are indeed small, with the aeronautical characteristics of a bee… extremely diverse in motion and capability in flight… engineered via the education of evolution… the slight hummingbirds have the capability to fly backwards…. with their tail rear end leading first… subsequently in an unusual manner… matter of fact, all directions akin to the copied technology of the mechanical drone..

The only other few species normally and easily identified and witness to fly backwards… is the wasp and bee families… flies have the same motion aswell as other rare specific species…

The identity of our hummingbird is miniscule in bird proportions… Naturally existing as a mere seven and a half centre metres in length (7.5) which is three inches  (3″)… but have been recorded in measurements up to lengths of thirteen centre metres (13cm) which is five inches long (5″). The very smallest of humming birds is just a mere five centre metres  (5cm). This is called the bee hummingbird! Reported to weigh in at the weight of an American penny, which is approximately just two and a half grams… (2.5g).

They are realised as hummingbirds… because of their beating wings and rhythmic chant from expressed high vibrations in energy release!

Hummingbirds have the highest metabolism of any homeothermic animal…. (Homeothermic relates to thermoregulation: -eternal thermeter regulator! The regulation that maintains the natural internal organ temperature regardless of foreign influences outside the genome) weather, nor metrication geometry will not effect the temperature and temperament of the hummingbirds natural proclivity to autonomy!

It has been suggested that not all species of homeothermic capability are endothermic…(Endothermic  capability arises in agents that regulate body temperature  by organs activity and physiological traits… sweat glands, orifice, hair functionalities. Endothermic are naturally warm-blooded creatures… of mammals and birds. But specific aquatic life are also endothermic.. (certain breed of shark and fish have been identified in trophical waters)? most are the opposite in cold blooded creatures… these are characterised  as ECTOTHERMY, the exact polar to endothermic! 

Because the hummingbirds have an extreme output ratio they exist on a high diet of energy componentry. When such harvesting is indeed scarce, the hummingbirds exclude themselves (each) from daily routines by the assistance of “Torpor” (hibernation). This aids energy conservation while descending the metabolic expenditure to 15 times less than its normal energy consumption!

When of great magnitude, the significance of the African hummingbirds, are their rhythmic charming sounds…

It replicates the beauty in The ancient light drums of African spiritualists… (yet it should be stated the African drummers would have mimicked the sound of the African hummingbird) The sound was used to call warriors to war, heal the I’ll, call to prey, make advocating heard, call former assimilation, hunt, call to mate, marriage, and just about everything you can imagine in society’s acknowledgement of actions! Akin to begin, As in: “in the name of the father we commence” or “Bismilla hir Raminnn nir Rahim!” Or “Our Father who art in heaven”… These signifies all acknowledgements of a higher source as the giver and sustainer who will grant authority to the intended action/s or of duty and right of passage (etiquettes).

You will notice the rythmetic sound of the hummingbirds appear to be quite peaceful and pious… the energy release is a high out put… but it aligns with their necessary nectarine diets… The energy exchange from hummingbirds reciprocate the earth… by pollinating ingredients steadily back to the ozone layers of the atmosphere!

They do not just absorb but give back ten fold graciously! Which is deemed as the most important aspect of life!

The hummingbirds climate and habit favour their gifts to the world… for the hummingbird is a master vibrationalist and competent in the arts of spiritualist. Thus in the vanguard of such natures!

Musicians train their voices for thousands of hours to reach a certain quality of vibration which the untrained voice can not perform… This pious vibration practiced by homosapients is only 1 million (1/1000000) of the quality vibration of the African hummingbirds!

Yet this vibration steadily aids peace and harmonic validation, insofar expressed within the quantum of the organs reciprocity with nature!

Also it will aid the planet better when better preserved bodies die and decay into the grounded earth.. These well preserved bodies will not appear as toxic matter to the earth, so will not be rejected by the earth! The earth rejects inorganic mixed materials… synthetics etc… a body badly preserved becomes toxic to the planet!

For example here we can exam music artist through the decades… of such importance in vibes…

  1. Soul singers, early blues and jazz singers along with later motown greats, further harvesting these gifts through their affiliations with church ministries throughout the United States of America. .. You will notice such of the beauty practiced by modern legends as in the America 90’s RnB (Rythm and Blues) sensations, Jodeci, R-Kelly, Silk, Intro, Guy, H-Town,  💃💞💖💃💃(Noticeably all each leading singers of the bands have at least one extraordinary long range 🔛🔛🔛⏳⏳vocalist! If you listen to Ke-ci from Jodeci, Aaron Hall from Guy and H-Towns Leeds singer you will notice the extraordinary range… (the hummingbird syndrome)

1970’s Smokey Robinson and Joan Armourtrading will absolutely captivate you, with this expert long wave vibration in their respective singing styles… All adopted from early Afro-ethnic American jazz and rock musicians 👌🔊🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎼

Listen to Ke-ci from U.S. sensation jodeci and Aaron Hall from Guy… Charly Wilson of 70’s Gap Band… all produce the extended tone of the delightful hummingbird in their midrange vocal set. While exceeding greatness in respective solo careers with exceptional range… probably amongst the best of all time… including Whitney Houston and Maria Carey.

You will also notice the features not challenged but inherited by European artist in more modern songs. .. Daniel Bedingfield, Berlinda Carlisle, take that… have copied the drone hummingbird syndrome from The black Afro-American descendents. Who indeed cultivated their skills via the aid of the pentecostal church choirs…

These rhythmic chimes where known to give the Afro-Americans great uplift and confidence! These Afro-Americans who adopted the trend from the early Afro-ethnic cotton farmers… who utilised humming to reduce the stresses of their days in the burning heat, where actually mimicking the hummingbirds of Africa!

Hmmmum hmm mm hmm hmm hummmmmm lyrically adjusted to humming… The slaves of the slave planations, exhaulted their days with uplift and steady ease… This also aided their debilitation of working hard in the cotton field via releasing slow energy vibrations to balance work-heat ratio!

The Ancient Africans adopted the same technique when building the giant pyramids of Giza! Loud drowning waves were exhaulted to aid the work pace central alienation component, as workers routines enchanted in motion… by the mimick of the hummingbirds vibrations, relayed by the drums…

The Arabic alphabet has a very special symbol named the alif (Aliph) it is pronounced with the same extended prolonged nouns as elongated vibrations..

Similar to that of the hummingbirds… and echoes..

To pronounce the Alif…: which resembles a short vertical line… similar to the letter l (L) from the English alphabet!

To pronounce this vowl. … follow the bellow instructions please! Set out…

Firstly: Open your mouth slightly enough to place your tongue on the bottom edge of your lower lip!

Secondly: Then while slowly taking in a deep breath!

Thirdly: while slowly releasing the oxygen from your nostrils!

Fourthly: lift your tongue up against the roof of your mouth (uppersecution).

Fifth: Make sound while this procedure is in motion…

The exercise will replicate that of a low-level vibration hum…. similar to the rhythmic chant of past African ancestors…. or the deep drone of whales and crocodiles




Try again untill you believe you have perfected this harmonisation.

This Alif symbol represents that charm…

To make this slightly easier… you may wish to sit on the floor, as you will be grounded (earthed) to the matter relation of nature… Also close your eyes as if to meditate!

Now please try again… in fact I insist you engage in this for as long as you have time to practice this ancient healing method of mind body and soul…

This will 100 percent sooth your mind at the very least… while you are concentrating on the connection with your ancestors of acient ancestry, it will also align your organism with that of nature, as it will also benefit your health from daily toxicity. You will also notice a transcend-cosmos alignment with the cosmos! The type of transcendence you never experienced before!

While you are engaging in this activity everyday… I would suggest you best engage in a quite quiet space… ultimately the outdoors would be perfect… any nature environment… parks…. fields…. near rivers and waters… all quite locations… or quite rooms…

If you can not locate a quite room or space… cover your eyes with ear muffins,  a hat, ear plugs, cotton buds, early phones, etc… When you have become confident at this you can do it absolutely anywhere, and you will not even notice or be effected by the surrounding effects of the outside world… You will be even able to do it in the most busy of places… You can also hum silently or very low under your breath so no one else can hear you… As you can also exhume as loud as you wish so everything can realise you!

If you ever listen to the Arabic calling to prayer, you will indeed notice this same vibration at the commencement of calling to prayer…

Bisssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmillllllllllllllllllllllll

Lllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Rammmmmmm minnnnnnnn nirrrrrrrrrrr Rahimmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ..

Alllllllllllllllll Laaaaaaaaaaaahh hu Ackbar Alllllllllllllll Lahhhhhhhhhh hu Ackbar

Alllllllllllllllll Laaaaaaaaaaaahh hu Ackbar Alllllllllllllll

Lahhhhhhhhhh hu Ackbar

These prolonged vibes actually heal the body of toxins and answer the express for immediate body detoxification… these particle exchanges or detoxification occurs via the mouth… akin to opening windows to exchange old dirty air for new fresh air..

The airways in your lungs must be perpetually filled with fresh air, dailey! If this process is not actioned you will be forced to visit your doctor on more occasions than ever necessary!





http://youtu.be/pWFKKtvAvak http://youtu.be/bTNLYeaL7No

http://youtu.be/ZnMNnO7vQB4 http://youtu.be/7rGawwrs55Y

Peace love and light… All righteous nubians aswell as all those who live for the prosperity of the people in piety and respect!

Melanin Bares Unimportance If…? Unity Bares futility!

“The melanin of a culture can rather weigh down total Unimportance, while ever becoming more of a destruction to the common conclave of the subdivision seeking unity, if the themes and perspectives of its favoured members are not in total agreement of it’s Kingdom of lands!”

In my above statement I declare, the commencement of building a strong unity between peers of legitimate cultural subdivisions, will only arise via the construction of true honest views and constructible… reliable… liaising with members who are truly seeking the benevolence of “good proclivities” which is sustainable and prosperous…

Ideas… ideas… ideas… does produce ingenious plans… I know this personally from technology and experience! Forceful measures are forever temporary! Temporary neither fits the framework of prosperity… sustainability, literally! 

“There exist nothing in this world which you can have for free, which is worth keeping!”

My mother stated this to me as a child…

I believe the statement is true! She was indeed right…. as life’s lessons perpetually taught me that from within each experience bequeathed upon me!                Also you may recall the story of the “Indigenous tribes and the Wolf pack?” in earlier chapters (Expressions of the notion, you will pay for everything somehow, Wetherby you receive monetary value, or accommodation of the ethereal substance to your genome, some how you will receive due summons for payment for the pleasured experienced)

Many afro-Caribbean/African blacks perpetuate good advice upon the unfortunate nonchalance of the niave… the young, the fashionable and of cause the ignorantiquity of the majority at large! This subliminal affair has not altered the afflictions of the black race… from antiquity to present.. The subscriptions to turmoil are as ever present as they have ever been.. Many would affirm, “turmoil in black life’s has forever increased”, in which I would agree!

It appears to me the further western science explores it’s tentacles of mischief upon our dear earth… the further the true inhabitants of the earth suffer…

The mining of our minerals is slowly killing our true life force… (the life force is none other than the veins… arteries… subdivisions of a complete organism cooperating the ingredients as a magnetic unit or pulse wave) The life force sends out the preferred ingredients via the reciprocal default chanel set for all corresponding mechanisms to retrieve! 

All organs/organisms in relation to a higher organ/organism are its relative intrinsic subdivisions as we have explained in earlier chapters! Just as the lands, seasonal climates, agriculture, oceanic masses are the subdivisions of the mighty earth… as in relation to a much bigger organ than the earth… the earth is also a subdivision component of the galaxy! The galaxy is a subdivisional componentary of the universe! The universe is alooking a subdivisional componentry of a cluster… and clusters are subdivisions of even larger comprehensional numbers of space componentry… Yet eventfully… lyrically and practically we reach the mighty cosmos as a complete sypnopses!

The mighty cosmos as a complete synopses is a seismic organism, of omnipotent proportions!

I shall not delve our minds further than that, of what lays outside the mighty effervescence of the organism the cosmos!

Earlier we stated on this blog post… the title: “Melanin Bares Unimportance If. ..? Unity Bares futility!

The colour of our skin tone, even our accent and place of ethnic origin as well as birth land, will not weigh as any such importance… ever… if we the people of colour are not wholeheartedly United upon a paradigm of prosperity… mindfulness… in all aspects of personal… private… segregated/integrated and international peace… harmony and autonomy!

So you can comprehend if the complete synopses of a organism’s life force dies… well than all and every single subdivision everywhere dies with it!

This be the true ritual of existence!

Now we can relate this to the mighty congression of the black cultural homosapient! It is important  here to understand the beauty in congression of the black cultures vision… (eye/version) forever leading and advancing our benevolence to ethereal matters…

It is this very group who are indeed the real pioneers and scientists of humankind..

Understand science means the study of all things…

To study is to be scientific.. to be a scientist… a physician!

I myself… I indeed am a scientist… though I am not qualified to practice under the law of certain sciences.. though I can with other known sciences… I have studied perpetually and lyrically multiple fields… wherever I can… whenever I can… without compromise or persuade/disuade/suede reasoning!

That which you study you are a scientist to… material science… food science… behaviour science… mechanical science… chemical science… even art science! Science is everything everywhere…

The first scientist were indigenous inhabitants which evolved into humanoids… their commencement through thought, of harvesting food for survival… these inhabitants learned the craft of food science! Then became competent while preying upon their prey… catching their prey and preserving the carcass… endorsing the capture with a significant ritual or dance! Which embodied the theme of their culture!

All later instruments invented… was the engineering of mechanical science engineers…

The very first flint stone (knife) was the attribute of the very first mechanisms for cutting… (😧 ✌🔪hence… mechanical engineering ) Again the bow and arrow… again the spear… again the wild animal traps… the cave was the science of architecture…

All this science derived from African soil… African experts… African experimentalists. .. ideologies and methodologies. …

The strength which attributed to the geniuses and crafts were hidden in the minerals in the soil…

The minerals which layed undiscovered for millenniums… were indeed the original device conponentry which promoted the well being of the natives, to engineer such feats… of art… strength… old age… wellness… intelligence…

When these minerals left Africa. .. so did all other attributed services related to these minerals… hence the intelligence left and exchanged hands for European shores!

The tragedy exists as the natives was not privileged to know this information… in full… some knew of the powers from scriptures handed down… some did not understand… while others were nonchalant towards their gifts (super powers). We understand now that any people born into a special type of wealth do not/can not/appreciate that wealth… untill it is removed for good!

The ⚫black wealth was not the price the Whiteman 🗽placed or sold the minerals ⭐🌟⭐🌟🌟 for 💸💷💷

No indeed.. No!

The black wealth was rather the crucial significance and ingredients of the hidden powers of the wealth… which is none other than the minerals of magnanimous healing properties… which became lost to the blacks via good will and innocence!!!

I trust you will all afford the correct amount of gold which you require to heal your aching joints (Rheumatoid Arthritis)… Illnesses and debilitations…

It is not right… for they should really be in the poverty we are in now… (they know this) our minerals for our genome! Not for our luxurious spending! Only those special minerals can bring health to where it suffers most!


https://khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/autonomy-catastrophe-trauma/https://khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/autonomy-catastrophe-trauma/ Continue reading

The bark of the harshes testimony

The evolution of the genome… has delivered nothing short of a mere roller coaster ride for all reciprocal species…

Imagine if one was an old oak tree… rooted in the millenniums of human phylogenetic’s? 

Just Imagine the sights one would have engulfed… behold the horrors embraced by the elements of nature, from the subatomic to the vastness across the landscapes…?

Sense the turmoil which had/have/has indeed poisoned our friend the earth… our landlord the earth… our regulator the earth… our sustainer the earth… our helper the earth… our mother the earth!

From this understanding one has to admit, surely it is not an advantageous prospective to abuse the mother which gave you life from her flesh, lungs and oxygen!(Life being the historic metamorphosis of our genome). But just as important as the child not engagingly abusing the mother, it maybe more severe if the mother takes total liberty in her abuses to the said child. For what the child learns is directed straight via the life which spends the early years with said child… You may have notice this briefly mentioned in an earlier chapter regarding untrained parents! The untrained parent is none other than the future historic abuser of their own children or their children’s children… or any such child which comes into contact with their children as adolescents or adults! This will occur in a quantum figure of abused children but certainly not all, which can be broken by the rarest of luck in a fortunate circumstance… I.e successful  marriage/business/education/health etc etc… (Unfortunately it also must be disclosed that broken children often will indeed evolve into non other than broken adults)

Within the original genome or origin of species, our basic premise was set. In this… that it occurs of superior significance to have a basic comprehension of who and that which the human phylogeny exist as and evolve with/into..? Such questions have enduringly been long proposed to the intellectual of homo sapient from great antiquity to date. Arousal for the intrinsic values have been set, fought, spread, shared, lost, torn and shattered untill all that remained was identified as undeciphered by mere mortals. Through the ages… the epochs… the great change of surface and the associate of power, men have worn fear (especially those in power) akin to a fashion or protective lotion. The fear inbred in humanity is relative to the average cerebrum (intellect/actions). For we witness the more fear one has the weaker the being is… and ultimately will never benefit the synopses of a conclave, recipients or group/s. This fear can be either a solitary manifestation within the identifiable specimen or entwined in the life’s of the sentient beings… The quality of the mindfulness can shed a metamorphosis from a state of “philosophical qualia” to the human theme of uncompromising fear and hysteria! The echelons of the subsequent malevolence that exist within the domestic being is in steady proportion to the individual quotient of the particular being! Each being is available for further programming or reprogramming (memory wash or sabotage).

If a sentient being is programmed, directly and accordingly…? Such will be accommodated with a pious outlook for the coming decades, even in turmoil and matters concerning bilious nature’s. ..

If the sentient being is programmed impiously by first original tutors.. (that being the untrained guardianship endorsed by a corrupted methodology) the young offspring will then be at a position of troubling mercy throughout those years and throughout. A necessity by intervention or mere luck can aid a pious transformation in patterns!

For this we can state it is of great significance to not allow even one single Ill made mother or parent to ever raise a child or baby.. The contamination and consequences are of the magnitude that detail quantum figures in society’s acknowledgement! The apparatus which subliminally identifies this motion is maths…

You see, one plus one equals two (As long as the individual units remain in total separate identifiable states). Again two separate units of individual units, plus two separate units of individual units, equals four individual units in total!

One can consistently endeavour combining this fundamental scale of addition untill we reach a quantum figure… of individual units identified and grouped!

This figure is non other than an infinite figure of future additions to the said sociology heterogeneity. The initial or the commencement hails as the original pairing of spiteful partners. These unfortunate pairs who will indeed oblige the misfortune and lack of prosperity by ill advice and proclivity to baby making factories.. will certainly endeavour on with the forceful habituation of vitriolic idiosyncrasies juxtaposed to distract and disable each offspring. The offspring’s oblige their early tutorial by providing the dismal ritual in future adult relationships, by mimicking the haphazard & faulty application of parenting skills bequeathed to child/children!

Whether the I’ll nurturing is the detrimental affirmation of good intention skewed or just direct purpose-built skewed intentions..? Neither is profitable to the young life… adult… society… etc…

The worse is yet to be entwined with in the dusty dirty fabrics of societies destitute. Such societies, who promote on the vanguard of ethical promise for the promising quotient… The very societies find it troublesome to punish the parenting technique of such unprepared folk, without raising their head to stare hypocrisy in the eye!

Yet it is too unfortunate to behold, for without the deterrent there can be no heed in a detrimental consequence! For we witness daily the mothers who share nonchalance to etiquettes in child/infant “qualia”

Such as the unnatural disturbance, is a relegation… which will last a futures period if not wholeheartedly breaking the organism in full growth!💔💣.

As we have stated short of numerous… there exist a correct affirmation and an incorrect affirmative to proceed with everything everywhere always!

Unfortunately the poor are of severe debilitation in which they are highly likely to formulate poor associations from their inferior inclusion of metric zone and social surroundings and appeal. The poor in their eternal desperation are more than likely to seduce poor kinship and friends which metamorphose and evolved into partners… relationships and families. .. Unfortunately the herd will not have bequeathed the correct contingencies to bypass political depredations in any state or society! More often than most non-habilitation awaits all future dates… The statistics of such offspring’s who outlive their parents and perpetuate a pious life is extremely grime and unprofitable to the nations which indeed support their interests! Most of poor offspring’s may live on to commit suicide…

It has been recorded that one single broken child, can live out a life of crime in which a quantum of one thousand (1000) lives can be destructively destroyed from the illegitimate child-birth till it’s death?

This is totally unprofitable and unrighteous ethical to support one life of many life’s!

Unfortunately the lonely mother walking down the street is the true prosperity of your life and mine…

In fact all our lives rest on the prosperity of her loneliness… If she is happy the baby will be happy and grow up to be a pious member of any society…

Yet if this lonely women is ungrateful… miserable… or holds bilious sensations…? Then one and many a life will indeed be ruined, commencement begins with the child’s.. then the mothers in which after all who come into contact of the growing adolescents will indeed be amongst the catalogues… of unfortunate statistics to the growing venom spawned from the mothers scorned!

It is known the world over that those who are poor will often not raise well-rounded offspring’s in rich societies, as power and money animates a person’s status or fame even well-being falsely for as long as the monetary value exists in their personal volts.

Black mothers are situated at the pinnacle of the distribution of disproportionate prosperity…

With in the Afro-Caribbean genome exists the propensity to destroy the black genome from the insight out!

Strange as it is, it is certainly an intrinsic faculty of the black homo sapient! Fear… certainly contributes if not wholeheartedly situating as the complete synopses of the demise of the black genome! Once jealousy is punctual you can most certainly foresee a future evil, perpetuating vitriolic methods. This will occur from within the black unstable table of misfits and degenerative programming to debilitate any quality etiquettes that which they have not been blessed with!

Thank you and be well and faithful

Those who walk in the temple of truth.. light… mindfulness….

What Lingers In The Advent Domain?

Continued in this summary from the previous topics concerning will power and the spirit domain…

Not to delay further upon another second… we shall initiate here and commence… from there in, with what we left of in the previous pages… on this special topic!

Kindly pay attention!

There exist an extremely very old book, once written articulating the genesis of species, titled: “The Book Of Creation”. This book originates in a foreign language and is apparently four thousand years old. Myself I never came into contact with such a wonderful manifestation. .. Yet I was informed it was translated Into Latin from Hebrews and then on into English transcription! At the time I was too busy studying Arabic amongst noble etiquettes and noble epistemology. .. So I did not ever acquire the resources available to me at the time to take full advantage of inquisitorial research! Yet it still remains out there somewhere hidden amongst the vast ocean of deep penetrative literature! As it does in the back of my cognisance!

I was awarded the briefest summary of such a manifestation that titillated my cerebrum and synapses while continuing on… ever still upon this momentum. .. of intrigue and fascination!

The magnificence of such a manual simply discloses the engineering of each genome and the spirit dimensions! Upon this disclosure I immediately became quite thirsty upon the disclosures at the time… well excited and full of intrigue, I soon locked the disclosures in my memory bank, titled: “To be continued in due course!” I have not made such opportunities ascend, due to the fact of my present programme! Yet something which will unfold in the natural course of events!

I was informed by other students who had come across people who knew of the transcription. .. Who reiterated a very small verse to me… Which identified several realms of existence above the third dimension (3D) we exist in!

I was learned by the fellow students of separate realms which coexist simultaneously! Each realm more elusive and of a higher atomically benevolent plane then the one before! A realm constructed simply of light (luminous) waves. .. another realm constructed of shock (electricity) waves. … a realm subexpressed via gentle vibrations…. a realm constructed of sonic sound waves! The higher the realm the lighter the matter, as to construct a form of ethereal substance (ether). The ascension of realm was akin to a forest lemur hoping from branch to branch, ascending on the tree of life for fresher oxygenation and pasture! I mean to state 4D… 5D… 6D… 7D… 8D… 9 Dimensional planes and further…

sublime-universo-13-dentro de orion

Ultimately this book is more than just the engineering of creation! It is the hyperbolic infrastructures of our existence be that turmoil!

Thus it was mentioned, that the higher one ascended on the plane of realms, the closer one became to the super consciousness (Creation/Creator/God/Allah/Supreme Light Manifestation/Cosmic Energy/Ultimate intricate Facet Of The Cosmos/The Brain)

And in thus adorned the intricacies of such dynamics that no other entity would be pure enough to reach!

Thus such dynamics of the greatest organism in existence, are that aligned in atmospheric illumination of the Basal Ganglia… Cerebrum… Cortex… Occipital Lobe… Parietal Lobe… Temporal Lobe… Frontal Lobe… Pituitary Gland… Medula… Hypothalamus… Corpus Collosum… Ventricles… Thalamus… Veins & Nerve System… The dark matter we have come to postulate so well… is none other than that of the bloodline… The Planet and stars are akin to atoms inside an organism!


So we effort by instruct from ourselves to ourselves left by ourselves, from previous lives and existences… Though how much can or will we recall in retrospection of our personal antiquity? yet what if we where supposed to leave clues for our future self each time we accommodate the age of “energeia?”

What clues would one leave…? What would aid ones recovery to ascension. ..? How on earth would one ever remember assignments from a previous existence?

Hmmmm…. passages. … transcripts. .. what… I ask myself?

Tragedies of pain so characteristic of danger and significance. .. would often send shuddering shock waves through the passages of the anatomy! From emotions to the main membranous of the cerebrum would register such triggers, though detail would certainly lay in sombre absence!.. Myself I sense such triggers so I am aware I have left clues for myself to align with… The Cri De Couer senses such as that plus the synchronisations of warnings and messages… These messages and messengers we are not 100% sure who or how they are sent, scriptures inform of angels (guiding light forming atoms) from the creator as blessings! Well received and appreciated in the instance!

I have often felt I have been here to this world before… there exist places I have stumbled upon as a first time visit and felt the strongest rendezvous of the location, as to state De Ja Vu! There exist books I have read, which read as though I myself wrote them… Verses I have read which sound exactly as my words… as if I constructed it… I have insurmountable intrigue around such phenomenons… but unfortunately there lays few like myself I have ever come into contact with… It is true that most people are quite not genuine… to the point they would read others work and go away quietly and make a blog or book of a story/chapter in the exact manner they read or rehearsed! I have notice this occurs with musicians, the fashion industry, the arts, engineering etc… Which may lay confusing for a host searching for his signature…

I believe personally, Gins (Jinns) are behind most hindrances. This locks into their very nature… Creepy, Spying, Eerie, deceitful, stalking, harassing… Preternatural… Watching… Addictiveness…  Obsessive… Lacking interest in self… Jealousy. .. Destructive… Envious… Scornful… Hostile… Obstructive… Nuances. .. Uncooperative… Distorting… Unregulated… Jeopardising… Uncompromising… Unskilled… Famed for hating.. Corrupted… Misguided… Misinformed… Misunderstanding… Untruthful… Wretched… Woebegone… Melancholy… Morose… Disconsolate… Abject… Doleful…15 - 1 (1)688b55ed9180c66f4bb3243f297826c009e6d605

These are certain attributes of the Gin spirit (Jinn) which should not be keenly over looked!

I kid you not, this is seriously no such satire moment! By the crack of dawn an approximation of one million (1,000,000) earth bodies would have taken the descend to death via compromised positions! 

By the moment you have arisen… from your midnight deep slumber, a further one million spirits (give or take a few thousand) will arrive via ascending fetuses to this domain… some illegitimately good… many illegitimately scornful. .. only time may allude to which organisms are hosting identified spirits?

Be careful always…

Leave a reminder for your better self… so when you ascend and descend each in each period you may become familiar with your instructions and path of understanding… towards the goal of higher enlightenment and realm emergence!

“The Mythically Poetic Heroic Journey”

“It Is Universally True, That The Renegotiation Of Trauma…. Is An Inherently Mythic-Poetic Heroic Journey!”

“It Is A Journey That Belongs To All Of Us Because We Are Human Animals”

Peter A . Levine (Waking The Tiger, healing trauma).

Indeed I will agree in wholesomeness to the above statement by Peter A.Levine. A journey which will cost the traveller, their personal… private and further more future weight in gold! Such an experience is quite often too much load to bare for the traveller alone of such seismic afflictions throughout each life experience! The complete compromise necessary to shift through such difficulties is measured in total by the affliction and debilitating after effects of host… Often bruised… broken and defeated is the affirmations left via the requiem of the dear departure, of those who could not visualise an existence past the present torment!

Affirming the word “HERO” is the Greek translation from “He Rose, Rise, Arisen from difficulty… darkness… affliction and tragedy to perseverance over perpetual persecutions!

From this above mention one can validate that an afflicted persons journey is non other than a hero’s journey… Indeed insofar as the tragedy beckons the will strives for autonomy outside or out and away past or through the storm of ill affliction!

This tussle is non other than that which creates the forces of natures!

This affliction is of certain necessity to feel at least a little understanding for the measure of pain afflicted, that would cause any organism be it life, to see no other way through the struggle except instant termination from the present existence! Amongst my self I have come into contact with others who feel/felt the burning affliction, Unfortunately those others, respectively who are no longer here today… journeyed as far as they could through their personal torment until they could not withstand any further!

One thing which has aided my journey is the knowledge I have gathered, this has bequeathed me with great understanding of many and much which occurs. From the unseemly to the unspeakable. .. each and all has aided my personal journey, though not easy, yet often quite troubling. The disturbances has gifted me the valuable and prescribed precious tools neither monetary value… mimic… could ever afford!

As we discussed in the previous chapters of evility and the natures of “The Gin”. It is important we carefully continue on with our discussion to disclose that which we can, before either of our times seize in this particular existence! 

Who knows when… where or even if we will accumulate the necessary arrangements to acquire such knowledge. .. My senses alert me to the apparent that… many will remain ever returning until numerous matters are keenly acknowledged and purposefully understood! I have the sensation that the great noble prize laureate Mr Albert Einstein, had certainly familiarised himself with the energy matrix of existence, while appearing in separate guises throughout separate existences. In each emergence aligning with tiny fragments of information. .. while departing that much wiser and knowingly. .. Where this entity exist… is too difficult to state… yet one can not summarise the fact if such an entity was to return, surely the entity would possibly endeavour on with extraordinary feats of wisdom and knowledge upon this world. The same applies to Nikolas Teslar, and all future past historians…

Yet remember! In a galaxy so vast, it may be quite possible they (Albert Einstein, Past Geniuses) have dispersed and reformed in another planet yet to be identified… by the human eye…?

The obvious in light can lay hidden from sight of S Memo_554 S Memo_553 S Memo_552 S Memo_550 S Memo_549 S Memo_548 S Memo_545 S Memo_544 S Memo_543 S Memo_547

 A Few Pointers Of Necessary Mention Regarding Realm Dispersion And Transmission!

● Highly Important To Acknowledge, Unfortunately Very Few Things Are As They Appear!

Often we may have been allocated to the false believe of appearances. This I have come to notice is a regular hazard among all victims, regardless of affliction, injury, insult or loss! All casualties have one thing in common from deception crimes, that common alliance is the fact such folk place too much importance on the appearance and almost zero academy on the senses that speak to the heart of the body! If one quiets their soul and surroundings regularly, then locates the environment to practice soul ascension and sensing… then the possibilities for spiritual growth is created via the solidarity of personal to metrication!

● Very Few Things Are As They Sound!

Often we may want to hear a particular sound or voice, simply because we may have trained our senses to be alerted to that particular vibration! As a consequence such individuals can be mistaken or even tricked by mimic of sound. This will occur when eager longing or interest is drafted for the particular phonology!

You may notice the intelligence in animals is usually not so dismantling. .. in which animals have a greater accuracy in the recalling in the terms of phonology (The high fidelity in sound waves and the low drones in frequency of vibrations).

The Non – intelligence (I.E The Lowbrow)

Living in the western state, opens the cerebrum to actuality, quicker than it would, if for example. .. one was a layman or seer existing in the suburban outback of a deserted desolate environment, surrounded by oxygen and complete solitude! Growing up in cities, increases the age experience of the individual. I myself would not advise anyone to raise a child in a city location. From my experience, I can honestly state, children who grow up in the city environment, are quite off-balance. .. in terms of Psychology. Often quite bilious and snide. The constant attempts from “99%” of the population in cities, invest unnecessary efforts engineering feats in order to incline their self status, via constant efforts of deprecatory and vituperative instances… Against the society or others, in order to make fame of their individual life!

Often you will hear perpetual accommodations of sabotage and pestilence portrayed by the citizens, of city locations. . [Memoirs Of Sodom & Gomorrah]

These locations are often the human bee hive, for the infestations of insurmountable attitudes, that do indeed defecate the summarising, in such splenetic behaviours towards others!


Many citizens from either end of the globe, trek via extreme measures, to enter the vicinity of such fiery spirits.. Often the will or desire is attracted via the false strobe of the city lights. Often such diatribes are eagerly attracted to these distracting abhorrent locations! These locations revisit orientations of deep vitriolic ambience, reminiscent of 15 century England!

Acknowledging the birth place of slavery is really nothing new… even anything at all… by following the parallels along antiquity, you will recognise there has never existed a period in British history, when peace, universal love and autonomy existed in seismicity!

From revolt to revolt. Each revolt immersing to the peninsular of the next generation! One revolt carried to the next, via generation to generation, the indulgence of hate and vile detestable actions overlapping vile hatred to vile hatred in perpetuity from the deep antiquity of ages. This norm of characteristics became the arrangement of the brute… [Brutus],  brutes [Brute-ish] brutish [British] citizen’s decorum!

“It takes a nation to raise a child, but it takes a lifetime to feed and continue feeding that child, support that child, educate that child!” Insofar, each an all citizens is no doubt a child of another citizen until old age or death!

Each peer group, is indeed mother… father… relative to a child. The actions… investments… ideologies… ideals… of each generation’s pioneers are the substances of nutrients for each child’s education, while absorption of environmental elements become elementary!

Factory revolts… Child Abuse… Peasant Affliction… Atrocities Of War… Poverty & Starvation… Inhibition Towards Female Labour… Slave Labour… Child Labour… Female Labour… Migrants Labour… Slave Trade… Greedy Tax… Unjust Prohibition Laws… Severe Corruption… Degeneration Of Mental Health Asylums…  The Bubonic plagues Via The Unhygienic Etiquette Of Asylums & Establishment & Institutions.. Small Pox… Cat [Catastrophes] Infestations/The Nationwide Semi-Arbitration Via Ecclesiastical Bishops… The Insidious Exploitation Of Land Ownership By Intuitive Greedy Opportunistic organisations… Abuse Of Civil Liberty… Abuse Into Liquidation Of Business For Goverment & Business Profits… Defamation, Propaganda & Slander Of Person/Persons/Groups/Businesses… Etc… Burning Of Witches [Non Other Than The Local Whore] No doubt!… Archaic Methods Of The Judiciary System… Crucifying Dental & Health Practice… The Crucifixion… Cannibalism… Suade Affirmation Of Brutality By Local Law Enforcement Under The Heading Of The British Empire… Exploitation Of Overseas Trade/Migrant Workers/Goods/Merchandise/Materials/Substances/Minerals… Etc… etc… etc…

The list endeavours on and on and on and on and on… .. . Which has blighted the nation in total and all inhabitants, who naively enter the shores of misery and accommodations above the original buried hosts!

Though individual subjects, may incline to personal or private interception of interpretation via those that see fit, exploitation as their rights to sovereignty and ordinations…

Throughout the history of the United Kingdom, Adverse trajectory alighted ignorance or be it evility.

Foot Note:

[Though the “GREAT” in “Great Britain” is justifiable, via their past history of conquest and international aid to the consequentialism, welfarism and detriment of overseas nations. The nation is blighted with dark and dormant spirits which lay hidden in the underlayment of the past existences of each generation, millennium, epoch and spirit!]

Such as this level of perpetual abuse, that is evidently buried deep and entwined with the wounds in the bedding of the nation, which lays undisclosed and undiscovered by the minds of the blind, naive and ignorant.

Such as this wedging, which ever so slowly releases toxic fumes of bilious misery into the atmospheric metrication of the zone inhabited and effected by this history. All who exist and who have fought and searched for shelter in thus vicinity, often lose against any sustenance of victory and longevity of harmony!

Such lands, were never, intended by nature to be cultivated for habitation. Originally food was imported to such vicinity, as the climate and landscape was not functioning to ripe natural elements of food crops. This is the sole reason all food in England, Ireland, Wales, is indeed artificially created via the insemination of unnaturally harvested chemicals, which harbour trails of ill treated indoctrinated trails…. With the added adverse ingredients, to boost the stability and longevity of food sources!

Insofar, the majority will endure to receive the remittance of poison afflictions from the dead land, which harbours vilified and hostile volatile souls,  who lay un-rested… un-resoluted… uncompensated… un-reimbursed… without atonement and justice via the history of the mass variations of injustices… Such as the despair from these unfortunate non resolutive souls, who have carved a permanent dwelling of misery under the marshes, churches, grave yards, schools, learning environments, establishments, hospitals, hospices, hotels, institutions, asylums, funeral parlours, recreational centres, offices, homes, businesses, sports centres, wine bars, café buildings, discotheques, halls, theatre, fields, parks, roads, lanes, bridges, highways, motorways, crossings, streets, towns, cities, counties, suburbs and arenas!

   To truly realise fairly, the magnitude of the pulse disturbances and wave destruction by non rested entities, who seek redemption… One has to look no further than other nations who endured extreme demilitarisation after the succession of national sovereignty and globalisation. .. The Greek empire insured the magnitude of equivocally the greatest nation to exist under democracy. Yet this extraordinary engineering feat, aided by mathematicians… architecture… perpetual  democratising… investment of investigation, inquisition and the education reform second to none up until the period of the Greek renaissance! Yet two whole millennia onwards has seen an unforgettable unfortunate unforeseen circumstance bequeathed by such a past future prominence.

The greatness of the “Roman Empire” bequeathed a very duplicitous scandal in their great fall from greatness… which was a foreseeable warning, attributed by non another than “The Prophets Of Old!”

Never forget, globally this tragedy has all in all, insured the mimicking of nation to nation in all great antiquity. ..

AFRICA… Named by the Early European Settlers… 

Was indeed once upon a time… the greatest nation to serve the world… yet humankind is undoubtedly humanities greatest enemy!

Of all time….

S Memo_536

 Rancorous spirits_1S Memo_534

For that which the early primitive homo sapiens of AFRICAN epochs… commenced rearranging amongst one another, is folkloric legend…

To have fated a future so horrific, as a consequence of future pasts… (Decisions!)

Such unforgettable consequences of these degenerations…. You will most certainly enquire the realisation that a multitude of cultures are sincerely evolving in a superior evil manner.

The poorer the nation, can often be realised as the more destructive… (Internally-externally). There exist always the objection to the rule… in the instance of such objective reservoirs and hostile hosts. Many folks from certain identities go against the grain of the normal mass of their social casting. .. You will have long envisaged or realised the black afro Caribbean communities have whole heatedly evolved as a 100% evil organism upon the planet earth. This will take severe honesty and strength from with in you to reference the necessary Inquisitorial examination with total honesty, rather than fear of a possible reference of prejudices and violations against you by defamers and propagators!

The layers unearthed of persecution and brutality have scarred their genome (The Dynamics Of The Genome Belonging To Black Individuals Of African/Caribbean Heritage) for all history. This scarring occurred long before the invasions of the European empires..

The wild environments and hostile creatures first shocked the living daylights out of all African inhabitants. Yet unfortunately the European powers did not aid this demilitarisation of the heart and soul, by their thirsty enforcement of the strictest, cruellest, engineering feat of troll control ever created in the history of the human species.

Thus… redesigning and confirming the subscription of the race to perpetual degradation and lack of confidence. ..

99% if not 100% of each and every poor person “Inner Sense/Spirit” is Indeed broken… whether or not they realise this or add admittance to the constructed consolidation…?

 As we have casually discussed in various posters…

“Please Endeavour To Try To Understand!

The True Difficulties Of Evaluating The Self, Personalised History, Culture & Family Of Your Orientations Without Bias Nor Favour To Your Group Identity?”

Thank you