back stabbers 

In all antiquity from early science including theology and ethics to modern etiquettes, the story of morals has been an effervescent touch, a type of photosynthesis for the soul. A necessary faction of legislation from personal morals to international law.




(Khalil Aliy)

It maybe fair to say a kaleidoscope of resources may have been administered on the education of un-benign malignancies in all antiquity. Research and interest has filled universities with such of the doctrinaire of obtaining others property conveniently, via the addition of obtaining trust via all things first!




1.1 Identifying the target

A. Prowling people for information about people, Spying, Information gathering, Networking, Source recording!

Usually one has to have the CAPABILITY, aptitude for such of the un-benign in the first place. Such as a certain greed or desperation for want, a lack of decency or the archetype of falsification, by acquisition to keenly disturb the rights of another or others for the thirst of their very own self. One may start by the acquisition of others information, through contacts, friends, families, associates etc, to build up a picture of the target!

B. Also along the way to such discourteous incredibility of self, one may acquire paid assistants to do formal spying of possible targets, where all information is recorded and stored.

1.2 approaching the target

A. Assailants may often don a specific guise to suit the identity of the target in question, simply to build the targets trust!

(As a deception in common, like for like, similarity, false acquaintance, fake identity, in disguise, hidden form, cloaked, ulterior motive).

B. When approaching the intended target, pariah has to trick the target by allowing the target to feel very safe and comfortable, Often-times, pariah has to make themselves extra vulnerable, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, intellectually. Simply in order to gain full acceptance of target by handing them a type of gift or favour to be thankful for, just merely to direct the targets attention elsewhere and away from perpetrators and towards other locations, to keep the targets mind off guard, unsuspecting, and unwary of pariah’s true intent. Target will in often-times, without a slight doubt of pariah’s deception, who will not notice pariah’s cloaked intent, and rather thank the devious germination of the “CLOAK & DAGGER” tactic, to obtain affection or attention from target.

C. As all potential backstabber’s, pariah often directs the attention of the target CONCENTRATION, elsewhere, away, directing the ill fated cerebral towards another entity, elsewhere, or other agents in, the hope to distract the targets attention and focus away from the verminous deception at hand, such as the guile all suspecting targets are taking in by the attention to a problematic falsehood, and in doing so often thank the verminous pariah for being able to be Ludwig so effortlessly.

D. Enforcement of deception may arrive from added acquaintance of pariah, to effort to illustrate, or substantiate the deceptive omniscience of such affiliations determination and perseverance, possibly false records or accounting. possibly even false advertisement or accreditations.



2.1 Often-times the perpetrator must eagerly await for their spoil, the folly akin to fine vegetables growing throughout the winter to be carefully picked in the awakening dawn of late spring to summer. Such cheerful admiration bestowed upon the mindset of the gluttonous deceptor, that they often forget partial admissions of the tale twist! Often which are remembered by the intended target but always also over looked! hmmmm…


A. A Jolly and organicly gay is the humorous oscillation which render the verminous pariah in the coming turn. For it is only the kindness and philanthropy of the target which allows the pariah its grandiosity. ” As kindness and honesty from the protagonist of philanthropy builds the admirable scaffolding for the verminous deception from the pariah to rise “.

B. Akin to bird which must fly or a ship on the sea the bridge is the quintessential element for the crosses at present, as alternative routes may take to long or too difficult to construct. So while the bait ferments the target maybe none the wiser!


3.1 While multiple or single variations of tangibles are proclaimed by the vermin from such targets, the second part of the product is processed!


In this sequence the vermin will spread propaganda about the target to seal all attempts to administer any such investigations, by the target or others who may have investigated the truth behind the scam! If the target appears unlawfully bad then nobody will investigate such concerns! Incredibly this always works to the unsuspecting partisan who now have their full reason not to believe the Targeted Individual. (T.I are not new but rather the original slaves of the world in every chronostrataghraphical unit, from the beginning of time, past every epoch of slavery and perpetually in admission!

B. Rules of Deception, The Plan or Idea, The Perpetrator, The Spy, The Target, The Deception, The Spoil, The Propaganda, The Sheep, The Victory, The Wine or Whisky.

        C. Such is the intensity of this debilitation by disadvantageous deliberateness, that some have                faced levels of disparagement so dispiriting, to render some dead and already buried.  Certainly          is not for any wise person to dictate to you how you should feel, information                            submission is crucial for your survival. The only thing more crucial, is who you decide to except          it from? 


That which you follow in entertainment you shall become no doubt!

A devil to your right as a devil to your left. Truly the ultimate predicament!


                               “THE PHEASANT AND THE SCORPION”

On a day which appeared no different from any other day under an amiable glow from the rays of the glancing sun… Once upon a time a long long time ago…

An admirably noble earth dwelling creature named the pheasant lived by the riverbanks separating two beautiful landscapes, in which the plethora of exotic flowers and all the pious photosynthetic blossomed year throughout this wonderful location.

Legend has it that the admirable little pheasant, corresponded as a bridge for, many of the little creatures who could not make it across to the other side of the deep river! would often seek utilisation from the pheasant to cargo them to the other-side, mimicking a ferry transportation free service, to the less fortunate creatures!

On one fine afternoon, along came the pheasant, displaying his usual philanthropic nature, with class and sophistication, akin to a familiarity, of aristocratic archetypes of social etiquette and humanitarian benevolence. The pheasant stopping of where and when to aid the other creatures on his merry way. This was all nothing unusual for the socialistic pheasant to be justifying his benign along the riverbank. So continuing along the riverbank the pheasant strolled!

Much further down the river bank the pheasant came right along an unusual creature, which appeared to be waiting by the bank!

A motion from the creature suggested it wanted the use of the pheasants services, to ferry it to the other side!

In which the naturalist compliance from the habitual, motion to declined!

The creature slightly hidden in-between the rock and the selection of fallen leaves and debre uncloaked to present the form of its self, one leg at a time until all appeared following a long scaled back and tail and politely asked if if could be ferried across the river bank, as it had noway of making it without the services of the pheasant!

Several moments later upon rumination, the pheasant replied: “I think you may poison me if i give you a lift!”

The creature replied: “That would be most audaciously hypocritical of one so as compliant as I, to go back on my word”

So on further rumination: The pheasant replied: “But what if your too heavy and we both drown?”

The creature took his time thought for a moment, and replied: But are you not the majestic noble pheasant and the pride of all the river?”

The pheasant replied quite cheerfully: Yes! yes that is me!”

The creature at this time sensing the quintessential automatism from the pheasant negotiates by stimulus, further by affording further acclamation: Yes YES you are just that fine creature!

In which the pheasant then replies: But what if you change your mind and poison me to death?

The creature hesitates, then in a grandiose assertion legislates: “Ti’s not my order to harm you, for you are kind enough to aid me”

Upon even further reflection, the pheasant ask: “if the creature will promise, that it will not poison the pheasant?”

In which the creature, coercively advocates coadjuvancy vehemently: “In a sworn statement to you, I shall my friend” “I promise!”

Upon this declaration, the pheasant, looks around and ruminates once more, before the pheasant agrees upon helping the creature: “ask for its name?”


The Creature agree’s, but replies: n” I shall tell you upon the service, as reciprocation is a law presence”

The pheasant, ruminates as such is the inquisitive nature, demands to know immediately: ” Tell me now, and tell me quick, or I shall not take you anywhere, advocates the pious little pheasant!”

The creature looks dead ahead at the pheasant for a length of time, poised in expression transfixed in time,the river flowing by both entities by the bank!”

The creature say: “If I shall tell you one answer, shall you ferry me across the riverbank?”

In which the pheasant, eagerly replies: “Yes!”

The creature stands tall and replies: “I am a scorpion”

To the pheasant in excitement, replies: “But, what is a scorpion?”

The creature replies with such shock: “You mean you do not know?”

In which the pheasant shakes his head: ………..

The creature then replies back: “Ahha!”

The creature utilising such guile, reminds the pheasant of the proposed arrangement: “One question, per one ferry!”

The pheasant acknowledges the admittance and agree’s upon the ferry part of his side of the deal, which he now has forsaken to the creature for the one question of the creature’s name?” says: “Ok scorpion let us cross the river together!”

So the pheasant turns around and lowers its tail, so the scorpion can climb upon its back, in which the scorpion obliges and climbs upon the back of the pheasant. The pheasant reminds the scorpion to stay steady in-case the journey becomes compromised by a sailing overflow of rushing river!

The pheasant gentle eases into the cold waters where the rivers appear to be flowing fast all of a sudden, the pheasant efforts with great difficulty to reach even halfway, because of such of the flow of the river, the flow almost kills them both when the scorpion uses its tail to block elements of debris, which had fallen of riverbanks and headed in their direction. The scorpion notices a floating raft and ask the pheasant to climb and abound the raft so it could rest for a while. In which the pheasant climbs the raft, still with scorpion on back and they both rest.

Such as the benevolence the scorpion displays the gratifying pheasant thanks the scorpion and acclaims the scorpion a hero and life safer of all creatures! And ask the scorpion if it will accompany it on many journeys of benevolence?”

In which the scorpion returns the gratitude and acceptance!

After a short break the river returns to a calm, so the scorpion climbs back upon the scorpion to continue the journey!


Remarkably, the remainder of the journey is a pleasant one, in which the pheasant feels very comfortable for the first time, and enquire’s to the scorpion “what do you use such long tale for mostly?”

In which the scorpion pretends not to hear?

Upon reaching the other side very fortunately, escaping the hazardous earlier torment of the river, the pheasant, politely lowers it self to allow the scorpion to freely walk down onto the ground.

The scorpion walks onto the ground and strikes the pheasant with its poisonous tail!

While the pheasant immediately slowly dies! ask the scorpion: “Why did you do that, after all the journey, our time, our plans and your promise?”

The scorpion calmly looks over the dying body of the pheasant!

LEANS IN TOWARDS THE PHEASANT AND WHISPERS: “Did you not know, this is my very Nature!”


This story reminds me of my life, I am sure yours too, but witch one of these characters are you? not that you are going to tell anyone the truth as this admirable tragedy of our friend the pheasant, took an unwise decision as the story is told, the truth often lays buried, and you can bet your life the scorpion has a separate story completely beneficial to the scorpion, painting a bad picture for the pheasant and probably silencing them vindictively and finally, for this occasion told in this story you have just witnessed!

Such as the degree in life I am sure some people have had more bad then good while others have been the scorpion more times then they care to mention!

I do not really listen to people often and when I do, I always loose more than I gain, when it comes to following others actions or ideology. Only a few people have given me bullet proof advice and i have never forgot it, it has been helpful to me a million and more, Best of all trust your instincts, it is impossible do loose, no instinct from yourself by yourself to yourself can or will lead you to danger!

I especially never take advice from these home posters, that are urging many to go do things, I am very fortunate I have had the opportunity to live quite a bit already, I believe many of these posters are bogus and made upon instant gratification without real experience or substance!

However… It is your prerogative.

I keep on thinking one day we will learn how to not be broken by the deceit, paradigm of this evil ingenuity? I am not too interesting in trusting, I have everything I need, nobody can give me anything, It is all about what I can give to you, or that which you can not see yet or have contracted total or partial dis-awareness at the present time!

I truly believe the most dangerous entities in the planet are the sheep, you see they always have been and always will be. They truly are the key and that is how the powers that be control all the orders by fist controlling the sheep!

Suffocating everything and everyone in the control of the shee-eople!

They are dangerous and much much more dangerous than the wolf, The wolf is not the danger the shee-eople are! Totally wicked and evil to the last thread, I know this, and I have always sense this gut feeling and deep emotion!

In antiquity they use came evidence to a person or a crime by strangest means possible?

The Shee-eople would tie a bolder to a heavy chain and attach the change to a person presume are in question of a false crime, i.e witch or wizard or anything? They would then drag the participant to a deep river and throw the participant unwilling of cause still struggling begging for mercy into the river?

If the participant lived- (which they never had a single chance, considering the weight of the chains and bolder/rock)

They would be found guilty of the supposed crime and hanged!

And if they drowned dead in the water, they would be reported as guilty by the suspecting partisans!

I see this same comparisons in todays modern laws, no different at all just a new paradigm!


I really hope you are well if your heart and soul is pure,I trust if it is and you will be guided and protected as it stays clean!

I trust you have enjoyed the blogg and you indeed protect yourself at all cost always!

I trust the existence of the supreme will give everyone what is coming to them! We will just sit back an anticipate!


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Khalil Aliy