Such an incommunicable creature, is quite shockingly incredulous, as the incommodiousness of its intellect and spirit, is governed as well as forged, in the well of anticipation of that which rests on the symbolism of trade of favours? (Treasure, Money, Gold, And Even More Money).

The sweat from its back is such, the intoxicating poison, that a fallen drop can pollute that, in whatever emerges with!

“The Double standard, Hypocrisy, Fabrication, Defamation, Cheat, Trickery, Slander, Propaganda and Evil Ingenuity…. That readily flows from its jaws is of the red-hot lava which flows in the deepest darkest volcanic eruptions”

“The personal thirst for deceit and malice that is stored in its cerebral awaiting new bait, is of a new-born baby dragon in a lare, practicing fire-breathing!

As attempting to face or fight this beast is often a succinct practice!

Accustomed to throwing pebble stones up at a giant tower in which the occupants lies and manifestations of abuse is akin to a giant standing at the top of a bean stalk throwing down heavy boulders of ROCKS down at the little people on the ground who represent “jack” but only wanting to live as they are to ill and meager to climb the bean stalk!!!

Should you ever be in search at your demise, you will unearth such creatures, behind giant walls and tall buildings, hidden away untill you shall serve as an unfortunate reminder of their filth, as such creatures are employed by that which governs the many.

Such a unbenign evil the world bares witness to, in a front row viewing of a premier so hideous, it leaves lasting nightmares, while turning its victims to broken creatures, in order for it to reiterate its presence as a governing practice! is that of judicial system and its various departments and members, symbiotic to the anatomy of a fire-breathing serpent, moulded to form a sizeable creature of much metric space and volume, which preys upon what it can to sustain its very evil self!

In hind sight nobody ask for this creature to be here! Nor did anyone summon its call, it is as if the creature formed itself from an ideological based epiphany! In which the epiphany shouted greed, treasures, filth, and lust!

The very worse of this beats I believe lives in this shores… The hemispherical alignments known as Europe!

While the UNITED KINGDOM sits as its chieftains in evil!


*It was not George who slew the dragon, or any such dragon at that matter, but rather a metamorphosis with the dragon it’s very self!


And take that of your many fractured anatomy with you, for with you go, you must, and expeditiously straight to Hell and Damnation Beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is upon this hour, I can solemnly swear, the beast shall fall and it shall run to ruin and to shall indeed past! That of its exploits and abhorrent malignancy.  As all mighty empires, empirical statues and heralded sovereignties, have, must, will and indeed all fell!…..

The very succinct few people shall see freedom and run like a stallion into amiable waters to further cleanse their aching joints!



While fresh futures and grand tides of fertile lands lay abaft for thee!


Before and one after each other like a domino rack rail in continuum. …….

The Egypt Dynasties Came to conquer and rule… and so they did… for a while!!!!!

Now just the ruin and a few faithful historical memoirs that juxtaposed on the once rich land!

They brought the world wonders, still yet to fully encrypt….

The Greek Empire Rose…. and came crashing down as was prophesied!!!!!

With the force of a ten million thousand armoury. ..

Untill all, that was left, are the romantics of a forgotten hierarchies and ancient gods of fairy tale apocalyptic demise!!!

True but tragically so!!!….

The Roman Empire Became Insurmountable in its wake… But too fell will a thousand tons of unfortunate destinations. …

Till what is left, in a populations will, only to ferment romantic dreams…

Before came a kaleidoscope of civilisations…

African chieftains, came and ruled but fell to greater powers, was it simply ignorance or was it idol worship which cemented their fate?…

There of, jews of nobility, christian cultures and Catholic indoctrinations, who poised their tongues and laced their sexual organs with the blood of minors! Too, came to past… For no sin goes unpunished…..


Mongolian empires slaughtered butchered and maimed, for their personal reservoirs, the addiction of their acquaintance with war, was a romance that would not go away lightly. This love of war, delight and sport, Became the irony, the irony so unforeseen, that became an ingenuity greater than karma it appears, as their bloodline lay waste upon the scattered south Americans of modern-day chronostrataghraphical bands….

The disabled spanish, the illustrious french, the idiosyncratic germans all rose and fell like the indigenous barbarians to the might of the heralded vikings!


Untill they fell too… conventionally so….

It is upon this Cri De Couer…. I suggest to you!!!

Never ever… lay without hope! For all that rises must and indeed will fall….

It appears the greater the malignancy which is denoted in denigration, the greater the bequeathing tragedy to the empiricism of the state!


Such demographics are plainer than plain, and that which mark a landmark epoch dividing chronological movements for all and everyone to research and witness. You do not have to be a scientist or universal lecturer to uncover and communicate the blatantly obvious!!!!!

Upon this application of study, I can reiterate the demise of the English Empire has taken its final meal, and now sits on an axle tilting downwards, for the journey ahead will not be a comfortable existence!

Like the poignantly nonchalant dodo bird, once in plentiful, now extinct…

Akin to the saber tooth tiger, the most successful cat predator of all, laced naked upon greater predators… now a feature in a museum where kids kick and point at!…

Whether or not, one/we will be fortunate or not? To lay their/OUR eyes upon, such of these… Filthy wig worm wearing… Child pestering… Ethnic abusing… Treasure chasing… Incarceration profiteering… Cheating thieving. .. Slave trapping… Ludwig Employing… Unjust directing… Frame setting… conniving slandering cosmic demons on patrol in a museum shortly maybe far too ambitious!


*( However it is not without remembrance of these facts that all evil empires have their day!)

May be another thing to fully visualise the final collapse… However it will pass, as all things do, no matter the enormity or scale and shall inevitably have its day at court, as court shall be in session and so shall thee -(Corrupted establishments) stand as the “ACCUSED!”

Crooked courts, Rotten police officers, dirty filthy judges, spineless judicial representatives, in-house out house representatives, lords, commons, pray! for you shall be judged as you have judged and on that day you shall stand guilty of all the in-house out house evil trickery, money profiting deal making shenanigans you have summoned!

*For you indeed stand guilty, and I pray you rot in hell, as your town houses and buildings burn with you inside!

And of that of its fools and followers!


For the amiable thought of your own poison return to choke your riddle bodies gives me much joy, for cancer shall be your sentence as I will be the witness against your charge!

The duration handed down?….

WILL BE FOREVER…. you swines!…

You better be careful, you and that of your fateful servants? you have impaired many, as you will drag down with you only fools!



In such dark hours, one is always romanticized about futures, but this is future is abhorrently declared with such vehemence, as living evidence does not lie!

But rather lay in plain sight for all to witness and behold!

Like a falcon soaring to freedom!



Good day and be well faithfulls, the evils are loose continuously with their ever growing ignorance of linguistics and litteracy… derelict in their every breathe.. the true vermin and spawn from their masters loins!


Be well and be faithfull to your lord!