” We Are Natures Shatters Mirrors! Are We NOT…? ” A Requiem For Tomorrow!


I have come to realise this unfortunate recompense of tortured souls in existence that a host of illuminating epiphanies! That a killer is in actual fact nothing more than a broken mirror! Sad but true that something as sharply and cleanly sculptured to represent reflections of pure uncensored light imagery, can in truth respond so entangled and skewed from effervescent and purity of image! Possible a complete contrast of the complete paradigm in actuality. A mirror originally mimics any object refractively in retroflexion proportions.

Actions of an element in its environment manifested too harshly for recompense, juxtaposes an un-authorisation, If the actions of the doer/supporter/agent to element are clearly manifested woefully a type of unbalance in the legislation of natures law occurs until nature resets the balance once again. Such subliminal measurements towards restoration and non-continuous disharmony are a supreme calculation of authoritative nature.Such magnanimous measure just as a mind is a measure of its environment. Unfortunately we are torn between to administration of coadjuvancy with chaos and coagulation of multiple coarctations from self obliteration.

“” A mind is a measurement of multiple influences…

In which the reflections of a broken mirrors refractions, reflect portions of light from the environment…

Broken mirrors we all stare through, yet our actions are implications of the broken image refracting prismatic reflections of light via the mirror, it now distorts true image!

Not what it use to be, but rather what it has become!!””

Khalil Aliy

Multiple portions of enigma set trends, but true worship of the percipience for misdirection points to pockets of euphoria, in which the seed that galvanises the lust of want for insatiable more once again for-fills thy craving… feverishly anticipating for evermore and ever most, Ultimately the storm shall not last to for-fill humankind’s need and subtract the voice within, to bring the calm to the storm.Just as nature governs all things it shares its beauty upon all things great and small, this year being the Chinese new year, the shares centre podium with nature!

Tall And Majestic!!!

This Elegant Powerful Endomorph

Is Not Without Sophistication And Reserve, Thoughtful and Wise

Far From Conclaves, Never Gluttonous Or Greedy

Purely Athleticism And Lean, Sculptured Aesthetic This Admirable Endomorph, Administration For This Equestrial Wonder

Established Earnestly To Ethical Estanatlehi

The Equilibrium Of This Ungulate is in Essence, Essentially Erogenous

Subliminally Celebrated

An Aurora in Etiquette Motion

The Momentum Stares Far, unrecognised, Though gallant and Scultured tactfully,

Endless Evils baits malicious scorcery

Thy auroral laid Bare

While Leap and Bound Holds fare Height, Mighty Velocities near slight Light, To far from almost Near..

Escape Dear Friend, You Just Might, Out Equinoctially from Equinox

This Cri DE Couer, For Our Majestic Endomorph

Countered Consistent Inconvenience, Such A passage OF Successions, an old tale  of escape my friend, Had Once Again RIsen Out Of Darkness, For No Town Folk Shall Disturb or Reward You Little

The Evolutional Cycle of Natures old Familiar Ungulate, Risen out of such Dense Disruption,

And Now an Open Fortitude, a Magnanimous Mare

The Original Equilibrist, Bare Naked and Fare

Splendour carting such Equipage, A year for the Endomorph

Such a Stallion Thorough Bread, The King of The Ungulates and Fastest Endurance on Land

Khalil ALIY 01/0214

I trust all is well and that you have enjoyed reading my blog… Take care for now and good luck