“The Teacher Teaching! Is The Same As, The Learner Learning!” “ARISTOTLE”

The Most Abhorrently Ignorant Of Humankind? Who Most Often Disguise Truth By Leading Many Away With Humour & Sarcasm.. Displaying The Ultimate Of Fearful Emmotionally Juxtapositions!

This Being Their Fundamental Tool and Replacement to Actuality of Knowledge And Realisation, We Are Aware Such Often Feel Happiest In Conforting Numbers Than The Reality Of Seclusion And Studies, Labouring Ones Personal Evolution In Humour Representing The Ultimate Nonchalance Of Self Worth And A Proclivity To Unchanged Cerebrals Is A State Of Paralysis Of The Entire Self! Realisation is a Power Not To Be Confused With Total Ignorance! The Subliminally Ignorant Spend Their Waking Hour In Ignorance Like Pigs In Mud “Peas In A Pot” Either locked Into The Nonethingness Of Their Existance or Searching Aimlessly For Entertainment Like Infants!
These are Inferior Minds And Actually Do Not Mind To Display Their Inferiority Without Embarrassment, Quite Nonechalant!
You May Recall Such Minds Best From Adolescents And The Infants Of Your Personal Existance! These Are The Pariahs Your School Teachers And Pious Representatives Warned You About Never Socialising With! These Unfortunately Are The Deformation Fully Charged And Fully Metamorphosed Of The Actual Bodies Who Never Paid The Full Attention In Classes!
Often All Information Is Poorly Skewed By Such Minds Who Poses Nothing Short Of The Ultimate Magnetism Towards Misinterpretation, Miseducation, Misinformation, Misdirection, Misunderstanding, And Misogynistic Traits Deployed Outwards To Everything!

Such Behaviours Of Such Individuals Will 100% Of Any Period Lead You Astray 100% Of The Whole Entire Period!
A Hyperbolical Mindset Remains That From Its Birth To Its Death!
Your Corcern Is Best Advise To Realise Who Such Are And Quickly Return Back To Your Appointments In Life! Otherwise You Will Continue To Be Mislead From Your Ultimate Goals And True Self!
To Find The Self Humour And Distraction Must Be Rendered To Almost Obsolete Relegation From Your Existance, In Order For Truth To Manifestation In Your Life!
Other Wise When Truth Is Manifested, Humour Will Throw A Manipulation Tool, As A Sword To Cut Through The Truth!

This Is Nothing New… Just Research History and You Maybe Fortunate To Uncover Humankinds Greatest Trick!


This Humouring Guise, Is Often Used For Personal Gain To Continue To Lead, The Obviously Dumb, Further away From The Truth! Unfortunately!
For Example;- You May Have Best Witnessed This Proclivity When You Catch A Person Red Handed (Caught in Proceedure) Of Theft, Cheating, Stealing, Burglary, Lying, Fabrication, Or Any Other Anti-Social, Immorality, Unethical? Illegitmate, Illegality In Existance!
The Perpetual Perpetrators Always Use Humour To Disqualification Of The Truth!

But Never Forget? HUMOUR Or A Personal Belief Does Not Eradicate Or Cancel A Factual Occasion Or Substance Or Entity From Either Realisation, Existance Or Being!

“That Which Is, Is Just That, While That Which Is Not Can Not Be That Which Is”

“CONFUSION And The Many Relativities Is A Huge Error Of Any Epoch Or Personal Endeavour!”

“Quickly Loose It Or The Joke Will Soon Be Manifested Via Your Personal Torments!”

“Such is The Detriment Of Weaker Minds Who Base All Their Knowledge On Wikipedia…..
(Wicked Media)”
This is Only A negotiation Of Information!
A Paradigm Which Only Gives You The Gist Of A Topic And Not The Actual Topic Itself!
For this Your Must Endeavour To Enter The Heart Of The Source Material!

Many So Call Professors No Nothing Of The Projects Of Relativity! Thus Can Not Explain It Competently And Dircet Informents to Youtube!!!!!

“Some Of These YouTube (Your rectum Intestine Tube Passage) Videos On Relativity Are Expressed Quite Different To That Which I Have Read!

Ok! Now!….

Imagine A Tutor Teaching His Students….
Then Those Students Grow Up To Teach More Students….
Then Those Students, Who Was Taught By The Student, Who Was Taught By The Original Tutor, Also Grow Up To Tutor…
And So On And So On, Milleniums Much Later Multiple Students Taught By Tutor All Grow Up To Teach?

What Do You Have Left?

The Original Information…?


A Lopsided Skewed Representative Of The Original Information?

I Always Try To Go To The Heart Of The Original Information!

This is An exercise In The Difference Beween A Moron/Dumb Fool And a Wiseman/Woman/Person/Etc….

I trust you are all well and thank you for educating yourselfs today, You are on your way to realisation, so please continue!

As a wiseman stated….


This has to be true since nobody holds a gun over your head, every illness is partially an attribute of the effected! Partially Remember!

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