Metalanguage Of Misleadingly Misinformed Misinterpretations, Be It Quotations Or Acts.

Open Experience_Apr 26 2014

We can conclude it appears, searching stentially in a chronological epoch where all individual truths, solely form ritualistic head views of the agent for no use but the agent only.

This being the divisive quintessential componentry, of A One Dr Albert Einsteins Theory On Relativity in the field of physics, which can actually be applied to all aspects of life in all earnestness!

The core point Dr Albert Einstein reiterated concerning relativity, is the most important fact, that an object only has value in relation to that which was viewing the object!

*You maybe puzzled by this statement, yet do not be discouraged here please, as was I myself, the first time I read it many many years ago! In all honesty I thought it was a totally ridiculous statement, one so prestigious as Dr Einstein could ever advocate, but never was I shocked by the aforementioned… as I knew men of renown thinking authority, would often make astoundingly shockingly announcements of theory! After all I do myself in which many do not see my point at first, however given enough time they always realize the understanding of the actuality in the end, which is indeed good!

So being one who did not understand Dr Albert Einsteins reasoning over 10 years ago… behind his theory, to now being a sworn advocate of his theory, (In which I have discussed with so call lectures who appear not to fully understand relativity, or possibly to basic an understanding?) is quite uncommon for myself but nevertheless, a definitive normality in sociology and sciences, where ideas and difference routinely fluctuate amongst the discourse of mockers, partisans and hissing affiliates opposing any such deviations or exertions, that in hindsight appear light years ahead of the feral majority of nonsense thinkers and unlearned men and women!

These awful disparaging aspersions are interesting and often cast down by nay sayers, who often feel it is their right, and display a peculiar hidden agenda, by leading the majority and many astray, with falsification bequeathed from the machinations of such idiosyncrasies of malignant maleficence!

Yet as stated above, not to acquaint with those who just have not found time to fully Investigate and envisage the full facts intelligently!

One often needs a slow process which might appear tedious at first, however the bridge of such learned justice, is never so, if keen to learn the necessary information!

Clifton Suspension Bridge by Thomas Laker

The majority of the scheduled, misinterpretations can play havoc on the uninitialized cerebrum, in which all subscriptions to fact metamorphosize to a “distinct metamorphic metanarrative” of metaphors over real substance and value of messages!

Very far and succinct from a universal metalanguage of idealisms!

In the aforementioned “Einstein Relativity” Einstein suggest with concise clarity the objection of his theory of relativity in a 3 volume Encyclopedia of his brain child *Einstein’s relativity produced before world war 1!

Einstein reiterates that an “object” has “sole bearings in size diameter and other projections, depending on its viewer, perception-ist, identifier, kin, supporter, messenger, collaborator, agents, element, host or that which is attempting to align with it in either understanding, parallelism, connection, relating, forming, supporting or even refuting!”. “Regardless of distance or size of viewed element or viewing agent in relevance to each other!”


All is relativity, including that which forms not to acknowledge the perceived or viewed agent or article!

The space and curvature around an object in relation is its relativity, though most individuals who do not study scientific research are unawares of this fact!

*Also the time around the object is also manifested as the objects relativity!

Even the objects colour in relation to the adjacent object or parallel object or opposing object will have relativity value to the object!

Just as potentially important as the viewer viewing an object, will undoubtedly have a personal experience of viewing the object exclusive to itself only, based on its own identity, history, internal external values and composition of properties.

A person (a) would view a colour particularly different to a person (b). Both persons (a) & (b) would in fact demystify the object with personalised demythologization on personal experiences and relative traits to the self!

*This same notion would still occur from separate distances or even distances no matter the hyper-metrication, longevity, obscurity, texture, form, matter, behaviour, characteristics, monochromator or polychromatic syndication?

This system of relativism is actually a personal leniency to that which is being viewed… perceived… observed or interacting from… with… to the object in reciprocity!

Another example we could exhume, is that of an infant child to its prized possessions, would have a very particular personification to the object different from an adult? As would the puppy to its master or even infant, the reliability and love and trust would be different, allowing for a uniquely experience and importance!

*Henceforth! Relativity. … realising real relating and the relationship!


*The exact same applies the other way around also, from that which is being viewed, in return viewing the initial viewer, and taking on the role also as the viewer, relationship is relatively in relativity!

As two individuals viewing each other from their respective points!

How ever it is incredibly difficult to get an exact affirmation on the basis of information from the parties, as all information would proceed as bias to the affiliate parties who experienced the view!

This bias is their relativity not and never will be your relativity! Unless you are them, which is highly impossible for you to be any other than yourself!

So in relation to the perceived object, you have to view it to get your very own relativity in rational relation ratio, polychromatic, metrication, essence etc!

This is finalised as your experience and view-point, and shall relate separate and personally different to everyone else’s experience and view-point!

13 - 1 (3)

Relativity does not keep items afloat in space, I have explained in numerous postings and forums about the magnetic frequencies that control objects…

Neither is it the attachment or detachment, but rather the relationship while in existence, metrication, and necessity! As the knife to the butter and also engaged to the finely fresh sliced wafers of baked bread!



QCD-(QUANTUM ELECTROMAGNETIC DYNAMICS) This examines the relativity amongst floating matter in space, gravity pools!

ALSO WITH THE RENOUNDED APR EXPERIMENT! -(EINSTEIN -POLDOSKY-ROSEN experiment) In 1920 which Einstein devised a thought experiment that has a belief in some external reality, governing consistency of independent spatiality!

Dr Albert Einstein would regularly argue with his contemporaries to conclude points in which there never laced agreements while he indeed lived, As the continuous debate with Nobel Prize Laureates, physicians, Dr Heisengburg and Dr Bohr!

This raises the significant exclamation! On that information we receive from others is often very succinct to any truth once we get the opportunity to view the very data ourself!



SIMPLY JUST BECAUSE OF ONE POINT INDEED? That point is “RELATIVITY” as I mentioned above (see above again about relativity for clarification)

sistema-solar-24-The Eye of Cosmos

Just as the human iris is indeed relative to our perceptions via visions to construct our understanding of our environment and the bigger picture, so true is gods law relative for his acknowledgement of who we are also!

However unimportant we may actually be!

This is the very reason why all such information we always receive is whole heartedly wrong, exaggerated, skewed, mismanaged, misinformed, perpetrated unjustly, inadequate, inaccurate, woeful, misleading, false, confusing, baffling and even often the received information appears as a blatant lie and fabrication to our very own senses!

This all delegates as the agent of relativism’s viewed information and not our personal experience or understand!

I.E in order to unearth any truth you have to view the data… the very source yourself and if you can not view the source you can never get the actual factual truth at ALL… P.E.R.I.O.D -(Personal Engagement Realising Information Of Depth) period… full stop!……..


This is acquainted to when we read the news papers, tabloid press accounts of actions, stories told, reports, opinions, critics, explanations, accounts, his-story (their story).

This relativity, also suggest that nobody is lying as everything is dependent on the agents experience and relativity to that which he is informing about!

I shall give you an example of an experience I had!

I once spoke to an acquaintance who indulged me in an interesting story?

The story itself is not important here, but what is, is the facts I needed to have to reach the person of the story!

I was told by my acquaintance at the time that the person of mention was a big person!

My acquaintance was not a first generation English citizen, so his vocabulary was not the greatest, However in his broken English he reiterated these exact words!

“He’s Big! BIG… He trains, he works-out, you know, core, he is wide, really muscle, you know cut, big big like this -( While he gave me several Impersonations of body building poses).

I Said “ok I get the point!”

Now to look for this person in a very small community, was going to be easy, because I knew most of the people in that vicinity!*

Yet I came to be very surprise, when I spent a period of over length time trying to locate such an entity!

To be honest I was quite upset with my acquaintance… For giving me what I thought… was a complete fabrication!

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So I went to see him to reiterate the details, in which he “swore he would then take me to the person!” Which I found very interesting!

As when we arrived, I had the shock of my life!

For all along, what I had been searching for was not apparent to me, that I was indeed searching via my own understanding of “BIG” and not my acquaintances understanding of “big!?

The individual I was searching for, I had passed many times, and did not even realize he was the one I was looking for..? As he did not fit my understanding of the description of “BIG” and muscled!

First, the aforementioned was only about 5ft 4″ In height and weighing about 8-9 stones in weight, maximum! Yes he had a defined physique but was the exact contrary of what I had envisaged!

When in my reality I was searching for a person of at least “16” stones in muscle frame!

I laughed for a small while, but my poor little friend did not catch on to that which I smiled at!

I remember trying to negotiate with him what I thought he was suggesting by BIG, and we both smiled!

The whole point of this story reflects how very ambiguous and obscure relativity can be once expressed to another, reliability is extremely important ritualisticly, as all actions are either disambiguated or discharged personally via such inaccurate information!

It is now my very own “Cre De Couer” that all information can never be fully excepted as just information, not without proper procedure of inquiry, when I can investigate where I can and have ability to investigate! This I always advise to others in total!

otherwise it will be a lie to me or an exaggeration!

The sad fact is that this experience of mine occurred in incarceration and that which is even worse, is the fact that the majority of folks there were incarcerated for the very reason of “Mis-relativity!” (Acting on another’s experience and account of a situation)

How very tragic but worse, as for whom are still residing without freedom of life and liberty, many will not see much daylight days when they are finally released, while the apparent exhumes much worse for some… For all those others that endeavour but will never be free?


We aught to think about it sometimes!cablemask..

To those who are without this jealous disease, which is ravishing the nation and world at large, I bid you good health!

For not falling to foolish hating by foolish folk!

I bid you a fair bank holiday!

Keep your spirits high and trust in your lord and your self!

And keep far from malicious minds, as they mean you mishaps and poor health!